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On April 14, 2008.

On April 14, 2008, “Repossession Records” label released the self – titled, debut Elliot Minor album. It was recorded 2008 – 2009, at “Dork Studios” in Los Angeles,
“Fourth Street Recording” in Santa Monica, “Mavehole Studios” in York York Minster, “Mayfair Angel & Strongbow Studios” in London, and was produced by Jim Wirt.


  • Alex Davies – vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, string arrangements
  • Ed Minton – vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Ed ‘Teddy’ Hetherton – bass guitar
  • Ali Paul – piano, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Dan Hetherton – drums, backing vocals
  • Eric Rigler- uilleann pipes; Irish whistles
  • Nick Davies – French horn
  • Colin Davies – trumpet
  • Pete Wentz – Bass
  • Dominic Davies – trombone

Track listing:

  1. Time After Time – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  2. Parallel Worlds – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  3. The White One Is Evil – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  4. The Liar is You – Alex Davies, Beni Giles
  5. Lucky Star – Alex Davies
  6. Jessica – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  7. The Broken Minor – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  8. Still Figuring Out – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  9. Silently – Alex Davies
  10. Running Away – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  11. Last Call to New York City – Alex Davies, Ed Minton

In April 1959.

In April 1959, “Columbia” label released “Cliff”, the debut Cliff Richard (and his band the Drifters, later known as the Shadows) album. It was recorded 9 – 10 February 1959, at “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Norrie Paramor.


  • Cliff Richard– lead vocals
  • Hank Marvin– lead guitar
  • Bruce Welch- rhythm guitar
  • Jet Harris– bass guitar
  • Tony Meehan– drums
  • Mike Sammes Singers– background vocals
  • Malcolm Addey – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Apron Strings – George David Weiss, Aaron Schroeder
  2. My Babe – Willie Dixon
  3. Down the Line – Roy Orbison
  4. I Got a Feeling – Baker Knight
  5. Jet Black – Jet Harris
  6. Baby I Don’t Care – Leiber, Stoller
  7. Donna – Ritchie Valens
  8. Move It – Ian Samwell
  9. Ready Teddy – John Marascalco, Robert Blackwell
  10. Too Much – Lee Rosenberg, Bernard Weinman
  11. Don’t Bug Me Baby – Leon Luallen, Johnny Bragg
  12. Driftin’ – Hank Marvin
  13. That’ll Be the Day – Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison
  14. Be-Bop-A-Lula – Gene Vincent
  15. Danny – Ben Weisman, Fred Wise
  16. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On – Dave “Curly” Williams

On March 28, 2011.

On March 28, 2011, “Kscope” label released “Welcome to My DNA”, the third Blackfield studio album. It was recorded in 2010, at “No Man’s Land” in Hemel Hempstead, “Sarm West” in London, “Pluto” and “Bardo” in Tel Aviv, and was produced by Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen and Trevor Horn.


  • Steven Wilson– vocals, guitars, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Aviv Geffen– vocals, guitars, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Eran Mitelman – piano, keyboards
  • Seffy Efrat– bass
  • Tomer Z– drums
  • Yankale Segal – Tar lute, oud, baglama
  • Trevor Horn- additional keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Aviv Geffen except where noted.

  1. Glass House
  2. Go to Hell
  3. Rising of the Tide
  4. Waving – Steven Wilson
  5. Far Away
  6. Dissolving with the Night
  7. Blood
  8. On the Plane
  9. Oxygen
  10. Zigota
  11. DNA


On March 25, 2013.

On March 25, 2013, “Pink Flag” label released “Change Becomes Us”, the thirteenth Wire studio album. It was recorded in 2012, at “Rockfield Studios” in  Monmouth, Wales; “Swim Studio,” in London, and was produced by Colin Newman.


  • Colin Newman– lead and backing vocals, electric guitar, baritone electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, piano, mandolin, bass guitar, guitar fx , handclaps, mixing
  • Graham Lewis– lead vocals, baritone electric guitar, piano, Monotron, bass guitar, handclaps
  • Robert Grey– drums, floor percussion, bottle, radiator, handclaps
  • Matt Simms– electric guitar, guitar fx, Mellotron, acoustic guitar, handclaps
  • Jon Wozencroft– art direction, photography
  • Sean Douglas – engineer
  • Denis Blackham– mastering

Track listing:

All lyrics by Graham Lewis, music by Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey, Matt Simms

  1. Doubles & Trebles
  2. Keep Exhaling
  3. Adore Your Island
  4. Re – Invent Your Second Wheel
  5. Stealth of a Stork
  6. B/W Silence
  7. Time Lock Fog
  8. Magic Bullet
  9. Eels Song
  10. Love Bends
  11. As We Go
  12. & Much Besides
  13. Attractive Space

On March 23, 2004.

