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On February 19, 2002.

On February 19, 2002, “Sanctuary” label released “Back on Track”, the eleventh and final Humble Pie album. It was recorded December 2001 – January 2002, at “Jacobs Studios” in Surrey, and “Astoria Studios” in Hampton, Greater London, and was produced by Andy Jackson and Dave Colwell.


  • Dave “Bucket” Colwell– guitar, dobro, mandolin
  • Jerry Shirley– drums
  • Greg Ridley– vocals, bass
  • Bobby Tench– vocals, guitar
  • Zoot Money– vocals, piano, Hammond organ
  • Victor Martin – Hammond organ
  • John Melling – piano, string arrangements
  • Andy Jackson – engineer, mixing
  • Damon Iddins – engineer
  • Jerry Shirley – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Dignified- Dave Colwell
  2. Real Thing – Dave Colwell, Mick Lister
  3. Trouble – Greg Ridley
  4. Ain’t No Big Thing – Dave Colwell, Jerry Shirley, Bobby Tench
  5. Stay One More Night – Dave Colwell, Robert Hart
  6. Still Got a Story to Tell – Dave Colwell
  7. All I Ever Needed – Dave Colwell
  8. This Time – Jerry Shirley, Charlie Huhn
  9. Flat Busted – Jerry Shirley, Charlie Huhn
  10. Between Old Teddy and Your Mum – Dave Colwell, Bob Halligan




On February 5, 1997.

On February 5, 1997, “Cleopatra” label released “Manifest Destiny”, the eight, and final Brand X alb. It was recorded February 1996, and was produced by Shawn Ahearn and Sami Kaneda.


  • John Goodsall– guitar, rhythm guitar, MIDI guitar, narrator, orchestra, organ, sampling, sitar, synthesizer, tubular bells, wah wah guitar
  • Percy Jones– fretless bass, keyboards, sequencing, sound effects, special effects, wah wah bass
  • Pierre Moerlen– drums
  • Franz Pusch – vocals, bass, fender rhodes, keyboards, percussion, programming, sampling, sequencing, sound effects, synthesizer
  • Marc Wagnon – bass, MIDI vibes, synthesizer, vibraphone
  • Frank Katz – drums, sampling, vocals
  • Danny Wilding – flute
  • Ronnie Ciago –”Virus”, rainstick,  shaker,  tamtam, udu
  • David Hentschel– engineer
  • Keith Lewis – technical assistance
  • Mark Tessler – photography

Track listing:

  1. True to the Clik – John Goodsall, Franz Pusch
  2. Stellerator – Percy Jones
  3. Virus – John Goodsall, Franz Pusch
  4. XXL – John Goodsall
  5. The Worst Man – Percy Jones
  6. Manifest Destiny – John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Frank Katz, Marc Wagnon
  7. Five Drops – Marc Wagnon
  8. Drum Ddu – Percy Jones
  9. Operation Hearts and Minds – John Goodsall
  10. Bubble Goes to Hollywood – Percy Jones, Frank Katz
  11. Disco Suicide (live) – Robin Lumley
  12. Bass and Drum Solo Improvisation (live)


On February 3, 1986.

On February 3, 1986, “Atlantic” label released “Mean Business”, the second and final Firm studio album. It was recorded in 1985, and was produced by Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers and Julian Mendelsohn.


  • Paul Rodgers– vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano
  • Jimmy Page– acoustic and electric guitars
  • Tony Franklin– fretless bass, keyboards, synthesizer, back vocals
  • Chris Slade– drums, percussion
  • Aubrey Powell Productions – cover design
  • Barry Diament – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Fortune Hunter – Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers
  2. Cadillac – Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers
  3. All the King’s Horses – Paul Rodgers
  4. Live in Peace – Paul Rodgers
  5. Tear Down the Walls – Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers
  6. Dreaming – Tony Franklin
  7. Free to Live – Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers
  8. Spirit of Love – Paul Rodgers


In December 1990.

In December 1990, “Metadigital” label released the self-titled, eighth and the final Kino (Russian: Кино) studio album. It was recorded in 1990, in Plienciems, Latvia, and was produced by Yuri Aizenshpis.  Among the fans it is also known as the “Black Album”.


