Angels & Airwaves: I-Empire

On November 1, 2007, “Geffen”and “Suretone” labels released “I-Empire”, the second Angels & Airwaves studio album. It was recorded January – September 2007, at “Jupiter Sound” in New Rochelle, New York, and was produced by Tom DeLonge.


  • Tom DeLonge– lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • David Kennedy– lead guitar, keyboards, synthesizers
  • Matt Wachter(credited as Matt Watcher) – bass guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals
  • Atom Willard– drums, percussion
  • Critter – co-producer, engineer, sonic manipulation, percussion, band photography
  • Roger Joseph Manning Jr.– keyboards
  • Tom Lord-Alge– mixing
  • Brian Gardner– mastering
  • Doug Reesh – guitar and bass technician
  • Drew Struzan– album cover
  • Joshua Ortega– front cover design
  • Brendan Raasch – album design, layout
  • Miranda Penn – band photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by Tom DeLonge; all music by Tom DeLonge, David Kennedy, Matt Watcher and Atom Willard.

  1. Call to Arms
  2. Everything’s Magic
  3. Breathe
  4. Love Like Rockets
  5. Sirens
  6. Secret Crowds
  7. Star of Bethlehem
  8. True Love
  9. Lifeline
  10. Jumping Rooftops
  11. Rite of Spring
  12. Heaven

Paul Barrere

On October 26, 2019, Paul Barrere died aged 71. He was musician (guitar) and songwriter. He recorded and performed with Taj Mahal, Jack Bruce, Chicken Legs, Blues Busters, Valerie Carter,  Helen Watson, Chico Hamilton, Robert Palmer, Eikichi Yazawa, and Carly Simon, but was best known as guitarist of Little feat.

On November 1, 1998.

On November 1, 1998, “Atlantic” label released “American Dream”, the fifth studio and ninth overall Crosby, Stills & Nash album, also the second one with Neil Young. It was recorded April 24, 1987 – September 16, 1988, at “Redwood Digital” in Woodside, California, and was produced by Niko Bolas, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young.


  • David Crosby– vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Stephen Stills– vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, bass synthesizer, synthesizer, handclaps, percussion
  • Graham Nash– vocals, piano, electric guitar, sound effects, keyboards, harmonica
  • Neil Young– vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, percussion
  • Joe Vitale – vocals, drums, sound effects, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, vibraphone
  • Mike Finnigan– organ, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Bob Glaub– bass
  • Joe Lala– percussion, drums
  • Chad Cromwell– drums
  • The Bluenotes: Tommy Bray, Claude Callilet, Larry Cragg, John Fumo, Steve Lawrence – horns
  • Brian Bell – synthesizer programming
  • Rhett Lawrence– synthesizer programming
  • Niko Bolas, Tim Mulligan, Tim Foster, Brentley Walton – handclaps
  • Bill Boydston, Don Gooch, Bill Lazerus – sound effects
  • The Volume Dealers Choir: Kelly Ashmore, Betsy Aubrey, Tom Banghart, Cha Blevins, Niko Bolas, Craig Doerge, Scott Gordon, R. Mac Holbert, Stanley Johnston, Bill Krause, Debbie Meister, Tim Mulligan, Susan Nash, Jay Parti, Steve Perry, Vince Slaughter, Joe Vitale, Paul Williamson – backing vocals
  • Gary Long, Tim McCollan, Brentley Walton – engineer
  • Tom Banghart, Bob Vogt – mixing
  • Gary Burden– art direction, design
  • Delana Bettoli – border illustration
  • Henry Diltz, Aaron Rapoport– photography
  • Tim Mulligan – assistant producer

Track listing:

  1. American Dream – Neil Young
  2. Got it Made – Stephen Stills, Neil Young
  3. Name of Love – Neil Young
  4. Don’t Say Goodbye – Graham Nash, Joe Vitale
  5. This Old House – Neil Young
  6. Night Time for the Generals – David Crosby, Craig Doerge
  7. Shadowland – Rick Ryan, Graham Nash, Joe Vitale
  8. Drivin’ Thunder – Stephen Stills, Neil Young
  9. Clear Blue Skies – Graham Nash
  10. That Girl – Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale, Bob Glaub
  11. Compass – David Crosby
  12. Soldiers of Peace – Graham Nash, Craig Doerge, Joe Vitale
  13. Feel Your Love – Neil Young
  14. Night Song – Stephen Stills, Neil Young

In November 1960.

In November 1960, “Blue Note” label released “Horace-Scope”, the tenth Horace Silver studio album. It was recorded in July 1960, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Englewood, NJ, and was produced by Alfred Lion.


  • Horace Silver– piano
  • Blue Mitchell- trumpet
  • Junior Cook- tenor saxophone
  • Gene Taylor- bass
  • Roy Brooks- drums
  • Reid Miles- design
  • Rudy Van Gelder- engineer
  • Francis Wolff- photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Horace Silver except where noted.

  1. Strollin’
  2. Where You At?
  3. Without You – Don Newey
  4. Horace-Scope
  5. Yeah!
  6. Me and My Baby
  7. Nica’s Dream

On October 31, 2011.

On October 31, 2011, “Warner Bros” and “Vertigo” labels released “Lulu”, a collaboration album between Lou Reed and Metallica. It was recorded April – June 2011, at Metallica’s HQ in San Rafael, CA, and was produced by Greg Fidelman, Lou Reed, Hal Willner, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich.The album is based on the two “Lulu Plays” by the German playwright Frank Wedekind.


  • Lou Reed– lead vocals, continuum, acoustic guitar
  • James Hetfield– vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Kirk Hammett– lead guitar
  • Robert Trujillo– bass
  • Lars Ulrich– drums
  • Sarth Calhoun– electronics
  • Jenny Scheinman– violin, viola, string arrangements
  • Gabe Witcher– violin
  • Megan Gould – violin
  • Ron Lawrence – viola
  • Jessica Troy – viola
  • Marika Hughes – cello
  • Ulrich Maiss – cello
  • Rob Wasserman– stand up electric bass
  • Greg Fidelman– engineer, mixing
  • Vlado Meller– mastering
  • Anton Corbijn – album packaging photographs
  • Stan Musilek– album cover and packaging photographs

Track listing:

All lyrics by Lou Reed, all music by Lou Reed, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich.

  1. Brandenburg Gate
  2. The View
  3. Pumping Blood
  4. Mistress Dread
  5. Iced Honey
  6. Cheat on Me
  7. Frustration
  8. Little Dog
  9. Dragon
  10. Junior Dad

Syn: Syndestructible

On October 31, 2005, “Umbrello” label released “Syndestructible”, the second  Syn album. It was recorded in Metropolis, London, and was produced by Paul Stacey and Gerard Johnson.


  • Steve Nardelli- lead vocals
  • Chris Squire- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Stacey – guitar, backing vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Gerard Johnson- keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jeremy Stacey – drums
  • Ian Cooper – mastering
  • Chris Harrison – production assistant
  • Jamie Selway – production assistant
  • Henry Philpotts – production assistant

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Down Walls – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Paul Stacey
  2. Some Time, Some Way – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Paul Stacey, Gerard Johnson
  3. Reach Outro – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Paul Stacey, Gerard Johnson
  4. Cathedral of Love – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Gerard Johnson, Hamish Brewer
  5. City of Dreams – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire
  6. Golden Age – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire
  7. The Promise – Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Paul Stacey, Gerard Johnson

The Who: Endless Fire

On October 30, 2006, “Polydor” label released “Endless Wire”, the eleventh Who (The) studio album. It was recorded December 2004 – May 2006, at “Eel Pie Oceanic Studios” in the Boathouse, Twickenham on the banks of the River Thames in Ranelagh and Pete Townshend’s home studio.  Most of the songs from the album were used in the rock musical adaptation of  “The Boy Who Heard Music” which debuted in July 2007 as part of “Vassar College’s Powerhouse Summer Theater” workshop series.


  • Roger Daltrey– lead vocals
  • Pete Townshend– vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboards, violin, banjo, mandolin, drum machine
  • Lawrence Ball– electronic music
  • Ellen Blair – viola
  • John “Rabbit” Bundrick– Hammond organ, backing vocals
  • Jolyon Dixon– acoustic guitar
  • Rachel Fuller– keyboards, orchestration supervisor
  • Peter Huntington– drums
  • Gill Morley – violin
  • Vicky Matthews – cello
  • Billy Nicholls– backing vocals
  • Pino Palladino– bass guitar
  • Stuart Ross – bass guitar
  • Zak Starkey– drums
  • Simon Townshend– backing vocals
  • Brian Right – violin
  • Richard Evans– design, art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend except where noted.

