On August 4, 2017.

On August 4, 2017, “Nonesuch” label released “Dark Matter”, the 11th Randy Newman studio album. It was recorded in 2017 and was produced by David Boucher, Mitchell Froom, and Lenny Waronker.


  • Randy Newman– vocals, piano
  • Blake Mills– guitar
  • David Piltch– bass
  • Matt Chamberlain– drums
  • Mitchell Froom– additional keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Randy Newman.

  1. The Great Debate
  2. Brothers
  3. Putin
  4. Lost Without You
  5. Sonny Boy
  6. It’s a Jungle Out There
  7. She Chose Me
  8. On the Beach
  9. Wandering Boy

On August 4, 2009.

On August 4, 2009, “Sub Pop” label released “The Ruminant Band”, the fourth Fruit Bats album. It was recorded in 2009 and was produced by Graeme Gibson.


  • Eric D. Johnson – vocals, guitar
  • Sam Wagster – vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar, piano
  • Ron Lewis – vocals, guitar, electric piano, organ, synthesizer
  • Christopher Sherman – bass guitar
  • Graeme Gibson – drums, percussion, noises
  • Ryan Boyles – engineer
  • Don Stout – mastering
  • Andrew Holder – illustrations
  • Jeff Kleinsmith – art direction, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Eric D. Johnson.

  1. Primitive Man
  2. The Ruminant Band
  3. Tegucigalpa
  4. Beautiful Morning Light
  5. The Hobo Girl
  6. Being on Our Own
  7. My Unusual Friend
  8. Singing Joy to the World
  9. The Blessed Breeze
  10. Feather Bed
  11. Flamingo

On August 4, 2008.

On August 4, 2008, “Merge” label released the self-titled, debut Conor Oberst album. It was recorded January – February 2008 and was produced by Conor Oberst.


  • Conor Oberst– vocals, electric and 12-string guitar, stomp
  • Nate Walcott– organ, piano, electric piano
  • Nik Freitas– vocals, electric guitar
  • Macey Taylor– vocals, bass, stomp
  • Taylor Hollingsworth– guitar, electric guitar, stomp
  • Jason Boesel– vocals, drums, percussion, stomp
  • Andy LeMaster– vocals, tape echo
  • Phil Schaffart– vocals, stomp
  • Janet Weiss– vocals
  • Corina Figueroa-Escamilla– vocals
  • Ruben Mendez Hernandez– conch

Track listing:

All tracks by Conor Oberst, except where noted.

  1. Cape Canaveral
  2. Sausalito
  3. Get-Well-Cards
  4. Lenders in the Temple
  5. Danny Callahan
  6. I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital)
  7. Eagle on a Pole
  8. NYC – Gone, Gone
  9. Moab
  10. Valle Místico (Ruben’s Song) – Ruben Mendez Hernandez
  11. Souled Out!!! – Conor Oberst, Jason Boesel
  12. Milk Thistle

In August 1958.

In August 1958, “Verve” label released “Tormé”, the ninth Mel Tormé album. It was recorded in June 1958 and was produced by Norman Granz.


  • Mel Tormé- vocals
  • Marty Paich- arranger, conductor

Track listing:

  1. That Old Feeling – Lew Brown, Sammy Fain
  2. Gloomy Sunday – Sam M. Lewis, Rezso Seress
  3. Body and Soul – Frank Eyton, Johnny Green, Edward Heyman, Robert Sour
  4. Nobody’s Heart – Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers
  5. I Should Care – Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, Paul Weston
  6. The House Is Haunted (by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye) – Basil Adlam, Billy Rose
  7. Blues in the Night – Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
  8. I Don’t Want to Cry Anymore – Victor Schertzinger
  9. Where Can I Go Without You? – Peggy Lee, Victor Young
  10. How Did She Look? – Gladys Shelley, Abner Silver
  11. ‘Round Midnight – Bernie Hanighen, Thelonious Monk, Cootie Williams
  12. I’m Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life – Cy Coleman, Joseph McCarthy

In August 1957.

In August 1957, “Prestige” label released “The Prestige Jazz Quartet”, the eight Teddy Charles album. It was recorded in June 1957, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Hackensack, New Jersey, and was produced by Teddy Charles.


  • Teddy Charles- vibraphone
  • Mal Waldron- piano
  • Addison Farmer- bass
  • Jerry Segal – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Teddy Charles except where noted.

  1. Take Three Parts Jazz
  2. Meta-Waltz – Mal Waldron
  3. Dear Elaine – Mel Waldron
  4. Friday the 13th – Thelonious Monk

On August 3, 2000.

On August 3, 2000, Maurice Kinn, died aged 66. He was publisher, in 1953 bought “The New Musical Express”, and turned it into the world’s foremost music paper, between 1963 and 1966 he organized the annual “NME” poll-winners concerts, and staged the first all-star jazz concerts at the “Royal Albert Hall”, becoming one of the most influential figures of the world music scene in the 1950’ and 1960’.

