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On January 8, 2017.

On January 8, 2017, “Columbia” and “Sony” labels, released posthumously “No Plan”, EP by David Bowie. It was recorded January – May 2015, and was produced by Tony Visconti and David Bowie.


  • David Bowie– vocals, acoustic and Fender guitars
  • Donny McCaslin– saxophone, flute, woodwinds
  • Jason Lindner– piano, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards
  • Tim Lefebvre– bass
  • Mark Guiliana– drums, percussion
  • Ben Monder– guitar
  • Kevin Killen– engineering
  • Kabir Hermon – engineering assistance
  • Erin Tonkon – engineering assistance
  • Tony Visconti– mixing, engineering
  • Tom Elmhirst– final master mix
  • Joe Visciano– final master mix assistant
  • Joe LaPorta– mastering
  • Barnbrook– cover design
  • DSS – front cover star image
  • Jimmy King – David Bowie image

Track listing:

All tracks by David Bowie.

  1. Lazarus
  2. No Plan
  3. Killing a Little Time
  4. When I Met You


On January 1, 1979.

On January 1, 1979, “ECM” label released “Nice Guys”, the 25th Art Ensemble of Chicago album. It was recorded in May 1978, at “Tonstudio Bauer” in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Roscoe Mitchell: saxophones, clarinets, flute, percussion instruments
  • Lester Bowie: trumpet, celeste, bass drum
  • Malachi Favors Maghostut: bass, percussion instruments, melodica
  • Joseph Jarman: vocal, saxophones, clarinets, percussion instruments
  • Don Moye: vocal, drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Ja – Lester Bowie
  2. Nice Guys – Roscoe Mitchell
  3. Folkus – Don Moye
  4. 597–59 – Joseph Jarman
  5. CYP – Roscoe Mitchell
  6. Dreaming of the Master – Joseph Jarman

On November 25, 1970.

On November 25, 1970, “Columbia” label released “Christmas and the Beads of Sweat”, the fourth Laura Nyro album. It was recorded in May 1970, in New York City, and was produced by Felix Cavaliere and Arif Mardin.


  • Laura Nyro – vocals, piano, arrangements
  • Barry Beckett– vibraphone
  • Felix Cavaliere– organ, bells
  • Roger Hawkins– drums
  • Eddie Hinton– electric guitar
  • David Hood– bass
  • Jack Jennings – percussion
  • Stuart Scharf– acoustic guitar
  • Duane Allman– guitar
  • Richard Davis– bass
  • Alice Coltrane– harp
  • Dino Danelli– drums
  • Cornell Dupree– electric guitar
  • Joe Farrell– woodwinds
  • Ashod Garabedian – oud
  • Ralph MacDonald– percussion
  • Chuck Rainey– bass
  • Michael Szittai – cimbalin
  • Arif Mardin– arrangements, conductor
  • Roy Segal, Tim Geelan – engineer
  • Jerry Lee Smith, Doug Pomeroy -assistant engineer
  • Beth O’Brien – cover portrait

Track listing:

All tracks by Laura Nyro, except where noted.

  1. Brown Earth
  2. When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag
  3. Blackpatch
  4. Been on a Train
  5. Up on the Roof – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  6. Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp
  7. Map to the Treasure
  8. Beads of Sweat
  9. Christmas in My Soul

On November 20,1971.

On November 20, 1971, “URC Records” label released “Kazemachi Roman”, the second Happy End studio album. It was recorded May – September 1971, at “Mouri Studio” in Tokyo, and was produced by Haruomi Hosono, Eiichi Ohtaki, Shigeru Suzuki and Takashi Matsumoto.


  • Haruomi Hosono– vocals, bass, piano, organ, acoustic guitar,  claves, cowbell, chorus, flat mandolin
  • Eiichi Ohtaki– vocals, acoustic, electric and slide guitars, güiro, chimes, chorus
  • Shigeru Suzuki– vocals, acoustic, electric and slide guitars, cowbell, chorus
  • Takashi Matsumoto- drums, , taiko, congas, cowbell, chorus
  • Shiba – mouth harp
  • Komazawa – steel guitar

Track listing:

  1. Dakishimetai – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Eiichi Ohtaki
  2. Sorairo no Crayon – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Eiichi Ohtaki
  3. Kaze wo Atsumete – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Haruomi Hosono
  4. Kurayamizaka Musasabi Henge – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Haruomi Hosono
  5. Haikara Hakuchi – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Eiichi Ohtaki
  6. Haikara Beautiful – lyrics and music by Bannai Tarao
  7. Natsu Nandesu – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Haruomi Hosono
  8. Hana Ichi Monme – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Shigeru Suzuki
  9. Ashita Tenki ni Naare – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Haruomi Hosono
  10. Taifuu – lyrics and music by Eiichi Ohtaki
  11. Haru Ranman – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Eiichi Ohtaki
  12. Aiueo – lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto, music by Eiichi Ohtaki

On October 30, 2006.

