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In April 1981.

In April 1981, “Epic” label released “Bad for Good”, the first Jim Steinman album. It was recorded August 1980-March 1981, and was produced by John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman and Jimmy Iovine.


  • Jim Steinman– lead vocals, keyboards, spoken word
  • Rory Dodd– lead vocals; backing vocals
  • Karla DeVito– lead vocals
  • Todd Rundgren– guitars, backing vocals
  • Davey Johnstone– guitars; mandolin
  • Kasim Sulton– bass; backing vocals
  • Steve Buslowe– bass
  • Neil Jason– bass
  • Roy Bittan– piano
  • Steven Margoshes– piano, conductor, string arrangement
  • Roger Powell– synthesizer
  • Larry “Synergy” Fast– synthesizer
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Allan Schwartzberg– drums
  • Joe Stefko– drums
  • Jimmy Maelen– percussion
  • Alan Rubin– trumpet
  • Tom Malone– horn arrangements, trombone
  • Lew Del Gatto– baritone sax
  • Lou Marini– tenor sax
  • Ellen Foley– backing vocals
  • Eric Troyer– backing vocals
  • Will Malone– string arrangement
  • Charles Calello– conductor
  • Tom Edmonds, John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Gray Russell, Shelly Yakus – engineers
  • John Jansen – mixing
  • Greg Calbi, Ted Jensen, George Marino – mastering
  • Gray Russell – production coordination
  • Roy Bittan, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman – arrangers
  • John Berg – art direction
  • Jim Steinman – cover art concept
  • Richard Corben – cover art
  • Don Hunstein – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Steinman.

  1. Bad for Good
  2. Lost Boys and Golden Girls
  3. Love and Death and an American Guitar
  4. Stark Raving Love
  5. Out of the Frying Pan (And into the Fire)
  6. Surf’s Up
  7. Dance in My Pants
  8. Left in the Dark

On May 17, 1979.


On May 17, 1979, “Arista” label released “Wave”, the fourth Patti Smith Group studio album. It was recorded in 1979 at “Bearsville Studios” in New York, and was produced by Todd Rundgren.


  • Patti Smith– vocals
  • Jay Dee Daugherty– drums, consultant
  • Ivan Kral– bass guitar, guitar, cello, keyboards
  • Richard Sohl– piano
  • Lenny Kaye– vocals, guitar, bass guitar
  • Andi Ostrowe – percussion, timpani
  • Todd Rundgren– bass guitar,  engineering
  • Vic Anesini – mastering
  • George Carnell – assistant engineer
  • Tom Edmonds – assistant engineer

Track listing:

  1. Frederick – Patti Smith
  2. Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith, Ivan Kral
  3. So you want to Be (a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star) – Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman
  4. Hymn – Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye
  5. Revenge – Patti Smith, Ivan Kral
  6. Citizen Ship – Patti Smith, Ivan Kral
  7. Seven Ways of Going – Patti Smith
  8. Broken Flag – Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye
  9. Wave – Patti Smith