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On June 20, 2006.

On June 20, 2006, “Back Porch” label released “Fast Man Raider Man”, the thirteen Frank Black album. It was recorded in 2000, in Nashville, Pasadena and Chicago, and was produced by Jon Tiven.


  • Frank Black- lead vocals, guitar, ukulele
  • Bob Babbitt- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Bobby Bare Jr.- backing vocals
  • Billy Block- drums, backing vocals
  • Marty Brown- bass guitar, backing vocals, duet vocal
  • Violet Clark-Thompson- backing vocals
  • Jack Clement- dobro, backing vocals
  • Steve Cropper- guitar
  • Rick Duvall- backing vocals
  • Steve Ferrone- drums
  • Rich Gilbert- pedal steel guitar
  • James Griffin – backing vocals
  • Levon Helm- drums, percussion
  • David Hood- bass guitar
  • Ellis Hooks- backing vocals
  • Wayne Jackson- trumpet, trombone, fluegelhorn
  • Duane Jarvis- guitar
  • Mark Jordan – keyboards
  • Carol Kaye- guitar, bass guitar
  • Jim Keltner- drums, percussion
  • Simon Kirke- drums, percussion
  • Jack Kidney- harmonica, tenor saxophone
  • Al Kooper- organ
  • Ian McLagan- keyboards
  • Buddy Miller- guitar, mandoguitar, backing vocals
  • Spooner Oldham- keyboards, backing vocals
  • Tom Petersson- bass guitar
  • Dave Phillips- pedal steel guitar
  • F. Sloan- piano, backing vocals
  • Billy Swan- backing vocals
  • Planet Swan- backing vocals
  • Sierra Swan- backing vocals
  • Akil Thompson- drums
  • Chester Thompson- drums
  • Jon Tiven- alto saxophone, guitar, percussion, piano, backing vocals
  • Brooks Watson- backing vocals
  • Lyle Workman- guitar, arrangements
  • Reggie Young– guitar
  • Lyle Workman – arranger

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Black, except where noted.

  1. If Your Poison Gets You
  2. Johnny Barleycorn
  3. Fast Man
  4. You Can’t Crucify Yourself
  5. Dirty Old Town – Ewan MacColl
  6. Wanderlust
  7. Seven Days
  8. Raider Man
  9. The End of the Summer – music adapted from Gabriel Fauré’s Sicilienne, Op. 78,
  10. Dog Sleep – co-written by Reid Paley
  11. When the Paint Grows Darker Still
  12. I’m Not Dead (I’m in Pittsburgh) – co-written by Reid Paley
  13. Golden Shore – co-written byReid Paley
  14. In the Time of My Ruin
  15. Down to You – co-written byReid Paley
  16. Highway to Lowdown
  17. Kiss My Ring
  18. My Terrible Ways
  19. Fitzgerald
  20. Elijah
  21. It’s Just Not Your Moment
  22. The Real El Rey
  23. Where the Wind Is Going
  24. Holland Town
  25. Sad Old World
  26. Don’t Cry That Way
  27. Fare Thee Well

In June 1972.

In June 1972, “Island” label released “Free at Last”, the fifth Free studio album. It was recorded January – March 1972, and was produced by Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke.


  • Paul Rodgers– vocals, piano
  • Paul Kossoff– lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Andy Fraser– bass guitar
  • Simon Kirke– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke, except where noted.

  1. Catch a Train
  2. Soldier Boy
  3. Magic Ship
  4. Sail On
  5. Travellin; Man
  6. Little Bit of Love
  7. Guardian of the Universe
  8. Child
  9. Goodbye

On June 12, 1990.

On June 12, 1990, “Atco” label released “Holy Water”, the ninth Bad Company studio album. It was recorded 1989 – 1990, and was produced by Tony Harris, Andrew Scarth and Terry Thomas. The album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Brian Howe– lead vocals, saxophone
  • Mick Ralphs– guitar
  • Felix Krish – bass guitar
  • Simon Kirke– drums, backing and lead vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Terry Thomas- guitar, keyboards, background vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Howe and Terry Thomas, except where noted.

  1. Holy Water
  2. Walk Through Fire
  3. Stranger Stranger – Brian Howe, Simon Kirke, Terry Thomas
  4. If You Needed Somebody
  5. Fearless
  6. Lay Your Love on Me – Mick Ralphs
  7. Boys Cry Tough
  8. With You in a Heartbeat
  9. I Don’t Care
  10. Never Too Late – Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas
  11. Dead of the Night – Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas
  12. I Can’t Live Without You – Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas
  13. 100 Miles – Simon Kirke

In April 1979.

In April 1979, “Atco” label released “Strikes”, the third Blackfoot studio album. It was recorded 1978-1979, at “Subterranean Studio”, Ann Arbor, Michigan; “Sound Suite Studios” in Detroit, “Bee Jay Studios” in Orlando, Florida, and was produced by Al Nalli and Henry Weck. In 1986 the album was certified Platinum in the U.S. by the “RIIA”.


  • Rickey Medlocke- lead vocals, guitar
  • Charlie Hargrett – guitar
  • Greg T. Walker- bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jakson Spires – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Pat McCaffrey – keyboards
  • Shorty Medlocke- harmonica
  • Cub Koda- harmonica
  • Donna D. Davis – backing vocals
  • Pamela T. Vincent – backing vocals
  • Cynthia M. Douglas – backing vocals
  • Henry “H-Bomb” Weck – percussion, recording engineer

Track listing:

  1. Road Fever – Rickey Medlocke
  2. I Got a Line on You– Randy California
  3. Left Turn on a Red Light – Rickey Medlocke, Jakson Spires
  4. Pay My Blues – Blues Image
  5. Baby Blue – Rickey Medlocke, Charlie Hargrett, Jakson Spires
  6. Wishing Well – Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Tetsu Yamauchi, John Bundrick, Simon Kirke
  7. Run and Hide – Rickey Medlocke, Jakson Spires
  8. Train Train (prelude) – Shorty Medlocke
  9. Train Train – Shorty Medlocke
  10. Highway Song – Rickey Medlocke, Jakson Spires


In March 1975.

In March 1975, “Phantom Records” label released “The Great Fatsby”, the second Leslie West album. It was recorded 1974-1975, and was produced by Leslie West.


  • Leslie West – guitars, vocals
  • Gary Wright- piano
  • Corky Laing- drums
  • Mick Jagger- guitar
  • Kenny Hinckle – bass
  • Don Kretmar – bass
  • Nick Farrentella – drums
  • Marty Simon – piano
  • Joel Tepp – guitar
  • Howie Wyeth- piano
  • Dana Valery- vocals
  • Jay Traynor – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Burn Me – Paul Kelly
  2. House of the Rising Sun – traditional; arranged by Leslie West
  3. High Roller – Corky Laing, Keith Richards, Leslie West, Mick Jagger, Sandra Palmer
  4. I’m Gonna Love You Thru the Night – Corky Laing, Leslie West
  5. ESP – Leslie West
  6. Honky Tonk Women – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  7. If I Still Had You – Ira Stone, Maxine Stone, Leslie West
  8. Doctor Love – Andy Fraser
  9. If I Were a Carpenter – Tim Hardin
  10. Little Bit of Love – Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke

In December 1970.


In December 1970, “Island” label released “Highway”, the fourth Free studio album. It was recorded September 1970, at “Island Studios” in London, and was produced by Free.


  • Paul Rodgers– vocals
  • Paul Kossoff– lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Andy Fraser– bass guitar, piano
  • Simon Kirke– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers, except where noted.

  1. The Highway Song
  2. The Stealer – Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff
  3. On My Way
  4. Be My Friend
  5. Sunny Day
  6. Ride on a Pony
  7. Love You So – Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke
  8. Bodie
  9. Soon I Will Be Gone