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On January 16, 1981.

On January 16, 1991, “Warner Bros” label released “2nd Wind”, the thirteenth Todd Rundgren studio album. It was recorded in 1991, at “Palace of Fine Arts” in San Francisco, and was produced by Todd Rundgren.


  • Todd Rundgren – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Roger Powell– vocals, keyboard
  • Vince Welnick– vocals, keyboards
  • Ross Valory– bass
  • Lyle Workman– guitar
  • Prairie Prince– drums
  • Max Haskett – vocals, brass
  • Bobby Strickland – vocals, reeds, winds
  • Scott Mathews– vocals, percussion, guitar, samples
  • Shandi Sinnamon– vocals
  • Michele Gray – vocals
  • Jenni Muldaur- vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Todd Rundgren.

  1. Change Myself
  2. Love Science
  3. Who’s Sorry Now?
  4. The Smell of Money (from the musical Up Against It)
  5. If I Have to Be Alone (from the musical Up Against It)
  6. Love in Disguise (from the musical Up Against It)
  7. Kindness
  8. Public Servant
  9. Gaya’s Eyes
  10. Second Wind

In December 1983.

In December 1983, “Warner Bros” label released “Invitation” the third Jaco Pastorius album. It was recorded at various venues during a tour of Japan, featuring his “Word of Mouth” big band, and was produced by Jaco Pastorius.


  • Jaco Pastorius— electric bass
  • Don Alias– percussion
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • Peter Erskine– drums
  • Bobby Mintzer– tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Othello Molineaux– steel drum
  • Jean “Toots” Thielemans– harmonica
  • Elmer Brown, Forrest Buchtel, Ron Tooley – trumpet
  • Jon Faddis– trumpet
  • Wayne Andre– trombone
  • Dave Bargeron– trombone, tuba
  • Peter Graves – bass trombone, co–conductor
  • Bill Reichenbach– bass trombone
  • Mario Cruz– tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet, alto flute
  • Randy Emerick – baritone saxophone, clarinet
  • Alex Foster– tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet, piccolo
  • Paul McCandless– tenor saxophone, oboe, English horn
  • Peter Gordon, Brad Warnaar – French horn

Track listing:

  1. Invitation – Bronisław Kaper
  2. Amerika – traditional
  3. Soul Intro/The Chicken – Jaco Pastorius, Pee Wee Ellis
  4. Continuum – Jaco Pastorius
  5. Liberty City – Jaco Pastorius
  6. Sophisticated Lady – Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish
  7. Reza/Giant Steps/Reza (reprise) – Jaco Pastorius, John Coltrane
  8. Fannie Mae – Buster Brown, Clarence Lewis, Morgan Robinson
  9. Eleven – Miles Davis, Gil Evans

In December 1979.

In December 1979, “Warner Bros” label released the self-titled, debut Christopher Cross album. It was recorded in July 1979, at “Warner Bros Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Michael Omartian. The album was certified Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and 5 x Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Christopher Cross – lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, arrangements
  • Larry Carlton– guitar solo
  • Valerie Carter– lead and background vocals
  • Lenny Castro– percussion
  • Assa Drori – concertmaster
  • Victor Feldman– vibraphone, percussion
  • Chuck Findley– trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Jay Graydon– guitar solo
  • Jim Horn– saxophone
  • Eric Johnson– guitar solo
  • Jackie Kelso– saxophone
  • Nicolette Larson, Myrna Matthews, Marty McCall, Michael McDonald, Don HenleyStormie Omartian, D. Souther– background vocals
  • Lew McCreary – trombone
  • Rob Meurer – arrangements, synthesizer, electric piano, celesta, acoustic piano, organ
  • Michael Omartian– arrangements, acoustic piano, synthesizer, background vocals
  • Tomás Ramírez – saxophone
  • Don Roberts – saxophone
  • Andy Salmon – bass
  • Tommy Taylor – drums
  • Michael Osttin – assistant producer
  • Chet Himes – engineer, mixing
  • Stuart Gitlin – second engineer
  • Bobby Hata – mastering
  • Danny Henderson, James Flournoy Holmes –artwork
  • James Flournoy Holmes, Wonder Graphics – design
  • Jim Newhouse – flamingo concept

Track listing:

All tracks by Christopher Cross.

