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On May 20, 2016.

On May 20, 2016, “Righteous Phonographic Association” label released “These People”, the fifth Richard Ashcroft studio album. It was recorded 2014 – 2015, and was produced by Chris Potter and Richard Ashcroft.


  • Richard Ashcroft – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, drums, programming, photography
  • Chris Potter – bass, programming, engineer, mixing
  • Adam Philips, Steve Wyreman – guitar
  • Mirwais Ahmadzaï – keyboards, programming
  • Steve Sidelnyk – drums, keyboards, programming
  • Damon Michella – bass
  • Geoff Dugmore – drums
  • Rose Lawrence – artwork, design
  • Kate Radley – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Ashcroft.

  1. Out of My Body
  2. This Is How It Feels
  3. They Don’t Own Me
  4. Hold On
  5. These People
  6. Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt
  7. Picture of You
  8. Black Lines
  9. Ain’t the Future so Bright
  10. Songs of Experience



On March 25, 2016.

On March 25, 2016, “Merge” label released “Patch the Sky”, the twelve Bob Mould album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Bob Mould.


  • Bob Mould- guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion
  • Jason Narducy- bass, backing vocals
  • G:Jon Wurster- drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Mould.

  1. Voices in My Head
  2. The End of Things
  3. Hold On
  4. You Say You
  5. Losing Sleep
  6. Pray for Rain
  7. Lucifer and God
  8. Daddy’s Favorite
  9. Hands Are Tied
  10. Black Confetti
  11. Losing Time
  12. Monument


On March 7, 2006.

On March 7, 2006, “Anti Records” label released “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood”,  the fourth Neko Case album. It was recorded in 2005, at “Wavelab Studios” in Tucson, and was produced by Neko Case and Darryl Neudorf.


  • Neko Case– vocals, acoustic and electric tenor guitars, acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine, whirly bird, piano, hammered dulcimer
  • Garth Hudson– piano, organ
  • Mike Belitsky– drums
  • Paul Rigby – electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, guitar loop
  • Joey Burns– acoustic guitar, upright bass, cello, nylon acoustic guitar
  • John Convertino– drums
  • Anne de Wolff– violin
  • Tom V. Ray– upright bass, bass
  • Travis Good– acoustic and electric guitars
  • Kelly Hogan– vocals
  • Dallas Good– electric and 12-string guitars
  • Sean Dean– upright bass
  • Rachel Flotard– backing vocals
  • Dexter Romweber– electric guitar
  • Howe Gelb– electric guitar, piano
  • Willie B – drums
  • Jon Rauhouse – banjo, Hawaiian guitar
  • Brian Connelly – acoustic guitar
  • Julie Morstad – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Neko Case, except where noted.

  1. Margaret vs. Pauline
  2. Star Witness
  3. Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case, The Sadies
  4. A Widow’s Toast
  5. That Teenage Feeling
  6. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood – Neko Case, Paul Rigby
  7. John Saw That Number – traditional, Neko Case
  8. Dirty Knife
  9. Lion’s Jaws – Neko Case, The Sadies
  10. Maybe Sparrow
  11. At Last
  12. The Needle Has Landed – Neko Case, The Sadies

In November 1974.

In November 1974, “Purple” label released “Stormbringer”, the ninth Deep Purple studio album. It was recorded August – September 1974, at “Musicland Studios” in Munich, “The Record Plant” in Los Angeles, and was produced by David Coverdale, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Glen Hughes, Ian Paice and Martin Birch.


  • David Coverdale– lead vocals
  • Ritchie Blackmore– lead guitars
  • Jon Lord– organ, keyboards, electric piano, backing vocals
  • Glenn Hughes– bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Ian Paice– drums, percussion, mixing
  • Martin Birch – engineer, miixing
  • Reinhold Mack, Hans Menzel – engineer assistance
  • Gary Webb, Garry Ladinsky – mixing assistance
  • Lucille Handberg – cover photography

Track listing:

  1. Stormbringer – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale
  2. Love Don’t Mean a Thing – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord, Ian Paice
  3. Holy Man – David Coverdale, Glen Hughes, Jon Lord
  4. Hold On – David Coverdale, Glen Hughes, Jon Lord, Ian Paice
  5. Lady Double Dealer – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale
  6. You Can’t Do It Right (With the One You Love) – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Glen Hughes
  7. High Ball Shooter – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord, Ian Paice
  8. The Gipsy – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord, Ian Paice
  9. Soldier of Fortune – Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale


In November 1966.

In November 1966, “Smash” label released “Handful of Soul”, the eighteenth James Brown studio album. It was recorded in 1966, and was produced by James Brown.

Track listing:

  1. Let’s Go Get Stoned – Jo Armstead, Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson
  2. Hold On, I’m Comin – Isaac Hayes, David Porter
  3. Our Day Will Come – Bob Hilliard, Mort Garson
  4. A Message to Michael – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
  5. The King – James Brown, Nat Jones
  6. 634-5789 – Eddie Floyd, Steve Cropper
  7. When a Man Loves a Woman – Andrew Wright, Calvin Lewis
  8. Hot Mix – McKinley Johnson, Ted Wright
  9. Oh! Henry – James Brown, Nat Jones
  10. Get Loose – James Brown, Nat Jones

In October 1975.

In October 1975, “Motown” label released “Movin’ On”, the third Commodores studio album. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by James Anthony Carmichael,   Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary, Milan Williams, Ronald LaPread, William King and Walter Orange.


  • Lionel Richie– vocals, saxophone, keyboards
  • Thomas McClary– vocals, guitar
  • Milan Williams– keyboards
  • Ronald LaPread – bass guitar
  • William King– trumpet
  • Walter Orange – drums, vocals, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Hold On – Thomas McClary, Lionel Richie
  2. Free – Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary
  3. Mary, Mary – Milan Williams
  4. Sweet Love – Lionel Richie
  5. (Can I) Get a Witness – Walter “Clyde” Orange
  6. Gimme My Mule – Ronald LaPread
  7. Time – William King, Thomas McClary
  8. Cebu – Thomas McClary

In September 1976.

In September 1976, “Shelter” label released “Troubadour”, the fourth J. J. Cale studio album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Audie Ashworth.


  • J. Cale– vocals, guitar, piano
  • Charles Dungey, Tommy Cogbill, Joe Osborn, Bill Raffensperger – bass guitar
  • Karl Himmel, Kenny Buttrey, Buddy Harman, Jimmy Karstein, Kenny Malone– drums
  • Gordon Payne, Chuck Browning, Doug Bartenfeld – guitar
  • Reggie Young, Harold Bradley, Bill Boatman – rhythm guitar
  • Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons– steel guitar
  • Farrell Morris, Audie Ashworth, I. Allison – percussion
  • Don Tweedy – ARP
  • Bobby Woods, Bill Purcell – piano
  • George Tidwell – trumpet
  • Dennis Goode – trombone
  • Billy Puett – saxophone

Track listing:

All tracks by J. J. Cale, except where noted.

  1. Hey Baby
  2. Travelin’ Light
  3. You Got Something
  4. Ride Me High
  5. Hold On
  6. Cocaine
  7. I’m a Gypsy Man – Sonny Curtis
  8. The Woman That Got Away
  9. Super Blue
  10. Let Me Do It to You
  11. Cherry
  12. You Got Me On So Bad