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On January 15, 1990.

On January 15, 1990, “Big Cat” label released “101 Damnations”, the debut Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine studio album. It was recorded in 1989, at “Important Notice Studios” in Mitcham, Surrey, England, and was produced by Simon Painter, Jim Bob, Lee Carter and Fruit Bat.


  • Jim Bob– vocals
  • Lee Carter – guitars, sleeve design
  • Fruit Bat– vocals, guitar
  • Rob Sheridan – piano solo
  • Simon Painter – engineer
  • Carter – sleeve design
  • Dee Eff – sleeve design

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Bob and Lee Carter.

  1. The Road to Domestos
  2. Everytime a Churchbell Rings
  3. Twenty-Four Minutes from Tulse Hill
  4. An All American National Sport
  5. Sheriff Fatman
  6. The Taking of Peckham 123
  7. Crimestoppers A’ Go Go
  8. Good Grief Charlie Brown
  9. Midnight on the Murder Mile
  10. A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb
  11. I. Blues

On November 11, 2013.

On November 11, 2013, “Virgin Emi” label released “Fun on Earth”, the fifth Roger Taylor studio album. It was recorded 2008–2013, at “The Priory” in Surrey, England, and was produced by Joshua J Macrae and Roger Taylor.


  • Roger Taylor– vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, guitar, stylophone
  • Jeff Beck– guitar
  • Spike Edney– keyboards
  • Jason Falloon – guitar
  • Steve Hamilton – saxophone
  • Kevin Jefferies – bass
  • Jonathan Perkins – organ, backing vocals
  • Nicola Robins – violin
  • Steve Stroud – bass
  • Rufus Taylor– drums, piano
  • Josh Macrae– engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Roger Taylor, except where noted.

  1. One Night Stand
  2. Fight Club
  3. Be with You – Roger Taylor, Rufus Taylor
  4. Quality Street
  5. I Don’t Care
  6. Sunny Say
  7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)
  8. I Am the Drummer (In a Rock n’ Roll Band)
  9. Small
  10. Say It’s Not True
  11. The Unblinking Eye
  12. Up
  13. Smile

On September 11, 1995.

On September 11, 1995, “Virgin” label released the self – titled, “Strictly Inc.” album. It was recorded 1994 – 1995, at “The Farm” in Surrey, and was produced by Tony Banks and Nick Davis.


  • Tony Banks– keyboards, bass
  • Jack Hues– vocals, guitars
  • John Robinson– drums
  • Nathan East– bass
  • Daryl Stuermer– guitars
  • John Challis – cover illustration

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Banks, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Turn Your Back on Me
  2. Walls of Sound
  3. Only Seventeen
  4. The Serpent Said
  5. Never Let Me Know
  6. Charity Balls
  7. Something to Live For
  8. A Piece of You – lyrics by Jack Hues
  9. Strictly Incognito – lyrics: Jack Hues
  10. An Island in the Darkness

On July 16, 2002.

On July 16, 2002, “Heavenly” label released “Daybreaker”, the third Beth Orton album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Ridge Farm Studio” in Surrey, “Eastcote Studios” in London, and was produced by Beth Orton, Victor Van Vugt and Ben Watt.


  • Ted Barnes – acoustic guitar
  • Sean Read – keyboards
  • Ali Friend – bass guitar
  • Will Blanchard – drums
  • Ryan Adams- acoustic and slide guitar, bass, piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Richard “Dread” Mann – engineer
  • John McCormack – assistant engineer
  • Miles Showell – mastering
  • Andy Bradfield, Ben Watt – miing

Track listing:

All tracks by Beth Orton, except where noted.

  1. Paris Train – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  2. Concrete Sky – Johnny Marr, Beth Orton
  3. Mount Washington
  4. Anywhere
  5. Daybreaker
  6. Carmella
  7. God Song
  8. This One’s Gonna Bruise – Ryan Adams, Beth Orton
  9. Ted’s Waltz – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  10. Thinking About Tomorrow – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton, Sean Read, Sebastian Steinberg

On February 19, 2002.

On February 19, 2002, “Sanctuary” label released “Back on Track”, the eleventh and final Humble Pie album. It was recorded December 2001 – January 2002, at “Jacobs Studios” in Surrey, and “Astoria Studios” in Hampton, Greater London, and was produced by Andy Jackson and Dave Colwell.


