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On June 22, 2004.

On June 22, 2004, “Nonesuch” label released “A Ghost Is Born”, the fifth Wilco studio album. It was recorded November 2003 – March 2004 in New York City, and was produced by Jim O’Rourke, Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glen Kotche, Leroy Bach and Mikael Jorgensen. In 2005, “A Ghost Is Born” won “Grammy Awards”  for “Best Alternative Music Album” and “Best Recording Package”.


  • Jeff Tweedy– vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer, filters, loops
  • John Stirratt– bass, guitar, piano, backing vocals, synthesizer, filters, loops
  • Glenn Kotche– drums, percussion, hammered dulcimer, synthesizer, filters, loops
  • Leroy Bach– piano, organ, guitar, bass, vibes, synthesizer, filters, loops
  • Mikael Jorgensen– piano, rocksichord, Farfisa, organ, synthesizer, filters, loops, engineer
  • Jim O’Rourke– piano, guitar, bass, ARP 2600, synthesizer, filters, loops, engineer, mixing
  • Frankie Montuoro – hammered dulcimer, production assistant, technical assistance
  • Karen Waltuch –viola
  • Tim Barnes – percussion
  • Steve Rooke –mastering
  • Chris Shaw – engineer
  • TJ Doherty, Tim Iseler – assistant engineers
  • Stan Doty, Daniel Herbst, Deborah Miles Johnson, Haydn Johnston, Matt Zivich – production assistants, technical assistance
  • Dan Nadel –graphic design
  • Peter Smith – graphic design,photography
  • Mike Schmelling – photography
  • Gladys Nilsson– drawing
  • Ken Waagner – digital supervisor

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Tweedy except where noted.

  1. At Least That’s What You Said
  2. Hell Is Chrome – Jeff Tweedy,Mikael Jorgensen
  3. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
  4. Muzzle of Bees
  5. Hummingbird
  6. Handshake Drugs
  7. Wishful Thinking – Jeff Tweedy,Glenn Kotche
  8. Company in My Back
  9. I’m a Wheel
  10. Theologians – Jeff Tweedy, Mikael Jorgensen, Chris Girard
  11. Less Than You Think – Jeff Tweedy,John Stirratt, Glen Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen,Leroy Bach, Jim O’Rourke
  12. The Late Greats

On June 22, 1982.

On June 22, 1982, “A&M” label released “Nothing to Fear”, the second Oingo Boingo album. It was recorded November 1981-January 1982, and was produced by Joe Chiccarelli, Danny Elfamn, Steve Bartek, Richard Gibbs, Kerry Hatch, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps, Leon Schneiderman and Dale Turner.


  • Danny Elfman- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Steve Bartek- lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Richard Gibbs- keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
  • Kerry Hatch – bass, key rhythm vocals
  • Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez – drums, percussion
  • Sam “Sluggo” Phipps- tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Leon Schneiderman – baritone and alto saxophone
  • Dale Turner- trumpet, trombone
  • Steve Bartek – horn arrangements
  • Joe Chiccarelli – engineer
  • Krohn McHenry – second recording engineer
  • Mitch Gibson – second mixing engineer
  • Jules Bates (Artrouble) – back cover, sleeve, art direction
  • Georganne Deen – front cover
  • Laura Engel – production assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Danny Elfman.

  1. Grey Matter
  2. Insects
  3. Private Life
  4. Wild Sex (in the Working Class)
  5. Running on a Treadmill
  6. Whole Day Off
  7. Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)
  8. Why’d We Come
  9. Islands
  10. Reptiles and Samurai

On June 17, 2008.

On June 17, 2008, “Columbia” label released “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”, the eighth Offspring studio album. It was recorded November 2006 – April 2008, at “Plantation Mixing and Recording” in Haiku, Hawaii, “D-13 Studio” in Huntington Beach, California, “Henson Recording Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Bob Rock. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”.


  • Dexter Holland– lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
  • Noodles– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg K.– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Pete Parada– drums, percussion
  • Josh Freese– drums
  • Chris “X-13” Higgins– backing vocals
  • Bob Rock– keyboards, piano, engineer
  • Steve Masi – guitar technician
  • Eric Helmkamp – engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Jason Goad – illustrations

Track listing:

All tracks by Dexter Holland, except where noted .

  1. Half – Truism
  2. Trust in You
  3. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
  4. Hammerhead
  5. A Lot Like Me
  6. Takes Me Nowhere
  7. Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
  8. Nothingtown
  9. Stuff Is Messed Up
  10. Fix You
  11. Let’s Hear It for Rock Bottom
  12. Rise and Fall

On June 13, 2000.

On June 13, 2000, “Epic” label released “The Moon & Antarctica”, the third Modest Mouse studio album. It was recorded July-November 1999, at “Clava Studios” in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Brian Deck.


  • Ben Blankenship – lap steel guitar, banjo, keyboards, guitar
  • Isaac Brock– guitars, vocals
  • Jeremiah Green– drums
  • Eric Judy– bass
  • Brian Deck– keyboards
  • Ben Massarella– percussion
  • Greg Ratajczak – guitar
  • Jeff Kennedy – lap steel guitar
  • Tyler Riley – violin
  • Tim Rutili– background vocals
  • Chiyoko Yoshida – background vocals

Track listing:

All lyrics by Isaac Brock; all music by Isaac Brock, Eric Judy, and Jeremiah Green, except where noted.

  1. 3rd Planet
  2. Gravity Rides Everything
  3. Dark Center of the Universe
  4. Perfect Disguise
  5. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
  6. A Different City
  7. The Cold Part
  8. Alone Down There
  9. The Stars Are Projectors
  10. Wild Packs of Family Dogs – Isaac Brock
  11. Paper Thin Walls
  12. I Came as a Rat
  13. Lives – Isaac Brock
  14. Life Like Weeds
  15. What People Are Made Of


In June 1968.

