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Scorpions: Blackout

On March 29, 1982, “Harvest” label released “Blackout”, the eighth Scorpions studio album. It was recorded November 1981 – January 1982, at “Villa San Pecaire” in Saint Jacques, France, “Dierks Studios” in Stommeln, Germany, and was produced by Dieter Dierks. In 2017, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Blackout” and number 73, on its list of “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time”. The album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIAA”.


  • Klaus Meine – lead vocals
  • Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitars, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, lead guitars, backing vocals
  • Matthias Jabs – lead guitars, rhythm guitars, 12-string acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Francis Buchholz – bass, backing vocals
  • Herman Rarebell – drums, backing vocals
  • Don Dokken – backing vocals
  • Dieter Dierks – engineer
  • Gerd Rautenbach – mixing
  • Bob Ludwig, Howie Weinberg – mastering 

Track listing:

All music by Rudolf Schenker, all lyrics as noted.

  1. Blackout – lyrics by Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell, Sonja Kittelsen
  2. Can’t Live Without You – lyrics by Klaus Meine
  3. No One Like You – lyrics by Klaus Meine
  4. You Give Me All I Need – lyrics by Herman Rarebell
  5. Now – lyrics by Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell
  6. Dynamite – lyrics by Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell
  7. Arizona – lyrics by Herman Rarebell
  8. China White – lyrics by Klaus Meine
  9. When the Smoke Is Going Down – lyrics by Klaus Meine

David Crosby

On January 19, 2023, David Van Cortlandt Crosby died aged 81. He was musician (guitar), singer and songwriter, regarded as one of the most influential artists who helped shape the sound of Sixties rock music. Crosby was founding member of The Byrds, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and CPR, and was member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Crosby performed and recorded with Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Dave Mason, Rick Roberts, Art Garfunkel, Carole King, Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis, Gary Wright, Elton John, J. D. Souther, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Michael League, Chris Thile, Hot Tuna, Phil Collins, Lucinda Williams, Indigo Girls, David Gilmour and John Mayer. Crosby was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” twice: once as member of The Byrds and again as member of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Five albums to which he contributed are included in Rolling Stone’s magazine list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 2019 documentary “David Crosby: Remember My Name” was produced by Cameron Crowe. As leader Crosby released eight albums.  

Noir Désir: 666.667 Club

On December 17, 1996, “Barclay” label released “666.667 Club”, the fifth Noir Désir studio album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Ted Niceley, Bertrand Cantat, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Jean-Paul Roy and Denis Barthe. French edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “666.667 Club” at number 12 on its list of the “Greatest 100 French Albums of all Time”. The album was certified 2 x Platium in France by “SNEP”.


  • Bertrand Cantat – vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion
  • Serge Teyssot-Gay – guitars, organ
  • Jean-Paul Roy – bass
  • Denis Barthe – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Frédéric Vidalenc – bass
  • Akosh Szelevényi – saxophone, kalimba, oboe, bass clarinet, Tibetan bells
  • Lajkó Félix – violin
  • Alain Perrier, Les Elèves De L’Ecole Nationale De Musique Et De Danse Des Landes, Patrice Labèque, Thierry Duvigneau – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Bertrand Cantat, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Jean-Paul Roy and Denis Barthe, except where noted.

  1. 666.667 Club
  2. Fin de siècle
  3. Un jour en France
  4. À ton étoile
  5. Ernestine
  6. Comme elle vient
  7. Prayer for a Wanker
  8. Les persiennes
  9. L’homme pressé
  10. Lazy
  11. A la longue
  12. Septembre, en attendant – lyrics by Bertrand Cantat, music by Frédéric Vidalenc
  13. Song for JLP (bonus track, not listed in album cover)

Malcolm Cecil

On March 28, 2021, Malcolm Cecil died aged 84. He was musician (bass, double bass, synthesizer), in the late 1950s founded The Jazz Corners, performed and recorded with Dick Morrisey, Ronnie Scott, Tony Crombie, Gil Scott Heron, The Isley Brothers, Jim Hall, Bill Augustine, and was member of the band Blues Incorporated. With Robert Margouleff he formed the duo TONTO’s Expanding Head Band, based on combination of synthesizers, described by magazine “Rolling Stone” as revolutionary. As leader, Cecil released one album.

Taylor Hawkins

On March 25, 2022, Oliver Taylor Hawkins died aged 50. He was musician (drums, percussion, guitar, piano), singer and songwriter, worked with Sass Jordan, Alanis Morissette and band Sylvia. In 2004, Hawkins formed his project Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, but was best known as drummer of Foo Fighters. In 2005, magazine ”Rhythm” voted him “Best Rock Drummer”.

