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On January 18, 1983.

On January 18, 1983, “A&M” label released “Cuts Like a Knife”, the third Bryan Adams studio album. It was recorded August – October 1982, at “Little Mountain Sound” in  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was produced by Bob Clearmountain and Bryan Adams.


  • Bryan Adams– vocals, guitars, piano
  • Mickey Curry– drums
  • Tommy Mandel– organ, B-3 organ, synthesizers, piano
  • Keith Scott– guitars, background vocals
  • Dave Taylor– bass guitar, background vocals
  • Bruce Allen(credited as “B.A.”) – background vocals
  • Alfa Anderson – background vocals
  • Bob Clearmountain(credited as “B.C.”), Davies, L. Frenette, Lou Gramm, M. Simpson – background vocals
  • Jim Vallance– percussion, electric piano
  • Jim Wesley – background vocals
  • James O’Mara – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance except where noted.

  1. The Only One
  2. Take Me Back
  3. This Time
  4. Straight from the Heart – Bryan Adams, Eric Kagna
  5. Cuts Like a Knife
  6. I’m Ready
  7. What’s It Gonna Be
  8. Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Eric Carr
  9. Let Him Know
  10. The Best Was Yet to Come



On January 13, 2017.

On January 13, 2017, “Universal Music Group” label released “Piano Portraits”, album by Rick Wakeman. It was recorded July – August 2016, at “The Old Granary Studio” in Norfolk, UK, and was produced by Rick Wakeman.


  • Rick Wakeman– Steinway Model D concert grand piano
  • Erik Jordan – engineer
  • Ian Brown – project co-ordinator
  • Stylorouge – design
  • Rob O’Connor – photographer
  • Dick Beetham – mastering at 360 Mastering

Track listing:

  1. Help – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  2. Stairway to Heaven – Robert Plant, Jimmy Page
  3. Life on Mars – David Bowie
  4. I’m Not in Love – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  5. Wonderous Stories – Jon Anderson
  6. Berceuse – Gabriel Fauré, arr. Rick Wakeman
  7. Amazing Grace – traditional, arr. by Rick Wakeman
  8. Swan Lake – Peter Tchaikovsky, arr. by Rick Wakeman
  9. Morning Has Broken – traditional, arr. by Rick Wakeman
  10. Summertime – George Gershwin
  11. Space Oddity – David Bowie
  12. Dance of the Damselflies – Rick Wakeman
  13. Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy, arr. by Rick Wakeman
  14. I Vow to Thee, My Country – Gustav Holst, arr. by Rick Wakeman
  15. Eleanor Rigby – John Lennon, Paul McCartney

On January 1, 1979.

On January 1, 1976, “Columbia” label released “Look into the Future”, the second Journey studio album. It was recorded August – October 1975, at “CBS Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Aynsley Dunbar and Glen Kolotkin.


  • Gregg Rolie– vocals, keyboards
  • Neal Schon– guitar
  • Ross Valory– bass guitar
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums
  • Mark Friedman – engineer
  • George Horn – mastering

Track listing:

  1. On a Saturday Nite – Gregg Rolie
  2. It’s All Too Much – George Harrison
  3. Anyway – Gregg Rolie
  4. She Makes Me (Feel Alright) – Alex Cash, Gregg Rolie
  5. You’re on Your Own – Gregg Rolie
  6. Look into the Future – Diane Valory, Gregg Rolie
  7. Midnight Dreamer – Gregg Rolie
  8. I’m Gonna Leave You – Gregg Rolie

In December 1978.

In December 1978, “Disques Dreyfus” label released “Équinoxe”, the fourth Jean-Michel Jarre studio album. It was recorded January – August 1978, and was produced by Jean-Michel Jarre.


Jean-Michel Jarre – ARP 2600 Synthesizer, EMS Synthi AKS, VCS 3 Synthesizer, Yamaha CS-60, Oberheim TVS-1A, RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, RMI Keyboard Computer, ELKA 707, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble 2000, Eminent 310U, Mellotron, ARP Sequencer, Oberheim Digital Sequencer, Geiss Matrisequencer 250, Geiss Rhythmicomputer (a custom designed programmable rhythm box), EMSVocoder

Track listing:

All tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre.

  1. Équinoxe Part 1
  2. Équinoxe Part 2
  3. Équinoxe Part 3
  4. Équinoxe Part 4
  5. Équinoxe Part 5
  6. Équinoxe Part 6
  7. Équinoxe Part 7
  8. Équinoxe Part 8

In December 1976.

