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The Everly Brothers: Stories We Could Tell

In March 1972, “RCA” label released “Stories We Could Tell”, the 17th Everly Brothers (The) album. It was recorded in April 1971 – January 1972, and was produced by Paul Rothchild.


  • Don Everly – vocals, guitar
  • Phil Everly – vocals, guitar
  • David Crosby – vocals
  • Doug Lubahn – vocals
  • Graham Nash – vocals
  • Bonnie Bramlett – vocals
  • Delaney Bramlett – vocals, guitar
  • Jeff Kent – guitar, vocals
  • Dennis Linde – guitar, keyboards
  • Geoff Muldaur – guitar
  • Wayne Perkins – guitar
  • John Sebastian – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Waddy Wachtel – guitar
  • Danny Weis – guitar
  • Clarence White – guitar
  • Ry Cooder – electric bottleneck guitar
  • Buddy Emmons – slide guitar
  • Jerry McGee – slide guitar
  • Barry Beckett – keyboards
  • Michael Fonfara – keyboards
  • Spooner Oldham – keyboards
  • Warren Zevon – keyboards
  • Chris Ethridge – bass
  • Johnny Barbata – drums
  • Jim Gordon – drums
  • Russ Kunkel – drums
  • George Bohanon – brass
  • Tommy Johnson – brass
  • Jimmie Haskell – string arrangement
  • Norman Seeff – photography

Track listing:

  1. All We Really Want to Do – Bonnie Bramlett, Delaney Bramlett
  2. Breakdown – Kris Kristofferson
  3. Green River – Don Everly, Phil Everly
  4. Mandolin Wind – Rod Stewart
  5. Up in Mabel’s Room – Phil Everly, Terry Slater
  6. Del Rio Dan – Jeff Kent, Doug Lubahn, Holly Beckwith
  7. Ridin’ High – Dennis Linde
  8. Christmas Eve Can Kill You (When You’re Trying to Hitch a Ride to Anywhere) – Dennis Linde
  9. Three Armed, Poker-Playin’ River Rat – Dennis Linde
  10. I’m Tired of Singing My Song in Las Vegas – Don Everly
  11. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz – Jesse Winchester
  12. Stories We Could Tell – John Sebastian

David Lindley

On March 3, 2023, David Perry Lindley died aged 78. He was musician (violin, acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, upright and electric bass, cittern, bağlama,  gumbus,  charango,  cümbüş,  oud  and zither. Lindley was founding member of the bands Kaleidoscope and El Rayo-X, recorded and performed with Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Curtis Mayfield, Dolly Parton, Waren Zevon, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, James Taylor, David Crosby, Terry Reid, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Toto, Rod Stewart, Dan Fogelberg, Joe Walsh, Henry Kaiser, G. E. Smith, Wally Ingram, Hani Naser, Leonard Cohen, The Youngbloods, America, Maria Muldaur, Iain Matthews, Lonnie Mack, Karla Bonoff, Jimmy Barnes, Emmylou Harris, Tanita Tikaram, Marshall Crenshaw, Shawn Colvin, Jerry Joseph, Dzukis Kuche, Ben Harper, Jordan Zevon, Rickie Lee Jones, Arlen Roth and The Sound Field.

David Crosby

On January 19, 2023, David Van Cortlandt Crosby died aged 81. He was musician (guitar), singer and songwriter, regarded as one of the most influential artists who helped shape the sound of Sixties rock music. Crosby was founding member of The Byrds, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and CPR, and was member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Crosby performed and recorded with Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Dave Mason, Rick Roberts, Art Garfunkel, Carole King, Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis, Gary Wright, Elton John, J. D. Souther, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Michael League, Chris Thile, Hot Tuna, Phil Collins, Lucinda Williams, Indigo Girls, David Gilmour and John Mayer. Crosby was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” twice: once as member of The Byrds and again as member of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Five albums to which he contributed are included in Rolling Stone’s magazine list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 2019 documentary “David Crosby: Remember My Name” was produced by Cameron Crowe. As leader Crosby released eight albums.  