  1. Say You’ll Be Mine
  2. I Really Don’t Know Anymore
  3. Spinning
  4. Never Be the Same
  5. Poor Shirley
  6. Ride Like the Wind
  7. The Light Is On
  8. Sailing
  9. Minstrel Gigolo


On November 27, 1971.

On November 27, 1971, “Warner Bros” label released “Killer”, the fourth Alice Cooper album. It was recorded in 1971, at “RCA Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Bob Ezrin.


  • Alice Cooper– vocals, harmonica
  • Glen Buxton– lead guitar
  • Michael Bruce– rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dennis Dunaway– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Neal Smith– drums, backing vocals
  • Bob Ezrin– keyboards
  • Rick Derringer– additional guitar

Track listing:

  1. Under My Wheels – Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin
  2. Be My Lover – Michael Bruce
  3. Halo of Flies – Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Neal Smith
  4. Desperado – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  5. You Drive Me Nervous – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Bob Ezrin
  6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  7. Dead Babies – Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Bruce Dunaway, Neil Smith
  8. Killer – Michael Bruce, Bruce Dunaway


On November 22, 1994.

On November 22, 1994, “Warner Bros” label released “The Black Album”, the sixteenth Prince studio album. It was recorded 1986 – 1987, and was produced by Prince.


  • Prince– lead vocals, various instruments
  • Sheila E.– backing vocals, drums
  • Eric Leeds– saxophone
  • Atlanta Bliss– trumpet
  • Cat Glover– backing vocals, backing and spoken vocals, rap
  • Boni Boyer, Susannah Melvoin– backing vocals
  • Susan Rogers- engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Prince, except where noted.

  1. Le Grind
  2. Cindy C.
  3. Dead on It
  4. When 2 R in Love
  5. Bob George
  6. Superfunkycalifragisexy
  7. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
  8. Rockhard in a Funky Place – Prince, Eric Leeds

In November 1985.

In November 1985, “Blanco y Negro” and “Warner Bros” labels released the self-titled, debut Dream Academy album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by David Gilmour, Nick Laird-Clowes, George Nicholson, Gary Langan and Alan Tarney.


  • Gilbert Gabriel- vocals, keyboards
  • Nick Laird-Clowes- vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Kate St. John- piano, tenor saxophone, oboe, cor anglais, accordion, piano-accordion
  • Gary Barnacle- tenor saxophone
  • Dave DeFries – trumpet
  • Peter Buck, David Gilmour- guitars
  • Greg Dechert – Hammond organ
  • Mickey Feat, Pino Palladino, Guy Pratt– bass
  • Chucho Merchan- double bass
  • Tony Beard, Bosco DeOliveira, Luís Jardim, Ben Hoffnung, Jake LeMesurier, Dave Mattacks- drums, various percussion

Track listing:

  1. Life in a Northern Town – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  2. The Edge of Forever – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  3. (Johnny) New Light – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  4. In Places on the Run – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  5. This World – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  6. Bound to Be – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  7. Moving On – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  8. The Love Parade – Nick Laird-Clowes, Gabriel
  9. The Party – Nick Laird-Clowes
  10. One Dream – Nick Laird-Clowes

In November 1979.

In November 1979, “Warner Bros” label released “Degüello”, the sixth ZZ Top studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Bill Ham.


  • Billy Gibbons– vocals, guitar, baritone saxophone
  • Dusty Hill– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, tenor saxophone
  • Frank Beard– drums, percussion, alto saxophone
  • Terry Manning – engineer
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, except where noted.

  1. I Thank You – Isaac Hayes, David Porter
  2. She Loves My Automobile
  3. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
  4. A Fool for Your Stockings
  5. Manic Mechanic
  6. Dust My Broom – Robert Johnson
  7. Lowdown in the Street
  8. Hi Fi Mama
  9. Cheap Sunglasses
  10. Esther Be the One