On November 1, 1973.


On November 1, 1973,”Island” label released “Stranded”, the third Roxy Music” album. It was recorded September 1973, at “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Thomas. The gatefold cover photograph was taken by Karl Stoecker and styled by Antony Price, and shows Bryan Ferry’s then girlfriend and 1973 “Playmate of the Year”.


  • Bryan Ferry– vocals, piano, electric piano, harmonica
  • John Gustafson– bass guitar
  • Eddie Jobson– synthesizers, keyboards, electric violin
  • Andy Mackay(as Andrew Mackay) – oboe, saxophone, treatments
  • Phil Manzanera– guitar, treatments
  • Paul Thompson– drums, timpani
  • Chris Laurence– string bass
  • The London Welsh Male Choir – chorus
  • Chris Thomas- bass
  • Nicolas de Ville – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Ferry, except where noted.

  1. Street Life
  2. Just Like You
  3. Amazona – Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay
  4. Psalm
  5. Serenade
  6. A Song for Europe – Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay
  7. Mother of Pearl
  8. Sunset





On November 1, 1972.


On November 1, 1972, “Warner Bros” label released “One Man Dog”, the fourth James Taylor studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Peter Asher.


  • James Taylor – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals,  harmonica,  autoharp, bells, cross-cut saw
  • Arthur Baron – bass trombone
  • George Bohanon- trombone
  • Michael Brecker- flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Randy Brecker- trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
  • Dash Crofts- mandolin
  • Craig Doerge- piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano
  • Bobbye Hall- percussion, congas, bongos, tambourine, shaker, bells
  • Abigale Haness – backing vocals
  • Steven Edney – backing vocals
  • John Hartford- banjo, fiddle
  • Carole King- backing vocals
  • Danny Kortchmar- electric guitar, acoustic guitar, timbales
  • Russ Kunkel- drums, congas, tambourine, cabasa
  • John McLaughlin- acoustic guitar
  • Mark Paletier – sound effects, saw
  • Red Rhodes- pedal steel guitar
  • Barry Rogers – trombone
  • Linda Ronstadt- backing vocals
  • Carly Simon- backing vocals
  • Leland Sklar- bass, guitarron mexicano
  • Alex Taylor- backing vocals
  • Hugh Taylor- backing vocals
  • Kate Taylor- backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by James Taylor, except where noted.

  1. One Man Parade
  2. Nobody But You
  3. Chili Dog
  4. Fool for You
  5. Instrumental I
  6. New Tune
  7. Back on the Street Again – Danny Kortchmar
  8. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  9. Woh, Don’t You Know – Danny Kortchmar, Leland Sklar, James Taylor
  10. One Morning in May – Traditional
  11. Instrumental II
  12. Someone – John McLaughlin
  13. Hymn
  14. Fanfare
  15. Little David
  16. Mescalito
  17. Dance
  18. Jig


On November 1, 1971.


On November 1, 1971, “Douglas Records” released “Hooteroll?”, album by Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia. It was recorded in 1971, and was produced by Alan Douglas and Doris Dynamite. The cover art is a painting by Abdul Mati Klarwein titled “Saint John”.


  • Howard Wales– organ, piano
  • Jerry Garcia– guitar
  • John Kahn– bass
  • Curly Cook – guitar
  • Bill Vitt –drums
  • Michael Marinelli – drums
  • Ken Balzall –trumpet
  • Martin Fierro– saxophone, flute
  • Horn arrangements: Martin Fierro
  • Recording engineer: Russ Geary
  • Mixing engineer: Tony Bongiovi
  • Photographs: Ron Rakow

Track listing:

All tracks by Howard Wales, except “South Side Strut” by Martin Fierro and Howard Wales and “Da Birg Song” by Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales.

  1. South Side Strut
  2. A Trip to What Next
  3. Up from the Desert
  4. DC-502
  5. One A.M. Approach
  6. Uncle Martin’s
  7. Da Birg Song

On November 1, 1969.


On November 1, 1969, “Bell Records” label released “A Way of Life”, the début The Family Dogg album. It was recorded April – May 1969 at “IBC Studios”; “Chappell Studios”; “Landsdowne Studios” in London and was produce by Steve Rowland. The album session group includes Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham.