In December 1976, “Mulligan Music Ltd.” label released Andy Irvine/Paul Brady, album by Andy Irvine and Paul Brady. It was recorded August – September 1976 at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Dónal Lunny.


  • Andy Irvine- vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, hurdy-gurdy, harmonica
  • Paul Brady- vocals, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, tin whistle,  cittern, harmonium, backing vocals.
  • Dónal Lunny- guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán, backing vocals.
  • Kevin Burke- fiddle

Track listing:

  1. Plains of Kildare – lyrics traditional; music by Andy Irvine
  2. Lough Erne Shore – traditional; arranged by Paul Brady
  3. Fred Finn’s Reel / Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh – traditional; arranged by Paul Brady, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, Kevin Burke
  4. Bonny Woodhall – lyrics traditional; music by Andy Irvine
  5. Arthur McBride – lyrics adapted and arranged with new lyrics from traditional, music by Paul Brady
  6. The Jolly Soldier – traditional; arranged with additional lyrics by Paul Brady / The Blarney Pilgrim – traditional; arranged by Paul Brady, Andy Irvine, Kevin Burke
  7. Autumn Gold – Andy Irvine
  8. Mary and the Soldier – traditional; arranged with additional lyrics by Paul Brady
  9. The Streets of Derry – traditional; arranged by Andy Irvine
  10. Martinmas Time – traditional; arranged by Andy Irvine / The Little Stack of Wheat – traditional; arranged by Paul Brady, Dónal Lunny, Kevin Burke


In December 1974.

In December 1974, “Transatlantic” label released “Red Queen to Gryphon Three”, the third Gryphon studio album. It was recorded in August 1974, at “Chipping Norton Studios”, and was produced by Dave Grinsted, Graeme Taylor, Richard Harvey, Philip Nestor and David Oberlé.


  • Graeme Taylor– guitars, arranger
  • Richard Harvey– keyboards, recorders, krumhorn, arranger
  • Philip Nestor – bass guitar, arranger
  • David Oberlé– drums, percussion, tympani, arranger

Track listing:

  1. Opening Move – Richard Harvey, Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland, David Oberlé
  2. Second Spasm – Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland
  3. Lament – Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland, Philip Nestor
  4. Checkmate – Richard Harvey, Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland, David Oberlé

On December 9, 2003.

On December 9, 2003, “Columbia” label released “Splinter”, the seventh Offspring studio album. It was recorded January – August 2003, at “Henson Recording Studios” in Los Angeles,  “Southern Tracks Recording” in Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Brendan O’Brien, Dexter Holland, Noodles and Greg K. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”.


  • Dexter Holland– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Noodles– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg K.– bass, backing vocals
  • Josh Freese– drums
  • Ronnie King– keyboards
  • Jim Lindberg, Jack Grisham, Chris “X-13” Higgins, Lauren Kinkade – backing vocals
  • 2002 Reading Festival Crowd – crowd vocals
  • Mark Moreno – DJ scratching
  • Phil Jordan – trumpet
  • Jason Powell – saxophone
  • Erich Marbach – trombone
  • Brendan O’Brien– piano
  • Natalie Leggett, Mario De Leon, Eve Butler, Denyse Buffum, Matt Funes – violins
  • Josefina Vergara – concert master
  • Suzie Katayama – orchestration
  • Larry Corbett – cello
  • Gayle Levant – harp
  • Brendan O’Brien – mixing
  • Billy Bowers – engineer
  • Nick DiDia, Brian Humphrey, Phil Martin, Kevil Mills, Jamie Sickora, Karl Egsieker, Bryan Cook – assistant engineer
  • Steve Masi – guitar technician
  • Eddy Schreyer, Bernie Grundman – mastering
  • Sean Evans – art direction
  • Justin Beope, Sarkis Kaloustian – CD art adaption
  • Rupert Truman – photography
  • Storm Thorgerson, Peter Curzon, Darrell Lance Abbott – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dexter Holland.

  1. Neocon
  2. The Noose
  3. Long Way Home
  4. Hit That
  5. Rage Against Myself
  6. (Can’t Get My) Head Around You
  7. The Worst Hangover Ever
  8. Never Gonna Find Me
  9. Lightning Rod
  10. Spare Me the Details
  11. Da Hui
  12. When You’re in Prison