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In September 11, 1970.

In September 1970, “Columbia” label released “Johnny Winter And”, the fourth  Johnny Winter studio album. It was recorded in June 1970 in New York City, and was produced by Johnny Winter.


  • Johnny Winter– vocals, guitar
  • Rick Derringer– vocals, guitar
  • Randy Jo Hobbs– bass
  • Randy Zehringer– percussion

Track listing:

  1. Guess I’ll Go Away – Johnny Winter
  2. Ain’t That a Kindness – Mark Klingman
  3. No Time to Live – Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood
  4. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo – Rick Derringer
  5. Am I Here? – Randy Zehringer
  6. Look Up – Rick Derringer
  7. Prodigal Son – Johnny Winter
  8. On the Limb – Rick Derringer
  9. Let the Music Play – Allan Nicholls, Otis Stephens
  10. Nothing Left – Johnny Winter
  11. Funky Music – Rick Derringer

In July 1973.

In July 1973, “ABC” label released “Countdown to Ecstasy”, the second Steely Dan studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Gary Katz. The cover painting was by Dorothy White.


  • Donald Fagen– acoustic and electric pianos, synthesizer, lead vocals
  • Walter Becker– electric bass, harmonica, background vocals
  • Denny Dias– electric guitar, mixing
  • Jeff “Skunk” Baxter– electric and pedal steel guitars
  • Jim Hodder– drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Ray Brown– string bass
  • Ben Benay– acoustic guitar
  • Rick Derringer– slide guitar
  • Victor Feldman– vibraphone, marimba, percussion
  • Ernie Watts, Johnny Rotella, Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins– saxophones
  • Sherlie Matthews, Myrna Matthews, Patricia Hall, David Palmer, James Rolleston, Michael Fennelly– background vocals
  • Engineer: Roger Nichols
  • Assistant engineer: Miss Natalie
  • Album design: Dotty of Hollywood
  • Photography: Ed Caraeff

Track listing:

All tracks by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

  1. Bodhisattva
  2. Razor Boy
  3. The Boston Rag
  4. Your Gold Teeth
  5. Show Biz Kids
  6. My Old School
  7. Pearl of the Quarter
  8. King of the World

In June 1975.

In June 1975, “CBS” label released “Jasmine Nightdreams”, the fifth Edgar Winter studio album. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by Steve Paul.


  • Edgar Winter – vocals, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Dan Hartman- bass guitar, vocals
  • Rick Derringer- guitar
  • Chuck Ruff- drums
  • Johnny Winter- slide guitar, harmonica
  • Rick Marotta- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Edgar Winter; except where noted

  1. One Day Tomorrow – Edgar Winter, Dan Hartman
  2. Little Brother
  3. Hello Mellow Feelin
  4. Tell Me In A Whisper – Edgar Winter, Dan Hartman
  5. Shuffle-Low
  6. Keep on Burnin’
  7. How Do You Like Your Love
  8. I Always Wanted You
  9. Outta Control
  10. All Out
  11. Sky Train
  12. Solar Strut

In May 1974.

In May 1974, “Epic” label released “Shock Treatment”, the fourth Edgar Winter studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Record Plant” in New York City, and was produced by Rick Derringer.


  • Rick Derringer- producer, bass, guitar, electric sitar, vocals
  • Dan Hartman- guitar, bass, percussion, autoharp, vocals
  • Chuck Ruff- drums
  • Edgar Winter bass, clavinet,  mellotron,  organ,  piano,  synthesizer, vibraphone, saxophone, vocals
  • Teresa Alfieri – design
  • Vic Anesini – mastering
  • Jimmy Iovine- assistant engineer
  • Bill King – photography
  • Lou Schlossberg – assistant engineer
  • Shelly Yakus- engineer
  • Lehman Yates – assistant engineer

Track listing:

  1. Some Kinda Animal – Dan Hartman
  2. Easy Street – Dan Hartman
  3. Sundown – Dan Hartman
  4. Miracle of Love – Edgar Winter, Dan Hartman
  5. Do Like Me – Edgar Winter
  6. Rock & Roll Woman – Dan Hartman
  7. Someone Take My Heart Away – Edgar Winter
  8. Queen of My Dreams – Dan Hartman
  9. Maybe Some Day You’ll Call My Name – Dan Hartman
  10. River’s Risin’ – Dan Hartman
  11. Animal – Edgar Winter

In March 1975.