On October 30, 2006, “Polydor” label released “Endless Wire”, the eleventh Who studio album. It was recorded December 2004 – May 2006, at “Eel Pie Oceanic Studios” in the Boathouse, Twickenham on the banks of the River Thames in Ranelagh and Pete Townshend’s home studio.  Most of the songs from the album were used in the rock musical adaptation of  “The Boy Who Heard Music” which debuted in July 2007 as part of “Vassar College’s Powerhouse Summer Theater” workshop series.


  • Roger Daltrey– lead vocals
  • Pete Townshend– vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboards, violin, banjo, mandolin, drum machine
  • Lawrence Ball– electronic music
  • Ellen Blair – viola
  • John “Rabbit” Bundrick– Hammond organ, backing vocals
  • Jolyon Dixon– acoustic guitar
  • Rachel Fuller– keyboards, orchestration supervisor
  • Peter Huntington– drums
  • Gill Morley – violin
  • Vicky Matthews – cello
  • Billy Nicholls– backing vocals
  • Pino Palladino– bass guitar
  • Stuart Ross – bass guitar
  • Zak Starkey– drums
  • Simon Townshend– backing vocals
  • Brian Right – violin
  • Richard Evans– design, art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend except where noted.

  1. Fragments – Pete Townshend, Lawrence Ball
  2. A Man in a Purple Dress
  3. Mike Post Theme
  4. In the Ether
  5. Black Widow’s Eyes
  6. Two Thousand Years
  7. God Speaks of Marty Robbins
  8. It’s Not Enough
  9. God Speaks of Marty Robbins
  10. It’s Not Enough – Pete Townshend, Rachel Fuller
  11. You Stand By Me

On October 28, 1974.

On October 28, 1974, “MPS Records” label released “Feel”, the fifth George Duke studio album. It was recorded in May 1974, at “Paramount Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Baldhard G. Falk.


  • George Duke– vocals, bass synthesizer, keyboards
  • Flora Purim– vocals
  • Obdewl’l X– guitar
  • John Heard– acoustic and electric bass
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler– percussion, drums,
  • Airto Moreira– percussion
  • Baldhard G. Falk – photography
  • Kerry McNabb – recording, mixing
  • Wilfried “Sätty” Podriech – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by George Duke, except where noted.

  1. Funny Funk
  2. Love
  3. The Once Over – Leon Chancler.
  4. Feel
  5. Old Slippers
  6. Theme from the Opera “Tzina”
  7. Yana Aminah
  8. Rashid
  9. Statement


On October 22, 2002.

On October 22, 2002, “Roswell” and “RCA” labels released “One by One”, the fourth Foo Fighters studio album. It was recorded April – May 2002, at “Studio 606” in Alexandria, Virginia, and was produced by Adam Kasper, Nick Raskulinecz, Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shiflett.


  • Dave Grohl– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, piano
  • Nate Mendel– bass
  • Taylor Hawkins– lead vocal, drums, percussion
  • Chris Shiflett– lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Brian May– guitar
  • Krist Novoselic– backing vocals
  • Gregg Bissonette– drums
  • Nick Raskulinecz – engineer
  • Jim Scott– mixing
  • J. Lara – mastering
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering, mixing
  • Bob Michaels – mastering
  • Melinda Pepler – production coordinator
  • J. Lara – digital editing
  • Eddie Escalante – authoring
  • Kehni Davis – quality control
  • Rupesh Pattni – graphic design
  • Anton Corbijn– photography
  • Joshua White – photography, illustrations
  • Raymond Pettibon– artwork, illustrations
  • Hiro Arishima – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett, except where noted.

  1. All My Life
  2. Low
  3. Have It All
  4. Times Like These
  5. Disenchanted Lullaby
  6. Tired of You
  7. Halo
  8. Lonely As You
  9. Overdrive
  10. Burn Away
  11. Come Back