Chet Atkins

On June 30, 2001, Chester Burton “Chet” Atkins, died aged 77. He was musician  (guitar), singer and producer, together with Owen Bradley, Atkins created country music style known as the “Nashville” sound. In his career, Atkins recorded more than 100 albums and has produced records for Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Don Gibson, Jim Reeves, Waylon Jennings,The Browns, Hank Snow, Porter Wagoner, Norma Jean, Dolly Parton, Dottie West, The Everly Brothers, Eddy Arnold, Don Gibson, Jerry Reed, Skeeter Davis and others. Throughout his career, Atkins earned numerous awards, including 11” Grammy Awards”, nine CMA “Instrumentalist of the Year” honors, “Lifetime Achievement Award” from NARAS and was inducted into the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”, “Country Music Hall of Fame” and “Museum and the Musicians Hall of Fame ”.


Lowell George

On June 29, 1979, Lowell Thomas George, died aged 34. He was musician (guitar, sitar, saxophone, harmonica), songwriter, and producer, member of Frank Zappa’s “Mothers of Invention”, but best known as a leader, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of “Little Feat”. George also worked as a producer, he produced the Grateful Dead’s 1978 album “Shakedown Street”, the “Little Feat’s” albums and Valerie Carter’s 1977 album “Just a stone’s throw away”. In 1979 George released his only solo album  “Thanks, I’ll eat it here”.

Tim Buckley

On June 29, 1975, Timothy Charles “Tim” Buckley III died aged 28. He was musician (guitar), singer and songwriter, with unique and recognizable folk-oriented music that incorporated jazz, psychedelia, funk, soul, and avant-garde. During his lifetime, Buckley did not achieve commercial success, but he is admired by later generations for his music and music innovations. As leader he released nine studio and seven live albums.

Chris Squire

On June 27, 2015, Christopher “Chris” Russell Edward Squire, died aged 67. He was musician (bass guitar), songwriter, and singer, best known as the bass guitarist and backing vocalist of “Yes”. Squire was the only “Yes” member to appear on each of their 21 studio albums, released from 1969 to 2014. In 1975, Squire released his only solo album “Fish out of water”. He was regarded as one of the most respected and most influential bass players in the history of rock music. From 1991 to 2000, “Rickenbacker” company produced a limited edition signature bass of his trademark instrument, in his name, the “4001 CS”.

On June 27, 1971.

On June 27, 1971, rock venue “Fillmore East” was closed. Rock promoter Bill Graham opened “Fillmore East” on Second Avenue near East 6th Street in the East Village, in New York City, on March 8, 1968. In its three years of existence, some of the biggest acts in rock music performed in this venue. The “Fillmore East” was a companion to Graham’s “Fillmore Auditorium”, and its successor, the “Fillmore West”, in San Francisco.

Big number of live albums by famous artists was recorded in “Fillmore East”, including:

  • The Allman Brothers Band– At Fillmore East (1971)
  • The Allman Brothers Band– Fillmore East, February 1970 (released 1997) on Grateful Dead Records
  • The Allman Brothers Band- The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings six CD set of both early and late shows from March 12 and 13, 1971, and the complete closing show from June 27, 1971. released by The Island Def Jam Music Group, 2014
  • The Chambers Brothers– Love, Peace and Happiness, a double album with one studio disc and one live disc recorded at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East
  • Joe Cocker– Mad Dogs and Englishmen – The Complete Fillmore East Concerts – March 27–28, 1970 (released 2006)
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- 4 Way Street (1971)
  • Miles Davis– Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970: It’s About That Time (2001); recorded March 7, 1970, in a rare live recording of Davis’s so-called ‘”lost quintet”
  • Miles Davis– Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (1970); recorded June 17–20, 1970
  • Miles Davis- Miles At The Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol.3, four CD set of the complete shows from June 17, 18, 19 & 20, 1970 plus three bonus tracks from April 11, 1970 at Fillmore West. (released 2014, Columbia – Legacy)
  • Derek and the Dominos– In Concert; recorded October 23–24, 1970 (released 1973)
  • Derek and the Dominos– Live at the Fillmore ; recorded October 23–24, 1970 (released 1994)
  • Flying Burrito Brothers– Authorized Bootleg: Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. Late Show, Nov. 7, 1970 (CD, Feb-2011, Hip-O Select)
  • The Fugs– Golden Filth – Alive at the Fillmore East ; recorded June 1, 1968 (released on LP 1970, on CD as part of the Rhino Handmade 3-CD set, Electromagnetic Steamboat 2003)
  • Grateful Dead– Ladies and Gentlemen… The Grateful Dead: Fillmore East – April 1971 (2000) ; a four-disc set taken from their five-night stint at the Fillmore East in April 1971
  • Grateful Dead– Live at the Fillmore East 2-11-69 (1997)
  • Grateful Dead– History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear’s Choice) (February 13–14, 1970) (1973)
  • Grateful Dead– Dick’s Picks Volume Four – Grateful Dead Fillmore East 2/13–14/70 (1996) ; a three-disc set released on Grateful Dead Records
  • Grateful Dead– Road Trips Volume 3 Number 3 Fillmore East 5-15-70 ; a three-disc set with a bonus fourth disc included with early orders of the set from; (released 2010)
  • Jimi Hendrix– Band of Gypsys (1970) and Live at the Fillmore East (1999)
  • Humble Pie– Performance Rockin’ the Fillmore (1971). Performance Rockin’ The Fillmore The Complete Recordings, a four disc CD set with the early and late shows from both 5/28/71 and 5/29/71 (released by Omnivore Recordings 2013)
  • Incredible String Band- Live At The Fillmore 1968 ; recorded June 5, 1968; released by Hux Records Ltd, 2013.
  • Iron Butterfly- Fillmore East 1968 ; a two disc set recorded on April 26 & 27, 1968; released by Rhino Entertainment 2011.
  • Jefferson Airplane– Bless Its Pointed Little Head (1969)  ; this album was split between the Fillmore East and Fillmore West.
  • Jefferson Airplane– Live at the Fillmore East (recorded 1968; released 1998)
  • Jefferson Airplane– Sweeping Up the Spotlight: Jefferson Airplane Live at the Fillmore East 1969 (released 2007)
  • King Crimson– Epitaph – two-disc set with three tracks recorded at Fillmore East Nov. 21, 1969
  • King Crimson– Live at Fillmore East – one disc with both Nov. 21 and Nov. 22, 1969 partial sets (released in 2004 on The King Crimson Club label as Club 25)
  • Al Kooper& Mike Bloomfield – Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes ; recorded Dec. 13–14, 1968 (released 2003)
  • Love– Studio / Live – live tracks recorded at Fillmore East (released on LP 1982, on CD 1991)
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Live Jam – Side Two of this live album, which was included as a bonus album in Lennon & Ono’s Some Time in New York City (released: 1972), was recorded at the Fillmore East on June 6, 1971.
  • Taj Mahal– The Real Thing ; recorded Feb. 13, 1971 (remaster with one more track, released 2000)
  • Mountain– Flowers Of Evil – Side 2 recorded at Fillmore East, December 26, 1970
  • John Mayall– The Turning Point (1969) (released on CD 1990, remaster with three more tracks released 2001)
  • The Nice– Live at the Fillmore East December 1969 ; recorded December 19–20, 1969 (released 2009)
  • Laura Nyro– Spread Your Wings and Fly: Live at the Fillmore East (released 2004)
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service– Happy Trails; live tracks recorded at both Fillmore East & Fillmore West (CD released 1994)
  • Ten Years After– Live at the Fillmore East 1970 ; recorded February 27–28, 1970 (released 2001)
  • Johnny Winter– Live Johnny Winter And; recorded at Fillmore East and Pirate’s World, Dania, Florida (released 1971)
  • Johnny Winter– Live at the Fillmore East 10/3/70 (released 2010)
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse– Live at the Fillmore East recorded March 6–7, 1970 (released on CD and DVD 2006)
  • Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention– Freaks And Motherfu*#@%! ; recorded in 1970 (released 1991)
  • Frank Zappa’s Mothers– Fillmore East – June 1971 (released 1971)

On June 25, 1975.