In March 1975, “ABC Records” label released “Katy Lied” the fourth Steely Dan album. It was recorded November 1974-January 1975, at “ABS Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Gary Katz.


  • Donald Fagen– vocals, piano, keyboards, saxophone
  • Walter Becker– bass, guitar
  • Michael Omartian, David Paich– pianos, keyboards
  • Hugh McCracken– guitar
  • Denny Dias– guitar
  • Rick Derringer– guitar
  • Dean Parks– guitar
  • Elliott Randall– guitar
  • Larry Carlton– guitar
  • Wilton Felder, Chuck Rainey– bass guitars
  • Jeff Porcaro– drums
  • Hal Blaine– drums
  • Victor Feldman– percussion
  • Phil Woods– alto saxophone
  • Jimmie Haskell– horn & horn arrangement
  • Bill Perkins– horn
  • Michael McDonald– background vocals
  • Myrna Matthews, Sherlie Matthews, Carolyn Willis – background vocals
  • Engineer: Roger Nichols
  • Mastering: Rick Collins
  • Sound Consultant: Dinky Dawson
  • Consultant: Daniel Levitin
  • Arranger: Jimmie Haskell

Track listing:

All tracks by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

  1. Black Friday
  2. Bad Sneakers
  3. Rose Darling
  4. Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More
  5. Doctor Wu
  6. Everyone’s Gone to the Movies
  7. Your Gold Teeth II
  8. Chain Lightning
  9. Any World (That I’m Welcome To)
  10. Throw Back the Little Ones

In March 1973.

In March 1973, “Columbia” label released “Still Alive and Well” the fifth Johnny Winter album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Rick Derringer.


  • Johnny Winter– guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Randy Jo Hobbs– bass
  • Richard Hughes – drums
  • Rick Derringer– slide guitar on “Silver Train”, pedal steel guitar, click and electric guitar
  • Jeremy Steig– flute
  • Todd Rundgren– Mellotron
  • Mark Klingman– piano
  • Cover Design: John Berg, Ed Lee

Track listing:

  1. Rock Me Baby – Big Bill Broonzy, Arthur Crudup
  2. Can’t You Feel It – Dan Hartman
  3. Cheap Tequila – Rick Derringer
  4. All Tore Down – Joe Crane
  5. Rock & Roll – Johnny Winter
  6. Silver Train – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  7. Ain’t Nothing to Me – Eric Dunbar
  8. Still Alive & Well – Rick Derringer
  9. Too Much Seconal – Johnny Winter
  10. Let It Bleed – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards


In February 1974.


In February 1974, “Columbia” label released “Saints & Sinners”, the sixth Johnny Winter studio album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Rick Derringer.


  • Johnny Winter- guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Edgar Winter- synthesiser, keyboards, alto saxophone, vocals
  • Rick Derringer- synthesiser, guitar, bass guitar
  • Bobby Caldwell- percussion
  • Randy Jo Hobbs- bass guitar
  • Randy Brecker- trumpet
  • Louis del Gatto – tenor saxophone
  • Lani Groves – vocals
  • Carl Hall- vocals
  • Dan Hartman- guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals
  • Richard Hughes – drums
  • Barbara Massey – vocals
  • Alan Rubin- trumpet
  • John Smith – saxophone
  • Tasha Thomas – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Stone County – Richard Supa
  2. Blinded by Love – Allen Toussaint
  3. Thirty Days – Chuck Berry
  4. Stray Cat Blues – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  5. Bad Luck Situation – Johnny Winter
  6. Rollin’ ‘Cross the Country – Dan Hartman, Edgar Winter
  7. Riot in Cell Block #9 – Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
  8. Hurtin’ So Bad – Johnny Winter
  9. Boney Moronie – Larry Williams
  10. Feedback on Highway 101 – Van Morrison