  • Dave “Bucket” Colwell– guitar, dobro, mandolin
  • Jerry Shirley– drums
  • Greg Ridley– vocals, bass
  • Bobby Tench– vocals, guitar
  • Zoot Money– vocals, piano, Hammond organ
  • Victor Martin – Hammond organ
  • John Melling – piano, string arrangements
  • Andy Jackson – engineer, mixing
  • Damon Iddins – engineer
  • Jerry Shirley – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Dignified- Dave Colwell
  2. Real Thing – Dave Colwell, Mick Lister
  3. Trouble – Greg Ridley
  4. Ain’t No Big Thing – Dave Colwell, Jerry Shirley, Bobby Tench
  5. Stay One More Night – Dave Colwell, Robert Hart
  6. Still Got a Story to Tell – Dave Colwell
  7. All I Ever Needed – Dave Colwell
  8. This Time – Jerry Shirley, Charlie Huhn
  9. Flat Busted – Jerry Shirley, Charlie Huhn
  10. Between Old Teddy and Your Mum – Dave Colwell, Bob Halligan



In December 1978.

In December 1978, “Esoteric Records” label released “Of Queues and Cures”, the second National Health studio album. It was recorded in July 1978, at “Ridge Farm Studio” in Ruspor, Surrey, UK, and was produced by Mike Dunne.


  • Dave Stewart- organ, electric piano, piano, minimoog
  • Phil Miller- guitar
  • John Greaves- bass, piano innards, crooning
  • Pip Pyle- drums, breakage, percussion, handclaps
  • Selwyn Baptiste- steel drums
  • Rick Biddulph – bass, bass and organ solo
  • Peter Blegvad- spoken word excerpt
  • Georgie Born- cellos
  • Mike Dunne, Brian Gaylor – engineer
  • Jimmy Hastings- clarinets, flute
  • Phil Minton- trumpets
  • Paul Nieman – trombones
  • Keith Thompson – oboe

Track listing:

  1. The Bryden Two-Step (For Amphibians), Pt. 1 – Dave Stewart
  2. The Collapso – Dave Stewart
  3. Squarer for Maud – John Greaves
  4. Dreams Wide Awake – Phil Miller
  5. Binoculars – Pip Pyle
  6. Phlâkatön – Pip Pyle
  7. The Bryden Two-Step (For Amphibians), Pt. 2 – Dave Stewart
  8. Paracelsus (Excerpt) (bonus track)
  9. The Apocalypso (bonus track)


On November 20, 1989.

On November 20, 1989,”Virgin” label released “…But Seriously”, the fourth Phil Collins studio album. It was recorded April – October 1989, at “The Farm” in Chiddingfold, Surrey, UK, “A&M Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Phil Collins and Hugh Padgham. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Argentina by “CAPIF”, 5 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, 2 x Platinum in Austria by “IFPI Austria”, 7 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Diamond in France by “SNEP”, 6 x Platinum in Germany by “BVMI”, Platinum in Hong Kong by “IFPI Hong Kong”, 3 x Platinum in Italy by “FIMI”, Platinum in Japan by “RIAJ”, 2 x Platinum in Netherlands by “NVPI”, Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”, 2 x Platinum in Portugal by “AFP”,  7 x Platinum in Spain by “PROMUSICAE”, 5 x Platinum in Switzerland by “IFPI Switzerland”, 9 x Platinum in UK by “BPI and 4 x Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Phil Collins– vocals, drums, percussion, tambourine, keyboards, mixing
  • Daryl Stuermer– guitar
  • Leland Sklar– bass guitar
  • David Crosby– vocals
  • Nathan East– bass guitar
  • Pino Palladino– bass guitar
  • Stephen Bishop– vocals
  • Eric Clapton– guitar
  • Steve Winwood– Hammond organ
  • Dominic Miller- guitar
  • The Phenix Horns:
    • Don Myrick– saxophone
    • Louis Satterfield– trombone
    • Harry Kim– trumpet
    • Rhamlee Michael Davis – trumpet
  • Alex Brown, Marva King, Lynne Fiddmont – backing vocals
  • Hugh Padgham – mixing, engineer
  • Ed Goodreau, Simon Osbourne – assistant engineer
  • Tom Tom 84 – horn arrangements
  • Maurice Spears – music preparation
  • Trevor Key– photography


Track listing:

All tracks by Phil Collins, except where noted.


  1. Hang in Long Enough
  2. That’s Just the Way It Is
  3. Find a Way to My Heart
  4. Colours
  5. Father to Son
  6. Another Day in Paradise
  7. All of My Life
  8. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
  9. Do You Remember?
  10. I Wish It Would Rain Down