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In August 1976.

In August 1976, “Asylum” label released “Hasten Down the Wind”, the seventh Linda Ronstadt  studio album. It was recorded May – July 1976, at “The Sound Factory” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Peter Asher. In 1977, the album won “Grammy Award” for “Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female”. The album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Linda Ronstadt – leadand background vocals, handclaps
  • Andrew Gold- organ, keyboards, ARP String Ensemble, finger cymbals, sleigh bells, handclaps, clavinet, vocals, background vocals, acoustic and electric piano, electric, rhythm and acoustic guitar, clavichord
  • Dan Dugmore- electric and steel guitar
  • Wendy Waldman- electric and acoustic guitar
  • Kenny Edwards- bass guitar, mandolin, background vocals
  • Russ Kunkel, Michael Botts– drums
  • Clarence McDonald- piano, keyboards
  • Herb Pedersen- background vocals
  • Paul Polivnick – viola
  • Bill Thedford – vocals, choir, chorus
  • Ken Yerke – violin, viola
  • Ron Hickland, Gerry Garrett – choir, chorus
  • Sherlie Matthews- background vocals
  • Clydie King- vocals, choir, chorus
  • Wendy Waldman- background vocals
  • Peter Asher- guitar, wood block, shaker, handclaps, vocals, tambourine, percussion
  • David Campbell- conductor, string arrangements, viola
  • Charles Veal – violin, concertmaster
  • Richard Feves – bass guitar, double bass
  • Gerald Garrett, Jim Gilstrap – vocals, choir, chorus
  • Pat Henderson – vocals, choir, chorus, background vocals
  • Ron Hicklin – vocals
  • Dennis Karmazyn – cello
  • Becky Louis, Karla Bonoff- background vocals
  • Don Henley- drums, lead and harmony vocals
  • John Kosh- cover design
  • Ethan Russell, Jim Shea – photography

Track listing:

  1. Lose Again – Karla Bonoff
  2. The Tattler – Ry Cooder, Russ Titelman, Washington Phillips
  3. If He’s Ever Near – Karla Bonoff
  4. That’ll Be the Day – Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Norman Petty
  5. Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Norman Petty – Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Edwards, Gilbert Ronstadt
  6. Hasten Down the Wind – Warren Zevon
  7. Rivers of Babylon – Brent Dowe, Trevor McNaughton
  8. Give One Heart – John Hall, Johanna Hall
  9. Try Me Again – Linda Ronstadt, Andrew Gold
  10. Crazy – Willie Nelson
  11. Down So Low – Tracy Nelson
  12. Someone to Lay Down Beside Me – Karla Bonoff

On June 19, 2007.

On June 19, 2007, “Island” label released “Lost Highway”, the tenth Bon Jovi studio album. It was recorded 2006 – 2007, and was produced by Dann Huff, John Shanks and Desmond Child. The album was certified 2 x Platinum in Austria by “IFPI Austria”, 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Platinum in Germany by “BVMI”, Platinum in Switzerland by “IFPI Switzerland” and Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Jon Bon Jovi- lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Richie Sambora- electric guitar, background vocals
  • Tico Torres- drums, percussion
  • David Bryan- keyboards, background vocals
  • Hugh McDonald- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Big & Rich– vocals
  • John Catchings – cello
  • Daniel Chase – keyboards, programming
  • Dan Dugmore- pedal steel guitar
  • Paul Franklin- pedal steel guitar
  • Carl Gorodetzky – violin
  • Kurt Johnston – pedal steel guitar
  • Charlie Judge – conductor, programming, string arrangements, synthesizer
  • Greg Leisz- pedal steel guitar
  • Hillary Lindsey- background vocals
  • Carole Rabinowitz-Neuen – cello
  • LeAnn Rimes– vocals
  • Pam Sixfin – violin
  • Kris Wilkinson – viola

Track listing:

  1. Lost Highway – Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora; John Shanks
  2. Summertime – Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora; John Shanks
  3. (You Want To) Make a Memory – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Desmond Child
  4. Whole Lot of Leavin’ – Jon Bon Jovi; John Shanks
  5. We Got It Going On – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Kenny Alphin; John Rich
  6. Any Other Day – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Gordie Sampson
  7. Seat Next to You – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Hillary Lindsey
  8. Everybody’s Broken – Jon Bon Jovi; Billy Falcon
  9. Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Brett James
  10. The Last Night – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; John Shanks
  11. One Step Closer – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; John Shanks
  12. I Love This Town – Jon Bon Jovi; Richie Sambora; Billy Falcon


In May 1979.

In May 1979, “Columbia” label released “Flag”, the ninth James Taylor studio album. It was recorded January-March 1979, and was produced by Peter Asher.


  • James Taylor — guitar, vocals
  • Peter Asher— timbales, vocals
  • Dan Dugmore— pedal steel guitar
  • Steve Forman — percussion
  • Don Grolnick— keyboards
  • Danny Kortchmar— guitar
  • Russ Kunkel— drums, percussion
  • David Lasley— backing vocals
  • Jesse Levy — cello
  • Arif Mardin— strings
  • Arnold McCuller— backing vocals
  • Graham Nash— vocals
  • David Sanborn— saxophone
  • Ralph Schuckett— keyboards
  • Louise Schulmann — viola
  • Carly Simon— vocals
  • Leland Sklar— bass
  • David Spinozza— guitar, strings
  • Alex Taylor— backing vocals
  • Waddy Wachtel— acoustic, electric and slide guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by James Taylor except where noted.

  1. Company Man Johnnie Comes Back
  2. Day Tripper – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. I Will Not Lie for You
  4. Brother Trucker
  5. Is That the Way You Look?
  6. S.U.R. (S.U.C.S.I.M.I.M.)
  7. Rainy Day Man – James Taylor, Zach Wiesner
  8. Millworker
  9. Up on the Roof – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  10. Chanson Française
  11. Sleep Come Free Me

On August 10, 2004.

Crosby & Nash

On August 10, 2004, “Sanctuary Records” released “Crosby & Nash”, double album by David Crosby and Graham Nash. It was recorded January – February 2004, and was produced by Nathaniel Kunkel, Russ Kunkel, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Barncard.


  • David Crosby- vocals, guitar
  • Graham Nash- vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
  • Russell Kunkel- drums, percussion
  • Leland Sklar- bass
  • James Raymond- keyboards
  • Dean Parks- guitar
  • Jeff Pevar- guitar
  • Arnold McCuller- background vocals
  • Kate Markowitz- background vocals
  • Windy Wagner- background vocals
  • Matt Rollings- acoustic piano
  • Dan Dugmore- pedal steel guitar
  • Steve Farris- electric guitar
  • Luis Conte- percussion
  • Recorded and Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel
  • Mastered by Doug Sax

Track listing:

  1. Lay Me Down – James Raymond
  2. Puppeteer – James Raymond
  3. Through Here Quite Often – David Crosby, Dean Parks
  4. Grace – James Raymond
  5. Jesus of Rio – Graham Nash, Jeff Pevar
  6. I Surrender – Cohn
  7. Luck Dragon – James Raymond, David Crosby
  8. On the Other Side of Town – Graham Nash
  9. Half Your Angels – Graham Nash
  10. They Want It All – David Crosby
  11. How Does It Shine? – David Crosby
  12. Don’t Dig Here – James Raymond, Graham Nash, Nathaniel Kunkel
  13. Milky Way Tonight – Graham Nash
  14. Charlie – David Crosby, Dean Parks
  15. Penguin in a Palm Tree – Graham Nash
  16. Michael (Hedges Here) – Graham Nash
  17. Samurai – David Crosby
  18. Shining on Your Dreams – Graham Nash, Nathaniel Kunkel
  19. Live on (the Wall) – Flannery, Graham Nash, Plunkett, Proffer
  20. My Country ‘Tis of Thee – Traditional

On April 24, 2006.