  • Виктор Цой (Viktor Tsoi) – vocals, guitar
  • Юрий Каспарян (Yuri Kasparyan) – lead guitar
  • Игорь Тихомиров (Igor Tikhomirov) – bass guitar
  • Георгий Гурьянов (Georgy Guryanov) – drum machine

Track listing:

  1. Кончится лето (Summer is Ending)
  2. Красно-жёлтые дни (Reddish-Yellow Days)
  3. Нам с тобой (For You and Me)
  4. Звезда (Star)
  5. Кукушка (Cuckoo)
  6. Когда твоя девушка больна (When Your Girlfriend is Ill)
  7. Муравейник (Anthill)
  8. Следи за собой (Watch Yourself)
  9. Сосны на морском берегу (Pines at the Sea Shore)
  10. Завтра война (War Tomorrow)

On December 10, 1993.

On December 10, 1993, “Avant” label released “Absinthe”, the seventh and the final Naked City album. It was recorded in December 1992 at “Electric Lady” in New York City, and was produced by John Zorn.


  • John Zorn- vocals, synthesizer, sampler
  • Bill Frisell- guitar
  • Fred Frith- bass guitar
  • Wayne Horvitz- keyboards, synthesizer, sampler
  • Joey Baron- percussion
  • Disk Union – executive producer
  • Joe Ferla – engineer
  • Hoover Le – assistant engineer
  • Scott Hull – mastering
  • Hans Bellmer”Les Jeux de la Poupée – cover photography
  • Tomoyo T.L. (Karath=Razar) – design
  • Lisa Wells – photography typesetting

Track listing:

All tracks by John Zorn.

  1. Val De Travers
  2. Une Correspondance
  3. La Fée Verte
  4. Fleurs Du Mal
  5. Artemisia Absinthium
  6. Notre Dame De L’oubli (For Olivier Messiaen)
  7. Verlaine: Part I: Un Midi Moins Dix
  8. Verlaine: Part II: La Bleue
  9. …Rend Fou


On December 1, 2001.

On December 1, 2001, “Megazoidal Records” label released “Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie”, the eleventh and the final Allan Holdsworth studio album. It was recorded in 2001, at “The House” in San Juan Capistrano, California, and was produced by Allan Holdsworth.


  • Allan Holdsworth– guitar, SynthAxe, drum programming
  • Dave Carpenter– bass
  • Chris Bellman – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Allan Holdsworth.

  1. The Duplicate Man (Intro)
  2. The Duplicate Man
  3. Eeny Meeny
  4. Please Hold On
  5. Snow Moon
  6. Curves
  7. So Long
  8. Bo Peep
  9. Don’t You Know

On November 26, 1996.

On November 26, 1996, “EMI” label released “Broken China” the second and the final Richard Wright solo album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Studio Harmonie” in  France; “Whitfield Street Studios”, “RAK Studios” and “The Astoriain London, and was produced by Richard Wright, Anthony Moore and Laurie Latham.


  • Richard Wright– vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Anthony Moore– computer programming, arrangements, ‘telephone vocal’
  • Sinéad O’Connor– lead vocals
  • Tim Renwick, Dominic Miller, Steven Bolton – guitars
  • Pino Palladino– bass guitar
  • Manu Katché– drums, percussion
  • Sian Bell – cello
  • Kate St. John– oboe, cor anglais
  • Maz Palladino – backing vocals
  • Storm Thorgerson, Peter Curzon- sleeve design
  • Tony May – photography
  • Jason Reddy – computer
  • Julien Mils, Finlay Cowan – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Wright, except where noted.

  1. Breaking Water – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  2. Night of a Thousand Furry Toys – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  3. Hidden Fear – Richard Wright, Gerry Gordon
  4. Runaway
  5. Unfair Ground
  6. Satellite
  7. Woman of Custom
  8. Interlude
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Far from the Harbour Wall – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  11. Drowning
  12. Reaching for the Rail – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  13. Blue Room in Venice – Richard Wright, Gerry Gordon
  14. Sweet July
  15. Along the Shoreline – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  16. Breakthrough – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore