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On June 22, 2009.

On June 22, 2009, “Full Time Hobby Records” label released “Fits” the third White Denim album It was recorded in 2008, and was produced by James Petralli, Joshua Block and Steve Terebecki.


  • James Petralli – vocals, guitar
  • Joshua Block – drums
  • Steve Terebecki – vocals, bass

Track listing:

  1. Radio Milk How Can You Stand It
  2. All Consolation
  3. Say What You Want
  4. El Hard Attack DCWYW
  5. I Start to Run
  6. Sex Prayer
  7. Mirrored and Reverse
  8. Paint Yourself
  9. I’d Have It Just the Way We Were
  10. Everybody Somebody
  11. Regina Holding Hands
  12. Syncn



On June 21, 2005.

On June 21, 2005, “Zoë Records” label released “Blink the Brightest”, the third Tracy Bonham album. It was recorded in 2005, and was produced by Tracy Bonham, Greg Collins, Ken Rich and Joey Waronker.


  • Tracy Bonham – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, electric guitar, claves, vibraphone, pump organ, fender rhodes, wurlitzer
  • Matt Beck- electric guitar
  • Greg Collins – acoustic guitar, clarinet, piano, bass guitar, Hammond organ, slide guitar
  • Davey Faragher- bass guitar
  • Mitchell Froom- piano, vibraphone
  • David Levita – bass guitar, electric, slide guitar and 12 string electric guitar, electric baritone guitar
  • Ryan MacMillan- drums
  • Dan Rothchild- bass guitar
  • Sebastian Steinberg- electric guitar, double bass
  • Michael Ward- acoustic and electric guitar
  • Joey Waronker- percussion, drums

Track listing:

  1. Something Beautiful – Tracy Bonham, Marc Copely, Greg Wells
  2. I Was Born Without You – Tracy Bonham
  3. And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turning – Tracy Bonham
  4. Eyes – Tracy Bonham
  5. Take Your Love Out On Me – Tracy Bonham
  6. Whether You Fall – Tracy Bonham
  7. Dumbo Sun – Tracy Bonham, Martin Hynes
  8. All Thumbs – Tracy Bonham, Greg Wells
  9. Naked – Tracy Bonham
  10. Shine – Tracy Bonham
  11. Wilting Flower – Tracy Bonham
  12. Did I Sleep Through It All? – Tracy Bonham, Greg Wells



On June 19, 2007.

On June 19, 2007, “Ipecac Recordings” label released “Anonymous”, the third   Tomahawk studio album. It was recorded in 2007, in Nashville and San Francisco, and was produced by Mike Patton, Duane Denison and John Stanier.


  • Mike Patton—vocals, bass, samples, keyboards, recording, engineering, mixing, album artwork
  • Duane Denison—guitar, bass guitar
  • John Stanier—drums
  • John Baldwin, Jason Bullock—recording, engineering
  • Ryan Boesch—additional editing
  • Gavin Lurssen—mastering
  • Martin Kvamme—album artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Mike Patton, Duane Denison and John Stanier..

  1. War Song
  2. Mescal Rite 1
  3. Ghost Dance
  4. Red Fox
  5. Cradle Song
  6. Antelope Ceremony
  7. Song of Victory
  8. Omaha Dance
  9. Sun Dance
  10. Mescal Rite 2
  11. Totem
  12. Crow Dance
  13. Long, Long Weary Day

On June 18, 1996.

On June 18, 1996, “Epic” label released “Just Like You”, the third Keb’ Mo’ studio album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by John Porter. In 1997, “Just Like You” won the “Grammy Award” for “Best Contemporary Blues Album”.


  • Keb’ Mo’ – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • James “Hutch” Hutchinson- bass guitar
  • Tommy Eyre- keyboards; 11-string guitar
  • Laval Belle, Ricky Fataar- drums
  • Munyungo Jackson – percussion
  • Jackie Farris, Jean McClain – backing vocals
  • John Porter- dobro
  • Larry David – harmonica
  • Darrell Leonard – trumpet
  • Jim Price – trombone
  • Jim Gordon – clarinet

Track listing:

All tracks by Kevin Moore (Keb’ Mo’), except where noted.

  1. That’s Not Love – Georgina Graper, Kevin Moore
  2. Perpetual Blues Machine – Georgina Graper, Kevin Moore
  3. More Than One Way Home –John Lewis Parker, Kevin Moore
  4. I’m on Your Side
  5. Just Like You – Georgina Parker, Kevin Moore
  6. You Can Love Yourself
  7. Dangerous Mood – Candy Parton, Kevin Moore
  8. The Action
  9. Hand It Over
  10. Standin’ at the Station – Phil Ramocon, Kevin Moore
  11. Momma, Where’s My Daddy?- Lori Barth, Kevin Moore
  12. Last Fair Deal Gone Down – Robert Johnson
  13. Lullaby Baby Blues – Georgina Graper, Kevin Moore


On June 16, 2017.