  1. Fragments – Pete Townshend, Lawrence Ball
  2. A Man in a Purple Dress
  3. Mike Post Theme
  4. In the Ether
  5. Black Widow’s Eyes
  6. Two Thousand Years
  7. God Speaks of Marty Robbins
  8. It’s Not Enough
  9. God Speaks of Marty Robbins
  10. It’s Not Enough – Pete Townshend, Rachel Fuller
  11. You Stand By Me

Hawkwind: Allien 4

On October 30, 1995, “Emergency Broadcast System Records” label released “Alien 4”, the twentieth Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Paul Cobbold, Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick and Jerry Richards.


  • Ron Tree– vocals
  • Dave Brock– vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
  • Jerry Richards – electric guitar
  • Alan Davey – vocals, bass guitar
  • Richard Chadwick – drums
  • Alan Arthurs – design

Track listing:

  1. Abducted – Ron Tree, Dave Brock
  2. Alien (I Am) – Dave Brock
  3. Reject Your Human Touch – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  4. Blue Skin – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey

Beam Me Up – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick, Jerry Richards.

  1. Vega – Alan Davey
  2. Xenomorph – Ron Tree, Alan Davey
  3. Journey – Dave Brock, Alan Davey
  4. Sputnik Stan – Alan Davey
  5. Kapal – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  6. Festivals – Kris Tait, Dave Brock
  7. Death Trap – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  8. Wastelands (Wastelands Of Sleep) – Dave Brock
  9. Are You Losing Your Mind? – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  10. Space Sex – Dave Brock

White Denim: Corsicana Lemonade

On October 29, 2013, “Downtown” label released “Corsicana Lemonade”, the sixth White Denim studio album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Jeff Tweedy.


  • James Petralli – vocals, guitar, mellotron, electric piano, sitar
  • Matt Oliver – piano, mellotron, synthesizer
  • Josh Block – harmonica, omnichord, synthesizer, drums, percussion, engineer
  • Austin Jenkins – guitar, electric piano
  • Spencer Tweedy – drums
  • Steve Terebecki – bass, synthesizer, photography
  • Jay Jernigen – engineer
  • Jim Vollentine – engineer, mixing
  • Tom Schick – mixing
  • Jeff Tweedy – mixing
  • Joe LaPorta – mastering
  • Michael Hammett – artwork, design
  • Sarah Terebecki – photography

Track listing:

  1. A Night in Dreams
  2. Corsicana Lemonade
  3. Limited by Stature
  4. New Blue Feeling
  5. Come Back
  6. Distant Relative Salute
  7. Let It Feel Good (My Eagles)
  8. Pretty Green
  9. Cheer Up / Blues Ending
  10. A Place to Start

Joe Walsh: Got Any Gum?

On October 29, 1987, “Warner Bros” label released “Got Any Gum?” the eighth Joe Walsh. It was recorded in 1987, at “Ardent Recordings” and “Alpha Sound” in  Memphis, Tennessee, and was produced by Terry Manning.


  • Joe Walsh– lead and backing vocals; guitar, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Terry Manning– keyboards, E-mu Emulator, piano, backing vocals
  • Dave Cochran – bass guitar
  • Chad Cromwell– drums, percussion
  • Mark Rivera– saxophone
  • Rick Rosas(credited as Rick the Bass Player) – bass guitar
  • Jimi Jamison– backing vocals
  • D. Souther(credited as John David Souther) – backing vocals, vocal arrangements
  • Alan Wyse – synthesizer programming
  • David “Snake” Reynolds – engineer assistant
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Carole Manning – art direction; photography
  • Kevin Allison– production coordination, equipment technician

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Walsh, except where noted.

  1. The Radio Song
  2. Fun – Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale
  3. In My Car – Joe Walsh, Richard Starkey, Mo Foster
  4. Malibu – Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale
  5. Half of the Time
  6. Got Any Gum? – Terry Manning, Joe Walsh
  7. Up to Me
  8. No Peace in the Jungle – Tommy Dean
  9. Memory Lane
  10. Time