On June 25, 1975, “DiscReat” label released “One size fits all” , the tenth and the final Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album. It was recorded August 1974 – April 1975, at “Record Plant Studios” , “Paramount Studios” in Los Angeles and “Caribou Ranch” in  Nederland, CO, and was produced by Frank Zappa.


  • Frank Zappa – lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • George Duke– lead and backing vocals, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Napoleon Murphy Brock– lead and backing vocals, flute, tenor saxophone
  • Johnny “Guitar” Watson– vocals
  • Captain Beefheart (credited as ‘Bloodshot Rollin’ Red’) – harmonica
  • Tom Fowler– bass guitar
  • James “Bird Legs” Youman – bass guitar
  • Ruth Underwood– marimba, vibraphone, percussion
  • Chester Thompson– drums, sound effects, voices

Track listing

All tracks by Frank Zappa.

  1. Inca Roads
  2. Can’t Afford no Shoes
  3. Sofa no.1
  4. Po-Jama People
  5. Florentine Pogen
  6. Evelyn, a Modified Dog
  7. San Berdino
  8. Andy
  9. Sofa no.2

Michael Jackson

On June 25, 2009, Michael Joseph Jackson died aged 50.  He was singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor,  named the “King of Pop” and regarded as one of the most important artists in the history of the popular music and culture. His 1982 album “Thriller” is the best-selling album of all time and the video clips for his songs “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” turned down the racial barriers and transformed the music videos into an art form. Jackson is the most awarded artists in the history of the modern music – he was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, he was inducted into the “Songwriters Hall of Fame” and in to the “Dance Hall of Fame” as the first and only dancer from pop and rock music. He is multiple winner of “Guinness World Records”, he won thirteen “Grammy Awards”, the “Grammy Legend Award”, the “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award”, twenty six “American Music Awards”, he was voted the “Artist of the Century” and “Artist of the 1980s”. In his solo career, Jackson had thirteen number-one singles in the US, he is the only artist to have top ten singles in the “Billboard Hot 100” and sold more than four hundred millions records worldwide. For his humanitarian job and activities, in 2000, Jackson was recognized by the “Guinness World Records” as the most humanitarian entertainer in the history, supporting 39 various charities.

Bobby Bland

On June 23, 2013, Robert Calvin “Bobby” Bland died aged 73. He was singer, created his own recognizable sound, mixture of gospel, blues and R&B. Referred to as “lion of the blues” and “among the great storytellers of blues and soul music”, he was inducted into the “Blues Hall of Fame” in 1981, the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in 1992, and received the “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award” in 1997.

Peter Laughner

On June 22, 1977, Peter Laughner, died aged 24. He was musician (guitar), singer and songwriter, described by Richie Unterberger as “probably the single biggest catalyst in the birth of Cleveland’s alternative rock scene in the mid 1970s.”  Laughner was the lead force in number of bands, including “Mr. Charlie”, “Cinderella Backstreet”, “Peter & The Wolves”, “The Blue Drivers and Friction”, but he is best known for his work with “Rocket From The Tombs” and the early work of “Pere Ubu”. He also wrote regularly for the magazine “Creem”.

John Lee Hooker

On June 21, 2001, John Lee Hooker died aged 84. He was musician (guitar), singer and songwriter, regarded as one of the most important blues artists ever. He rose to prominence performing an electric guitar-style adaptation of Delta blues and became world-famous by his endless driving rhythm boogie style, but he also incorporated other elements, including talking blues and early North Mississippi Hill country blues.  In his career that stretched across more than half a century, Hooker composed big number of blues classics including “Boogie Chillen'” (1948), “Crawling King Snake” (1949), “Dimples” (1956), “Boom Boom” (1962), and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” (1966).