Paul Kantner: Blows Against the Empire

In November 1970, “RCA Victor” label released “Blows Against the Empire”, the debut Paul Kantner album. It was released under the name Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship, and was the first album to use the “Starship” moniker. It was recorded in 1970, at “Pacific High” and “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Paul Kantner,


  • Paul Kantner – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, bass machine, design
  • Grace Slick – vocals, piano
  • Jerry Garcia – vocals, banjo, lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, sound effects
  • David Crosby – lead and backing vocals, guitar, engineer
  • Peter Kaukonen – lead guitar
  • Jack Casady – bass
  • Harvey Brooks – bass
  • Joey Covington – vocals, drums, congas
  • Bill Kreutzmann – drums
  • Graham Nash – congas, sound effects, backing vocals, engineer
  • Mickey Hart – vocals, percussion, sound effects
  • David Freiberg – backing vocals
  • Phill Sawyer – sound effects
  • Allen Zentz, Pat Leraci, Phill Sawyer, Bob Shoemaker – engineer
  • CCCP – cover
  • Patti Landres – books
  • Jim Goldberg – space, design
  • Tony Nagamuma – title

Track listing:

  1. Mau Mau (Amerikon) – Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Joey Covington
  2. The Baby Tree – Rosalie Sorrels
  3. Let’s Go Together – Paul Kantner
  4. A Child Is Coming – Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Crosby
  5. Sunrise – Grace Slick
  6. Hijack – Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Gary Blackman
  7. Home – Paul Kantner, Phil Sawyer, Graham Nash
  8. Have You Seen the Stars Tonight? – Paul Kantner, David Crosby
  9. XM – Paul Kantner, Phil Sawyer, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart
  10. Starship – Paul Kantner, Grace Slick. Marty Balin, Gary Blackman

Crosby, Pevar & Raymond: CPR

On June 23, 1998, “Sampson” label released “CPR”, the first studio Crosby, Pevar and Raymond studio album. It was recorded in 1998, and was produced by David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, James Raymond and Dan Garcia.


  • David Crosby – lead vocals, vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar
  • Jeff Pevar – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, electric slide guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin, fretless bass, ebow
  • James Raymond – lead vocals, vocals, piano, wedding ring, electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, drum programming
  • Leland Sklar – bass
  • James “Hutch” Hutchinson – bass, fretless bass
  • Russ Kunkel – drums
  • Steve DiStanislao – drums
  • Luis Conte – percussion
  • Steve Tavaglione – soprano saxophone
  • Curt Bisquera – drums
  • Debra Dobkin – percussion
  • Michael Bland – drums
  • Dan Garcia – engineer
  • Sebastian Haimerl, Bobby Salcedo – engineer assistant
  • John Gonzales – guitar technician
  • Edd Kolakowski – piano technician
  • Jan Crosby – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Morrison – lyrics by David Crosby, music by James Raymond
  2. That House – lyrics by David Crosby, music by David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, James Raymond
  3. One for Every Moment – James Raymond
  4. At the Edge – lyrics by David Crosby, music by David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, James Raymond
  5.  Somebody Else’s Town – lyrics by David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, music by James Raymond
  6. Rusty and Blue – David Crosby
  7. Somehow She Knew – lyrics by David Crosby, music by David Crosby, Craig Doerge
  8. Little Blind Fish – lyrics by David Crosby, music by Jeff Pevar
  9. Yesterday’s Child – lyrics by David Crosby, James Raymond, music by James Raymond
  10. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now – lyrics by David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, music by Jeff Pevar
  11. Time Is the Final Currency – David Crosby

Stephen Bishop: Blue Guitars

On May 28, 1996, “Foundation” label released “Blue Guitars”, the sixth Stephen Bishop studio album (album with the same title, but with different tracks was released in Japan in 1994). It was recorded 1993 – 1996, and was produced by Andrew Gold and Jeff Jones.


