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On July 6, 1987.

On July 6, 1987, “Arista” label released “In the Dark”, the twelfth Grateful Dead studio album. It was recorded in January 1987, and was produced by Jerry Garcia and John Cutler. The cover art was designed by Randy Tuten.


  • Jerry Garcia– guitar, vocals
  • Bob Weir– guitar, vocals
  • Brent Mydland– keyboards, vocals
  • Phil Lesh– bass
  • Bill Kreutzmann– drums
  • Mickey Hart– drums, percussion
  • Bob Bralove – programming, special effects, spatialization
  • Guy Charbonneau, Dan Healy, Jeffrey Norman, David Roberts, Jeff Sterling, John Cutler – engineer
  • Gail Grant – design
  • Herb Greene– art direction, photography

Track listing:

  1. Touch of Grey – Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
  2. Hell in a Bucket – John Perry Barlow, Bob Weir, Brent Mydland
  3. When Push Comes to Shove – Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
  4. West L.A. Fadeaway – Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
  5. Tons of Steel – Brent Mydland
  6. Throwing Stories – John Perry Barlow, Bob Weir
  7. Black Muddy River – Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter

On June 23, 2017.

On June 23, 2017, “BMG” label released “Mosaic”, the twelfth 311 studio album. It was recorded in 2017, at “The Hive” in Hollywood, California, and was produced by Scotch Ralston and John Feldmann.


  • Nick Hexum– vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Doug “SA” Martinez– vocals
  • Tim Mahoney– guitar
  • P-Nut– bass
  • Chad Sexton– drums, mixing
  • Alan Hampton – backing vocals
  • Zakk Cervini – engineering, mixing
  • John Feldmann- recording
  • Joe Gastwirt – mastering
  • Matt Pauling – engineering
  • Scotch Ralston – recording

Track listing:

  1. Too Much to Think – Zakk Cervini, John Feldmann, Nick Hexum, Matthew Pauling
  2. Wildfire – Nick Hexum, Doug “SA” Martinez, Gabriel Weiner, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills
  3. The Night Is Young – Nick Hexum, Gabriel Weiner
  4. Indian Sun – Nick Hexum, Scott “Scotch” Ralston
  5. Perfect Mistake – Zakk Cervini, John Feldmann, Nick Hexum, Matthew Pauling, Doug “SA” Martinez, Aaaron “P-Nut” Wills
  6. Extension – Nick Hexum, Scott “Scotch” Ralston
  7. Inside Our Home – Nick Hexum, Dillon Pace, Evan Taubenfeld
  8. ‘Til the City’s on Fire – Zakk Cervini, John Feldmann, Nick Hexum, Matthew Pauling, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills
  9. Too Late – Nick Hexum, Scott “Scotch” Ralston
  10. Hey Yo – Geoffrey Earley, Nick Hexum, Doug “SA” Martinez, Scott “Scotch” Ralston
  11. Places That the Mind Goes – Nathaniel Caserta, John Feldmann, Alan Hampton, Nick Hexum
  12. Face in the Wind – Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney, Doug “SA” Martinez, Scott “Scotch” Ralston, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills
  13. Forever Now – Nick Hexum, Zack Hexum, Nicole Watkins
  14. Days of ’88 – Nick Hexum, Doug “SA” Martinez, Scott “Scotch” Ralston, Chad Sexton
  15. One and the Same – Nick Hexum, Doug “SA” Martinez, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills
  16. Syntax Error – Scott “Scotch” Ralston, Chad Sexton
  17. On a Roll – Zakk Cervini, John Feldmann, Nick Hexum, Matthew Pauling, Scott “Scotch” Ralston


On May 29, 2000.

On May 29, 2000, “EMI” label released “Brave New World”, the twelfth Iron Maiden studio album. It was recorded July 1999 – April 2000, at “Guillaume Tell Studios” in Paris, and was produced by Kevin Shirley and Steve Harris.


  • Bruce Dickinson– lead vocals
  • Dave Murray– guitar
  • Adrian Smith– guitar
  • Janick Gers– guitar
  • Steve Harris– bass, keyboards
  • Nicko McBrain– drums
  • Kevin Shirley– engineer, mixing
  • Denis Caribaux – second engineer
  • Nicolas Meyer, Rory Romano – assistant engineer
  • Jeff Bova– orchestration
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Derek Riggs, Steve Stone– sleeve illustration
  • Peacock – sleeve design, sleeve concept
  • Dean Karr– photography

Track listing:

  1. The Wicker Man – Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson
  2. Ghost of the Navigator – Janick Gers, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris
  3. Brave New World – Dave Murray, Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson
  4. Blood Brothers – Steve Harris
  5. The Mercenary – Janick Gers, Steve Harris
  6. Dream of Mirrors – Janick Gers, Steve Harris
  7. The Fallen Angel – Adrian Smith, Steve Harris
  8. The Nomad – Dave Murray, Steve Harris
  9. Out of the Silent Planet – Janick Gers, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris
  10. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate – Dave Murray, Steve Harris

On May 10, 2011.

