U2: Songs of Experience

On December 1, 2017, “Interscope” and “Island” labels released “Songs of Experience”, the fourteenth U2 studio album. It was recorded 2014 – 2017, at “Electric Lady Studios” in New York City, “The Garage” in Topanaga, California, “Shangri-La”, “The Woodshed”, ”Waterloo Studios” and “Neptune Valley” in Los Angeles, “Strathmore House” in Killiney, Ireland, “Hanover Quay” and “Windmill Lane Studios” in  Dublin, “Uno Mas Studio” in Brentwood, Tennessee, “The Church Studios” in London, and was produced by Jacknife Lee, Ryan Tedder, Steve Lillywhite, Andy Barlow, Jolyon Thomas, Brent Kutzle, Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse, and Declan Gaffney. The album was certified Platinum in France by “SNEP”, and Platinum in Italy by “FIMI”.


  • Bono– vocals
  • The Edge– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Adam Clayton– bass guitar
  • Larry Mullen Jr.– drums, percussion
  • Andy Barlow– additional keyboards, programming, sound design,  engineer, mixing
  • Jacknife Lee – additional guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, programming, engineer, mixing
  • Ryan Tedder– keyboards, additional guitar, programming, backing vocals
  • Brent Kutzle – keyboards, acoustic guitar, programming
  • Davide Rossi– strings
  • Goshua Usov – additional keyboards
  • Paul Epworth– additional keyboards, programming
  • Declan Gaffney – additional keyboards
  • Andrew Taggart– additional keyboards
  • Jolyon Thomas – additional guitar, additional keyboards
  • Brandon Collins – string arrangement
  • Amy Helman – violins
  • Avery Bright – violins
  • Betsy Lamb – viola
  • Paul Nelson – cello
  • Noel Zancanella – additional programming
  • Nate Lotz – additional percussion
  • Steve Wilmot – additional percussion
  • Kendrick Lamar– outro, intro
  • Julian Lennon– backing vocals
  • Haim– backing vocals
  • Lady Gaga– backing vocals
  • Dawn Kenny – additional credit
  • Matt Bishop – engineer, mixing assistant
  • Matty Green – engineer, mixing assistant
  • Brandon Bost – engineer, mixing assistance
  • Declan Gaffney –  engineer, additional mixing
  • Tyler Spry, Drew Bang, Rich Rich, Matt Wiggins  – engineer
  • Christopher Henry – additional engineering, engineer assistant
  • Richard Rainey, Greg Clooney, Doug Sarrett – additional engineering
  • Gosha Usov, Alan Kelly, Aleks Von Korff – engineer assistant
  • Kelana, Tom Elmhirst – mixing
  • Steve Lillywhite– mixing
  • Alex Bailey – mixing assistant, engineer assistant
  • Dave “Squirrel” Covell, Barry McCready – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All lyrics by Bono, all music by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr, except where noted.

  1. Love Is All We Have Left
  2. Lights of Home – Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.,Alana Haim, Danielle Haim, Este Haim, Ariel Rechtshaid
  3. You’re the Best Thing About Me
  4. Get Out of Your Own Way
  5. American Soul
  6. Summer of Love
  7. Red Flag Day
  8. The Showman (Little More Better)
  9. The Little Things That Give You Away
  10. Landlady
  11. The Blackout
  12. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
  13. 13 (There Is a Light)

On December 1, 2002.

On December 1, 2002, “Warner Music Poland” label released “Upojenie” (Rapture), album by Anna Maria Jopek and Pat Metheny. It was recorded in 2002, in Warsaw, Poland, and was produced by Marcin Kydryński and Pat Metheny. The album was certified Platinum in Poland by “ZPAV”.


  • Anna Maria Jopek– vocals, electric piano
  • Pat Metheny– guitars, guitar synthesizer, 42-string guitar, synthesizers
  • Henryk Miśkiewicz – soprano saxophone
  • Piotr Nazaruk – flute, recorder, hammered dulcimer, banjo, vocals, percussion
  • Leszek Możdżer– piano
  • Pawel Bzim Zarecki – synthesizers, organ, percussion
  • Mateusz Pospieszalski – synthesizer
  • Bernard Maseli – vibraphone
  • Darek Oleszkiewicz– double bass
  • Marcin Pospieszalski – bass guitar
  • Marek Napiórkowski– guitar
  • Cezary Konrad – drums
  • Mino Cinelu– percussion
  • Wojciech Kowalewski – percussion
  • Barney – alien voices
  • Orchestra conducted by Mateusz Pospieszalski

Track listing:

  1. Cichy zapada zmrok – traditional
  2. Przypływ, odpływ, oddech czasu – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Magda Czapińska
  3. Tam, gdzie nie sięga wzrok – Pet Metheny, Lyle Mays, lyrics by Magda Czapińska
  4. Biel – Marcin Kydryński
  5. Czarne słowa – Anna Maria Jopek
  6. Letter from Home – Pet Metheny
  7. Are You Going with Me? – Pet Metheny, Lyle Mays
  8. Zupełnie inna ja – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Marcin Kydryński
  9. Mania mienia – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Andrzej Poniedzielski
  10. By on był tu – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Andrzej Poniedzielski
  11. Upojenie – Anna Maria Jopek, Stanisław Grochowiak
  12. Piosenka dla Stasia – Marcin Kydryński
  13. Me jedyne niebo – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Marcin Kydryński
  14. Polskie drogi – Andrzej Kurylewicz

On December 1, 2001.

On December 1, 2001, “Megazoidal Records” label released “Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie”, the eleventh and the final Allan Holdsworth studio album. It was recorded in 2001, at “The House” in San Juan Capistrano, California, and was produced by Allan Holdsworth.


  • Allan Holdsworth– guitar, SynthAxe, drum programming
  • Dave Carpenter– bass
  • Chris Bellman – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Allan Holdsworth.

  1. The Duplicate Man (Intro)
  2. The Duplicate Man
  3. Eeny Meeny
  4. Please Hold On
  5. Snow Moon
  6. Curves
  7. So Long
  8. Bo Peep
  9. Don’t You Know

On December 1, 1974.

On December 1, 1974, “Blue Note” label released “Satin Doll”, the fourth Bobbi Humphrey studio album. It was recorded June – August 1974, at “Sound Factory” in Hollywood, and was produced by Larry Mizell.


  • Bobbi Humphrey– vocals, flute
  • Fonce Mizell– vocals, clavinet, trumpet
  • Jerry Peters- piano, clavinet
  • Larry Mizell– vocals, electric piano synthesizer, clavinet, arranger, conductor
  • Phil Davis, Don Preston– synthesizer
  • Melvin “Wah Wah Watson” Ragin, John Rowin- guitar
  • Wayne Tweed, Chuck Rainey- electric bass
  • Harvey Mason- drums
  • King Errison- conga
  • Roger Sainte, Stephanie Spruill- percussion
  • Chuck Davis, Samantha Harris, Freddie Perren- backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Larry Mizell except where noted.

  1. New York Times
  2. Satin Doll – Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, Billy Strayhorn
  3. San Francisco Lights – Chuck Davis
  4. Ladies Day
  5. Fun House – Terry McFaddin, Melvin “Wah-Wah Watson” Ragin
  6. My Little Girl
  7. Rain Again
  8. You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Stevie Wonder


On December 1, 1971.

On December 1, 1971, “Harvest” label released the self – titled, debut Electric Light Orchestra album. It was recorded 1970 – 1971, at “Philips Studios” in London, and was produced by Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne.


  • Jeff Lynne– vocals, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, percussion,  bass, Moog synthesizer
  • Roy Wood– vocals, cello, classical acoustic guitar, bass, double bass, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, recorder, slide guitar, percussion, bass clarinet, krumhorn
  • Bev Bevan– drums, timpani, percussion
  • Bill Hunt – French horn, hunting horn, piccolo trumpet
  • Steve Woolam – violin

Track listing:

  1. 10538 Overture – Jeff Lynne
  2. Look at Me Now – Roy Wood
  3. Nellie Takes Her Bow – Jeff Lynne
  4. The Battle of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644) – Roy Wood
  5. First Movement (Jumping Biz) – Roy Wood
  6. Radio – Jeff Lynne
  7. Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre) – Jeff Lynne
  8. Queen of the Hours – Jeff Lynne
  9. Whisper in the Night – Roy Wood

In November 1999.

On November 30, 1999, “ION” label released “Permutation”, the tenth Bill Laswell album. It was recorded in 1999, at “Orange Music” in West Orange, New Jersey, and was produced by Bill Laswell.


  • Bill Laswell– bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, effects, drum programming, musical arrangements
  • Nicky Skopelitis– guitar
  • Hassan Ibn Ali – sampler
  • Helios Creed– sampler
  • Lance Carter– drums
  • Robert Musso– engineer, programming
  • Michael Fossenkemper – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Laswell.

  1. Encoded
  2. Acid Test
  3. Coma
  4. Perimeter
  5. Escape Clause
  6. Iron Black
  7. Scatter
  8. Enhanced

In November 1983.

