On April 1, 1984.

Marvin Gaye

On April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye died aged 45. He was shot by his father, Marvin Gay, Sr. at their house in West Adams district of Los Angeles. Gaye was cremated and his ashes were spread in the Pacific Ocean. His death was listed at No. 8 on “VH-1” “Classic’s 100 most shocking moments in music”.

On April 1, 1966.


On April 1, 1966, “Pye Records” released “Do anything you say”, the debut David Bowie single. Bowie had previously recorded as David Jones and The Lower Third.  Composition “Good morning girl” is the B side of the single. Bowie (vocals, guitar) is accompanied by John Hutchinson (guitar), Derek Fearnley (bass), John Eager (drums) and Derek Boyes (keyboards). The single is produced by Tony Hatch.

On March 31, 1976.

Led Zeppelin - Presence

On March 31, 1976, “Swan Song Records” label released “Presence”, the seventh Led Zeppelin studio album, The album material was written and recorded in period when Robert Plant was recuperating from the injuries he had sustained the previous year in a car accident. It was recorded November–December 1975 in “Musicland Studios” in Munich, and was produced by Jimmy Page. The album cover and inside sleeve was created by “Hipgnosis”. Together with the outtake album “Coda”,  “Presence” is the slowest selling Led Zeppelin album.


  • John Bonham– drums, percussion
  • John Paul Jones– four and eight-string bass guitars
  • Jimmy Page– guitars
  • Robert Plant– lead vocals, harmonica
  • Barry Diament – mastering
  • Peter Grant– executive producer
  • Jeremy Gee – tape engineering
  • George Hardie– sleeve design
  • Keith Harwood– engineering, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, except where noted.

  1. Achilles Last Stand
  2. For Your Life
  3. Royal Orleans – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant.
  4. Nobody’s Fault but Mine
  5. Candy Store Rock
  6. Hots on for Nowhere
  7. Tea for One

On March 30, 2013.

Phil Ramone

On March 30, 2013, Phillip “Phil” Ramone died aged 79. South African born, lived and worked in US, he was recording engineer, record producer, violinist and composer. In 1958, together with Jack Arnold he founded the recording studio “A & R Recording, Inc.” later became record company. Ramone is regarded as one of the most successful music producers ever, with 14 “Grammy” awards and cooperation with names such as Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Elton John and Paul McCartney. He is also known as producer of the first major commercial release on CD, Billy Joel’s 1982 album “52nd Street”.

On March 13, 2015.

Daevid Allen

On March 13, 2015, Christopher David Allen better known as Daevid Allen died aged 77. He was one of the most important figures of the progressive and avant-garde rock, Born in Australia, moved in UK in 1961, he was founding member of “Soft Machine” (1966) and in 1967, in France he formed the legendary band “Gong”.


  • 1963: Live 1963 (Daevid Allen Trio)
  • 1971: Banana Moon
  • 1973: Gong on Acid 73(BMO Vol. 16, with Gong)
  • 1976: Good Morning(with Euterpe)
  • 1977: Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life
  • 1977: Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977(BMO Vol. 1, with Euterpe, released on CD in 2008)
  • 1978: Mother(Gilli Smyth; Allen guests on a few tracks and produced the album)
  • 1979: N’existe pas!
  • 1980: Divided Alien Playbax(BMO Vol. 9, disk 2 released on CD in 2009)
  • 1980: Divided Alien Playbax(BMO Vol. 8, disk 1 released in 2009)
  • 1981: Self Initiation(BMO Vol. 3)
  • 1982: Ex/Don’t Stop(with David Tolley)
  • 1981: Divided Alien Playbax 80
  • 1984: Radio Art 1984(BMO Vol. 14)
  • 1988: Live Spring ’88: The Return
  • 1989: The Owl and the Tree(Mother Gong)
  • 1990: Stroking the Tail of the Bird(with Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson)
  • 1990: Australia Aquaria
  • 1990: Seven Drones(VoicePrint)
  • 1990: The Australian Years(VoicePrint)
  • 1990: Melbourne Studio Tapes(BMO Vol. 10, with Invisible Opera Company of Oz)
  • 1992: Who’s Afraid(with Kramer)
  • 1992: Live at the Witchwood 1991(Magick Brothers)
  • 1993: je ne fum’ pas des bananes(Daevid Allen / Banana Moon / Gong)
  • 1993: 12 Selves(with singer Liz Van Dort)
  • 1995: Hit Men(with Kramer)
  • 1995: Dreamin’ a Dream
  • 1995: Bards of Byron Bay(BMO Vol. 4, with Russell Hibbs)
  • 1998: Eat Me Baby I’m a Jellybean
  • 1998: 22 Meanings(with Harry Williamson)
  • 1998: Live in Glastonbury Town(BMO Vol. 11, with Magick Brothers)
  • 1998: Solo @ The Axiom, Cheltenham ’98(BMO Vol. 15)
  • 1999: Live in the UK(BMO Vol. 2, with Brainville)
  • 1999: The Children’s Crusade(Brainville)
  • 1999: Money Doesn’t Make It
  • 2001: Sacred Geometry(with Micro Cosmic)
  • 2001: Nectans Glen(with Russell Hibbs)
  • 2002: Beauty the Basket Case(BMO Vol. 17, with Guru and Zero)
  • 2002: “One Who Whispers” (with Cipher)
  • 2002: Ugly Music For Monica(University of Errors)
  • 2004: Makoto Mango(with Guru & Zero)
  • 2004: Live @ the Knit NYC(BMO Vol. 6, with Nicoletta Stephanz)
  • 2004: The Mystery Disque(BMO Vol. 7, with das)
  • 2004: Altered States of Alien KWISP(BMO Vol. 13, with Altered Walter Funk)
  • 2005: Sacred Geometry II(with Micro Cosmic)
  • 2005: I Am Your Egg(with Gilli Smyth & Orlando Allen; Voiceprint – VP376CD))
  • 2006: Glissando Grooves(BMO Vol. 12, SFO Soundtribe 3, with Don Falcone)
  • 2010: Live in Brazil(Gong Global Family, Voiceprint)
  • 2013: Tried So Hard(with The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, UK)
  • 2014: Of Blue Splendour(Andy Bole, UK)




On March 26, 1976.

Duster Bennett

On March 26, 1976, Anthony “Duster” Bennett died aged 30. He was a singer and musician (played acoustic guitar, slide guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, percussion, drums, keyboards, bass guitar and mandolin), he performed as a one-man band, playing a bass, guitar, drum with his foot and blowing a harmonica on a rack. Bennett worked with Alexis Korner, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Fleetwood Mac.

On March 19, 1975.

Paul Kosoff

On March 19, 1975, Paul Francis Kossoff died aged 25. Guitarist and songwriter he was member of Black Cat Bones, Back Street Crawler and Kossoff /Kirke /Tetsu/ Rabbit but he is best known as member of Free.Kossoff is ranked 51st in “Rolling Stone” magazine list of the “100 greatest guitarists of all time”.