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On June 14, 2005.

On June 14, 2005, “RCA” label released “In Your Honor”, the fifth Foo Fighters studio album. It was recorded January – March 2005, at “Studio 606 West” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Nick Raskulinecz, Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shiflett. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, 2 x Platinum in Ireland by “IRMA”, 2 x Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”, 2 x Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Dave Grohl– lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, drums
  • Nate Mendel– bass
  • Taylor Hawkins– drums, percussion, lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Chris Shiflett– lead guitar
  • Joe Beebe – guitar
  • Danny Clinch– harmonica
  • Petra Haden– violin
  • Josh Homme– rhythm guitar
  • John Paul Jones– mandolin, piano
  • Rami Jaffee– keyboards
  • Norah Jones– vocals, piano
  • Nick Raskulinecz– bass, double bass
  • Mike Terry– engineering
  • Nick Raskulinecz, Elliot Scheiner– mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Dan Winters, Danny Clinch – photography
  • Brett Kilroe, Robin C. Hendrickson – additional art and concept
  • Kevin Reagan – art direction, design
  • Bret Healey – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett.

  1. In Your Honor
  2. No Way Back
  3. Best of You
  4. DOA
  5. Hell
  6. The Last Song
  7. Free Me
  8. Resolve
  9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
  10. End Over End




On June 7,1994.

On June 7, 1994, “MCA” label released “Walk On”, the fourth Boston studio album. It was recorded November 1990 – December 1993, and was produced by Tom Scholz. In 1994, the album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Tom Scholz– guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, keyboard, clavinet, hand clapping, arrangements, engineering
  • Fran Cosmo– lead vocals
  • Gary Pihl– guitar, hand clapping
  • David Sikes – bass, background vocals
  • Doug Huffman – drums
  • Matt Belyea – hand clapping
  • Bob Cedro – rhythm guitar, special effects, hand clapping
  • Tommy Funderburk– background vocals
  • Gary Pihl, David Sikes – assistant engineer
  • Ted Jensen – mastering
  • Ron Larson – design, illustrations
  • Andy Engel – cover art concept

Track listing:

  1. I Need Your Love – Tom Scholz, Fred Sampson
  2. Surrender to Me – Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Bobby Laquidara
  3. Livin’ for You – Tom Scholz
  4. Walkin’ at Night – Tom Scholz
  5. Walk On – Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes
  6. Get Organ-ized/Get Reorgan-ized – Tom Scholz
  7. Walk On (Some More) – Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes
  8. What’s Your Name – Tom Scholz
  9. Magdalene – Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Galen “Rusty” Foulke
  10. We Can Make It – Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Bob Cedro


On June 3, 2008.

On June 3, 2008, “Nomota LLC” label released “Revelation”, the thirteenth Journey studio album. It was recorded in 2008, at “The Plant” in Sausalito, California, and was produced by Kevin Shirley. In 2008, the album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Arnel Pineda– lead vocals
  • Neal Schon– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Ross Valory– bass, backing vocals
  • Deen Castronovo– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Jonathan Cain– keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Kevin Shirley– mixing
  • John Neff – engineer
  • Justin Pintar – mixing assistant
  • George Marino – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Never Walk Away – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Jeremey Hunsicker
  2. Like a Sunshower – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain
  3. Change for the Better – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain
  4. Wildest Dream – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain
  5. Faith in the Heartland – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Augeri
  6. After All These Years – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain
  7. Where Did I Lose Your Love – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain
  8. What I Needed – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Arnel Pineda
  9. What It Takes to Win – Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon
  10. Turn Down the World Tonight – Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon
  11. The Journey (Revelation) – Neal Schon
  12. Only the Young – Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry
  13. Don’t Stop Believin – Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry
  14. Wheel in the Sky – Neal Schon, Diane Valory, Robert Fleischman
  15. Faithfully – Neal Schon
  16. Any Way You Want It – Neal Schon, Steve Perry
  17. Who’s Crying Now – Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry
  18. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) – Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry
  19. Lights – Neal Schon, Steve Perry
  20. Open Arms – Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry
  21. Be Good to Yourself – Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry
  22. Stone in Love – Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry

On May 23, 2011.

On May 23, 2011, “Startime International” label released “Torches”, the debut Foster the People studio album. It was recorded 2009 – 2011, and was produced by Rich Costey, Paul Epworth, Mark Foster, Tony Hoffer and  Greg Kurstin. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Mark Foster- lead vocals,  piano,  guitar, keyboards,  synthesizers,  programming, percussion, Wurlitzer, vibraphone, glockenspiel
  • Cubbie Fink – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Mark Pontius – drums, percussion
  • Paul Epworth – programming, keyboards, percussion
  • Greg Kurstin- programming, synthesizer
  • Sean Cimino – guitar
  • Gary Grant – trumpet
  • Zach Heiligman – programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Foster, except where noted.

