Max’s Kansas City

On December 31, 1982, New York City venue “Max’s Kansas City” closed down. Among the other music acts this venue was starting point for The New York Dolls, Bruce Springsteen and The Velvet Underground.

On December 6, 2014.

Millions like us

On December 6m 2914, “Cherry Red” label released “Millions Like Us” box set on the Mod revival scene of the late 70’ and 80’ including 100 tracks by all the important genre bands. Among the others the box set presents tracks never before issued on CD and “Top 40 UK” hit singles by Secret Affair, The Chords, The Lambrettas, The Untouchables and The Truth.

Track Listing:

Disc One

1.    The New Hearts – Just Another Teenage Anthem
2.    The Exists – The Fashion Plague
3.    The Reaction – I Can’t Resist
4.    Strangeways – All The Sounds Of Fear (Demo)
5.    Sema 4 – Sema 4 Messages
6.    Speedball – No Survivors
7.    The Jolt – See Saw
8.    The Cigarettes – They’re Back Again, Here They Come
9.    The Killermeters – Why Should It Happen To Me
10.    The Donkeys – What I Want
11.    Secret Affais – Time For Action
12.    Purple Hearts – Millions Like Us
13.    The Chords – Now It’s Gone
14.    Back To Zero – Your Side Of Heaven
15.    Squire – Walking Down The Kings Road
16.    Merton Parkas – Plastic Smile
17.    The Crooks- Modern Boys
18.    Untamed Youth – Untamed Youth
19.    The First Steps – The Beat Is Back
20.    The Nips – Gabrielle
21.    The Teenbeats – Strength Of The Nation
22.    The Lambrettas – Go Steady
23.    Long Tall Shorty – 1970’s Boy
24.    Les Elite – Career Girls
25.    Beggar – Don’t Throw Your Life Away (live)
26.    The Mods – Let Me Be The One (live)

Disc Two

1.    The Circles – Opening Up
2.    The Odds – Saturday Night
3.    Seventeen – Bank Holiday Weekend
4.    The Most – Carefree
5.    The Scene – Hey Girl
6.    The Same – Wild About You
7.    The Vandells – Bank Holiday
8.    The Directions – Three Bands Tonite
9.    The Chords – Maybe Tomorrow
10.    Sta – Prest – School Days
11.    9 Below Zero – Pack Fair And Square (previously unissued demo)
12.    The Accidents – Blood Spattered With Guitars
13.    MI5 – Television Screen Heroes
14.    Secret Affair – My World
15.    Q-TIPS – S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)
16.    Red Beans And Rice – That Driving Beat
17.    Dead Beats – Choose You
18.    The Letters – Nobody Loves Me
19.    The Name – Fuck Art Let’s Dance (Demo)
20.    The Lambrettas – D-a-a-ance
21.    Squire – My Mind Goes Round In Circles
22.    The Scene – I’ve Had Enough
23.    D.C.10’s – I Can See Through Walls
24.    Run 229 – Soho
25.    The Fixations – No Way Out
26.    Two Tone Pinks – Don’t Lecture Me

Disc Three

1.    Small Hours – The Kid
2.    Weekend – Tina’s Party
3.    The Upset – Only For Sheep (previously unissued)
4.    The Amber Squad – Can We Go Dancing
5.    The Times – Red With Purple Flashes
6.    The Hearbeats – Go
7.    The Dodos – Blind To Fiction
8.    The Retreads – Would You Listen Girl
9.    Long Tall Shorty – Win Or Lose
10.    The Gents – The Faker
11.    The Clues – No Vacancies
12.    The Onlookers – You And I
13.    Small World – Love Is Dead
14.    Purple Hearts – Plane Crash (Respond version)
15.    The Stripes – One Step Ahead
16.    Direct Hits – Modesty Blaise
17.    The Diplomats – I’ll Keep On Holding On
18.    The Truth – Confusion (Hits Us Everytime)
19.    The Prisoners – Hurricane
20.    Fast Eddie – I Don’t Need No Doctor
21.    The Jet Set – Wednesday Girl
22.    Dee Walker – Jump Back
23.    The Way Out – Time Moves Us On
24.    Manual Scan – Nothing You Can Do
25.    Mod Fun – I Am With You

Disc Four

1.    The Scene – Something That You Said
2.    Stupidity – Bend Don’t Break
3.    The Moment – In This Town
4.    The Untouchables – Free Yourself
5.    The Combine – Dreams Come True
6.    The All Jacks – Guilty
7.    Makin’ Time – Here Is My Number
8.    The Co-Stars – Kiss And Make Up
9.    The Boss – One Good Reason
10.    The Blades – The Last Man In Europe
11.    5:30! – Catcher In The Rye
12.    Solid State – Train To London Town
13.    Eleanor Rigby – I Want To Sleep With You
14.    The Rage – Looking For You
15.    The Threads – Step Back
16.    The Risk – Jobs For The Boys
17.    James Taylor Quartet – Blow Up
18.    The Kick – Julie London
19.    The Reflection A.O.B. – All I Want To Be
20.    Studio 68 – Get Out Of My Hair
21.    The Leepers – Paint In A Day
22.    The Clique – Worming
23.    The Aardvarks – Arthur C. Clarke

Ian Stewart

On December 12, 1985, Ian Stewart died aged 47. He was musician (piano, keyboards), best known as the co-founder of The Rolling Stones (the first one to respond to Brian Jones’s ad in “Jazz News” of 2 May 1962, seeking musicians for a new rhythm & blues band). Although being dismissed from The Rolling Stones in 1963 by the manager Andrew Loog Oldham, he remained with the band as road manager and piano player. Stewart played on all The Rolling Stones albums between 1964 and 1983, except for “Beggars Banquet”. He also played piano on Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” and “Boogie with Stu”,


On December 10, 1973, “CBGB” club was open by Hilly Kristal at 315 Bowery, intersecting Bleecker Street, in the East Village. New York. The name “CBGB” stands for country, bluegrass and blues, Kristal’s original idea but “CBGB” soon became a legend  punk and new wave venue. The Ramones, Television, Patti Smith Group, Blondie, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Talking Heads are just some of the bands that performed in the club.

The club closed on October 15, 2006, with the final concert by Patti Smith.

Otis Redding

On December 10, 1967, Otis Redding died aged 26. He was singer, songwriter, record producer and arranger,  considered one of the greatest singers in the history of American popular music and one of the most important singers in soul and rhythm and blues music. He was known by the nicknames The Big O, The Mad Man from Macon, Rockhouse Redding and The King of Soul.

The Altamont Speedway Free Festival

On December 6, 1969, “The Altamont Speedway Free Festival” was held at the Altamont Speedway in Northern California. The festival made it in the history mostly for the violence that resulted with the death of Meredith Hunter and three accidental deaths: two caused by a hit-and-run car accident and one by drowning in an irrigation canal, number of injured people, numerous stolen cars and extensive property damage. Performers on the festival were Santana, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Rolling Stones. The Grateful Dead canceled their performance due to the rising violence. Approximately 300,000 people attended the concert. Filmmakers Albert and David Maysles shot footage of the festival which can be seen in the 1970 documentary movie “Gimme Shelter”.