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On March 1, 1982.

On March 1, 1982, “Arista” label released “One Vice at a Time”, the sixth Krokus studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Battery Studios” in London, and was produced by Tony Platt, Marc Storace, Fernando von Arb, Mark Kohler, Chris von Rohr and Freddy Steady.


  • Marc Storace– lead vocals
  • Fernando von Arb– lead and rhythm guitar, bass, piano
  • Mark Kohler– rhythm and lead guitar
  • Chris von Rohr– bass, piano, percussion, drums
  • Freddy Steady– drums, percussion
  • Bruce Dickinson– backing vocals
  • Tony Platt– engineer, mixing
  • Barry Sage – assistant engineer

Track listing:

  1. Long Stick Goes Boom – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Marc Storace
  2. Bad Boys, Rag Dolls – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Marc Storace
  3. Playin’ the Outlaw – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Freddy Steady, Marc Storace
  4. To the Top – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Marc Storace
  5. Down the Drain – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb
  6. American Woman – Burton Cummings, Gary Peterson, Michael James Kale, Randy Bachman
  7. I’m on the Run – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Marc Storace
  8. Save Me – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Freddy Steady, Marc Storace
  9. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb

On February 21, 2012.

On February 21, 2012, “Cooking Vinyl” label released “Roses”, the sixth   Cranberries studio album. It was recorded 18 April – 15 May and 20 – 22 June 2011, at “Metalworks Studios” in Mississauga, Ontario and “Miloco Studios” in London, and was produced by Stephen Street.


  1. Dolores O’Riordan– lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards
  2. Mike Hogan – bass, backing vocals
  3. Noel Hogan– lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  4. Fergal Lawler – drums

Track listing:

All lyrics by Dolores O’Riordan, all music by Dolores O’Riordan and Noel Hogan, except where noted.

  1. Conduct
  2. Tomorrow – Dolores O’Riordan
  3. Fire & Soul
  4. Raining in my Heart
  5. Losing My Mind
  6. Schizophrenic Playboy
  7. Waiting in Walthamstow – Dolores O’Riordan
  8. Show Me – Dolores O’Riordan
  9. Astral Projections
  10. So Good – Dolores O’Riordan
  11. Roses


On February 16, 2011,

On February 16, 2011, “Matador” label released “Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)”, the eleventh Car Seat Headrest album. It was recorded 2016 – 2017, and was produced by Will Toledo. It is a complete re-recording and reworking of the band’s 2011 sixth studio album, “Twin Fantasy”.


  • Will Toledo – vocals, guitar, piano, mixing
  • Seth Dalby – bass
  • Ethan Ives – guitar
  • Andrew Katz – drums
  • Adam Stilson – various sounds
  • Amanda Schiano di Cola – trumpet
  • Jeff Walker – trombone
  • Degnan Smith – acoustic guitars
  • Adam Stilson – engineering, mixing
  • Jason Ward – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Will Toledo.

  1. My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
  2. Beach Life-in-Death
  3. Stop Smoking (We Love You)
  4. Sober to Death
  5. Nervous Young Inhumans
  6. Bodys
  7. Cute Thing – contains elements of “Ana Ng”, written by John Linnelland John Flansburgh
  8. High to Death
  9. Famous Prophets (Stars)
  10. Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

In January 1969.

In January 1969, “Transatlantic” label released “Birthday Blues”, the sixth Bert Jansch album. It was recorded October – November 1968, at “IBC Studios” in London, and was produced by Shel Talmy.


  • Bert Jansch – vocals, guitars
  • Danny Thompson- bass
  • Terry Cox- drums
  • Ray Warleigh- alto saxophone, flute
  • Duffy Power– harmonica
  • Damon Lyon-Shaw – engineer
  • Hans Feurer- cover photography
  • Heather Jansch – cover design
  • Gordon House – graphics

Track listing:

All tracks by Bert Jansch except where noted.