  • Stephen Bishop – vocals, acoustic guitars
  • Andrew Gold – keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, multi-instruments, backing vocals
  • David Crosby – harmony vocals
  • Carnie Wilson – backing vocals
  • Wendy Wilson – backing vocals
  • Pia Zadora – backing vocals
  • Michael McDonald – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Stephen Bishop, except where noted.

  1. I Go Numb – Stephen Bishop, Tom Snow, Andrew Gold
  2. Dive into the Pool of Love – Stephen Bishop, Tom Snom
  3. On Blonde Street
  4. When You Love Somebody
  5. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet – Freddie Gorman, Bob Hamilton
  6. Wall Around Your Heart
  7. The King of Tonga
  8. Picasso Played a Blue Guitar
  9. Italian Rain
  10. Let Your Heart Remember – Stephen Bishop, Jeff Jones
  11. When Love Was Grand
  12. Separate Lives (acoustic version)
  13. R’s Theme

Joe Walsh: Analog Man

On June 5, 2012, “Fantasy” label released “Analog Man”, the eleventh Joe Walsh album. It was recorded in 2011, and was produced by Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne and Tim Armstrong.


  • Joe Walsh – vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums
  •  Little Richard – lead vocals
  • Jeff Lynne – keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Joe Vitale – keyboards, sitar
  • Richard Davis – synthesizer, programming
  • Greg Leisz – pedal steel guitar
  • Jay Dee Maness – pedal steel guitar
  • Tim Armstrong – guitar
  • Rick Rosas – bass
  • Kenny Passarelli – bass
  • Dale Peters – bass
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Jim Fox – drums, background vocals
  • Steve Jay – percussion
  • Bruce Sugar – percussion, programming
  • Tommy Lee James – backing vocals
  • Graham Nash – backing vocals
  • David Crosby – backing vocals
  • Steve Jay, Bruce Sugar, John Morrical, Ken Hammon – engineer, mixing 
  • Howie Weinberg, Dan Gerbarg – mastering
  • Jeri Heiden/Smog Design, Inc. – art direction
  • Ryan Corey/Smog Design, Inc. – background photography, package design

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Walsh, except where noted.

  1. Analog Man – Joe Walsh, Drew Hester, Gannin Arnold
  2. Wrecking Ball – Joe Walsh, Tommy Lee James
  3. Lucky That Way – Joe Walsh, Tommy Lee James
  4. Spanish Dancer
  5. Funk 50
  6. Band Played On – Joe Walsh, Tommy Lee James
  7. Family – Joe Walsh, Tommy Lee James
  8. One Day at a Time
  9. Hi – Roller Baby – Tim Armstrong
  10. India

Jason Isbell: Reunions

On May 15, 2020, “Southeastern” label released “Reunions”, the seventh Jason Isbell studio album, and the fourth accompanied by his backing band The 400 Unit. It was recorded in 2019, at “RCA Studio A” in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Dave Cobb.


  • Jason Isbell – vocals, piano, guitars
  • Sadler Vaden – guitars
  • Derry Deborja – keyboards, omnichord, organ, piano
  • Amanda Shires – fiddle, background vocals
  • Jimbo Hart – bass
  • Chad Gamble – drums, tambourine
  • Jay Buchanan – backing vocals
  • David Crosby – backing vocals
  • Gena Johnson – engineer
  • Toby Hurlbert – engineer assistant
  • Daniel Bacigalupi – assistant
  • Dave Cobb – mixing, shaker
  • Pete Lyman – mastering
  • Fetzer Design – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Jason Isbell except where noted.

  1. What’ve I Done to Help – Jason Isbell, Michael Kiwanuka
  2. Dreamsicle
  3. Only Children
  4. Overseas
  5. Running with Our Eyes Closed
  6. River
  7. Be Afraid
  8. St. Peter’s Autograph
  9. It Gets Easier
  10. Letting You Go

on October 11, 1993.

