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On October 23, 1982.

On October 23, 1982, “RCA” label released “Deliver Us from Evil”, the tenth Budgie album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Don Smith.


  • Duncan Mackay– keyboards
  • Burke Shelley– vocals, bass
  • John Thomas – guitar
  • Steve Williams– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Burke Shelley and John Thomas, except where noted.

  1. Bored with Russia – Bo Hill
  2. Don’t Cry
  3. Truth Drug
  4. Young Girl – Mason, Grieves
  5. Flowers in the Attic
  6. O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City)
  7. Give Me the Truth
  8. Alison – Burke Shelley
  9. Finger on the Button
  10. Hold On to Love



In October 1982.

In October 1982, “Naïve Records” label released “Enter K”, the eleventh Peter Hammill studio album. It was recorded in 1982, at “Sofa Sound” in Wiltshire, “Crescent Studios” in Bath, and was produced by Peter Hammill.


  • Peter Hammill – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • John Ellis- lead guitar
  • Nic Potter– bass
  • Guy Evans– drums
  • David Jackson– saxophone
  • David Lord – engineer
  • Steve Byrne, Valerie Hawthorn – artwork
  • Jo Swan – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill.

  1. Paradox Drive
  2. The Unconscious Life
  3. Accidents
  4. The Great Experiment
  5. Don’t Tell Me
  6. She Wraps It Up
  7. Happy Hour

On September 20, 1982.

On September 20, 1982, “Animal Records” label released “Miami”, the second Gun Club studio album. It was recorded in June 1982, at “Blank Tape Studios” in New York, and was produced by Chris Stein.


  • Jeffrey Lee Pierce- vocals, guitar, piano, lead guitar
  • Ward Dotson – lead guitar, background vocals
  • Rob Ritter– bass
  • Terry Graham – drums
  • H. Laurence, Jr.(Debbie Harry) – backing vocals
  • Walter Steding – fiddle
  • Chris Stein– bongos
  • Mark Tomeo – steel guitar
  • Joe Arlotta – session engineer
  • Butch Jones – mixing engineer
  • Chris D.- cover photographs, original design

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeffrey Lee Pierce except where noted.

  1. Carry Home
  2. Like Calling Up Thunder
  3. Brother and Sister
  4. Run Through the Jungle – John Fogerty
  5. A Devil in the Woods
  6. Texas Serenade
  7. Watermelon Man – Ward Dotson, Jeffrey Lee Pierce
  8. Bad Indian
  9. John Hardy – traditional; arranged by Jeffrey Lee Pierce
  10. Fire of Love – Jody Reynolds, Stordivant Sonya
  11. Sleeping in Blood City
  12. Mother of Earth

On June 14, 2016.

On June 14, 2016, Henry Campbell Liken McCullough died aged 72. He was guitarist, singer and songwriter, who has worked with many famous musicians including Joe Cocker, George Harrison, Roy Harper, Frankie Miller, Eric Burdon, Marianne Faithful, Ronnie Lane, Donovan, Bobby Harrison, Steve Marriot, Time Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. McCullough was member of Spooky Tooth, The Grease Band, Dr. Feelgood and Wings.

He released five solo albums and one EP:

  • Mind Your Own Business- 1975
  • All Shook Up – 1982 (EP)
  • Hell of A Record- May 1984
  • Cut- 1987
  • Get In The Hole– 1989  (live)
  • Blue Sunset- 1998


On June 12, 2018.

On June 12, 2018, Philip John “Jon” Hiseman died aged 73. He was musician,  recording engineer, record producer and music publisher, regarded as one of the best and most influential drummers in the history of the rock music. He has worked with many famous musicians and bands including Jack Bruce, John Mayall, Tempest, United Jazz + Rock Ensemble, JCM, but was best known as founding member and drummer of Colosseum. Hiseman released two solo albums:

  • A Night in the Sun– 1982
  • About Time Too!– 1991


In February 1983.

In February 1983, “Chrysalis” label released “Waiting”, the second and the final Fun Boy Three studio album. It was recorded October – December 1982, at “Wessex Sound Studios” in London, and was produced by David Byrne.


  • Terry Hall- vocals
  • Neville Staple- percussion, vocals
  • Lynval Golding- guitar, vocals
  • David Byrne- guitar, mixing
  • Nicky Holland – keyboards, vocals, arranger
  • Ingrid Schroeder – vocals
  • Bethan Peters – bass guitar, vocals
  • June Miles-Kingston- drums, vocals
  • Dick Cuthell– cornet
  • Annie Whitehead– trombone
  • Caroline Lavelle– cello
  • Geraldo d’Arbilly – percussion
  • Jeremy Green – engineer, mixing
  • David Storey – design
  • Mike Owen – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Terry Hall, Neville Staple and Lynval Golding, except where noted.

  1. Murder She Said – Ron Goodwin
  2. The More I See (The Less I Believe)
  3. Going Home
  4. We’re Having All The Fun
  5. The Farmyard Connection
  6. The Tunnel of Love
  7. Our Lips Are Sealed – Terry Hall, Jane Wiedlin
  8. The Pressure of Life (Takes the Weight Off the Body)
  9. Things We Do
  10. Well Fancy That!


In February 1983.

In February 1983, “Chrysalis” label released “Making Contact”, the eleventh UFO studio album. It was recorded August – December 1982, at “The Manor Studio” in Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire, “Townhouse Studios”, “White House Studios” and “Maison Rouge Studios” in London, and was produced by Mick Glossop.


  • Phil Mogg- vocals
  • Paul Chapman- guitars, bass
  • Neil Carter- keyboards, bass, backing vocals
  • Andy Parker- drums
  • Mick Glossop, Peter Thea, Richard Mainwaring – engineers
  • Gavin McKillop, Keith Nixon, Leigh Mantle – assistant engineers
  • Alan Adler – illustration
  • John Pasche, Andrew Ellis – art direction

Track listing:

  1. Blinded by a Lie – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  2. Diesel in the Dust – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  3. A Fool for Love – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  4. You and Me – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  5. When It’s Time to Rock – Paul Chapman, Phil Mogg
  6. The Way the Wild Wind Blows – Neil Carter, Paul Chapman, Phil Mogg
  7. Call My Name – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  8. All Over You – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg
  9. No Getaway – Neil Carter, Paul Chapman, Phil Mogg
  10. Push, It’s Love – Neil Carter, Phil Mogg