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On March 16, 1978.

On March 16, 1978, “Epic” label released “You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish”, the seventh REO Speedwagon studio album. It was recorded 1977–1978 at “Sound City Studios, Los Angeles, CA, vocals recorded at “Record Plant Studios” in Los Angeles, and “Paragon Recording Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Kevin Cronin, Gary Richrath, Paul Grupp and John Boylan.


  • Kevin Cronin– lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
  • Gary Richrath– lead and rhythm guitars
  • Neal Doughty– piano, Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer
  • Bruce Hall– bass
  • Alan Gratzer – drums
  • Lon Price – saxophone
  • Angelle Trosclair, Denise McCall, Denny Henson, Tom Kelly– backing vocals
  • Paul Grupp – engineer
  • John Boylan– executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Kevin Cronin, except where noted.

  1. Roll With the Changes
  2. Time for Me to Fly
  3. Runnin’ Band – Debbie Mackron, Gary Richrath
  4. Blazin’ Your Own trail Again
  5. Sing to Me – Gary Richracht
  6. Lucky for You – Kevin Cronin, Gary Richrath
  7. Do You Know Where Your Woman is Tonight – Gary Richrath
  8. The Unidentified Flying Tuna Trot – Gary Richrath
  9. Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight – Kevin Cronin, Gary Richrath

On November 30, 1982.

On November 30, 1982, “Geffen” label released “Three Lock Box”, the seventh Sammy Hagar studio album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Keith Olsen.


  • Sammy Hagar– lead vocals, guitar
  • Bill Church– bass guitar
  • Gary Pihl– guitar
  • David Lauser– drums
  • Jonathan Cain– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Mike Reno– vocals
  • Alan Pasqua– keyboards
  • Patrick Gleason – sound effects
  • Richard Page– additional backing vocals
  • Tom Kelly– additional backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Sammy Hagar, except where noted.

  1. Three Lock Box
  2. Remote Love
  3. Remember the Heroes – Jonathan Cain, Sammy Hagar
  4. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
  5. In the Room
  6. Rise of the Animal
  7. I Wouldn’t Change a Thing
  8. Growing Up
  9. Never Give Up – Keith Olsen, Alan Pasqua
  10. I Don’t Need Love – Bill Church, Sammy Hagar, David Lauser, Gary Pihl


On November 17, 1978.

On November 17, 1978, “Warner Bros” label released “From the Inside”, the fourth Alice Cooper album. It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by David Foster.


  • Alice Cooper – vocals
  • Dick Wagner– lead guitar
  • David Foster– keyboards
  • Davey Johnstone– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • David Hungate– bass
  • Dee Murray– bass
  • Dennis Conway – drums
  • Fred Mandel– keyboards
  • John Pierce – bass
  • Jim Keltner– percussion
  • Jay Graydon– guitar, synthesizer programming
  • Lee Sklar– bass
  • Michael Ricciardella – drums
  • Marcy Levy– vocals
  • Steve Lukather– guitar
  • Steve Porcaro– synthesizer programming
  • Robbie King – keyboards
  • Rick Shlosser– drums
  • Michael Ricciardella – drums
  • Rick Nielsen– guitar
  • Bill Champlin, Kiki Dee, Flo & Eddie, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Sheryl Cooper, The Totally Committed Choir – backing v

Track listing:

.All lyrics by Alice Cooper and Bernie Taupin; all music by Cooper and Dick Wagner, except where noted.

  1. From the Inside – Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, Dick Wagner, David Foster
  2. Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills
  3. The Quiet Room
  4. Nurse Rozetta – Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, David Foster
  5. Millie and Billie – Alice Cooper, Bruce Roberts
  6. Serious – Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, David Foster, Steve Lukather
  7. How You Gonna See Me Now
  8. For Veronica’s Sake
  9. Jackknife Johnny
  10. Inmates (We’re All Crazy)


In November 1986.

In November 1986, “Epic” label released “The Doctor”, the ninth Cheap Trick studio album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Tony Platt.


  • Robin Zander– lead vocals
  • Rick Nielsen– guitar, backing vocals
  • Jon Brant– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Dee Lewis, Coral Gordon – backing vocals
  • Tony Platt– mixing, programming
  • Paul Klingberg – keyboards, sequencers, mixing, engineer
  • Jason Corsaro – mixing
  • Andre Miripolsky– cover artwork
  • Ria Lewerke – art direction, design
  • Mac James – design
  • Veronica Sim – photography

Track listing:

  1. It’s Up to You – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  2. Rearview Mirror Romance – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  3. The Doctor – Rick Nielsen
  4. Are You Lonely Tonight? – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  5. Name of the Game – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  6. Kiss Me Red – Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly
  7. Take Me to the Top – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  8. Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere) – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander
  9. Man-U-Lip-U-Lator – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tony Plat
  10. It’s Only Love – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander


On November 12, 2002.

On November 12, 2002, “Artemis” label released “Loose Screw”, the eighth  Pretenders studio album. It was recorded June 2001 – April 2002, and was produced by Jonathan Quarmby and Kevin Bacon.


  • Chrissie Hynde– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Adam Seymour– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Andy Hobson – bass
  • Martin Chambers– drums
  • Kevin Bacon– bass
  • Jonathan Quarmby– keyboards
  • Colin Elliot, Mark “Wiff” Smith– percussion
  • Priscilla Jones, Tom Kelly, Mark Sheridan – backing vocals
  • The Duke Quartet – strings, brass
  • Kick Horns – brass

Track listing:

All tracks by Adam Seymour and Chrissie Hynde, except where noted.

  1. Lie to Me
  2. Time
  3. You Know Who Your Friends Are
  4. Complex Person
  5. Fools Must Die
  6. Kinda Nice, I Like It
  7. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart – Chrissie Hynde, Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly
  8. I Should Of
  9. Clean Up Woman
  10. The Losing
  11. Saving Grace – Chrissie Hynde, Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly
  12. Walk like a Panther – Richard Barratt, Jason Buckle, Jarvis Cocker, Dean Honer


In February 1987.


In February 1987, “Epic” label released “Life as We Know It”, the twelfth REO Speedwagon studio album. It was recorded April – December 1986, at “Rumbo Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Kevin Cronin, Gary Richrath, Alan Gratzer and David DeVore.


  • Kevin Cronin– lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar
  • Gary Richrath- lead guitar
  • Neal Doughty– keyboards
  • Bruce Hall– bass, background vocals
  • Alan Gratzer – drums, percussion, background vocals

Track listing:

  1. New Way to Love – Kevin Cronin
  2. That Ain’t Love – Kevin Cronin
  3. In My Dreams – Kevin Cronin, Tom Kelly
  4. One Too Many Girlfriends – Kevin Cronin
  5. Variety Tonight – Neal Doughty
  6. Screams and Whispers – Tom Kelly, Gary Richrath, Billy Steinberg
  7. Can’t get You Out of My Heart – Kevin Cronin, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
  8. Over the Edge – Tom Kelly, Gary Richrath, Billy Steinberg
  9. Accidents Can Happen – Bruce Hall, Jeffery B. Hall
  10. Tired of Getting Nowhere – Kevin Cronin