  • Steve Rowland– lead vocals, backing vocals, congas, producer
  • Albert Hammond– lead vocals, backing vocals, 12-string guitar
  • Mike Hazelwood– lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Christine Holmes – lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Pam “Zooey” Quinn – lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Jimmy Page– electric guitars
  • John Paul Jones– bass guitar, arranger
  • Amory Kane – guitar, fills between every track
  • John Bonham– drums
  • Alan Parker– acoustic guitar
  • Alan “Hawk” Hawkshaw– piano, organ
  • Clem Cattini– drums
  • Stan Barrett – percussion
  • Denis Lopez – percussion
  • Phil Dennys – arranger
  • Reg Tilsey – arranger
  • Ken Woodman – arranger
  • Damon Lyon Shaw – engineer
  • John Iles – engineer
  • John Timperley– engineer
  • John Mackswith– engineer
  • Mike Weighell – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Julie’s Just Gone – Mark Jordan
  2. All the Best Songs and Marches -Terry Stamp
  3. In the Ghetto – Mac Davis
  4. Today I Killed a Man I Didn’t Know – Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway
  5. Pattern People – Jimmy Webb
  6. Save the Life of My Child – Paul Simon
  7. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Bob Dylan
  8. Reflections ‘Of Your Face’ – Amory Kane
  9. Run Run Run Fly Fly Fly – Ben Findon
  10. Moonshine Mary – Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood
  11. You Were On My Mind – traditional; arranged by Armory Kane, Steve Rowland, Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood
  12. A Place in the Sun – Bryan Wells, Ronald Miller
  13. A Way of Life – Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway


On October 31, 1989.


On October 31, 1989, “Arista” label released “Built to Last”, the thirteenth and final Grateful Dead album.It was recorded February – October, 1989, and was produced by John Cutler and Jerry Garcia.


  • Jerry Garcia– guitar, vocals
  • Bob Weir– guitar, vocals
  • Brent Mydland– keyboards, vocals
  • Phil Lesh– bass
  • Bill Kreutzmann– drums
  • Mickey Hart– drums, percussion
  • John Cutler – engineer
  • Tom Flye, Justin Kreutzmann, Peter Miller, David Roberts, Jeff Sterling, Chris Wiskes – engineers

Track listing:

  1. Foolish Heart – Jerry Garcia,Mickey Hunter
  2. Just a Little Light – Barlow,Bent Mydland
  3. Victim or the Crime – Graham,Bob Weir
  4. Standing on the Moon – Jerry Garcia, Hunter
  5. Blow Away – Barlow, Mydland
  6. Picasso Moon – Barlow,Bralove, Bob Weir
  7. Built to Last – Jerry Garcia, Hunter
  8. I Will Take You Home – Barlow, Mydland

On October 31, 1988.


On October 31, 1988, “SST Records” label released “Ultramega OK”, the debut Soundgarden album. It was recorded in 1988, in Seattle, Washington and Newberg, Oregon, and was produced by Drew Canulette and Soundgarden.


  • Chris Cornell– lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
  • Kim Thayil– lead guitar
  • Hiro Yamamoto– bass, lead vocals
  • Matt Cameron– drums
  • Drew Canulette – production, engineering
  • Gardener – back cover photo
  • Lance Limbocker – engineering
  • Lance Mercer – cover photo
  • Kathryn Miller – art direction, design
  • Soundgarden – art direction, design
  • Sydney Taylor – insert photo

Track listing:

All lyrics by Chris Cornell, except where noted.

  1. Flower – Kim Thayil
  2. All Your Lies – Kim Thayil, Hiro Yamamoto
  3. 665 – Hiro Yamamoto
  4. Beyond the Wheel – Chris Cornell
  5. 667 – Hiro Yamamoto
  6. Mood for Trouble – Chris Cornell
  7. Circle of Power – Hiro Yamamoto, Kim Thayil
  8. He Didn’t – Matt Cameron
  9. Smokestack Lightning – Howlin’ Wolf, Howlin’ Wolf
  10. Nazi Driver – Hiro Yamamoto
  11. Head Injury – Kim Thayil
  12. Incessant Mace – Kim Thayil
  13. One Minute of Silence – John Lennon


On October 31, 1988.


On October 31,1988, “SST Records” label released “Bug”, the third Dinosaur Jr.” album. It was recorded in 1988, and was produced by J Mascis. It was the last Dinosaur Jr. album with original bassist Lou Barlow until “Beyond” in 2007.


  • J Mascis– vocals, guitar
  • Lou Barlow– bass, vocals
  • Murph– drums
  • Sean Slade– engineering
  • Paul Q. Kolderie– engineering
  • Maura Jasper – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by J Mascis.

  1. Freak Scene
  2. No Bones
  3. They Always Come
  4. Yeah We Know
  5. Let It Ride
  6. Pond Song
  7. Budge
  8. The Post
  9. Don’t

On October 31, 1967.


On October 31, 1967, “A&M” label released “Pleasures of the Harbor”, the fourth Phil Ochs album. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Larry Marks.


  • Phil Ochs – vocals, guitar
  • Larry Marks – producer
  • Lincoln Mayorga– piano
  • Warren Zevon– guitar
  • Ian Freebairn-Smith – arrangements
  • Joseph Byrd– arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Phil Ochs.

  1. Cross My Heart
  2. Flower Lady
  3. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
  4. I’ve Had Her
  5. Miranda
  6. The Party
  7. Pleasures of the Harbor
  8. The Crucifixion

On October 29, 1984.