On June 16, 2017, “Nonesuch” label released “Crack-Up”, the third Fleet Foxes album. It was recorded July 2016 – January 2017, at “Electric Lady”, “Sear Sound”,  “Rare Book Room”, “The Void” in New York, “The Unknown” in Anacortes, and “Avast Recording Company” in Seattle, and was produced by Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset.


  • Robin Pecknold– vocals, classical guitar, dreadnought, electric guitar, string electric, Fender bass, piano, synthesizer, Baldwin electric harpsichord, prepared autoharp , marimba, Moog Minitaur, Hammond organ, mellotron, train loop, water loop, Korg drum machine, percussion, varispeed, footsteps, door, Memory Man Deluxe
  • Skyler Skjelset – vocals, electric guitar, Fender bass, piano, synthesizer, pencil on paper, cicada loop, glass harmonica, bowed cymbal, shamisen, percussion, programming, fole, Korg drum machine, amplifier noise, footsteps, Moog Minitaur, water harp
  • Christian Wargo– vocals, bass, drum kit
  • Casey Wescott – piano, chromatic bells, qraqebs, kettledrum, programming, koto, harpsichord , Blue Noise synth, SuperColliderbirdsong
  • Morgan Henderson– cello, qraqebs, double bass, pitched bass clarinet, pitched flute, pitched clarinet , alto flute

Additional musicians

  • Hannah Epperson – violin
  • Matthew Barrick, Christopher Icasiano, Neal Morgan– drum kit, percussion
  • Brian McPherson – spoken word
  • String quartet
    • Russel Durham – first violin
    • Jeremy Kittel – second violin
    • Nicholas Cords – viola
    • Dave Eggar– cello
    • Gabriel Gall – arrangement
  • The Westerlies – horns
    • Andy Clausen – arrangement, trombone
    • Willem de Koch – trombone
    • Zubin Hensler, Riley Mulherkar – trumpet
    • Phil Ek– mixing
  • Greg Calbi– mastering
  • Chris Allen, Grant Valentine, Owen Mulholland, Gabe Wax, Casey Wescott, Adam Burd, Gosha Usov, Beatriz Artola – engineering
  • Ben Tousley, Robin Pecknold – design, layout
  • Shawn Brackbill – band portrait
  • Sean Pecknold, Adi Goodrich – paintings
  • Hiroshi Hamaya– front and back cover, interior photos

Track listing:

All tracks by Robin Pecknold, except where noted.

  1. I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar – Gabriel Gall
  2. Cassius
  3. – Naiads, Cassadies
  4. Kept Woman
  5. Third of May / Ōdaigahara
  6. If You Need to, Keep Time on Me
  7. Mearcstapa
  8. On Another Ocean (January / June)
  9. Fool’s Errand
  10. I Should See Memphis – Gabriel Gall
  11. Crack-Up

On June 12, 2007.

On June 12, 2007, “Mint Records” label released “Immaculate Machine’s Fables”, the third Immaculate Machine album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by Colin Stewart, John Collins and David Carswell.


  • Kathryn Calder– vocals, keyboards
  • Brooke Gallupe– vocals, guitar
  • Luke Kozlowski– vocals, drums
  • John Collins– percussion, synthesizer
  • Owen Pallett– violin
  • Michael Olsen– cello
  • Olivia Meek– musical saw
  • Caitlin Gallupe– artwork, background vocals
  • Leslie Rewega– background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Jarhand
  2. Dear Confessor
  3. Roman Statues
  4. Old Flame
  5. Small Talk
  6. Nothing Ever Happens
  7. Northeastern Wind
  8. C’Mon Sea Legs
  9. Pocket
  10. Blinding Lightm


On June 11, 2001.

On June 11, 2001, “Independiente” label released “The Invisible Band”, the third Travis studio album. It was recorded November 2000 – April 2001, at “Ocean Way Studios” in Los Angeles and “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by Nigel Godrich.


  • Fran Healy– vocals, guitar, piano
  • Andy Dunlop– guitar, banjo
  • Dougie Payne– bass guitar
  • Neil Primrose– drums
  • Jason Falkner– keyboards
  • Millennia Strings – strings
  • Joby Talbot– string arrangements
  • Nigel Godrich– mixing
  • Bernie Grundman Mastering– mastering
  • Darrel Thorp – assistant engineer
  • Jon Bailey – assistant enginee
  • Steve Orchard – string engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Fran Healy.

  1. Sing
  2. Dear Diary
  3. Side
  4. Pipe Dreams
  5. Flowers in the Window
  6. The Cage
  7. Safe
  8. Follow the Light
  9. Afterglow
  10. Indefinitely
  11. The Humpty Dumpty Love Song