On June 1, 1987.


On June 1, 1987, “Columbia” label released “Raintown”, the debut Deacon Blue album. It was recorded December 1986 – February 1987, at “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by Jon Kelly.


  • Ricky Ross – lead vocals
  • Lorraine McIntosh – harmony and backing vocals
  • Graeme Kelling – low voice, guitar
  • James Prime – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Ewen Vernal – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Dougie Vipond – drums, percussion
  • Chris Rea – slide guitar
  • J. Cole- pedal steel guitar
  • Jimmy Helms, George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers – backing vocals
  • Oscar Marzaroli – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ricky Ross, except where noted:

  1. Born in a Storm
  2. Raintown
  3. Ragman
  4. He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
  5. Loaded – James Prime, Ricky Ross, Graeme Kelling
  6. When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
  7. Chocolate Girl
  8. Dignity
  9. The Very Thing
  10. Love’s Great Fears – Ricky Ross, James Prime
  11. Town to Be Blamed – Ricky Ross, James Prime

On June 1, 1979.

This Boot

On June 1, 1979, “Warner Bros” label released “This Boot Is Made for  Fonk-N”, the fourth Bootsy’s Rubber Band album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. The album’s cover and the 8-page comic book entitled “The Almost Finished Comic” was by Overton Loyd.


  • Bootsy Collins – bass. guitar, drums, percussion
  • Phelps Collins, Garry Shider, Michael Hampton – guitar
  • Bernie Worrell, Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson – keyboards, synthesizer
  • Frank Waddy, Gary Cooper – drums
  • Carl Small, Gary Cooper, Larry Fratangelo – percussion
  • Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner – horns

Track lsiting:

  1. Under The Influence of a Groove -Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Bernie Worrell
  2. Bootsy (Get Live) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Maceo Parker
  3. Oh Boy Gorl – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper, Ron Dunbar
  4. Jam Fan (Hot) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Phelps Collins
  5. Chug-A-Lug (The Bun Patrol) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Robert Johnson, Phelps Collins
  6. Shejam (Almost Bootsy Show) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
  7. Reprise (Get Live) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Maceo Parker


On June 1, 1974.

Walking Man

On June 1, 1974, “Warner Bros” released “Walking Man”, the fifth James Taylor studio album. It was recorded January–April 1974, at “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by David Spinozza.


  • James Taylor – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • David Spinozza– acoustic and electric electric guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano
  • Hugh McCracken – acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
  • Don Grolnick– piano, Hammond organ, Vox humana,
  • Kenny Ascher– Fender Rhodes electric piano, piano
  • Andy Muson – bass
  • Rick Marotta– drums
  • Ralph MacDonald– percussion
  • George Young – alto saxophone
  • Kenny Berger – baritone saxophone
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • Barry Rogers– trombone
  • Alan Rubin– trumpet
  • Ralph Schuckett– clavinet
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • Peter Gordon– French horn
  • Howard Johnson– tuba
  • George Marge –oboe
  • Carly Simon– vocals
  • Linda McCartney– vocals
  • Paul McCartney– backing vocals
  • Gene Orloff– strings
  • Harry Maslin – recording, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by James Taylor, except where noted.

  1. Walking Man
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Music Now
  3. Let It All Fall Down
  4. Me and My Guitar
  5. Daddy’s Baby
  6. Ain’t No Song – Joey Levine,David Spinozza
  7. Hello Old Friend
  8. Migration
  9. The Promised Land – Chuck Berry
  10. Fading Away





On June 1, 1973.

Touch Me

On June 1, 1973, “Bell” label released “Touch Me”, the second Gary Glitter album.  It was recorded in 1973, in Hamburg, Paris and London, and was produced by Mike Leander.


  • Gary Glitter – vocals
  • John Hudson – engineer, recording supervisor
  • John Kosh – design
  • Shepard Sherbell – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander, except where noted.

  1. Do You Wanna Touch Me(Oh Yeah)
  2. Come On Come In Get On
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Hard on Me
  5. To Know You Is to Love You – Phil Spector
  6. Money Honey – Jesse Stone
  7. Hello! Hello! I’m Back Again
  8. Sidewalk Sinner
  9. Didn’t I Do It Right
  10. Lonely Boy – Paul Anka
  11. Hold On to What You Got
  12. O.U.




On June 1, 1972.

The Eagles

On June 1, 1972, “Asylum” label released the debut, self-titled Eagles album. It was recorded in February 1972, at “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Glyn Johns. In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 368 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The single “Take It Easy” is part of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” of the “500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll”. In March 2001, the album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Glenn Frey– vocals, guitars, slide guitar
  • Bernie Leadon– vocals, guitars, banjo
  • Randy Meisner– vocals, bass guitar
  • Don Henley– vocals, drums
  • Glyn Johns– engineer
  • Gary Burden– art direction, design
  • Henry Diltz– photography

Track listing:

  1. Take it Easy – Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey
  2. Witchy Woman – Don Henley, Bernie Leadon
  3. Chug All Night – Glenn Frey
  4. Most of Us Are Sad – Glenn Frey
  5. Nightingale – Jackson Browne
  6. Train Leaves Here This Morning – Gene Clark, Bernie Leadon
  7. Take the Devil – Randy Meisner
  8. Earlybird – Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner
  9. Peaceful Easy Feeling – Jack Tempchin
  10. Tryin’ – Randy Meisner

On May 31, 2011.


On May 31, 2011, “Monkeywrench” label released “Ukulele Songs”, the second Eddie Vedder solo studio album. It was recorded in 2010 – 2011, at “Studio X” in Los Angeles, “Avex Honolulu Studio” in Honolulu,  and was produced by Eddie Vedder and Adam Kasper. The cover is photography of the sculptural work “The Lost Correspondent” by Jason de Caires Taylor.


  • Eddie Vedder – vocals, ukulele, mixing
  • Adam Kasper – recording, mixing
  • John Burton – engineer
  • Sam Hofstedt – engineer
  • Andrew Ching, Andy Park, Gaylord Kalani Holomalia – engineer assistant
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Regan Hagar – layout, design
  • Jerome Turner – concept, layout, design
  • Sonny Miller – photography
  • Danny Clinch – photography
  • Jason deCairos Taylor – photography
  • Stefan Mentil – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Eddie Vedder, except where noted.

  1. Can’t Keep
  2. Sleeping by Myself
  3. Without You
  4. More Than You Know – lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu, music by Vincent Youmans
  5. Goodbye
  6. Broken Heart
  7. Satellite
  8. Longing to Belong
  9. Hey Fahkah
  10. You’re True
  11. Light Today
  12. Sleepless Nights – Felice Bryant, Boudleaux Bryant
  13. Once in a While – lyrics by Bud Green, music by Michael Edwards
  14. Waving Palms
  15. Tonight You Belong to Me – lyrics by Billy Rose, music by Lee David
  16. Dream a Little Dream – lyrics by Gus Kahn, music by Fabian Andreand , Wilbur Schwandt

On May 31, 2004.


On May 31, 2004, “Island” label released “Uh Huh Her”, the sixth PJ Harvey studio album. It was recorded 2002 – 2003, and was produced by PJ Harvey.


  • PJ Harvey – vocals, guitars, bass, piano, melodica, accordion,  autoharp, engineer, mixing, photography
  • Rob Ellis – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Head – backing vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Evelyn Isaac – backing vocals
  • Maria Mochnacz –artwork
  • Rob Crane – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by PJ Harvey.

  1. The Life & Death of Mr. Badmouth
  2. Shame
  3. Who the Fuck?
  4. Pocket Knife
  5. The Letter
  6. The Slow Drug
  7. No Child of Mine
  8. Cat on the Wall
  9. You Come Through
  10. It’s You
  11. The End
  12. The Desperate Kingdom of Love
  13. Untitled (Seagulls)
  14. The Darker Days of Me & Him

On May 31, 1999.


On May 31, 1999, “Virgin” label released the self-titled, fifth Mike & The Mechanics studio album. It was recorded 1988 – 1989, at “Fisher Lane Farm Studios” in Surrey, and was produced by Mike Rutherford. This was band’s last studio album with Paul Young, who died the year after its release.


  • Mike Rutherford– guitar, bass guitar
  • Paul Carrack– vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums
  • Paul Young– vocals, percussion
  • Gary Wallis– drums, programming
  • Sharon Woolf – backing vocals
  • Simon Hale– conductor, string arrangements
  • Nick Davis– engineer, mixing
  • Steve Pigott – programming
  • Matthew Vaughan – programming

Track listing:

  1. Whenever I Stop – Mike Rutherford,Paul Carrack
  2. Now That You’ve Gone – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack
  3. Ordinary Girl – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack,Paul Young
  4. All The Light I Need – Mike Rutherford,A. Robertson
  5. What Will You Do When I’m Gone – Mike Rutherford, B.A. Robertson
  6. My Little Island – Mike Rutherford, B.A. Robertson
  7. Open Up – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack
  8. When I Get Over You – Mike Rutherford,Christopher Neil
  9. If Only – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack
  10. Asking (For The Last Time) – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack
  11. Always Listen To Your Heart – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack, Neil Young
  12. Did You See Me Coming – Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack
  13. Look Across at Dreamland – Mike Rutherford, B.A. Robertson

On May 31, 1995.

Blues for Greeny

On May 31, 1995, “Charisma” label released “Blues for Greeny”, the tenth Gary Moore album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Ian Taylor and Gary Moore. “Blues for Greeny” is cover album in honor of Peter Green,.


  • Gary Moore- vocals, guitar
  • Tommy Eyre- keyboards
  • Andy Pyle- bass
  • Graham Walker – drums
  • Nick Pentelow – tenor saxophone
  • Nick Payn – baritone saxophone

Track listing:

  1. If You Be My Baby – Peter Greenbaum, Clifford G. Adams
  2. Long Grey Mare – Peter Greenbaum
  3. Merry-Go-Round – Peter Greenbaum
  4. I Loved Another Woman – Peter Greenbaum
  5. Need Your Love So Bad – Mertis John Jr.
  6. The Same Way – Peter Greenbaum
  7. The Supernatural – Peter Greenbaum
  8. Driftin’ – Peter Greenbaum
  9. Showbiz Blues – Peter Greenbaum
  10. Love That Burns – Peter Greenbaum, Clifford G. Adams
  11. Looking For Somebody – Peter Greenbaum

On May 31, 1979.


On May 31, 1979, “Jet” label released “Discovery”, the eighth Electric Light Orchestra studio album. It was recorded March–April 1978, at “Musicland Studios” in Munich, and was produced by Jeff Lynne. The album was certified 2 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Jeff Lynne – lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, Yamaha CS80 synthesizer, orchestra and choral arrangements
  • Richard Tandy– piano, Yamaha CS80 synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano, clavinet
  • Kelly Groucutt– lead and backing vocals, bass
  • Bev Bevan– drums, percussion, Rototoms, timpani
  • Louis Clark – orchestra and choral arrangements, conductor
  • Richard Tandy – orchestra and choral arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Lynne,.

  1. Shine a Little Love
  2. Confusion
  3. Need Her Love
  4. The Diary of Horace Wimp
  5. Last Train to London
  6. Midnight Blue
  7. On the Run
  8. Wishing
  9. Don’t Bring Me Down