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On April 26, 2005.

On April 26, 2005, “4AD” label released “The Sunset Tree”, the ninth Mountain Goats studio album. It was recorded in November 2004, at “Prairie Sun Recording Studios” in Cotati, California, and was produced by John Vanderslice.


  • John Darnielle– vocals, guitar
  • Peter Hughes– backing vocals, bass
  • Erik Friedlander– cello
  • Alex Decarville – drums
  • Franklin Bruno– piano
  • Scott Solter, Aaron Prellwitz, Timin Murray – engineering


All tracks by John Darnielle.

  1. You of Your Memory
  2. Broom People
  3. This Year
  4. Dilaudid
  5. Dance Music
  6. Dinu Lipatti’s Bones
  7. Up the Wolves
  8. Lion’s Teeth
  9. Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod
  10. Magpie
  11. Song for Dennis Brown
  12. Love Love Love
  13. Pale Green Things

On April 17, 2007.

On April 17, 2007, “Lonely Astronauts” label released “Let’s Just Be”, the sixth Joseph Arthur studio album, and the first with his backing band The Lonely Astronauts. It was recorded October – November 2006, at “Donner & Blitzen Studios, in Arcadia, California, and was produced by Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson, Jennifer Turner, Sibyl Buck and Greg Wieczorek.


  • Joseph Arthur– lead vocals, guitar, electric sitar, mixing
  • Kraig Jarret Johnson – guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Jennifer Turner– guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Sibyl Buck– backing vocals, bass
  • Greg Wieczorek– backing vocals, drums
  • Mathias Schneeberger – recording engineer.
  • Fred Kevorkian – mastering
  • Original artwork by Davies
  • Cerise Leang, Joseph Arthur, Lauren Pattenaude – photography
  • Karen Karibian – copy help
  • Judith Salavetz, Spencer Drate – art direction, design.

Track listing:

All tracks by Joseph Arthur, except where noted.

  1. Diamond Ring – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  2. Good Life
  3. Precious One
  4. Spaceman
  5. Take Me Home – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  6. Chicago
  7. Cockteeze – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  8. Lonely Astronaut
  9. Cocaine Feet
  10. Let’s Just Be – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  11. Shake It Off
  12. Lack a Vision
  13. Gimmie Some Company – Jennifer Turner
  14. I Will Carry You – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  15. Yer the Reason – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  16. Star Song


On April 15, 2016.

On April 15, 2016, “Drag City”, “Turnstile Music”, and “Caroline International” labels released “Crab Day”, the fourth Cate Le Bon studio album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Panoramic House” in Stinson Beach, California, and was produced by Josiah Steinbrick and Noah Georgeson.


  • Cate Le Bon– guitar, piano, percussion, synthesizer, marimba
  • Josiah Steinbrick– bass, piano, percussion
  • Stephen Black– bass, clarinet, saxophone
  • Huw Gwynfryn Evans– guitar, marimba, synthesizer
  • Stella Mozgawa– drums
  • Noah Georgeson– mixing
  • Samur Khouja – engineering
  • JJ Golden – mastering
  • Isabel Vollrath – kimono jacket
  • Christian Fritzenwanker – make up
  • Ivana Klickovic – cover photography, insert photography
  • Hawkline– sleeve

Track listing:

All tracks written Cate Le Bon.

  1. Crab Day
  2. Love Is Not Love
  3. Wonderful
  4. Find Me
  5. I’m a Dirty Attic
  6. I Was Born on the Wrong Day
  7. We Might Revolve
  8. Yellow Blinds, Cream Shadows
  9. How Do You Know?
  10. What’s Not Mine


On April 9, 2002.

On April 9, 2002, “Warner Bros” label released “Gutterflower”, the seventh Goo Goo Dolls studio album. It was recorded August – December 2001, at “Icon Recording Studios” and “Capitol Studios” in Hollywood, “House of Blues Studios” in Encino, California, and was produced by Rob Cavallo, Johnny Rzeznik, Robby Takac and Mike Malinin.