On October 29, 1984, “ZTT / Island” labels released “Welcome to the Pleasuredome”, the debut Frankie Goes to Hollywood album. It was recorded July 1983-1984, at “Manor Studios” in Oxford; “Sarm Studios” in London, and was produced by Trevor Horn.


  • Holly Johnson: lead vocals
  • Paul Rutherford: backing vocals
  • Brian Nash: guitar
  • Mark O’Toole: bass
  • Peter Gill: drums
  • J. Jeczalik: keyboards, programming, software
  • Andrew Richards: keyboards
  • Luís Jardim: percussion
  • Anne Dudley: keyboards, string arrangement
  • Stephen Lipson: guitar
  • Steve Howe: acoustic guitar
  • Trevor Rabin: guitar, keyboards
  • Trevor Horn: backing vocals, bass
  • Engineers: Stuart Bruce, Steve Lipson
  • Mastering: Ian Cooper

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Gill, Holly Johnson, Brian Nash and Mark O’Toole except where noted.

  1. Well
  2. The World Is My Oyster – Peter Gill, Holly Johnson, Brian Nashand Mark O’Toole, Andy Richards
  3. Snatch of Fury (Stay) – Gerry Marsden
  4. Welcome to the Pleasuredome
  5. Relax (Come Fighting)
  6. War (…and Hide) – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  7. Two Tribes (For the Victims of Ravishment)
  8. Tag
  9. Ferry (Go) – Gerry Marsden
  10. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
  11. San Jose (The Way) – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
  12. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  13. The Ballad of 32
  14. Krisco Kisses
  15. Black Night White Light
  16. The Only Star in Heaven
  17. The Power of Love
  18. Bang

On October 29, 1982.


On October 29, 1982, “Warner Bros” label released “The Nightfly”, the first Donald Fagen solo album. It was recorded 1981 – 1982, at “Soundworks Digital Audio/Video Recording Studios”, “Automated Sound” in N.Y; “Village Recorders” in L.A., and was produced by Gary Katz. The album was certified Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in the US by “RIIA”. The album cover design was by Gale Sasson and Vern Yenor, George Delmerico was art director, and the picture was taken by James Hamilton.

  • Donald Fagen- lead vocals, organ, synthesizer, synth blues harp, electric piano, piano, background vocals, horn arrangements, linear notes
  • Dave Bargeron- trombone, euphonium
  • Michael Brecker- tenor saxophone
  • Randy Brecker- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Larry Carlton- lead guitar, guitar
  • Ronnie Cuber- baritone saxophone
  • Rick Derringer- guitar
  • Frank “Harmonica Frank” Floyd- background vocals
  • James Gadson- drums, additional drums
  • Ed Greene- drums
  • Gordon Grody – background vocals
  • Anthony Jackson- bass
  • Steve Jordan- drums
  • Steve Khan- acoustic guitar
  • Abraham Laboriel- bass
  • Daniel Lazerus – background vocals
  • Will Lee- bass
  • Hugh McCracken- guitar, harmonica
  • Leslie Miller – background vocals
  • Marcus Miller- bass
  • Rob Mounsey- synthesizer, horn arrangements
  • Roger Nichols- percussion, special effects
  • Michael Omartian– piano, electric piano
  • Dean Parks- guitar
  • Greg Phillinganes- synthesizer, piano, piano solo, electric piano ,  clavinet, synthesizer bass
  • Jeff Porcaro- drums, additional drums
  • Chuck Rainey- bass
  • Zachary Sanders – background vocals
  • Valerie Simpson- background vocals
  • David Tofani -alto saxophone
  • Starz Vanderlocket- percussion, background vocals
  • Engineers: Daniel Lazerus,Roger Nichols, Elliot Scheiner
  • Assistant engineers: Robin Lane, Mike Morongell, Cheryl Smith, Wayne Yurgelun
  • Mixing:Elliot Scheiner
  • Mastering:Bob Ludwig
  • Digital editing assistant: Mike Morongell, Wayne Yurgelun
  • Project assistant: Ginger Dettman, Steve Pokorny, Steve Woolard
  • Tracking:Elliot Scheiner
  • Authoring: David Dieckmann, George Lydecker
  • Sequencing:Roger Nichols
  • Overdub engineer: Daniel Lazerus
  • Design: Greg Allen
  • Editorial supervision: Cory Frye
  • Screen design: Andrew Thomas

Track listing:

All tracks by Donald Fagen, except where noted

  1. G.Y.
  2. Green Flower Street
  3. Ruby Baby – Jerry Leiberand Mike Stoller, arranged by Donald Fagen
  4. Maxine
  5. New Frontier
  6. The Nightfly
  7. The Goodbye Look
  8. Walk Between Raindrops