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In May 1972.

In May 1972, “Warner Bros” label released “Everything Stops for Tea”, the seventh John Baldry album. It was recorded January – February 1972, at “I.B.C.” and “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Elton John and Rod Stewart.


  • John Baldry – vocals, guitar
  • Elton John – piano, backing vocals
  • Rod Stewart – banjo, backing vocals
  • Madeline Bell – vocals
  • Doris Troy – vocals
  • Liza Strike – vocals
  • Barry St. John – vocals
  • James Litherland – guitar
  • Bob Weston – guitar
  • Davey Johnstone – guitar
  • Sam Mitchell – steel guitar
  • Ian Armit – keyboards
  • Jimmy Horowitz – keyboards
  • Stefan Delft – viola
  • Richard Brown – bass guitar
  • Bill Smith – bass guitar
  • John Porter – bass guitar
  • Klaus Voormann – bass
  • John Dentith – drums
  • Nigel Olsson – drums
  • Terry Stannard – drums
  • Micky Waller – percussion
  • Ray Cooper – percussion
  • Ronnie Wood – cover drawing

Track listing:

  1. Intro: Come Back Again – Ross Wilson
  2. Seventh Son – Willie Dixon
  3. Wild Mountain Thyme – traditional; arranged by John Baldry, Davey Johnstone
  4. Iko Iko – Sharon Jones, Jesse Thomas, Joe Jones, Mary Lynn Jones
  5. Jubilee Cloud – John Kongos, Peter Leroy
  6. Everything Stops for Tea – Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman, Maurice Sigler
  7. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover – Willie Dixon
  8. Mother Ain’t Dead – traditional
  9. Hambone – Sam Mitchell
  10. Lord Remember Me – Myrtle Jackson
  11. Armit’s Trousers – Ian Armit

On November 17, 1978.

On November 17, 1978, “Warner Bros” label released “From the Inside”, the fourth Alice Cooper album. It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by David Foster.


  • Alice Cooper – vocals
  • Dick Wagner– lead guitar
  • David Foster– keyboards
  • Davey Johnstone– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • David Hungate– bass
  • Dee Murray– bass
  • Dennis Conway – drums
  • Fred Mandel– keyboards
  • John Pierce – bass
  • Jim Keltner– percussion
  • Jay Graydon– guitar, synthesizer programming
  • Lee Sklar– bass
  • Michael Ricciardella – drums
  • Marcy Levy– vocals
  • Steve Lukather– guitar
  • Steve Porcaro– synthesizer programming
  • Robbie King – keyboards
  • Rick Shlosser– drums
  • Michael Ricciardella – drums
  • Rick Nielsen– guitar
  • Bill Champlin, Kiki Dee, Flo & Eddie, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Sheryl Cooper, The Totally Committed Choir – backing v

Track listing:

.All lyrics by Alice Cooper and Bernie Taupin; all music by Cooper and Dick Wagner, except where noted.

  1. From the Inside – Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, Dick Wagner, David Foster
  2. Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills
  3. The Quiet Room
  4. Nurse Rozetta – Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, David Foster
  5. Millie and Billie – Alice Cooper, Bruce Roberts
  6. Serious – Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, David Foster, Steve Lukather
  7. How You Gonna See Me Now
  8. For Veronica’s Sake
  9. Jackknife Johnny
  10. Inmates (We’re All Crazy)


In December 1982.

In December 1982, “Capitol” label released “The Distance”, the twelfth Bob Seger studio album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Jimmy Iovine.


  • Bob Seger- vocals, guitar
  • Roy Bittan– piano
  • Michael Boddicker- synthesizer
  • Bill Payne- synthesizer, keyboards
  • Craig Frost- keyboards
  • Barry Beckett- keyboards
  • Randy McCormick– keyboards
  • Drew Abbott– guitar
  • Waddy Wachtel– guitar
  • Davey Johnstone – guitar
  • Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar– guitar
  • Pete Carr- guitar
  • Don Felder– guitar
  • David Hood- bass
  • Chris Campbell – bass
  • Roger Hawkins- drums
  • Russ Kunkel– drums
  • Bobbye Hall- percussion
  • Alto Reed- saxophone
  • Glenn Frey- harmony vocals
  • Bonnie Raitt- harmony vocals
  • Ginger Blake, Joan Sliwin, Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard, Shaun Murphy- background vocals
  • Shelly Yakus – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Seger, except where noted.

  1. Even Now
  2. Makin’ Thunderbirds
  3. Boomtown Blues
  4. Shame on the Moon – Rodney Crowell
  5. Love’s the Last to Know
  6. Roll Me Away
  7. House Behind a House
  8. Comin’ Home
  9. Little Victories

In November 1972.

