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In July 1964.

In July 1964, “Atlantic” label released “Coltrane’s Sound”, an album credited to John Coltrane. It was recorded in October 1960, at “Atlantic Studios” in New York City, during the sessions for “My Favorite Things” album, and was produced by Nesuhi Ertegun.


  • John Coltrane— tenor and soprano saxophone
  • McCoy Tyner— piano
  • Steve Davis— bass
  • Elvin Jones— drums
  • Tom Dowd— engineering
  • Marvin Israel— photography
  • Ralph J. Gleason— liner notes

Track listing:

  1. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes – Buddy Bernier, Jerry Branin
  2. Central Park West – John Coltrane
  3. Liberia – John Coltrane
  4. Body and Soul – Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton, Johnny Green
  5. Equinox – John Coltrane
  6. Satellite – John Coltrane

On July 3, 1999.

On July 3, 1999, “Elektra” label released “The Siket Disc”, the eighth Phish studio album. It was recorded March – October 1997, at “Bearsville Studios” in Woodstock, New York, and was produced by Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Mike Gordon, and Jon Fishman.


  1. Trey Anastasio– guitars
  2. Page McConnell– keyboards
  3. Mike Gordon– bass guitar
  4. Jon Fishman– drums
  5. John Siket– engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Mike Gordon, and Jon Fishman.

  1. My Left Toe
  2. The Name Is Slick
  3. What’s the Use
  4. Fish Bass
  5. Quadrophonic Toppling
  6. The Happy Whip and Dung Song
  7. Insects
  8. Title Tracks
  9. Albert

On June 27, 2006.

On June 27, 2006, “Nonesuch” label released “House on Hill” the 17th Brad Mehldau album. It was recorded October 2002 – March 2005 at “Avatar Studios” in New York, NY, and was produced by Matt Pierson and Brad Mehldau.


  • Brad Mehldau– piano
  • Larry Grenadier– bass
  • Jorge Rossy– drums
  • James Farber – recording, mixing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Benita Raphan – artwork
  • Lourdes Delgado – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Brad Mehldau.

  1. August Ending
  2. House on Hill
  3. Bealtine
  4. Boomer
  5. Backyard
  6. Fear and Trembling
  7. Embers
  8. Happy Tune
  9. Waiting for Eden

On June 8, 1999.

On June 8, 1999, “EMI Music Canada” label released “Triptych”, the fifth Tea Party fifth album. It was recorded in October 1998 – March 1989, at “Alkemical Studios” in Montreal, “Le Studio” in Morin-Heights, Quebec, “Metalworks Studios” in Mississauga, ON, and was produced by Jeff Martin.


  • Jeff Martin– vocals, guitar, steel guitar, sitar, keyboards, piano, percussion, recording, mixing
  • Stuart Chatwood– bass, guitar, keyboards, harmonium, percussion, cover, conception
  • Jeff Burrows – drums, percussion, table, djembe

String quartet

  • Ligia Paquin – viola
  • François Pilon – violin
  • Benoit Loiselle – cello
  • Stéphanie Meyer – cello
  • Don Hachey – engineering
  • Nick Blagona – mixing
  • Nick Blagona – mastering
  • Antonie Moonen – design
  • James St Laurent – cover photography
  • David Giammarco– special thanks

Track listing:

  1. Touch
  2. Underground
  3. Great Big Life
  4. Heaven Coming Down
  5. The Halcyon Days
  6. The Messenger – Daniel Lanois
  7. Samsara
  8. A Slight Attack
  9. Taking Me Away
  10. These Living Arms
  11. Chimera
  12. Gone
  13. Untitled (hidden track)


In June 1964.

In June 1964, “Blue Note” label released “No Room for Squares”, the 21st Hank Mobley album. It was recorded March – October, 1963, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and was produced by Alfred Lion.


  • Hank Mobley– tenor saxophone
  • Lee Morgan– trumpet
  • Donald Byrd– trumpet
  • Andrew Hill– piano
  • Herbie Hancock– piano
  • John Ore– bass
  • Butch Warren– bass
  • Philly Joe Jones– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Hank Mobley except where noted.

  1. Three Way Split
  2. Carolyn – Lee Morgan
  3. Up a Step
  4. No Room for Squares
  5. Me ‘N’ You – Lee Morgan
  6. Old World, New Imports

On June 5, 2009.

On June 5, 2009, “RCA” label released “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”, the third Kasabian studio album. It was recorded 2008 – 2009, at “Orangutan Studios” in Greensboro, North Carolina, “E-Land Mig Studios” in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, “Lookout Studios” in San Francisco, California, and was produced by Dan the Automator and Sergio Pizzorno. In October 2009, it was voted the best album of the year by “Q” magazine.


  • Tom Meighan– lead vocals
  • Sergio Pizzorno– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, synths, programming
  • Chris Edwards– bass guitar
  • Ian Matthews– drums
  • Dan the Automator– additional programming
  • Jay Mehler– additional guitar
  • Tim Carter – additional guitar, keyboards, percussion
  • Daniel Ralph Martin – additional guitar, piano
  • Rosario Dawson– co-lead vocals
  • Ben Kealey– additional keyboards
  • Rosie Danvers – strings direction
  • Wired Strings – strings

Track listing:

All tracks by Sergio Pizzorno, except where noted.

  1. Underdog
  2. Where Did All the Love Go?
  3. Swarfiga
  4. Fast Fuse
  5. Take Aim
  6. Thick as Thieves
  7. West Ryder Silver Bullet
  8. Vlad the Impaler
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll the Dice
  10. Secret Alphabets – Sergio Pizzorno, Helmut Zacharias
  11. Fire
  12. Happiness

In May 1967.

In May 1967, “Atlantic” label released “Backlash”, the 14th Freddie Hubbard album. It was recorded in October 1966, at “Atlantic Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Arif Mardin.


  • Freddie Hubbard- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • James Spaulding- flute, alto saxophone
  • Albert Dailey- piano
  • Bob Cunningham- bass
  • Otis Ray Appleton– drums
  • Ray Barretto– percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Freddie Hubbard except where noted.

  1. Backlash – Donald Pickett
  2. The Return of the Prodigal Son – Harold Ousley
  3. Little Sunflower
  4. On the Que-Tee
  5. Up Jumped Spring
  6. Echoes of Blue – Bob Cunningham

On May 16, 2015.

On May 16, 2015, “MKC” and “Sixtynine” labels released “Jas sum zemja”, the debut Noviot Pochetok album. It was recorded October 2014 – February 2015, at “MarryPhat Studio” in Skopje, Macedonia, and was produced by Ivica Jankulovski Sthraf.


  • Filip Tasevski Fitz – vocals, guitar, cover art, cover photography
  • Nikola Isailovski Fat Cacko – vocals, guitar
  • Bojan Sandrevski – bass
  • Stefan Sajkovski Sajche – drums
  • Ivica Jankulovski Sthraf – engineer, mixing, mastering
  • Deni Krstev – editing
  • Stefan Rajhl – band photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Filip Tasevski Fitz except where noted.

  1. Jadi od leshot svoj
  2. Jas sum zemja
  3. Otrov – Filip Tasevski Fitz, Nikola Isailovski
  4. Staklenata gradina
  5. Za nea
  6. Propagja
  7. Rezervatot
  8. Utopija
  9. Osamenite
  10. Pepel i prav
  11. Paralelni svetovi
  12. 98%

On May 6, 2003.

On May 6, 2003, “Mint” and “Matador” labels released “Electric Version”, the second The New Pornographers studio album. It was recorded November 2001 – October 2002, and was produced by Neko Case, John Collins, Todd Fancey, Carl Newman, Blaine Thurier, Dan Bejar and Kurt Dahle.


  • Carl Newman– vocals, guitar, keyboards, melodeon
  • Neko Case– vocals
  • John Collins– bass, baritone guitar, keyboards
  • Blaine Thurier– keyboards
  • Kurt Dahle– drums, percussion, vocals, double bass
  • Todd Fancey– guitar, keyboards
  • Dan Bejar – vocals
  • Nora O’Connor– additional vocals
  • Tim Sars – saxophone
  • Monica Cattaway – violin
  • Nyla Rainey – cello
  • Howard Redekopp- engineering, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Carl Newman, except where noted.

  1. The Electric Version
  2. From Blown Speakers
  3. The Laws Have Changed
  4. The End of Medicine
  5. Loose Translation
  6. Chump Change – Dan Bejar
  7. All for Swinging You Around
  8. The New Face of Zero and One
  9. Testament to Youth in Verse – Dan Bejar
  10. It’s Only Divine Right
  11. Ballad of a Comeback Kid – Dan Bejar
  12. July Jones
  13. Miss Teen Wordpower


On May 3, 2005.

On May 3, 2005, “PI Recordings” label released “Spiritual Unity”, the 16th Marc Ribot album. It was recorded in October 2004, at “Orange Music Sound Studio” in West Orange, New Jersey, “Tonic” in New York City, and was produced by Marc Ribot.


  • Marc Ribot– guitar
  • Roy Campbell– trumpet, pocket trumpet
  • Henry Grimes– bass
  • Chad Taylor – drums

 Track listing:

All tracks by Albert Ayler.

  1. Invocation
  2. Spirits
  3. Truth Is Marching In
  4. Saints
  5. Bells