On October 11, 1993, “Elektra” label released “I’m Alive”, the tenth Jackson Browne album. It was recorded in 1992, at “Groove Masters” in Santa Monica, CA, and was produced by Jackson Browne, Scott Thurston, and Don Was. The album was in “Qmagazine list of “The 50 Best Albums Of 1993”.


  • Jackson Browne – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, piano
  • David Lindley – guitar, bouzouki, oud
  • John Leventhal – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Scott Thurston – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Mike Campbell – guitar
  • Mark Goldenberg – guitar
  • Dean Parks – acoustic guitar
  • Waddy Wachtel – guitar
  • Jai Winding – piano
  • Benmont Tench – Hammond organ 
  • James “Hutch” Hutchinson – bass guitar
  • Kevin McCormick – bass guitar
  • Jim Keltner – drums
  • Mauricio-Fritz Lewak – drums
  • Lenny Castro – percussion
  • Luis Conte – percussion
  • Sweet Pea Atkinson – backing vocals
  • Sir Harry Bowens – backing vocals
  • Ryan Browne – backing vocals
  • Katia Cardenal – backing vocals
  • Valerie Carter – backing vocals
  • David Crosby – backing vocals
  • Doug Haywood – backing vocals
  • Don Henley – backing vocals
  • William “Bill” Greene – backing vocals
  • Arnold McCuller – backing vocals
  • Steven Soles – backing vocals
  • Jennifer Warnes – backing vocals
  • Paul Dieter; Rik Pekkonen – engineer
  • Steve Onuska, Bob Salcedo, Kathy Yore – engineer, assistant
  • Ed Cherney – mixing
  • Gavin Lurssen – mastering
  • Robin Lynch – art direction, design
  • Alli Truch – design
  • Bruce Weber – photography
  • Susann McMahon – producer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Jackson Browne.

  1. I’m alive
  2. My Problem Is You
  3. Everywhere I Go
  4. I’ll Do Anything
  5. Miles Away
  6. Too Many Angels
  7. Take This Rain
  8. Two of Me, Two of You
  9. Sky Blue and Black
  10. All Good Things

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Jeff Porcaro

On August 5, 1992, Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro died aged 38. He was a songwriter, musician (drums), and record producer, best known as the drummer with Toto. He was one of the most south after session drummers in popular music, played on hundreds of albums and worked with numerous artists such as Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Greg Lake, Seals & Crofts, Les Dudek, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, The Jacksons, Tommy Bolin, Jackson Browne, Leo Sayer, Boz Scaggs, Carly Simon, Eric Carmen, Valerie Carter, Lisa Dal Bello, Hall & Oates, Diana Ross, Colin Blunstone, Larry Carlton, Allen Toussaint, Dave Mason, Warren Zevon, Ruben Blades, Bim, Jerry Williams, Al Stewart, Marc Jordan, Rickie Lee Jones, Janne Schaffer, Lowell George, Aretha Franklin, Jon Anderson, Luis Miguel, Love and Money, Patti Austin, Mariya Takeuchi, The Brothers Johnson, Peter Frampton, Bee Gees, Char, Christopher Cross, Randy Crawford, Al Jarreau, Amii Ozaki, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Eye to Eye, Donna Summer, Elton John, Melissa Manchester, Donald Fagen, Herbie Hancock, Don Henley, Michael McDonald, Lionel Richie, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Russ Taff, Chicago, David Gilmour Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Peter cetera, Earth Wind & Fire, roger Hodgson, David Benoit, Dr. John, Steve Porcaro, Nik Kershaw, Poco, Clair Mario, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, Madonna, Jude Cole, Sandy Patty, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Bolton, Cher, Dire Straits, Richard Marx, Bonnie Raitt, Rod Stewart, B-52’s, Go West, 10CC, Roger Waters, Paul Young, and David Crosby. In 1993, Porcaro was posthumously inducted into the “Modern Drummer Hall of Fame”.