All the road running

On April 24, 2006, “Mercury” label released “All the Roadrunning”, album by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris. It was recorded 1998 – 2005, and was produced by Mark Knopfler and Chuck Ainlay.


  • Mark Knopfler– vocals, guitar
  • Emmylou Harris– vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Richard Bennett– guitar
  • Jim Cox – keyboards
  • Guy Fletcher– keyboards
  • Dan Dugmore– acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, six-string bass
  • Paul Franklin– pedal steel guitar
  • Glenn Duncan – fiddle, mandolin
  • Steve Conn – accordion
  • Billy Ware – triangle
  • Glenn Worf– bass
  • Chad Cromwell– drums
  • Danny Cummings– drums
  • Jim Horn and The Memphis Horns– horns
  • Chuck Ainlay– recording engineer, mixing
  • Guy Fletcher – recording engineer
  • Mark Kapps – recording engineer
  • John Saylor – assistant recording engineer
  • Mark Ralston – assistant recording engineer
  • Rupert Coulson – mixing assistant
  • Graham Meek – technical support
  • Maria Verel – hair and makeup for Ms. Harris
  • Fabio Iovino – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Knopfler, except where noted.

  1. Beachcombing
  2. I Dug Up a Diamond
  3. This is Us
  4. Red Steggerwing
  5. Rollin’ On
  6. Love and Happiness – Emmylou Harris, Kimmie Rhodes
  7. Right Now
  8. Donkey Town
  9. Belle Star – Emmylou Harris
  10. Beyond My Wildest Dreams
  11. All the Roadrunning
  12. Is This Goodbye

On January 23, 1989.

David Crosby Oh Yes I Can

On January 23, 1989, “A&M” label released “Oh Yes I Can”, the second David Crosby solo studio album. “Oh Yes I Can” was recorded in 1988, at the “Devonshire Sound”, “A&M Studios” and “Cherokee Studios” in Los Angeles, and “Criteria” in Miami, and was produced by David Crosby, Craig Doerge and Stanley Johnson.


  • David Crosby- lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Joe Vitale- drums, organ, synthesizer
  • Leland Sklar- bass
  • Craig Doerge- synthesizer, Yamaha TX816 Rhodes, acoustic piano, Rhodes, keyboards
  • David Lindley- slide guitar
  • Danny Kortchmar- guitars
  • Russell Kunkel- drums, percussion
  • Joe Lala- percussion
  • Steve Lukather- guitar
  • Kim Bullard – synthesizer
  • George “Chocolate” Perry- bass
  • Michael Finnigan- additional organ, organ
  • Jerry Hey- trumpet and horn arrangement
  • Larry Williams – saxophone
  • Kim S. Hutchcroft – saxophone
  • Gary Grant – trumpet
  • Jackson Browne- backing vocal
  • Michael Hedges- guitar, backing vocal
  • Graham Nash- backing vocals, electric piano
  • Jim Keltner- drums
  • Tim Drummond- bass
  • Dan Dugmore- slide guitar
  • Bonnie Raitt- additional backing vocal
  • Michael Landau- guitar
  • Kenny Kirkland- electric piano
  • Larry Carlton- guitar
  • James Taylor- backing vocal

Track listing:

  1. Drive My Car – David Crosby
  2. Melody – David Crosby and Craig Doerge
  3. Monkey and the Underdog – David Crosby and Craig Doerge
  4. In the Wide Run 0 Craig Doerge and Henske
  5. Tracks in the Dust – David Crosby
  6. Drop Down Mama – David Crosby
  7. Lady of the Harbor – David Crosby and Craig Doerge
  8. Distances – David Crosby
  9. Flying Man – David Crosby and Craig Doerge
  10. Oh Yes I Can – David Crosby
  11. My Country ‘Tis of Thee – traditional, arr. Michael Hedges