On March 22, 2006.

On March 22, 2006, “Interscope” label released “Show Your Bones”, the second Yeah Yeah Yeahs studio album. It was recorded 2005 – 2006, at “Stay Gold Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Squeak E. Clean, David Andrew Sitek, Brian Chase, Karen O and Nick Zinner.


  • Brian Chase– drums, percussion, guitar, Vater sticks, Zildjian cymbals
  • Karen O– lead vocals, omnichord, piano, mixing
  • Nick Zinner– guitar, keyboards, mixing
  • Money Mark – keyboards
  • Squeak E. Clean– handclap chorus, engineering
  • Chris Coady– handclap chorus, engineering
  • Jamie Daughters – photography
  • Brooke Gillespie – handclap chorus, studio assistant
  • Alan “Ringo” Labiner – handclap chorus, assistant engineering,
  • Roger Lian – sequencing
  • Marshmellow – concept
  • Alan Moulder– mixing
  • Peter Najera – assistant engineering
  • Chris Rakestraw – assistant engineering
  • Andrew Savours – assistant engineering
  • David Andrew Sitek– MPC sampler
  • Howie Weinberg– mastering
  • Julian Gross– art direction, cover

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Chase, Karen O and Nick Zinner.

  1. Gold Lion
  2. Way Out
  3. Fancy
  4. Phenomena
  5. Honeybeat
  6. Cheated Hearts
  7. Dudley
  8. Mysteries
  9. The Sweets
  10. Warrior
  11. Turn Into

On March 22, 1975.

On March 22, 1975, “Harvest” label released “Bundles”, the eighth Soft Machine  album. It was recorded in July 1974 at “CBS Whitfield St Studios” in London, and was produced by Roy Babbington, Allan Holdsworth, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall and Mike Ratledge.


  • Allan Holdsworth– acoustic, 12-string and electric guitars
  • Roy Babbington– bass guitar
  • Karl Jenkins– oboe, piano, electric piano, soprano saxophone
  • John Marshall– drums, percussion
  • Mike Ratledge– Lowrey Holiday Deluxe organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, AKS synthesizer
  • Ray Warleigh– alto and bass flute

Track listing

All tracks by Karl Jenkins except where noted.

  1. Hazard Profile Part One
  2. Hazard Profile Part Two (Toccatina)
  3. Hazard Profile Part Three
  4. Hazard Profile Part Four
  5. Hazard Profile Part Five
  6. Gone Sailing – Allan Holdsworth
  7. Bundles
  8. Land of the Bag Snake – Allan Holdsworth
  9. The Man Who Waved at Trains – Mike Ratledge
  10. Peff – Mike Ratledge
  11. Four Gongs Two Drums – John Marshall
  12. The Floating World

On March 21 2006.

On March 21, 2006, “Bedroom Classics” label released “Subtitulo”, the seventh Josh Rouse album. It was recorded in 2015, at “Paco Loco Studios” in Spain, “Alex the Great” in Nashville, and was produced by Brad Jones.


  • Josh Rouse – vocals, guitar
  • Pete Finney – pedal steel guitar
  • Brad Jones – piano, bass, recording, mixing
  • Marc Pisapia – drums, percussion
  • Chris Carmichael – strings
  • Jeremy Ferguson – engineer
  • Jim DeMain – mastering
  • Paz Suay – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Josh Rouse, except where noted.

  1. Quiet Town – Daniel Tashian
  2. Summertime
  3. It Looks Like Love
  4. La Costa Blanca
  5. Jersey Clowns
  6. His Majesty Rides
  7. Givin’ It Up
  8. Wonderful
  9. The Man Who…
  10. El Otro Lado

On March 21, 1975.

On March 21, 1975, “Horo” label released “Jazz a Confronto 21”, the fourth Don Pullen album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Titania Studios” in Rome, Italy, and was produced by Aldo Sinesio.


  • Don Pullen— piano
  • George Adams— tenor saxophone, flute, percussion
  • David Williams — bass, percussion
  • Dannie Richmond— drums, vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Don Pullen except where noted.

  1. Calypso in Roma
  2. Sploogie Doo – Dannie Richmond
  3. Dee Arr
  4. Traceys Of Daniel


On March 20, 2007.

On March 20, 2007, “Epic” label released “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”, the fifth Modest Mouse studio album. It was recorded 2005 – 2006, at “Sweet Tea Studio” in Oxford, MS, “Audible Alchemy” in Portland, OR, and was produced by Dennis Herring.


