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On July 30, 2001.

On July 30, 2001, “RCA” label released “Is This It” the debut Strokes album. It was recorded March – April 2001, at “Transporterraum” in New York City, and was produced by Gordon Raphael. The album was certified 2 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Platinum in Denmark by “IFPI Denmark”, Platinum in Sweden by “GLF”, 2 x Platinum in the UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Julian Casablancas– vocals
  • Nick Valensi– guitar
  • Albert Hammond Jr.– guitar
  • Nikolai Fraiture– bass
  • Fabrizio Moretti– drums
  • P. Bowersock– consultation
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Colin Lane – photography (outside of North America)

Track listing:

All tracks by Julian Casablancas.

  1. Is This It
  2. The Modern Age
  3. Soma
  4. Barely Legal
  5. Someday
  6. Alone, Together
  7. Last Nite
  8. Hard to Explain
  9. New York City Cops
  10. Trying Your Luck
  11. Take It or Leave It

On July 29, 1986.

On July 29, 1986, “Family Productions” and “Columbia” labels released “The Bridge”, the tenth Billy Joel studio album. It was recorded 1985 – 1986, at “The Power Station”, “Chelsea Sound”, “RCA Studios”, in New York City and “Evergreen Studios”, in Burbank, California, and was produced by Phil Ramone. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, 2 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and 2 x Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Billy Joel– lead and backing vocals, acoustic piano, synthesizers, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes
  • Ray Charles– acoustic piano, lead vocals
  • David Brown – guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
  • Russell Javors– guitar
  • Liberty DeVitto– drums, percussion
  • Doug Stegmeyer– bass guitar
  • Mark Rivera– tenor and alto saxophone
  • Rob Mounsey– synthesizer, orchestration
  • Jeff Bova– synthesizer, orchestration
  • Steve Winwood– Hammond B3 organ
  • Dean Parks– guitar
  • John McCurry– guitar
  • Neil Stubenhaus– bass guitar
  • Ron Carter– acoustic bass
  • Neil Jason– bass guitar
  • Vinnie Colaiuta– drums
  • Jimmy Bralower – percussion
  • Eddie Daniels– alto saxophone
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • Ronnie Cuber– baritone saxophone
  • Dave Bargeron– trombone
  • Marvin Stamm– trumpet
  • Alan Rubin– trumpet
  • Don Brooks– harmonica
  • Patrick Williams– arrangements
  • Philippe Saisse– orchestration
  • Peter Hewlett – backing vocals
  • Cyndi Lauper– harmony vocals
  • Joseph D’Ambrosio – production coordinator
  • Jim Boyer – engineer
  • Steve Boyer, David Dickson, Bradshaw Leigh, Fred Tenny – engineer assistant
  • Ricki Begin, Peter Bergren, Mark Betts, Steve Buller, Cary Butler, Gary Ciuzio, Ed Evans, Bruce Howell, Joe Lopes, Frank Rodriguez, Billy Rothschild, Joe Salvatto, Audrey Tanaka, Phil Vachon – technical support
  • Ted Jensen– mixing
  • Mark Larson – design
  • Brad Holland – cover painting
  • Patrick Demarchelier – photography
  • Larry Busacca, Phil Ramone, Charles Reilly – sleeve photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Joel, except where noted.

  1. Running on Ice
  2. This Is the Time
  3. A Matter of Trust
  4. Modern Woman
  5. Baby Grand
  6. Big Man on Mulberry Street
  7. Temptation
  8. Code of Silence – Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper
  9. Getting Closer

On July 12, 2005.

On July 12, 2005, “ANTI” label released “Belladonna”, the eleventh Daniel Lanois album. It was recorded in 2005, in Toronto, Canada, and was produced by Daniel Lanois.


  • Daniel Lanois- pedal steel guitar
  • Malcolm Burn- keyboards, guitar
  • Aaron Embry- piano, guitar
  • Brad Mehldau- piano
  • Bill Dillon – guitar
  • Daryl Johnson- bass
  • Brian Blade- drums
  • Victor Indrizzo- drums
  • Gilbert Castellanos – trumpet
  • Michael Dessen – trombone
  • Adam Samuels – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Daniel Lanois.

  1. Two Worlds
  2. Sketches
  3. Oaxaca
  4. Agave
  5. Telco
  6. Desert Rose
  7. Carla
  8. The Deadly Nightshade
  9. Dusty
  10. Frozen
  11. Panorama
  12. Flametop Green
  13. Todos Santos

On July 6, 2004.

On July 6, 2004, “Maple Music Recordings” label released “Star Trails”, the twelve Spirit of the West album. It was recorded 2003 – 2004, at “Cold Creek Studios”, “Greenhouse Studios Inc.”, “Thunder Child Studio” in Canada, and was produced by John Mann, Geoffrey Kelly, Hugh McMillan, Vince R. Ditrich, Tobin ‘Gull’ Frank,


  • John Mann – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Geoffrey Kelly – vocals, flute, whistle, guitar, arrangements
  • Hugh McMillan – bass, mandolin, guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, piano, arrangements, engineer, editing, mixing
  • Vince R. Ditrich – vocals, drums, percussion, arrangements, editing, mixing
  • Tobin ‘Gull’ Frank – vocals, piano, organ, accordion, arrangements
  • Oliver Schroer – violin
  • Colleen Eccleston – vocals
  • Alan Stokes, Jay Evjen, Scotte Cooke – backing vocals
  • Alec Watson – accordion, engineer
  • Steven Drake – vibraphone, engineer
  • Krischan Grohne – backing vocals, engineer
  • Chris “Professor Higgins” Hibbins – engineer
  • Ricardo Almeida – engineer, technician
  • Allan Rodger – engineer, technician
  • Andrew M. White – engineer
  • Michael Donegani – backing vocals, assistant engineer
  • Julian Bakker – assistant engineer
  • Brandon Cherrington – mixing
  • Jeff Sitar – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly.

  1. Small, Small World
  2. Waiting for Martin
  3. Come Back Oscar
  4. July
  5. The Wedding Speech (Drink and Be Merry)
  6. Out of the Boy
  7. Be a Guy
  8. Enough, Already Alright (Hello Cleveland)
  9. King of Scotland
  10. Morning in the Bath Abbey

On June 20, 1995.

On June 20, 1995, “Warner Music Canada” label released “Two Headed”, the eight Spirit of the West album. It was recorded in 1995, at “Mushroom Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by Ken Marshall, Linda McRae, Hugh McMillan, Vince Ditrich, Geoffrey Kelly, and John Mann.


  • Linda McRae – vocals, accordion, organ, bass, chrome fire hydrant, arrangements
  • John Mann – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Hugh McMillan – vocals, electric guitar, E-Bow, banjo, Hammond B3 organ, bass, pedal steel guitar, trombone, arrangements
  • Vince Ditrich – vocals, shaker, tambourine, claves, triangle, red fire extinguisher, Black and Decker drill, inder block, glockenspiel, E-Bow, refreshments, arrangements
  • Geoffrey Kelly – vocals, guitar, flute, whistle, harmonica, dremel, arrangements
  • Pete Wonsiak – engineer
  • Ken Marshall – recording engineer, mixing
  • Brian K. Lee – mastering
  • Chris Dahl, Marty Dolan – art direction, design
  • Raeanne Holoboff – photograph

Track listing:

All tracks by Geoffrey Kelly and John Mann.

  1. Wishing Line
  2. Blood and Honey
  3. Tell Me What I Think
  4. Never Had it in Me
  5. Scaffolding
  6. Two-Headed
  7. Unplugged
  8. Mildred
  9. Pretend is Fun
  10. Can’t Accept the Saint
  11. Pin-Up Boy


In June 1974.

In June 1974, “Nine Records” label released “Child of the Novelty”, the second Mahogany Rush studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Tempo Studios” in Montreal, Canada, and was produced by Frank Marino.


  • Frank Marino– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Paul Harwood – acoustic and electric bass
  • Jimmy Ayoub – drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Marino.

  1. Look Outside
  2. Thru the Milky Way
  3. Talkin’ ’bout a Feelin’
  4. Child of the Novelty
  5. Makin’ My Wave
  6. A New Rock and Roll
  7. Changing
  8. Plastic Man
  9. Guitwar
  10. Chains of (S)pace

On May 20, 1997.

On May 20, 1997, “Roswell” and “Capitol” labels released “The Colour and the Shape”, the second Foo Fighters studio album. It was recorded November 1996 – February 1997, at “Bear Creek” in Woodinville, WA. “WGNS” in Washington, D.C., “Grandmaster Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Gil Norton. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in USA by “RIAA”.


  • Dave Grohl– lead vocals, guitar, drums, art direction
  • Pat Smear– guitar, art direction
  • Nate Mendel– bass, art direction
  • William Goldsmith– drums
  • Taylor Hawkins– drums
  • Lance Bangs, Chris Bilheimer, Ryan Boesch – handclaps
  • Louise Post- backing vocals
  • Bradley Cook, Geoff Turner – engineering
  • Ryan Boesch, Todd Burke, Don Farwell, Ryan Hadlock, Jason Mauza – assistant engineering
  • Chris Sheldon– mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Bradley Cook, Geoff Turner – recording technicians
  • Jeffery Fey – art direction, design
  • Tommy Steele – art direction
  • George Mimnaugh – design
  • Andy Engel – logo design
  • Josh Kessler – photography

 Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear except where noted.

  1. Doll
  2. Monkey Wrench
  3. Hay, Johnny Park!
  4. My Poor Brain
  5. Wind Up
  6. Up in Arms
  7. My Hero
  8. See You
  9. Enough Space – Dave Grohl
  10. February Stars
  11. Everlong – Dave Grohl
  12. Walking After You – Dave Grohl
  13. New Way Home

On January 30, 2001.

On January 30, 2001, “Justin Time” label released “Basics”, the 86th Paul Bley album. It was recorded on July 4, 2000 at “Studio Tempo” in Montreal, Canada, and was produced by Jim West.


  • Paul Bley – piano

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Bley except where noted.

  1. Love Lost
  2. Basics
  3. Speed Kills
  4. Told You So
  5. Lucky
  6. Chet
  7. Walk Home
  8. Blues Waltz
  9. Monk’s Mood – Thelonious Monk
  10. Early Alben
  11. Startled

On December 20, 1979.

On December 20, 1979, “Hansa” label released (Japan, Canada and Germany) “Quiet Life”, the third Japan studio album. It was recorded in June 1979, at “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by John Punter, Simon Napier-Bell, David Sylvian, Rob Dean, Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn and Steve Jansen.


  • David Sylvian– lead vocals, guitar
  • Rob Dean– guitar, backing vocals
  • Richard Barbieri– synthesizer, keyboards
  • Mick Karn– bass, saxophone, flute, backing vocals
  • Steve Jansen– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Ann Odell – orchestralarrangements
  • Martyn Ford– orchestral conduction
  • John Punter – engineering
  • Colin Fairley – engineering
  • Keith Bessey – engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by David Sylvian, except where noted.

  1. Quiet Life
  2. Fall in Love With Me
  3. Despair
  4. In Vogue
  5. Halloween
  6. All Tomorrow’s Parties – Lou Reed
  7. Alien
  8. The Other Side of Life


On December 13, 2004.

On December 13, 2004, “Relentless Records” label released “Eye to the Telescope”, the debut KT Tunstall studio album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Nam Studios” in Bath, UK, and was produced by Steve Osborne, Andy Green and Martin Terefe. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, 5 x Platinum in Ireland by “IRMA”, Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”, 5 x Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • KT Tunstall – vocals, guitar, wurlitzer, pianet, Shelltone horn, piano, Doepfer bass, chimes, percussion
  • Steve Osborne– shelltone horn, bass, guitar, percussion, moog synthesizer, background vocals, audio mixing
  • Arnulf Lindner – double bass, bass guitar, baritone guitar
  • Luke Bullen– drums, percussion, cajon
  • Martin Terefe – keyboards
  • Ian Burdge – cello

Track listing:

All tracks by KT Tunstall, except where noted.

  1. Other Side of the World – KT Tunstall, Martin Terefe
  2. Another Place to Fall
  3. Under the Weather – KT Tunstall, Tommy D
  4. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
  5. Miniature Disasters
  6. Silent Sea – KT Tunstall, Jimmy Hogarth
  7. Universe & U – KT Tunstall, Pleasure
  8. False Alarm – KT Tunstall, Martin Terefe
  9. Suddenly I See
  10. Stoppin’ the Love – KT Tunstall, Tommy D
  11. Heal Over
  12. Through the Dark – KT Tunstall, Martin Terefe