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On April 24, 2007.

On April 24, 2007, “Drag City” label released “Woke on a Whaleheart”, the first Bill Callahan album under his own name (previous releases he made under the name Smog). It was recorded in November 2006, and was produced by Bill Callahan and Neil Michael Hagerty.


  • Bill Callahan – vocals, guitar
  • Deani Pugh Flemmings – vocals
  • Pete Denton – guitar
  • Howard Draper – keyboards, lap steel
  • Elizabeth Warren – violin
  • Steve Bernal – bass
  • Thor Harris – percussion
  • Neil Michael Hagerty – arrangements
  • Joe Grillo – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Callahan.

  1. From the Rivers to the Ocean
  2. Footprints
  3. Diamond Dancer
  4. Sycamore
  5. The Wheel
  6. Honeymoon Child
  7. Day
  8. Night
  9. A Man Needs a Woman or a Man to Be a Man

On April 17, 2017.

On April 17, 2007, “Universal/DDB Records/EmArcy Records” labels released “Red Earth”, the 16th Dee Dee Bridgewater album. It was recorded August – November 2006, at “Studio Bogolan” in Bamako, Mali, and “Studio Davout” in Paris, and was produced by Jean Marie Durand, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Cheick Tidiane Seck.


  • Dee Dee Bridgewater- vocals
  • Ira Coleman- nass
  • Minino Garay – cajon, caxixi, cymbals, drums, percussion
  • Cheick Tidiane Seck- calebasse, Fender rhodes, karignan, Hammond organ, background vocals
  • Baba Sissoko- background vocals
  • Edsel Gomez – piano
  • Lansiné Kouyaté – balafon
  • Habib “Dia” Sangaré – bolon
  • Alou Kouloubali – calebasse
  • Lassy “King” Massassy – rap vocals
  • “Petit” Adama Diarra – djembe
  • Cheick “Sékou” Oumar – djembe
  • Djifli Mamadou Sanogo – djembe
  • Moussa Sissikho – djembe, soloist
  • Maré Sanogo – doum-doum
  • Lamine Tounkara – doum-doum
  • Aly Wagué – flute
  • Gabriel Durand – guitar
  • Modibo Kouyaté – guitar
  • Jacob Soubeiga – guitar
  • Djelimady Tounkara- guitar, soloist
  • Benogo Diakite – kamalngoni, soloist
  • Mamadou Diabaté – kora
  • Cherif Samano – kora
  • Yakhoba Sissokho – kora, soloist
  • Adama Tounkara – ngoni
  • Moriba Koïta – ngoni, soloist
  • Bassekou Kouyate- ngoni, soloist
  • “Pepito” Sekouba Kouyaté – tamav
  • Moussa Sissoko – tama
  • Ramata Diakité- vocals
  • Oumou Sangare- vocals
  • Fatou- background vocals
  • Mamani Keïta- vocals, background vocals
  • Fatoumata Kouyaté – vocals, background vocals
  • Kabiné Kouyaté – vocals, background vocals
  • Amy Sacko – vocals, background vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Dee Dee Bridgewater, except where noted.

  1. Afro Blue – Oscar Brown, Jr., Mongo Santamaría
  2. Bad Spirits
  3. Dee Dee – Dee Dee Bridgewater, Baba Sissoko
  4. Mama Don’t Ever Go Away
  5. Long Time Ago – Dee Dee Bridgewater, Wayne Shorter
  6. Children Go ‘Round
  7. The Griots
  8. Oh My Love
  9. Four Women – Nina Simone
  10. No More
  11. Red Earth
  12. Meanwhile – Dee Dee Bridgewater, Edsel Gomez
  13. Compared to What – Lassy “King” Massassy, Gene McDaniels

On April 4, 2008.

On April 4, 2008, “InsideOutMusic” label released “Paradox Hotel”, the ninth Flower Kings studio album. It was recorded in November 2005, and was produced by Roine Stolt.


  • Tomas Bodin– vocals, keyboards
  • Hasse Bruniusson- marimba, percussion
  • Hasse Fröberg- vocals, guitars
  • Marcus Liliequist– vocals, drums, percussion
  • Jonas Reingold– vocals, bass guitar
  • Roine Stolt- vocals, guitars
  • Andrés Valle – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Roine Stolt, except where noted.

Room 111

  1. Check In – Tomas Bodin
  2. Monsters & Men

I. Seasons of War

II. Prophets and Preachers

III.Silent River

  1. Jealousy
  2. Hit Me with a Hit
  3. Pioneers of Aviation
  4. Lucy Had a Dream – Tomas Bodin, Roine Stolt
  5. Bavarian Skies – Tomas Bodin, Roine Stolt
  6. Selfconsuming Fire
  7. Mommy Leave the Light On
  8. End on a High Note

Room 222

  1. Minor Giant Steps
  2. Touch My Heaven – Tomas Bodin
  3. The Unorthodox Dancinglesson
  4. Man of the World – Tomas Bodin, Jonas Reingold, Roine Stolt
  5. Life Will Kill You – Hasse Fröberg
  6. The Way the Waters Are Moving – Tomas Bodin, Roine Stolt
  7. What If God Is Alone – Hasse Fröberg, Jonas Reingold, Roine Stolt
  8. Paradox Hotel – Tomas Bodin, Roine Stolt
  9. Blue Planet





On April 2, 2012.

On April 2, 2012, “Chrysalis/EMI Records” labels released “Thick as a Brick 2”,(abbreviated TAAB 2 and subtitled Whatever Happened to Gerald Bostock?), the fifth Ian Anderson studio album. It was recorded March – November 2011, and was produced by Ian Anderson.


  • Ian Anderson – vocals, flutes, acoustic guitars
  • Florian Opahle– electric guitar
  • John O’Hara– accordion, Hammond organ, piano, keyboards
  • Pete Judge– trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn, E-flat tuba
  • Ryan O’Donnell– additional vocals
  • David Goodier– bass guitar, glockenspiel
  • Scott Hammond– drums, percussion
  • Steven Wilson– mixing engineer
  • Mike Downs – recording engineer
  • Ian Anderson – liner notes
  • Peter Mew– mastering engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Anderson.

  1. From a Pebble Thrown
  2. Medley: Pebbles Instrumental / Might-Have-Beens
  3. Medley: Upper Sixth Loan Shark / Banker Bets, Banker Wins
  4. Swing It Far
  5. Adrift and Dumfounded
  6. Old School Song
  7. Wootton Bassett Town
  8. Medley: Power and Spirit / Give Till It Hurts
  9. Medley: Cosy Corner / Shunt and Shuffle
  10. A Change of Horses
  11. Confessional
  12. Kismet in Suburbia
  13. What-ifs, Maybes and Might-Have-Beens

On March 20, 2002.

On March 20, 2002, “GrOb Records” label released “Звездопад” (Starfall), the 20th Гражданская Оборона (Civil Defense) album. It was recorded August – November 2001; track “Fog” was recorded on December 14, 2003, at Yegor Letov concert in Barnaul;  track “The Sun Will Rise” was recorded on April 29, 2004, at a concert in the “Palace of Culture” in Moscow, and was produced by Yegor Letov. The cover design features works by Romanian naivist painter Mihai Dascalu  and Croatian naivist painter Ivan Generalich


  • Yegor Letov- vocal, guitar, design, photography
  • Alexander Chesnakov – guitars, bass
  • Natalya Chumakova- vocal, electric bass
  • Alexander Vladykin- organ
  • Alexander Andryushkin- drums, bass
  • Sergey Letov- flute, saxophone
  • Chumakov – mastering
  • S. Popkov, N. Chumakova – photography

Track listing:

  1. Song of the Red Army (from the TV movie Dirk) – lyrics by Okudzhava, music by S. Pozhlakov
  2. Song of the Circus (from the telecast Day After Day) – lyrics by M. Ancharov, music by I. Kataev
  3. I Will Go to the Distant Station – lyrics by M. Tanich, music by V. Shainsky
  4. There Was a War – Okudzhava
  5. Starfall – lyrics by Dobronravov, music by A. Pakhmutova
  6. North Wind – lyrics by I. Goff, music by J. Frenkel
  7. City of Childhood – lyrics by Christmas, music by F. Miller
  8. For the Rest of Life (from the movie For the Rest of Life) – lyrics by P. Fomenko, music by V. Basner
  9. Word is Comrade – lyrics by M. Ancharov, music by I. Kataev
  10. Caravel – lyrics by A. Kalle, music by V. Kalle
  11. White Silence – Vysotsky
  12. Red Horse – lyrics by Plyatkovsky, music by M. Fradkin
  13. Song About Black Gouache and Hope – Matveyeva
  14. The Sun Rises (from the animated movie “The Bremen Town Musicians) – lyrics by Entin, music by G. Gladkov
  15. I Made a Decision – lyrics by Pozhenyan, music by M. Tariverdiev
  16. The Sun Will Rise (live) – lyrics by Y. Entin, music by G. Gladkov


On March 10, 1981.

On March 10, 1981, “Asylum” label released “On There Goes the Neighborhood”, the fifth Joe Walsh album. It was recorded October – November 1980, and was produced by Joe Walsh and George “Chocolate” Perry.


  • Joe Walsh– vocals, guitars, piano, synthesizer, bass guitar
  • Don Felder– guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals
  • Joe Vitale– drums, keyboards, flute
  • Victor Feldman– percussion
  • Russ Kunkel– percussion
  • David Lindley– percussion, violin, backing vocals
  • Bob Mayo– guitar
  • Kenny Passarelli– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • George “Chocolate” Perry– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Tom Stephenson – keyboards
  • Timothy B. Schmit– backing vocals
  • Jody Boyer – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Walsh, except where noted.

  1. Things
  2. Made Your Mind Up
  3. Down on the Farm
  4. Rivers (Of the Hidden Funk) – Joe Walsh, Don Felder
  5. A Life of Illusion – Kenny Passarelli, Joe Walsh
  6. Bones
  7. Rockets
  8. You Never Know

On March 3, 2008.

On March 3, 2008, “Inside Out” label released “Not as Good as the Book”, the fourth  Tangent studio album. It was recorded January 2006 – November 2007, and was produced by Andy Tillison.


  • Andy Tillison– vocals, organ, piano, Moog synthesizer, guitars
  • Guy Manning– vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki
  • Jonas Reingold– bass guitar
  • Jaime Salazar– drums
  • Theo Travis– saxophone, flute
  • Jakko Jakszyk– vocals, guitars
  • Julie King– vocals
  • Unknown Frenchman – violin
  • Antoine Ettori – cover artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Tillison.

A Crisis in Mid-Life

  1. A Crisis in Mid-Life
  2. Lost in London 25 Years Later
  3. The Ethernet
  4. Celebrity Purée
  5. Not as Good as the Book
  6. A Sale of Two Souls
  7. Bat Out of Basildon

Throwing Metal at the Sky

  1. Part One – Four Egos One War

I. Ours

II. Theirs (incl. Ours Reprise)

III. His

IV. Mine

  1. Part Two – The Full Gamut

I. The D599

II. Gothenburg

III. Last Tango

IV. Studio Tan

V. Not a Drill

VI. Southend on Sea

VII. The A1 North of Paris

VIII. Four Last Days

IX. The D599 & The A61