  • Isaac Brock – lead vocals, guitar, art direction
  • Jeremiah Green – drums, percussion
  • Eric Judy – bass
  • Johnny Marr – guitar
  • Tom Peloso – vocals, bass, piano, trumpet, tuba, fiddle, synthesizer
  • Joe Plummer – drums, percussion
  • Clay Jones – acoustic guitar, shaker, programming
  • Dennis Herring – claps, stomps, Rhodes, pump organ, backing vocals, mixing
  • Kyle “Slick” Johnson – programming
  • Naheed Simjee – backing vocals, claps, stomps
  • James Mercer- backing vocals
  • Joe Zook – engineering, mixing
  • Clay Jones – engineering
  • Tom Queyja, Rob Cooper – assistants
  • Kyle “Slick” Johnson, Reto Peter, Tom Queyja – additional engineering
  • Howie Weinberg– mastering
  • Christian Helms – art direction, design
  • Nahjeed Simjee – art direction
  • Christian Helms, Geoff Peyeto at The Decoder Ring – design
  • David Ellis, Casey Burns – booklet interior illustrations

Track listing:

All lyrics by Isaac Brock; all music by Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green, Eric Judy, Tom Peloso and Joe Plummer.

  1. March into the Sea
  2. Dashboard
  3. Fire It Up
  4. Florida
  5. Parting of the Sensory
  6. Missed the Boat
  7. We’ve Got Everything
  8. Fly Trapped in a Jar
  9. Education
  10. Little Motel
  11. Steam Engenius
  12. Spitting Venom
  13. People as Places as People
  14. Invisible

On March 20, 2002.

On March 20, 2002, “GrOb Records” label released “Звездопад” (Starfall), the 20th Гражданская Оборона (Civil Defense) album. It was recorded August – November 2001; track “Fog” was recorded on December 14, 2003, at Yegor Letov concert in Barnaul;  track “The Sun Will Rise” was recorded on April 29, 2004, at a concert in the “Palace of Culture” in Moscow, and was produced by Yegor Letov. The cover design features works by Romanian naivist painter Mihai Dascalu  and Croatian naivist painter Ivan Generalich


  • Yegor Letov- vocal, guitar, design, photography
  • Alexander Chesnakov – guitars, bass
  • Natalya Chumakova- vocal, electric bass
  • Alexander Vladykin- organ
  • Alexander Andryushkin- drums, bass
  • Sergey Letov- flute, saxophone
  • Chumakov – mastering
  • S. Popkov, N. Chumakova – photography

Track listing:

  1. Song of the Red Army (from the TV movie Dirk) – lyrics by Okudzhava, music by S. Pozhlakov
  2. Song of the Circus (from the telecast Day After Day) – lyrics by M. Ancharov, music by I. Kataev
  3. I Will Go to the Distant Station – lyrics by M. Tanich, music by V. Shainsky
  4. There Was a War – Okudzhava
  5. Starfall – lyrics by Dobronravov, music by A. Pakhmutova
  6. North Wind – lyrics by I. Goff, music by J. Frenkel
  7. City of Childhood – lyrics by Christmas, music by F. Miller
  8. For the Rest of Life (from the movie For the Rest of Life) – lyrics by P. Fomenko, music by V. Basner
  9. Word is Comrade – lyrics by M. Ancharov, music by I. Kataev
  10. Caravel – lyrics by A. Kalle, music by V. Kalle
  11. White Silence – Vysotsky
  12. Red Horse – lyrics by Plyatkovsky, music by M. Fradkin
  13. Song About Black Gouache and Hope – Matveyeva
  14. The Sun Rises (from the animated movie “The Bremen Town Musicians) – lyrics by Entin, music by G. Gladkov
  15. I Made a Decision – lyrics by Pozhenyan, music by M. Tariverdiev
  16. The Sun Will Rise (live) – lyrics by Y. Entin, music by G. Gladkov


On March 19, 2007.

On March 19, 2007, “Domino” label released “Tongues”, album by Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid. It was recorded in February 2006, and was produced by Kieran Hebden.


  • Kieran Hebden – guitar, samples, electronics
  • Steve Reid – drums, percussion

All tracks by Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid, except where noted.

  1. The Sun Never Sets
  2. Brain
  3. Our Time
  4. People Be Happy
  5. Greensleeves – traditional, arranged by Kieran Hebden, Steve Reid
  6. Rhythm Dance
  7. Mirrors
  8. The Squid
  9. Superheroes
  10. Left Handed, Left Minded