On December 30, 1982.

On December 30, 1982, “Geffen” label released “Beatitude” the debut Ric Ocasek album. It was recorded in 1982, at “Electric Lady Studios” and was produced by Ric Ocasek.


  • Ric Ocasek – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Jules Shear, Steve Cataldo, Antonio DePortago – vocals
  • Roger Greenawalt, Casey Lindström – guitar
  • Fuzzbee Morse– guitar, keyboards
  • Greg Hawkes– keyboards
  • Stephen Hague– keyboards
  • Akio Akashi, Darryl Jenifer– bass
  • Deric Dyer – saxophone
  • Stephen George, “Miss Linn” – drums
  • David Hegelmeier – tape operator
  • Ian Taylor – engineer
  • Walter Turbitt – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Jeri McManus – graphics, layout
  • Bob Carlos Clarke– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ric Ocasek, except where noted.

  1. Jimmy Jimmy
  2. Something to Grab For
  3. Prove
  4. I Can’t Wait
  5. Connect Up to Me
  6. A Quick One
  7. Out of Control – Ric Ocasek, Greg Hawkes
  8. Take a Walk
  9. Sneak Attack
  10. Time Bomb

Neil Young Trans

On December 29, 1982, “Geffen” label released “Trans”, the twelfth Neil Young studio album. It was recorded September 1981 – May 1982, at “Modern Recorders”, “Redwood City” in California, “Commercial Recorders” in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was produced by Neil Young, Tim Mulligan and David Briggs.


  • Neil Young– vocals, vocoder, guitars, bass, synclavier, electric piano
  • Nils Lofgren– guitars, piano, organ, electric piano, synclavier, backing vocals, vocoder
  • Ben Keith– pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
  • Frank Sampedro– guitars, stringman
  • Bruce Palmer, Billy Talbot– bass
  • Ralph Molina– drums, backing vocals
  • Joe Lala– percussion, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Little Thing Called Love
  2. Computer Age
  3. We R in Control
  4. Transformer Man
  5. Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher)
  6. Hold On to Your Love
  7. Sample and Hold
  8. Soul
  9. Like an Inca

Codeine Velvet Club: Same

On December 28, 2009, “Island” label released the self-titled, debut Codeine Velvet Club studio album. It was recorded in 2009, at “Terminal Music”, “Playground Studios” in Glasgow, “Angel Studios” in London, and was produced by Jon Lawler and Stuart McCreadie.


  • Jon Lawler– vocals, guitar, bass
  • Lou Hickey– vocals
  • Ross McFarlane – drums
  • Affy Ahmad – drums
  • Helen MacLeod – harp
  • Gospel Truth Choir
  • Ed McFarlane – double bass
  • Mick Cooke – trumpet
  • Allan Cuthbertson – piano
  • Will Foster– keys
  • Lewis Gordon – bass
  • Rick Wentworth – conductor
  • Perry Montague-Mason – string leader
  • Derek Watkins– trumpet
  • Mark Nightingale – trombone
  • Mick Cooke – archestral arrangements
  • Tony Hoffer- mixing
  • Stuart McCredie – engineer
  • Niall McMenamin – engineer assistant
  • Ian Cooper – mastering
  • Lucy Whalley – assistant musicians’ contractor
  • Grant @ Infinite Thrill – design, logo, photography
  • Jay Brooks – band portrait

Track listing:

  1. Hollywood – Jon Lawler, Lou Hickey
  2. Vanity Kills – Jon Lawler, Lou Hickey
  3. Time – Jon Lawler, Lou Hickey
  4. The Black Roses – Jon Lawler, Lou Hickey
  5. Little Sister – Jon Lawler
  6. Nevada – Jon Lawler, Will Foster
  7. Reste Avec Moi – Jon Lawler, Lou Hickey
  8. I Would Send You Roses – Jon Lawler
  9. Like a Full Moon – Jon Lawler
  10. Begging Bowl Blues – Jon Lawler
  11. I Am the Resurrection (bonus track) – Ian Brown, John Squire


Curtis Mayfield

On December 26, 1999, Curtis Lee Mayfield died aged 57. He was  musician (guitar, keyboards, piano), singer, songwriter and record producer, regarded as one of the most influential musicians and composers in soul and politically conscious African-American music. Mayfield started the career in a gospel choir, gained wide recognition as member and main composer of The Impressions, and later had a successful solo career. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked his 1965 song “People Get Ready” at number 24 on its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. The same song was also included in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll”, and in 1998 was inducted into the “Grammy Hall of Fame”. His album with the soundtrack for the 1972 movie “Super Fly”  was ranked at number 72 on “Rolling Stone’s” list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.  In 1994, Mayfield won a “Grammy Legend Award” in and a “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award” in 1995. In 1991, he was inductee into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” as a member of the Impressions, and in 1999 as a solo artist.

Chantal Kreviazuk: What If It All Means Something

On December 24, 2002, “Columbia” label released “What If It All Means Something”, the third Chantal Kreviazuk album. It was recorded in 2002, and was produced by Gregg Wattenberg.


  • Chantal Kreviazuk – vocals, piano, keyboards, arranger
  • Gerry Leonard – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Sherrod Barnes – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Jamie Edwards – acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards
  • Gregg Wattenberg – acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin
  • Jeff Allen – bass guitar
  • Shawn Pelton- percussion, drums
  • John Kalodner – voices
  • Mary Whitaker, Krystof Witek, Paul Woodiel, Mary Rowell, Todd Reynolds, Joyce Hammann, Conrad Harris – violin
  • Avril Brown, Cenovia Cummins, Sylvia Davanzo – violin
  • Ralph Farris – viola, conductor
  • David Gold, Adam Hyman, Conway Kuo – viola
  • Victor Lawrence, Dorothy Lawson, Adam Grabois – cello
  • Michelle Branch- backing vocals
  • Gerald Eaton, Jamie Edwards, Ralph Farris, Brian West – arranger
  • Shawn Pelton – programming
  • Ross Petersen, Brian Scheuble, Gregg Wattenberg, Chuck Zwicky – engineer
  • Peter Doris, Ricardo Fernandez, Femio Hernández, Claudius Mittendorfer, Ross Petersen – engineer assistant
  • Tom Lord-Alge, Brian Malouf – mixing
  • Dave Donelly – mastering
  • Gail Marowitz – art direction
  • Michelle Holme – design
  • Raphael Mazzucco – photography

Track listing:

  1. In This Life – Chantal Kreviazuk
  2. Time – Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Gregg Wattenberg
  3. What If It All Means Something – Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
  4. Julia – Chantal Kreviazuk, J. O’Brien
  5. Flying Home (Brenda’s Song) – Chantal Kreviazuk
  6. Weight of the World – Chantal Kreviazuk
  7. Waiting – Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
  8. Ready for Your Love – Chantal Kreviazuk, Gerald Eaton, Prophet B.W. West
  9. Morning Light – Chantal Kreviazuk
  10. Miss April – Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
  11. Turn the Page – Chantal Kreviazuk

William Guest

On December 24, 2015, William Franklin Guest died aged 74. He was singer, best known as member of Gladys Knight & the Pips. His vocal can be heard on all of the group’s major hits, including “Midnight Train To Georgia”, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Neither One Of Us”. In 1996, Guest was inducted to the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” with Gladys Knight & the Pips.

Ray Collins

On December 24, 2012, Ray Collins died aged 76. He was musician (harmonica, tambourine) and singer, best known as member of The Mothers of Invention. Collins was the lead vocalist on most songs for their early albums, including “Freak Out!”, “Absolutely Free”, “Cruising with Ruben & the Jets” and “Uncle Meat”. In 1968 he quit The Mothers of Invention, but continued to contribute to other Frank Zappa projects in the 70s.

Durutti Column: Obey the Time

In December 1990, “Factory” label released “Obey the Time”, the eighth Durutti Column studio album. It was recorded in 1990, in Manchester, and was produced by Vini Reilly.


  • Vini Reilly – vocals, guitar, bass, piano
  • Keir Stewart – bass, keyboards, harmonica
  • Bruce Mitchell – drums
  • Paul Miller – programming, engineer
  • Andy Robinson – programming, engineer
  • 8vo – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Vini Reilly

  1. Vino Della Casa Bianco
  2. Hotel of the Lake 1990
  3. Fridays
  4. Home
  5. Art and Freight
  6. Spanish Reggae
  7. Neon
  8. The Warmest Rain
  9. Contra-Indications
  10. Vino Della Casa Rosso

Front Line Assembly: The Initial Command

In December 1987, “KK” label released “The Initial Command”, the debut Front Line Assembly studio album. It was recorded in 1987, and was produced by Bill Leeb and Michael Balch.


  • Bill Leeb– vocals, engineer
  • Michael Balch, Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson– mixing
  • Carylann Loeppky – cover art
  • David Rosychuk – design, artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Leeb, except where noted.

  1. The State – Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber
  2. Insanity Lurks Nearby
  3. Casualties – Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber
  4. Ausgang Zum Himmel – Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber
  5. Nine Times
  6. Black March
  7. No Control
  8. Slaughterhouse