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In April 1981.

In April 1981, “Jugoton” label released “Sunčana strana ulice” (The Sunny Side of the Street), the second Azra studio album. It was recorded in February-March 1981, at “Studio JM” in Zagreb, Croatia, and was produced by Branimir Štulić.


  • Branimir Štulić- vocal, guitar
  • Mišo Hrnjak – bass guitar, vocals
  • Boris Leiner – drums, vocal
  • Miroslav Sedak Benčić – saxophone
  • Nikola Santro – trombone
  • Mladen Juričić – accordion
  • Franjo Vlahović – trumpet, trombone
  • Janko Mlinarić – engineer
  • Davor Mindoljević – photography
  • Jasmin Krpan – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Branimir Štulić.

  1. 041
  2. Užas je moja furka
  3. Fa-Fa-Fa
  4. Kipo
  5. Ne reci mi dvaput
  6. Provedimo vikend zajedno
  7. Kurvini sinovi
  8. Bankrot mama
  9. Pametni i knjiški ljudi
  10. Kad Miki kaže da se boji
  11. .. i to je Amerika
  12. Daleko od istine
  13. Poljska u mome srcu
  14. Suzi F. (Kada vidim Beč)
  15. Između nas
  16. Nemoj po glavi D.P.
  17. Gospodar samoće
  18. Poljubi me …
  19. Karta za sreću
  20. Uvijek ista priča
  21. Sunčana strana ulice
  22. Grad bez ljubavi
  23. Nedjelja popodne
  24. Odlazak u noć

On April 15, 2015.

In April 2015, “Island” label released “The Hope Six Demolition Project”, the ninth PJ Harvey studio album. It was recorded January-February 2015, at “Somerset House” in London, and was produced by Flood, John Parish and PJ Harvey.

  • PJ Harvey– vocals, guitar, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, violin, bass harmonica & autoharp, hand claps
  • John Parish– backing vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, variophon, accordion, Mellotron vibes, Baritone guitar & synth bass, autoharp, hand claps
  • Flood– backing vocals, synth bass, Sonic Maverick
  • Mick Harvey– backing vocals, percussion, Taurus pedals, slide guitar, keyboards, bass, guitar, hand claps
  • Jean-Marc Butty – backing vocals, percussion
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson– vocals
  • Terry Edwards– backing vocals, percussion, baritone saxophone, keyboards, guitar, flute & bass harmonica, saxophones, melodica
  • Mike Smith– backing vocals, baritone saxophone, piano, keyboards, saxophones, percussion, hand claps
  • James Johnston– backing vocals, keyboards, violin, guitar, organ
  • Alain Johannes– backing vocals, guitar, saxophone, keyboards, percussion, hand claps
  • Kenrick Rowe – backing vocals, percussion, hand claps
  • Enrico Gabrielli – backing vocals, percussion, bass clarinet, swanee whistle
  • Alessandro Stefana – backing vocals, guitars
  • Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett – backing vocals, bass
  • Flood – mixing
  • Drew Smith – mixing
  • Rob Kirwan – recording, engineering
  • Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett – additional engineering, mix engineering
  • Caesar Edmunds – mix engineering
  • Michelle Henning – artwork, art direction
  • Rob Crane – layout, design
  • Seamus Murphy – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by PJ Harvey.

  1. The Community of Hope
  2. The Ministry of Defence
  3. A Line in the Sand
  4. Chain of Keys
  5. River Anacostia
  6. Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln
  7. The Orange Monkey
  8. Medicinals
  9. The Ministry of Social Affairs
  10. The Wheel
  11. Dollar, Dollar


In April 1973.

In April 1973, “Chrysalis” label released “Parcel of Rogues”, the fifth Steeleye Span studio album. It was recorded January-February, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Jerry Boys, Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp and Peter Knight.


  • Maddy Prior- vocals
  • Tim Hart- vocals, guitar, appalachian dulcimer
  • Bob Johnson- vocals, guitar
  • Rick Kemp- bass guitar, drums
  • Peter Knight- violin, viola, mandolin, piano, recorder, harmonium

Track listing:

  1. One Misty Moisty Morning – traditional
  2. Alison Gross – traditional
  3. The Bold Poachers – traditional
  4. The Ups And Downs – traditional
  5. Robbery with Violins – traditional
  6. The Wee Wee Man – traditional
  7. The Weaver and The Factory Maid – traditional
  8. Rogues in a Nation – Robert Burns
  9. Cam Ye O’er Frae France –traditional
  10. Hares on The Mountain – traditional


In April 1972.

In April 1972, “Island” label released “Henry the Human Fly”, the first Richard Thompson solo album. It was recorded in February 1972, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Richard Thompson and John Wood.


  • Richard Thompson– guitar, vocals, accordion, tin whistle, mandolin
  • Timi Donald – drums, vocals
  • Pat Donaldson– bass guitar, vocals
  • David Snell – harp
  • Jeff Cole – trombone
  • John Defereri – tenor saxophone
  • Clay Toyani – trumpet
  • Sue Draheim– fiddle
  • Barry Dransfield– fiddle
  • John Kirkpatrick– accordion
  • Andy Roberts– dulcimer
  • Sandy Denny– piano, vocals
  • Linda Peters– vocals
  • Ashley Hutchings– vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Thompson.

  1. Roll Over Vaughn Williams
  2. Nobody’s Wedding
  3. The Poor Ditching Boy
  4. Shaky Nancy
  5. The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
  6. Wheely Down
  7. The New St. George
  8. Painted Ladies
  9. Cold Feet
  10. Mary and Joseph
  11. The Old Changing Way
  12. Twisted


On April 1, 2013.

On April 1, 2013, “Warner Bros” label released “The Terror”, the thirteenth Flaming Lips studio album. It was recorded February–April 2012 at “Tarbox Road Studios” in Cassadaga, and “Pink Floor Studios” in Oklahoma City, and was produced by Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, Kliph Scurlock, Derek Brown, Dave Fridmann and Scott Booker.


  • Wayne Coyne– vocals, guitar, synthesizers
  • Michael Ivins– bass guitar, keyboards
  • Steven Drozd– guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, drums, vocals
  • Kliph Scurlock– drums, percussion
  • Derek Brown – guitar, keyboards
  • Phantogram– additional vocals and music
  • Dave Fridmann– mix, recording, mastering
  • Michael Ivins – additional engineering
  • Mack Hawkins – additional engineering, recording & mixing
  • George Salisbury – layout and design

Track listing:

All tracks by Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, Kliph Scurlock and Derek Brown.

  1. .The Sun is Rising
  2. Be Free A Way
  3. Try to Explain
  4. You Lust
  5. The Terror
  6. You Are Alone
  7. Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die
  8. Turning Violet
  9. Always There..in Our Heads

In March 1975.

In March 1975, “Virgin” label released “The Rotters’ Club”, the second Hatfield and the North album. It was recorded January-February 1975, at “Saturn Studios” in Worthing, and was produced by Phil Miller, Dave Stewart, Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle, Jimmy Hastings, Lindsay Cooper, Tim Hodgkinson and Mont Campbell.


  • Phil Miller: guitar
  • Dave Stewart: Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Minimoog, piano, tone generator
  • Richard Sinclair: bass guitar, lead vocals, guitar
  • Pip Pyle: drums
  • Jimmy Hastings: saxophone, flute
  • Barbara Gaskin, Amanda Parsons, Ann Rosenthal: backing vocals
  • Lindsay Cooper: bassoon
  • Tim Hodgkinson: clarinet
  • Mont Campbell: French horn

Track listing:

  1. Share It – Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle
  2. Lounging There Trying – Phil Miller
  3. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw – Dave Stewart
  4. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon – Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle
  5. The Yes No Interlude – Pip Pyle
  6. Fitter Stoke Has a Bath – Pip Pyle
  7. Didn’t Matter Anyway – Richard Sinclair
  8. Underdub – Phil Miller
  9. Mumps – Dave Stewart
  • Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Quiet)
  • Lumps
  • Prenut
  • Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Loud)


In March 1971.


In March 1971, “Philips” label released “Histoire de Melody Nelson”, the tenth Serge Gainsbourg album. It was recorded April 1970 – February 1971, at “Studio Marble Arch” in London, and “Studio des Dames” in Paris, and was produced by Jean-Claude Desmarty. “Histoire de Melody Nelson” is regarded to be the best and most influential Gainsbourg album.


  • Serge Gainsbourg- vocals, piano, guitar
  • Alan Parker– guitar
  • Big Jim Sullivan- rhythm guitar
  • Dave Richmond– bass
  • Roger Coulam– keyboards
  • Jean-Claude Vannier- arrangements, orchestra direction
  • Jane Birkin- vocal parts
  • Dougie Wright – drums
  • Jean-Luc Ponty- electric violin
  • Jean-Claude Charvier – recording

Track listing:

All tracks by Serge Gainsbourg except where noted.

  1. Melody
  2. Ballade de Melody Nelson – music by Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Claude Vannier
  3. Valse de Melody
  4. Ah! Melody – music by Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Claude Vannier
  5. L’hôtel particulier
  6. En Melody – music by Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Claude Vannier
  7. Cargo culte