  1. Helena Beat
  2. Pumped Up Kicks
  3. Call It What You Want
  4. Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)
  5. Waste
  6. I Would Do Anything for You
  7. Houdini
  8. Life on the Nickel – Paul Epworth, Mark Foster
  9. Miss You – Zach Heiligman, Mark Foster
  10. Warrant

On May 17, 1999.

On May 17, 1999, “Mute” and “V2” labels released “Play”, the fifth Moby studio album. It was recorded 1998 – 1999, at Moby’s home studio in Manhattan, New York, and was produced by Moby. The album was certified 4 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, 2 x Platinum in Belgium by “BEA”, 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Diamond in France by “SNEP”, 7 x Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”, Platinum in Sweden by “GLF”, 6 x Platinum in UK by “BPI” and 2 x Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Moby – vocals, engineering, mixing, production, writing, instruments
  • Pilar Basso, Nikki D, Reggie Matthews, The Shining Light Gospel Choir – additional vocals
  • Graeme Durham – mastering
  • I Monster, Mario Caldato Jr.– mixing
  • Corinne Day – photography
  • Ysabel Zu Innhausen Und Knyphausen – artwork, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Moby, except where noted.

  1. Honey – Moby, Bessie Jones, Alan Lomax
  2. Find My Baby – Moby, Willie Jones
  3. Porcelain
  4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
  5. South Side
  6. Rushing
  7. Bodyrock – Moby, Gabriel Jackson
  8. Natural Blues – Moby, Vera Hall, Alan Lomax
  9. Machete
  10. 7
  11. Run On
  12. Down Slow
  13. If Things Were Perfect
  14. Everloving
  15. Inside
  16. Guitar Flute & String
  17. The Sky Is Broken
  18. My Weakness

On May 12, 2008.

On May 12, 2008, “Kscope” label released “Schoolyard Ghosts”, the sixth No-Man studio album. It was recorded August–September 2007, January–March 2008, in UK, France Sweden and US, and was produced by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.


  • Tim Bowness– vocals, musical box, mellotron, piano, chime guitars, vocal loops.
  • Steven Wilson– piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards,  glockenspiel, harmony vocals, musical box, electric piano, organ,,harmonium, percussion, drum programming, harp.
  • Theo Travis– flute, soprano sax
  • Peter Chilvers– samples from ‘surfacing’.
  • Colin Edwin– fretless acoustic bass
  • Rick Edwards – percussion
  • Marianne De Chastelaine – cello
  • Pat Mastelotto– drums, percussion
  • Fabrice Lefebvre – yang t’chin
  • Andy Booker – electronic percussion , drum loop
  • Bruce Kaphan – pedal steel guitar
  • Pete Morgan – bass
  • Gavin Harrison– drums
  • Dave Stewart– strings arrangements
  • London Session Orchestra – strings.

Track listing:

All lyrics written by Tim Bowness.

  1. All Sweet Things – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson
  2. Beautiful Songs You Should Know – Tim Bowness, Giancarlo Erra
  3. Pigeon Drummer – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson
  4. Truenorth – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson
  5. Wherever There is Light – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson
  6. Song of the Surf – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson, Alistair Murphy
  7. Streaming – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson
  8. Mixtaped – Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson

On May 5, 2017.

On May 5, 2017, “Crammed Discs” label released “Halo”, the seventh Juana Molina studio album. It was recorded in 2017, at Molina’s home studio in Argentina and “Sonic Ranch” in US, and was produced by Juana Molina.


  1. Juana Molina – vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, mixing, programming, sampling, arranger, engineer
  2. John Dieterich – guitar, guitar arrangements, synthesizer, synthesizer arrangements
  3. Diego Lopez De Arcaute – drums
  4. Odín Schwartz – guitar, bass, synthesizer, synthesizer arrangements
  5. Eduardo Bergallo – engineer, mixing
  6. Jane Bone, Alejandro Ros – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Juana Molina.

  1. Paraguaya
  2. Sin dones
  3. Lentísimo halo
  4. In the Lassa
  5. Cosoco
  6. Cálculos y oráculos
  7. Los pies helados
  8. A00 B01
  9. Cara de espejo
  10. Andó
  11. Estalacticas
  12. Al oeste