On March 23, 2004, “Reprise” label released “Me and Mr. Johnson”, album by Eric Clapton consisting of covers of songs written and originally recorded by Robert Johnson. It was recorded in 2004, at “The Town House” in London, and was produced by Simon Climie and Eric Clapton.


  • Eric Clapton– guitar, slide guitar, vocals
  • Andy Fairweather-Low– guitar
  • Doyle Bramhall II– guitar, slide guitar
  • Jerry Portnoy– harmonica
  • Billy Preston– organ
  • Chris Stainton– piano
  • Nathan East– bass
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Pino Palladino– bass
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Alan Douglas – recording engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Johnson.

  1. When You Got a Good Friend
  2. Little Queen of Spades
  3. They’re Red Hot
  4. Me and the Devil Blues
  5. Traveling Riverside Blues
  6. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  7. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
  8. Milkcow’s Calf Blues
  9. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
  10. Come on in My Kitchen
  11. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
  12. Love in Vain
  13. 32-20 Blues
  14. Hell Hound on My Trail


In March 1967.

In March 1967, “Epic” label released “Mellow Yellow”, the fourth Donovan album.  It was recorded September – October 1966, at “Abbey Road Studio” and “Landsowne Studios” in London, and was produced by Mickie Most.


  • Donovan – acoustic guitar, vocals
  • John Cameron – piano, harpsichord, organ, celesta, arrangements
  • John Paul Jones– bass, arrangement
  • Danny Thompson– bass
  • Spike Heatley– bass
  • Phil Seamon, Bobby Orr– drums
  • John McLaughlin, Joe Moretti – rhythm guitar
  • Danny Moss, Ronnie Ross– saxophone
  • Big Jim Sullivan, Eric Ford – electric guitar
  • Shawn Phillips– sitar
  • Pat Halling – violin
  • Harold McNair – flute

Track listing:

All tracks by Donovan Leitch. .

  1. Mellow Yellow
  2. Writer in the Sun
  3. Sand and Foam
  4. The Observation
  5. Bleak City Woman
  6. House of Jansch
  7. Young Girl Blues
  8. Museum
  9. Hampstead Incident
  10. Sunny South Kensington

On March 18, 2016.

On March 18, 2016, “Ignition” label released “Chaosmosis”, the eleventh Primal Scream studio album. It was recorded in 2015, at “Das Bunker”, “Lynchmob Studio”, “Narcissus Studio” in London, “Diamond Mine Studio” in New York City, “INGRID Studios” in Stockholm, “Perfect Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes and Björn Yttling.


  • Bobby Gillespie– vocals, synthesiser, design
  • Andrew Innes– guitar, engineering, loops, plug-ins, synthesizer, dulcimer
  • Martin Duffy– organ, piano, vibraphone
  • Darrin Mooney– percussion, drums
  • Deborah Chandler – cello
  • John Eriksson– drums
  • Jason Falkner– bass
  • Sky Ferreira– vocals
  • Alana Haim, Danielle Haim, Este Haim, Grace Cockell – backing vocals
  • Björn Yttling– synthesizer, celeste, piano
  • Christoffer Zachrisson – zither
  • Rachel Zeffira– viola, violin, vocals, backing vocals, cor anglais
  • Jim Hunt – flute, saxophone
  • Sophie Nevrkla – backing vocals
  • Hans Stenlund, Ross Matthews, Max Heyes, Gustav Lindelow, Brendan Lynch, Sean Kellet – engineering
  • Joe Harrison – assistant engineering
  • Lasse Mårtén – mixing
  • Mick Hutson – original photography
  • Jim Lambie– artwork
  • Matthew Cooper – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes, except where noted.

  1. Trippin’ on Your Love
  2. (Feeling Like A) Demon Again – Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, Björn Yttling
  3. I Can Change
  4. 100% or Nothing
  5. Private Wars
  6. Where the Light Gets In
  7. When the Blackout Meets the Fallout
  8. Carnival of Fools – Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, Björn Yttling
  9. Golden Rope
  10. Autumn in Paradise – Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, Björn Yttling