  1. Come Sing Me a Happy Song to Prove We All Can Get Along the Lumpy, Bumpy, Long and Dusty Road
  2. The Bright New Year
  3. Tree Song
  4. Poison
  5. Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell
  6. I’ve Got a Woman
  7. A Woman Like You
  8. I Am Lonely
  9. Promised Land
  10. Birthday Blues
  11. Wishing Well – Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs
  12. Blues


On January 15, 1979.

On January 15, 1979, “Harvest” label released “Lovedrive”, the sixth Scorpions studio album. It was recorded August – October 1978, at “Dierks Studios” in  Stommeln, Germany, and was produced by Dieter Dierks.


  • Klaus Meine– lead vocals
  • Matthias Jabs– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Michael Schenker– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Rudolf Schenker– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Francis Buchholz– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Herman Rarebell– drums, backing vocals
  • Dieter Dierks– engineer, mixing
  • Steve Fallone – mastering
  • Storm Thorgerson– design, artwork

Track listing:

  1. Loving You Sunday Morning – lyrics by Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell, music by Rudolf Schenker
  2. Another Piece of Meat – lyrics by Herman Rarebell, music by Rudolf Schenker, Herman Rarebell
  3. Always Somewhere – lyrics by Klaus Meine, music by Rudolf Schenker
  4. Coast to Coast – music by Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker
  5. Can’t Get Enough – lyrics by Klaus Meine, music by Rudolf Schenker
  6. Is There Anybody There? – lyrics by Herman Rarebell, Klaus Meine, music by Rudolf Schenker
  7. Lovedrive – lyrics by Klaus Meine, music by Rudolf Schenker
  8. Holiday – lyrics by Klaus Meine, music by Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker

On January 14, 2011.

On January 14, 2011, “Capitol” label released “The King Is Dead”, the sixth  Decemberists album. It was recorded in 2010, at “Pendarvis Farm” in Portland, Oregon, and was produced by Tucker Martine.


  • Colin Meloy– vocals, acoustic , 12-string,  baritone and tenor guitar, harmonica, pump organ, percussion
  • Chris Funk– pedal steel, electric guitar,  banjo, bouzouki
  • Jenny Conlee–   piano,  organ,  accordion, Wurlitzer
  • Nate Query– bass guitar, cello
  • John Moen– drums, tambourine, shaker, percussion, backing vocals
  • Peter Buck– mandolin, 12-string electric, electric and baritone guitar
  • David Rawlings– backing vocals
  • Gillian Welch– backing vocals
  • Laura Veirs– backing vocals
  • Annalisa Tornfelt – violin
  • Tucker Martine– tambourine, recording, mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Rich Hipp, Clinton Welander – assistant engineer
  • Jeri Heiden for SMOG Design, Inc. – design
  • Carson Ellis – illustration, lettering
  • Autumn de Wilde – photography

Track listing:

All songs by Colin Meloy.

  1. Don’t Carry it All
  2. Calamity Song
  3. Rise to Me
  4. Rox in the Box
  5. January Hymn
  6. Down by the Water
  7. All Arise!
  8. June Hymn
  9. This is the Way We Fight
  10. Dear Avery

On January 11, 2010.

On January 11, 2010, “Rough Trade” label released “Minor Love” the sixth Adam Green album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by Noah Georgeson.


  • Adam Green – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Rodrigo Amarante – guitar, bass, bouzouki, keyboards, percussion, choir, chorus
  • Noah Georgeson – guitar, bass, drums, percussion, harpsichord, mixing
  • Greg Rogo Ve – berimbau, choir, chorus, drums, percussion
  • Jack Dishel – guitar
  • Joe Steinbrick – bass, omnichord
  • Joel Green – clarinet, oboe, choir, chorus
  • Claire Lin – design
  • Guy Eppel – photography

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Locks
  2. Give Them a Token
  3. Buddy Bradley
  4. Goblin
  5. Bathing Birds
  6. What Makes Him Act So Bad
  7. Stadium Soul
  8. Cigarette Burns Forever
  9. Boss Inside
  10. Castles and Tassels
  11. Oh Shucks
  12. Don’t Call Me Uncle
  13. Lockout
  14. You Blacken My Stay