On August 3, 2010.

On August 3, 2010, “XOXO Records” label released “Spot the Difference”, the 14th Squeeze album. It was recorded in 2010 and was produced by Andrew J. Jones and Glenn Tilbrook.


  • Chris Difford– vocals, guitar
  • Glenn Tilbrook– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • John Bentley– vocals, bass
  • Simon Hanson– drums
  • Stephen Large– keyboards
  • Paul Carrack– vocals, keyboards
  • Andrew J. Jones – synthesizer, percussion
  • Bob Litten, Paul Pott, Ray Tabor – horns
  • Phil Veacock – saxophone
  • Alexandra Baybutt, Bryan Chambers, Derek Green, Suzanne Hunt, Jean-Marie Lincoln, Siobhan Parr, Louis Tilbrook – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook.

  1. Another Nail in My Heart
  2. Black Coffee in Bed
  3. Cool for Cats
  4. Goodbye Girl
  5. Hourglass
  6. Is That Love
  7. Labelled with Love
  8. Loving You Tonight
  9. Pulling Mussels (from the Shell)
  10. Slap and Tickle
  11. Some Fantastic Place
  12. Take Me I’m Yours
  13. Tempted
  14. Up the Junction


On August 3, 2004.

On August 3, 2004, “InsideOut Music” label released “Adam & Eve”, the eighth  Flower Kings studio album. It was recorded in 2004 and was produced by Roine Stolt.


  • Roine Stolt– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Tomas Bodin– keyboards
  • Hasse Bruniusson– percussion
  • Zoltan Csörsz– drums
  • Hasse Fröberg– vocals, guitars
  • Daniel Gildenlöw– vocals
  • Jonas Reingold– bass guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Roine Stolt, except where noted.

  1. Love Supreme
  2. Cosmic Circus
  3. Babylon – Tomas Bodin
  4. A Vampire’s View
  5. Days Gone By – Tomas Bodin
  6. Adam & Eve
  7. Straight Man
  8. Timelines – Jonas Reingold, Roine Stolt
  9. Driver’s Seat
  10. The Blade of Cain

On August 3, 1983.

On August 3, 1983, “Arion Records” and “Sound Resources” labels released “Journey of the Dunadan”, the debut Glass Hammer album. It was recorded in 1983 and was produced by Feed Schendel and Stephen DeArge. It is a concept album based on  J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Lord of the Rings”.


  • Fred Schendel – lead and backing vocals, organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar, recorder, drums
  • Stephen DeArqe – lead and backing vocals, synthesizer, bass guitar, trurus pedal, medieval guitar, percussion
  • Piper Kirk – lead and backing vocals
  • Michelle Young– lead and backing vocals
  • Basil Clouse – bass
  • David Carter – electric guitar
  • Rod Lambert – electric violin
  • Tony Mac – rhythm programming
  • Rosana Azar – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Fred Schendel and Stephen DeArqe.

  1. Shadows of the Past
  2. Something’s Coming
  3. Song of the Dunadan
  4. The Prancing Pony
  5. The Way to Her Heart
  6. The Ballad of Balin Longbeard
  7. Rivendell
  8. Khazed-Dum
  9. Nimrodel
  10. The Palantir
  11. Pelennor Fields
  12. Why I Cry (Arwen’s Song)
  13. Anduni
  14. Morannon Gate
  15. The Return of the King
  16. Why I Cry (single edit)

On August 3, 1982.

On August 3, 1982,”A&M” label released “The Art of Control”, the eighth Peter Frampton studio album. It was recorded in 1982 and was produced by Peter Frampton and Eddie Kramer.


  • Peter Frampton – lead vocals, lead guitar, guitar synthesizer, bass guitar, keyboards
  • Mark Goldenberg- rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • John Regan- bass guitar
  • Harry Stinson- drums
  • Ian Lloyd- backing vocals
  • Eddie Kramer- backing vocals
  • JD Dworkow – backing vocals
  • Eddie Kramer- engineer, mixer
  • Guy Charbonneau – assistant engineer
  • Alan Myerson – assistant engineer
  • Cliff Bonnell – assistant engineer
  • Phil Magnotti – assistant engineer
  • Mike Scott – assistant engineer
  • Don Wershba – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering engineer
  • Hitoshi Takiguchi – mastering engineer
  • Norman Moore – artwork direction, cover artwork, cover artwork concept, design
  • Glenn Wexler- cover artwork photography
  • Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff – artwork direction
  • Shinjiro Kawashima – artwork research
  • Chihiro Nozaki – artwork coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton and Mark Goldenberg.

  1. I Read the News
  2. Sleepwalk
  3. Save Me
  4. Back to Eden
  5. An Eye for an Eye
  6. Don’t Think About Me
  7. Heart in the Fire
  8. Here Comes Caroline
  9. Barbara’s Vacation