In June 1968, “Polydor” label released the debut, self-titled Fairport Convention  album.  It was recorded in November 1967, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd and Tod Lloyd.


  • Judy Dyble– lead vocals, electric and acoustic autoharps, recorder, piano
  • Ian MacDonald(Iain Matthews) – lead vocals, Jew’s harp
  • Richard Thompson– vocals, lead electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin
  • Simon Nicol– vocals, electric 12 and 6 string and acoustic guitars
  • Ashley Hutchings– bass guitar, jug, double bass
  • Martin Lamble– percussion, violin
  • Claire Lowther –cello

Track listing:

  1. Time Will Show the Wiser – Emitt Rhodes
  2. I Don’t Know Where I Stand – Joni Mitchell
  3. If (Stomp) – Ian MacDonald,Richard Thompson
  4. Decameron – Paul Ghosh, Andrew Horvitch, Richard Thompson
  5. Jack O’Diamonds – Bob Dylan,Ben Carruthers
  6. Portfolio – Judy Dyble,Tyger Hutchings
  7. Chelsea Morning – Joni Mitchell
  8. Sun Shade – Paul Ghosh, Andrew Horvitch, Richard Thompson
  9. The Lobster – George Painter, Tyger Hutchings, Richard Thompson
  10. It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft – Tyger Hutchings, Richard Thompson
  11. One Sure Thing – Harvey Brooks,Jim Glover
  12. M1 Breakdown – Tyger Hutchings,Simon Nicol

On May 31, 2011.

On May 31, 2011, “Universal Music Canada” label released “Lights of Endangered Species”, the fifth Matthew Good studio album. It was recorded October-November 2010, at “Vogville Recording” in Port Coquitlam, Canada, and was produced by Warne Livesey.


  • Matthew Good – piano, guitar, bass, claratron, vocals
  • Stuart Cameron – guitar, lap steel
  • Blake Manning – drums, percussion, glockenspiel, backing vocals
  • Warne Livesey- organ, mellotron
  • Terry Townson – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Rod Murray – trombone
  • Oliver De Clercq – French horn
  • Bill Runge – baritone saxophone
  • Jeremy Berkman – trombone
  • Brad Muirhead – bass trombone
  • Avery Grace – backing vocals
  • Jennifer Zall – backing vocals
  • David Harding – viola
  • Andrew Brown – viola
  • Mary Sokol Brown – violin
  • David Brown – double bass
  • Brenda Fedoruk – flute
  • Fracois Houle – clarinet
  • David Owen – cor anglais
  • Ingrid Chiang – bassoon
  • Warne Livesey- mixer, engineer
  • Joel Livesey – engineer
  • Rob Sommerfeldt, Jennifer Zall, Paul Dutil – session assistants
  • Tim Young – mastering
  • Matthew Good and Susan Michalek – art direction
  • Susan Michalek – design
  • Miriam Aroeste – cover artwork
  • Strings, brass, and woodwinds arranged by Matthew Good and Warne Livesey

Track listing:

  1. Extraordinary Fades
  2. How It Goes
  3. Shallow’s Low
  4. What If I Can’t See the Stars Mildred?
  5. Zero Orchestra
  6. Non Populus
  7. In a Place of Lesser Men
  8. Set Me On Fire
  9. Lights of Endangered Species

In May 1984.

In May 1984, “London” label released “Mange Tout”, the second Blancmange album. It was recorded August-November 1983, at “Marcus Music”, “Sarm East” and “Island Studios” in London and “Sigma Sound” in New York City, and was produced by John Luongo, Peter Collins, John Owen Williams, Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe.


  • Neil Arthur- voice, drums, clarinet
  • Stephen Luscombe- electric keyboards, piano, trumpet
  • Pandit Dinesh- tabla, mada, percussion
  • Deepak Khazanchi -sitar
  • Bobby Collins -bass guitar
  • David Rhodes, Malcolm Ross- guitars
  • Blair Cunningham -Hi-Hat
  • The Uptown Horns -horns
  • Deepak Khazanchi –santoor
  • Valerie Ponomoren -trumpet solo
  • Neil Jason, David McClymont – bass guitar
  • Bashira Johnson -percussion
  • Dolette McDonald, Brenda Jay Nelson, Jocelyn Brown, Tawaitha Agee, Brenda White, Vernice, Michelle Cobbs, Janice Pendarvis- background voices
  • Gavyn Wright, Roy Gillard -violins
  • Garf Jackson -viola
  • Nigel Warren Green -cello
  • Andy Findon -flute
  • Bashira Johnson -bells, percussion
  • Jerry Marotta – percussion
  • Tawaitha Agee, Brenda White, Vernice – background vocals
  • Joe Mosello – trumpet
  • Vinnie Della-Rocca, Jim Clouse -saxophones
  • Keith O’Quinn, Jack Gale -trombone
  • James Biondolillo -maestro
  • Arranged by Linton Naiff
  • Remixed by Dennis Weinrich, John Owen Williams
  • Engineered by Jay Mark, Richard Digby-Smith, Julian Mendlesohn, James Docherty, Michael Hutchinson, John Potaka
  • Assisted by Femi Jiya, Matthew Wallis, Steve Street, Linda Randazzo, Jimmy Santis, Elisa Gura, Melanie West, Glenn Rosenstein
  • Atkins & Marcx, Town & Country Planning – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Tell Me
  2. Game Above My Head
  3. Blind Vision
  4. Time Became The Tide
  5. That’s Love, That It Is
  6. Murder
  7. See the Train
  8. All Things Are Nice
  9. My Baby
  10. The Day Before You Came – Andersson, Ulvaeus