On May 10, 2011, “Motéma” label released “The Music of Randy Newman”, the twelfth Roseanna Vitro album. It was recorded on November 9, 2009 and January 22, 2010 at “Charlestown Road Studio” in Hampton, NJ, and was produced by Paul Wickliff and  Roseanna Vitro.


  • Roseanna Vitro – vocals, arrangements
  • Mark Soskin – piano, arrangements
  • Sara Caswell – violin
  • Dean Johnson – bass
  • Tim Horner – drums
  • Jamey Haddad – percussion
  • Steve Cardenas – guitar

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Randy Newman.

  1. Last Night I had a Dream
  2. Sail Away
  3. If I Didn’t Have You
  4. Every Time It Rains
  5. Baltimore
  6. In Germany Before the War
  7. Mama Told Me Not to Come
  8. I Will Go Sailing No More
  9. Feels Like Home
  10. Losing You


On May 7, 2012.

On May 7, 2012, “A” label released “Aufheben”, the twelfth Brian Jonestown Massacre label.


  • Anton Newcombe– guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, drums, electronics
  • Will Carruthers- bass, backing vocals
  • Matt Hollywood- guitar
  • Constantine Karlis – drums
  • Joel Gion– tambourine
  • Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson – guitar
  • Hakon Adalsteinsson – guitar
  • Eliza Karmasalo, Thibault Pesenti – vocals
  • Friederike Bienert – flute
  • Fab Leseure – keyboards, electronics

Track listing:

  1. Panic in Babylon
  2. Viholliseni Maalla
  3. Gaz Hilarant
  4. Illuminomi
  5. I Want to Hold Your Other Hand
  6. Face Down on the Moon
  7. The Clouds Are Lies
  8. Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe
  9. Seven Kinds of Wonderful
  10. Waking Up to Hand Grenades
  11. Blue Order / New Monday

On May 6, 2014.

On May 6, 2014, “Prestige Folklore” label released “Childhood Home”, the twelfth Ben Harper studio album. It was recorded in released 2014 at “The Machine Shop” in Santa Monica, California, and was produced by Ben Harper, Ethan Allan, Jason Mozersky, Jesse Ingalls and Jimmy Paxson. The album is Ben Harper’s collaboration with his mother, Ellen.


  • Ben Harper – vocals, guitars, autoharp, dulcimer
  • Ellen Harper – vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Jesse Ingalls – bass, keyboards
  • Jason Mozersky – guitar
  • Jimmy Paxson – drums
  • Ethan Allen – engineer, mixing
  • Tom Dolan – art direction
  • Trifon Trifonopolous – photography
  • Daniel Voll – cover photo
  • Eric Hendrix – back cover photo

 Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Harper; except where noted.

  1. A House is a Home
  2. City of Dreams
  3. Born to Love You
  4. Heavyhearted World
  5. Farmer’s Daughter
  6. Memories of Gold
  7. Altar of Love
  8. Break Your Heart
  9. Learn it All Again Tomorrow
  10. How Could We Not Believe


On April 21, 2017.

On April 21, 2017, “Eagle Rock Entertainment” label released “Novum”, the twelfth Procol Harum studio album. It was recorded October – December 2016, and was produced by Dennis Weinreich.


  • Gary Brooker– piano, accordion, vocals
  • Josh Phillips– organ, vocals
  • Geoff Whitehorn– guitar
  • Matt Pegg– bass guitar
  • Geoff Dunn– drums

Track listing:

Music by Gary Brooker, and Josh Phillips, except where noted. Lyrics by Pete Brown, except where noted.

  1. I Told On You
  2. Last Chance Motel
  3. Image of the Beas – music Gary Brooker, Josh Philips, Geoff Whitehorn
  4. Soldier – lyrics Gary Brooker
  5. Don’t Get Caught
  6. Neighbour
  7. Sunday Morning
  8. Businessman
  9. Can’t Say That
  10. The Only One
  11. Somewhen – lyrics Gary Brooker