On November 30, 1983, “Epitaph” label released “Into the Unknown” the second Bad Religion album. It was recorded in 1983, at “Perspective Sound” in Sun Valley, California, and was produced by Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz.


  • Greg Graffin- vocals, synthesizer, piano, acoustic guitar
  • Brett Gurewitz- acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Dedona- bass guitar
  • Davy Goldman- drums
  • Jim Mankey- engineer

 Track listing:

  1. It’s Only Over When…- Greg Graffin
  2. Chasing the Wild Goose – Brett Gurewitz
  3. Billy Gnosis – Brett Gurewitz
  4. Time and Disregard – Greg Graffin
  • Part I
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
  1. The Dichotomy – Brett Gurewitz
  2. Million Days – Greg Graffin
  3. Losing Generation – Greg Graffin
  4. …You Give Up – Greg Graffin


In November 1991.

In November 1991, “Griffin” label released “No Jive”, the eighteenth Nazareth studio album. It was recorded in 1991, at “Cas Studios” in Ingbert-Schüren, Germany, and was produced by Billy Rankin, Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew, Darrell Sweet.


  • Dan McCafferty- vocals
  • Billy Rankin- guitars
  • Peter Bizarre – keyboards
  • Pete Agnew- bass guitar
  • Darrell Sweet– drums, percussion
  • Roland Peil – percussion
  • Ian Remmer – engineer
  • Mike Ging – mixing
  • Eric Philippe – design, artwork
  • Micky Berresheim, Alfie Falckenbach – executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Rankin, Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew, Darrell Sweet except where noted.

  1. Hire & Fire – Pete Agnew, Billy Rankin, Dan McCafferty
  2. Do You Wanna Play House – Pete Agnew, Billy Rankin
  3. Right Between the Eyes – Billy Rankin
  4. Every Time It Rains
  5. Keeping Our Love Alive
  6. Thinkin’ Man’s Nightmare
  7. Cover Your Heart
  8. Lap of Luxury
  9. The Rowan Tree/Tell Me That You Love Me
  10. Cry Wolf – Billy Rankin, Dan McCafferty
  11. This Flight Tonight – Joni Mitchell

In November 1988.

In November 1988, “Factory” label released “Bummed”, the second Happy Mondays album. It was recorded in August 1988, at “Slaughterhouse” in Great Driffeld, East Yorkshire, ”Strawberry Studios” in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and was produced by Martin Hannett.


  • Shaun Ryder– vocals
  • Mark “Cow” Day– guitar
  • Paul Davis– keyboards
  • Steve Hopkins- piano
  • Horseman – banjo
  • Paul “Horse” Ryder– bass
  • Gary Whelan– drums
  • Mark “Bez” Berry Bez – percussion
  • Dave Hassell – percussion
  • The Slaughterhouse, Colin Richardson, John Spence, John Pennington, Strawberry, Laurence Diana – engineer
  • Central Station Design – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder, Mark Day, Gary Whelan and Mark Berry, except where noted.

  1. Country Song
  2. Moving in With
  3. Mad Cyril – opens with the line “We’ve Been Courteous”
  4. Fat Lady Wrestlers
  5. Performance
  6. Brain Dead – Ryder’s opening “You’re rendering that scaffolding dangerous!” is a quote from the movie “Gimme Shelter”
  7. Wrote for Luck
  8. Bring a Friend
  9. Do It Better
  10. Lazy Itis – the song borrows from “Ticket to Ride” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and nods to “Family Affair” and “Gonna Make You a Star” by David Essex

On November 28, 2005.

On November 28, 2005, “Atlantic” label released “One Way Ticket to Hell …and Back”, the second  Darkness studio album. It was recorded in 2005, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker.


  • Justin Hawkins– lead and backing vocals; lead and rhythm guitars; piano; Hammond organ; Mini-moog; synths; sitar
  • Dan Hawkins– rhythm and lead guitars; bass guitars; tubular bells; marching drums; tambourine; triangle; backing vocals
  • Richie Edwards– bass guitars; backing vocals
  • Ed Graham– drums
  • Freddy Gomez – pan flute
  • Stuart Cassells – bagpipes

Track listing:

All tracks by Justin Hawkins and Dan Hawkins except where noted.

  1. One Way Ticket – Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain
  2. Knockers – Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain
  3. Is It Just Me? – Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain
  4. Dinner Lady Arms
  5. Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time – Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain
  6. Hazel Eyes
  7. Bald – Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Ed Graham
  8. Girlfriend
  9. English Country Garden
  10. Blind Man