  • Johnny Rzeznik– lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Robby Takac– lead and background vocals, bass
  • Mike Malinin– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Johnny Rzeznik, except where noted.

  1. Big Machine
  2. Think About Me
  3. Here Is Gone – Robby Takac
  4. You Never Know
  5. What a Scene
  6. Up, Up, Up – Robby Takac
  7. It’s Over
  8. Sympathy
  9. What Do You Need
  10. Smash – Robby Takac
  11. Tucked Away – Robby Takac
  12. Truth Is a Whisper

On March 27, 2007.

On March 27, 2007, “DRT Entertainment” label released “From Beale Street to Oblivion”, the eighth Clutch studio album. It was recorded September – October 2006 at “Sound City” in Van Nuys, California, and was produced by Joe Barresi.


  • Neil Fallon– vocals, guitar
  • Tim Sult– guitar
  • Dan Maines– bass
  • Jean-Paul Gaster– drums, percussion
  • Mick Schauer– Hammond B3, piano, Hohner Clavinet
  • Bryan Hinkley– guitar
  • Eric Oblander– Hohner harmonica
  • Pete Martinez – additional engineering
  • Glen Pittman – assistant engineer
  • Nick Lakiotes – art direction, design
  • Louis Rivera – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Fallon, Tim Sult, Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster and Mick Schauer, except where noted.

  1. You Can’t Stop Progress
  2. Power Player
  3. The Devil & Me
  4. White’s Ferry
  5. Child of the City
  6. Electric Worry – partially written by Mississippi Fred McDowell
  7. One Eye Dollar
  8. Rapture of Riddley Walker
  9. When Vegans Attack
  10. Opossum Minister
  11. Black Umbrella
  12. Shiny Cadillackness


On March 18, 2016.

On March 18, 2016, “Caroline International” released “Post Pop Depression”, the eighteenth Iggy Pop studio album. It was recorded January – March 2015, at “Rancho De La Luna” in Joshua Tree, California, “Pink Duck Studios” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Josh Homme.


  • Iggy Pop— vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Josh Homme— vocals, guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers, mellotron, percussion
  • Dean Fertita— guitar, piano, synthesizers, bass guitar
  • Matt Helders— drums, percussion, tom-toms, shaker, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Break Into Your Heart
  2. Gardenia
  3. American Valhalla
  4. In the Lobby
  5. Sunday
  6. Vulture
  7. German Days
  8. Chocolate Drops
  9. Paraguay

On March 17, 2017.

On March 17, 2017, “Columbia” label released “Spirit”, the 14th Depeche Mode studio album. It was recorded April – August 2016, at “Jungle City Studios” in New York City, “Sound Design” in Santa Barbara, California, and was produced by James Ford. The album was certified Platinum in France “SNEP” and 2 x Platinum in Poland by “ZPAV”.


  • Dave Gahan– lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Martin Gore– guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Andy Fletcher– keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
  • James Ford- mixing, drums, pedal steel guitar
  • Matrixxman– programming
  • Kurt Uenala– programming, bass guitar
  • Jimmy Robertson – engineering, mix engineering
  • Connor Long, Óscar Muñoz, David Schaeman – assistant engineer
  • Brendan Morawski – assistant engineer, mix assistant
  • Brian Lucey – mastering
  • Daniel Miller– A&R
  • Anton Corbijn– cover, all visuals and art-direction, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Martin L. Gore, except where noted.

  1. Going Backwards
  2. Where’s the Revolution
  3. The Worst Crime
  4. Scum
  5. You Move – Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan
  6. Cover Me – Martin L. Gore, Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner
  7. Eternal
  8. Poison Heart – Dave Gahan, Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner
  9. So Much Love
  10. Poorman
  11. No More (This Is the Last Time) – Dave Gahan, Kurt Uenala
  12. Fail