In November 1972, “A&M” label released “Whatever’s for Us”, the debut Joan Armatrading album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Château d’Hérouville” in France, “Trident Studios” and “Marquee Studios” in London, and was produced by Gus Dudgeon. The album was collaboration between Joan Armatrading and singer-songwriter Pam Nestor.


  • Joan Armatrading – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, harmonium
  • Davey Johnstone- guitars, sitar
  • Larry Steele – bass guitar
  • Chris Hughes – saxophone
  • Gerry Conway, Henry Spinetti– drums
  • Ray Cooper– percussion, vibes
  • Robin Geoffrey Cable, Ken Scott, Roy Baker, Phil Dunne – engineers
  • Del Newman – string, horns arrangements
  • Chris Hughes – brass arrangements
  • John Hays – art direction
  • Sumiko Davies – cover design
  • Derek Davies – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Joan Armatrading and Pam Nestor, except where noted.

  1. My Family
  2. City Girl – Joan Armatrading
  3. Spend a Little Time – Joan Armatrading
  4. Whatever’s for Us, for Us
  5. Child Star
  6. Visionary Mountains
  7. It Could Have Been Better
  8. Head of the Table
  9. Mister Remember Me
  10. Gave It a Try
  11. Alice
  12. Conversation – Joan Armatrading
  13. Mean Old Man
  14. All the King’s Gardens


In June 1974.

In June 1974, “Asylum” label released “Land’s End”, the fifth Jimmy Webb album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Jimmy Webb.


  • Jimmy Webb – vocals, keyboards
  • Jim Ryan – guitar
  • Paul Keogh – guitar
  • Fred Tackett– guitar
  • Dean Parks– guitar
  • J. Cole– steel guitar
  • Davey Johnstone– mandolin
  • Phillip Goodhand-Tait– keyboards
  • David Hentschel– synthesizer
  • Tom Scott– saxophone
  • Brian Hodges – bass
  • Dee Murray– bass
  • Barry DeSouza – drums
  • Nigel Olsson– drums
  • Ringo Starr– drums
  • Susan Webb – vocals
  • Joni Mitchell– vocals
  • Bob Fisher – mastering
  • Richie Unterberger – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Jimmy Webb.

  1. Ocean in His Eyes
  2. Feet in the Sunshine
  3. Cloudman
  4. Lady Fits Her Blue Jeans
  5. Just This One Time
  6. Crying in My Sleep
  7. It’s a Sin
  8. Alyce Blue Gown
  9. Land’s End/ Asleep on the Wind

In April 1981.

In April 1981, “Epic” label released “Bad for Good”, the first Jim Steinman album. It was recorded August 1980-March 1981, and was produced by John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman and Jimmy Iovine.


  • Jim Steinman– lead vocals, spoken word, keyboards
  • Rory Dodd– lead and backing vocals
  • Karla DeVito– lead vocals
  • Todd Rundgren– guitars, backing vocals
  • Davey Johnstone– guitars, mandolin
  • Roy Bittan– piano
  • Steven Margoshes– piano, conductor, string arrangement
  • Roger Powell– synthesizer
  • Larry “Synergy” Fast– synthesizer
  • Kasim Sulton– bass; backing vocals
  • Steve Buslowe– bass
  • Neil Jason– bass
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Allan Schwartzberg– drums
  • Joe Stefko– drums
  • Jimmy Maelen– percussion
  • Alan Rubin– trumpet
  • Tom Malone– horn arrangements, trombone
  • Lew Del Gatto– baritone sax
  • Lou Marini– tenor sax
  • Ellen Foley– backing vocals
  • Eric Troyer– backing vocals
  • Will Malone– string arrangement
  • Roy Bittan, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman – arranger
  • Charles Calello– conductor
  • Tom Edmonds, John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Gray Russell, Shelly Yakus – engineer
  • John Jansen – mixing
  • Greg Calbi, Ted Jensen, George Marino – mastering
  • Gray Russell – production coordination
  • John Berg – art direction
  • Jim Steinman – cover art concept
  • Richard Corben – cover art
  • Don Hunstein – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Steinman.

  1. Bad for Good
  2. Lost Boys and Golden Girls
  3. Love and Death and an American Guitar
  4. Stark Raving Love
  5. Out of the Frying Pan (And into the Fire)
  6. Surf’s Up
  7. Dance in My Pants
  8. Left in the Dark

On June 28, 1974.


On June 28, 1974, “Island” label released “Caribou”, the eight Elton John album. It was recorded in January 1974, at “Caribou Ranch”, in Nederland, Colorado and “Brother Studios” in Santa Monica, California, and was produced by Gus Dudgeon. In 1993, the album was certified 2 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”. .