Glasvegas: Later…When the TV Turns to Static

On September 2, 2013, “BMG” label released “Later…When the TV Turns to Static”, the third Glasvegas studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Gorbals Studio” in Glasgow, Scotland, and was produced by James Allan.


  • James Allan – lead vocals, mixing
  • Rab Allan – guitar, mixing
  • Paul Donoghue – bass guitar, mixing
  • Jonna Löfgren – drums, mixing
  • Andrea Gobbi – engineer, mixing
  • Cameron Malcolm – engineer assistant
  • Guy Davie – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by James Allan.

  1. Later…When the TV Turns to Static
  2. Youngblood
  3. Choices
  4. All I Want is My Baby
  5. Secret Truth
  6. I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be with You)
  7. Magazine
  8. If
  9. Neon Bedroom
  10. Finished Sympathy

Charlie Watts

On August 24, 2021, Charles Robert Watts died aged 80. He was musician (drums) and songwriter, member of Blues Incorporated and The Charlie Watts Tentetm, but was best known as a drummer of The Rolling Stones since 1963. Watts was featured on all the Rolling Stones albums. In 2006, he was inducted into the “Modern Drummer Hall of Fame”, and in 2016, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him at number 12 on its “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” list. In addition to his work with The Rolling Stones, Watts has released eleventh albums.

Gerald “Jerry” Wexler

On August 15, 2008, Gerald “Jerry” Wexler died aged 91. He was music journalist and producer, one of the main music industry personalities in the period from the 50s through the 80s. He played significant role in signing and producing many of most famous music acts of that period, including Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, the Allman Brothers, Chris Connor, Wilson Pickett, Dire Straits and Dusty Springfield. Wexler coined the term “Rhythm and Blues” while writing for “Billboard” magazine in the late 1940s. In 1987, Wexler was inducted to the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, and in 2017 to the “National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame”.

Bernard Edwards

On April 18, 1996, Bernard Edwards died aged 43. He was musician (bass), singer, songwriter and record producer, co-founder of the band Chic. As musician and producer he worked with David Bowie, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, Madonna, The Power Station, Duran Duran, Norma Jean Wright, Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Sheila and B. Devotion, Nona Hendryx, Robert Palmer, Belouis Some, Air Supply, Rod Stewart, Adam Ant and James Freud. As leader Edwards released one album. In 2017, “Bass Player” magazine placed Edwards at number 53 on its list of the “Greatest Bassist of All Time”.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: async

On March 29, 2017, “Commons” and “Milan” labels released “async”, the nineteenth Ryuichi Sakamoto studio album. It was recorded April – December 2016, at “The Studio”, “Germano Studios” and “Museum of Arts and Design” in New York City, “Bastyr University Chapel” in Kenmore, Washington, “Gateway Mastering” in Portland, Maine, “Kyoto City University of Arts” in Kyoto, Japan, and was produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Mai Yuda. Magazine “Fact” voted “async” the best album of 2017.


  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – piano,
  • Christian Fennesz – guitar, computer
  • N.S.S. – Singing bowls
  • Ian Antonio, Levy Lorenzo, Ross Karre – triangle
  • Ko Ishikawa – Shō  
  • Honjoh Hidejiro – shamisen
  • Ian Antonio, Levy Lorenzo, Ross Karre – percussion
  • David Sylvian – spoken word
  • Andri Magnason, Bernardo Bertolucci, Carsten Nicolai, Christine Leboutte, José Lavat, Keyko Nimsay, Priscilla Leung, Sergei Mihailov, Shirin Neshat, Tang Kit Ming – spoken word vocals
  • Paul Bowles – words
  • Luca – vocals
  • Arseny Tarkovsky – words
  • Simon James – concertmaster
  • David Sabee – concertmaster
  • Alex Venguer, Ryan Kelly, John Winters,.Seigen Ono – recording engineer
  • Jason Staniulis, Matthew Sim, Alec Fellman – engineer assistant
  • Conrad Hensel – recording, mixing
  • Northwest Sinfonia – recording
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Mai Yuda – assistant production
  • Norika Sora – associate production
  • Alec Fellman – production manager
  • Kaz Tsujio – piano technician
  • Shiro Takatani – artwork direction, photography 
  • Yoko Takatani – artwork production

Track listing:

All tracks by Ryuichu Sakamoto

  1. andata
  2. disentigration
  3. solari
  4. ZURE
  5. walker
  6. stakra
  7. ubi
  8. fullmoon
  9. async
  10. tri
  11. Life, Life
  12. honj
  13. ff
  14. garden
  15. Water State 2