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In September 1973.

In September 1973, “MCA” label released “Show Your Hand”, the first Average White Band album. It was recorded in 1973, at “R.G. Jones Studio” in London, and was produced by Robin Turner, Malcolm Duncan, Hamish Stuart, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball, Alan Gorrie and Robbie McIntosh.


  • Malcolm Duncan– tenor saxophone
  • Hamish Stuart– guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Onnie McIntyre – guitars, backing vocals
  • Roger Ball– piano, clavinet, alto saxophone
  • Alan Gorrie– bass, lead and backing vocals
  • Robbie McIntosh– drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. The Jugglers – Alan Gorrie
  2. This World Has Music – Bonnie Bramlett, Alan Gorrie, Leon Ware
  3. Twilight Zone – Roger Ball, Alan Gorrie
  4. Put It Where You Want It – Joe Sample, Alan Gorrie, Layne
  5. Show Your Hand – Alan Gorrie
  6. Back in ’67 – Roger Ball, Alan Gorrie, Robbie McIntosh
  7. Reach Out – Malcolm Duncan, Hamish Stuart, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball, Alan Gorrie, Robbie McIntosh
  8. L.C. – Malcolm Duncan, Hamish Stuart, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball, Alan Gorrie, Robbie McIntosh.



In September 1969.

In September 1969, “Epic” label released “Supersnazz”, the first Flamin’ Groovies studio album. It was recorded in 1968, at “CBS Studio A” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Steve R. Goldman.


  • Roy A. Loney – rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Cyril Jordan- guitar, vocals
  • Tim Lynch – guitar, vocals, harmonica
  • George Alexander – bass guitar, vocals, harmonica
  • Mike Lang – keyboards
  • Danny Mihm – drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Love Have Mercy – Roy Loney
  2. The Girl Can’t Help It – Bobby Troup
  3. Laurie Did It – Roy Loney
  4. Apart from That – Roy Loney, Cyril Jordan
  5. Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu – Huey Smith, Johnny Vincent
  6. The First One’s Free – Roy Loney
  7. Pagan Rachel – Roy Loney
  8. Somethin’ Else – Eddie Cochran
  9. Pistol Packin’ Mama – Al Dexter
  10. Brushfire – Roy Loney, Cyril Jordan
  11. Bam Balam – Roy Loney, Cyril Jordan
  12. Around the Corner – Roy Loney, Cyril Jordan

On August 1973.

In August 1973, “Harvest” label released “Boulders”, the first Roy Wood solo album.  It was recorded 1969 – 1971, at “Phonogram Studios” and “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Roy Wood.


  • Roy Wood – lead, harmony and backing vocals, electric guitarand acoustic guitars, bass, steel guitar,  piano,  drums,  percussion,  mandolin,  cittern,  bouzouki, banjo, cello, double  bass,  brass,  saxophones,  bassoon, recorders, harmonica, water bowl, sound effects, production, cover art
  • John Kurlander – harmonium

Track listing:

All tracks by Roy Wood.

  1. Songs of Praise
  2. Wake Up
  3. Rock Down Low
  4. Nancy Sing Me a Song
  5. Dear Elaine
  6. Medley: All the Way Over the Hill, Irish Loafer (And His Hen)
  7. Miss Clarke and the Computer
  8. When Gran’ma Plays the Banjo
  9. Rock Medley: Rockin’ Shoes, She’s Too Good for Me, Locomotive

On August 15, 2008.

On August 15, 2008, “TDRS” label released “Running After Deer”, the first album by filmmaker Alix Lambert and producer Travis Dickerson. It was recorded in 2008, and was produced by Travis Dickerson.


  • Alix Lambert – samples
  • Travis Dickerson- keyboards, theremin
  • Buckethead- guitars
  • J Bonebrake – drums
  • Paul Eckman – bass
  • Samuel Stuart

Track listing:

  1. Becoming a Race Horse
  2. The Liberian Boxing Team
  3. What in the Fuck?
  4. Pregnant Men in America
  5. Jockey
  6. The African Toy
  7. It Make No Goddamn Sense
  8. Maybe It’s Because You’re an Asshole
  9. Below the Belt
  10. I’m Tired


In July 1986.

In July 1986, “Glass Records” label released “Sound of Confusion”, the first  Spacemen 3 studio album.


  • Peter Kember- guitar, feedback
  • Jason Pierce- guitar, vocals
  • Pete Bain – bass
  • Nicholas Brooker – drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Kember, Jason Pierce, except where noted.

  1. Losing Touch with My Mind
  2. Hey Man
  3. Rollercoaster – Erickson, Hall
  4. Mary Anne – Campbell, Crenshaw
  5. Little Doll – Alexander, Asheton, Asheton, Osterberg
  6. 2:35
  7. D. Catastrophe

On June 26, 2000.

On June 26, 2000, “Hut” label released “Alone with Everybody”, the first Richard Ashcroft solo album. It was recorded in 2000, and was produced by Chris Potter and Richard Ashcroft.


  • Richard Ashcroft– vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, piano, mellotron, organ, melodica
  • Peter Salisbury– drums
  • Pino Palladino– bass
  • Steve Sidelnyk – percussion, programming, drums
  • Chuck Leavell – piano, hammond organ
  • Duncan Mackay – trumpet
  • Lucinda Barry –harp
  • Teena Lyle – vibes
  • Chris Potter – bass
  • Jim Hunt – saxophone,flute
  • Jane Pickles – flute
  • Anna Noakes – flute
  • Judd Lander– harmonica
  • J. Cole– pedal steel guitar
  • Kate Radley– keyboards
  • Craig Wagstaff –congas
  • Philip D Todd – saxophone
  • Nigel Hitchcock– saxophone
  • Jamie Talbot – baritone saxophone
  • John Barclay – trumpet
  • Stuart Brooks – trumpet
  • Will Malone– brass arrangement, string arrangement, conducting
  • The London Session Orchestra – strings
  • The London Community Gospel Choir – vocals – Samantha Smith, Leonard Meade, Vernetta Meade, Michelle-John Douglas, Donovan Lawrence, Irene Myrtle Forrester

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Ashcroft.

  1. A Song for the Lovers
  2. I Get My Beat
  3. Brave New World
  4. New York
  5. You on My Mind in My Sleep
  6. Crazy World
  7. On a Beach
  8. Money to Burn
  9. Slow Was My Heart
  10. C’mon People (We’re Making It Now)
  11. Everybody


On May 28, 2007.

On May 28, 2007, “ACP Recordings” label released “The Ideal Condition”, the first Paul Hartnoll solo album. It was recorded in 2007, and was produced by Paul Hartnoll and Chris Elliott.

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Hartnoll, except where noted.

  1. Haven’t We Met Before?
  2. For Silence
  3. Simple Sounds
  4. Please
  5. The Unsteady Waltz
  6. Nothing Else Matters
  7. Patchwork Guilt
  8. Aggro
  9. Dust Motes