  • Elton John– vocals, pianos, organ
  • Davey Johnstone– acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Dee Murray– bass guitar, phased Pignose bass, backing vocals
  • Nigel Olsson– drums, backing vocals
  • Ray Cooper– tambourine, congas, whistle, vibes, snare, castanets, watergong, tubular bells, maracas
  • Bruce Johnston– backing vocals
  • Carl Wilson– backing vocals
  • Clydie King,Sherlie Matthews, Jessie Mae Smith, Dusty Springfield, Toni Tennille, Billy Hinsche – additional backing vocals
  • Tower of Power- horn section
  • David Hentschel– ARP synthesizer; mellotron
  • Lenny Pickett– tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; clarinet
  • Chester D. Thompson –Hammond organ
  • Daryl Dragon, Davey Johnstone, Del Newman – arranger
  • Clive Franks, David Hentschel – engineer
  • Peter Kelsey – assistant engineer
  • John Tobler – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, except where noted.

  1. The Bitch Is Back
  2. PinkyGrimsby
  3. Dixie Lily
  4. Solar Prestige a Gammon
  5. You’re So Static
  6. I’ve Seen the Saucers
  7. Stinker
  8. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
  9. Ticking

On May 30, 1983.

Too Low for Zero

On May 30, 1983, “Geffen” label released “Too Low for Zero” the seventeenth Elton John album. It was recorded September 1982 – January 1983 at Montserrat, and was produced by Chris Thomas. The album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Elton John – lead and backing vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Davey Johnstone– guitars, backing vocals
  • Dee Murray– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Nigel Olsson– drums, backing vocals
  • Ray Cooper– percussion
  • Stevie Wonder– harmonica
  • Skaila Kanga– harp
  • Kiki Dee– backing vocals
  • James Newton-Howard– string arrangements

Track listing:

All music by Elton John, except where noted, all lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

  1. Cold as Christmas (In the Middle of the Year)
  2. I’m Still Standing
  3. Too Low for Zero
  4. Religion
  5. I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – nusic by John, Davey Johnstone
  6. Crystal
  7. Kiss the Bride
  8. Whipping Boy
  9. Saint
  10. One More Arrow

On May 19, 1975.


On May 19, 1975, “DJM” label released “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy”, the ninth Elton John studio album. It was recorded June–July 1974, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, Colorado, and was produced by Gus Dudgeon. In 1993, the album was certified 3 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” at number 158 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Elton John– vocals, acoustic and electric pianos, clavinet, mellotron, ARP String Ensemble synthesizer, harpsichord
  • Davey Johnstone– acoustic, electric and Leslie guitars, mandolin, piano , backing vocals
  • Dee Murray– bass, backing vocals
  • Nigel Olsson– drums, backing vocals
  • Ray Cooper– shaker, congas, gong, jawbone, tambourine, bells, bell tree, cymbals, triangle, bongos
  • David Hentschel– ARP synthesizer
  • Gene Page– orchestral arrangement
  • Jeff Guercio – engineer
  • Mark Guercio – assistant engineer
  • Gus Dudgeon, Phil Dunne – remix
  • David Larkham – art direction, graphic concept
  • Bernie Taupin – art direction, graphic concept
  • Alan Aldridge – cover design
  • David Larkham – package design
  • Alan Aldridge – illustration

Track listing:

All tracks by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, except where noted.

  1. Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
  2. Tower of Babel
  3. Bitter Fingers
  4. Tell Me When the Whistle Blows
  5. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
  6. (Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket
  7. Better Off Dead
  8. Writing
  9. We All Fall in Love Sometimes
  10. Curtains


On May 19, 1972.


On May 19, 1972, “DJM” label released “Honky Château”, the fifth Elton John studio album. It was recorded in January 1972, at “Château d’Hérouville” in Hérouville, France, and was produced by Gus Dudgeon. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Honky Château” at number 357 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 1995, the album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Elton John– vocals, piano , organ
  • Davey Johnstone– guitars, banjo, steel guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Dee Murray– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Nigel Olsson– drums, congas, tambourine, backing vocals
  • Jason Barnhart – trumpet
  • Jacques Bolognesi – trombone
  • Jean-Louis Chautemps, Alain Hatot – saxophones
  • Jean-Luc Ponty– electric violin
  • Legs” Larry Smith– tap dance, mastering
  • David Hentschel– ARP synthesizer
  • Ray Cooper– congas
  • Gus Dudgeon– rhino whistle and backing vocals
  • Madeline Bell, Liza Strike, Larry Steel,Tony Hazzard – backing vocals
  • Gus Dudgeon – brass arrangements
  • Ken Scott – enginee
  • Tony Cousins – remaastering
  • Gus Skinas – editing
  • Ed Caraeff – cover photographyr

Track listing:

All tracks by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

  1. Honky Cat
  2. Mellow
  3. I Think I’m Going to Kill Myself
  4. Susie (Dramas)
  5. Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)
  6. Salvation
  7. Slave
  8. Amy
  9. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
  10. Hercules