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On March 3, 1975.

On March 3, 1975, “A&M” label released “Frampton”, the fourth Peter Frampton studio album. It was recorded October 1974 – February 1975, at “Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studio” in Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire, and was produced by Peter Frampton.


  • Peter Frampton- lead vocals, acoustic, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, organ, talkbox, bass guitar
  • Andy Bown- bass guitar
  • John Siomos- drums, percussion
  • Poli Palmer– vibes
  • Chris Kimsey, Andy Knight – engineer
  • George Marino – mixing, mastering
  • Doug Sax, Arnie Acosta – mastering
  • Vartan, Roland Young, Junie Osaki – art direction
  • Mike Zagaris – photography
  • Beth Stempel, Bill Levenson – supervisor, coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton.

  1. Day’s Dawning
  2. Show Me the Way
  3. One More Time
  4. The Crying Clown
  5. Fanfare
  6. Nowhere’s Too Far (for My Baby)
  7. Nassau
  8. Baby, I Love Your Way
  9. Apple of Your Eye
  10. Penny for Your Thoughts
  11. (I’ll Give You) Money

On February 17, 1978.

On February 17, 1978, “A&M” label released “Impeckable” the seventh Budgie album. It was recorded in 1977, and was produced by Richard Manwaring,


  • Burke Shelley– vocals, bass guitar
  • Tony Bourge– guitar
  • Steve Williams– vocals, drums, percussion
  • Richard Manwaring – engineer
  • Bob Leth – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Bourge and Burke Shelley, except where noted.

  1. Melt the ice Away
  2. Love for You and Me
  3. All at Sea
  4. Dish It Up
  5. Pyramids
  6. Smile Boy Smile
  7. I’m a faker Too
  8. Don’t Go Away – Blanche Shelley, Burke Shelley
  9. Don’t Dilute the Water


On December 8, 1977.

On December 8, 1977, “A&M” label released “Feels So Good”, the 14th Chuck Mangione album. It was recorded in 1977, and was produced by Chuck Mangione.


  • Chuck Mangione: flugelhorn, electric piano
  • Chris Vadala: soprano, alto and baritone saxes; piccolo, flute and alto flute
  • Grant Geissman: electric, acoustic, 12-string and classical guitars
  • Charles Meeks: bass
  • James Bradley, Jr.: drums, congas, timbales

Track listing:

All tracks by Chuck Mangione.

  1. Feels So Good
  2. Maui-Waui
  3. Theme from Side Street
  4. Hide & Seek (Ready or Not Here I Come)
  5. Last Dance
  6. The XIth Commandment


On August 3, 1982.

On August 3, 1982, “A&M” label released “The Art of Control”, the eighth Peter Frampton studio album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Peter Frampton and Eddie Kramer.


  • Peter Frampton – lead vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, guitar synthesizer
  • Mark Goldenberg- rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • John Regan- bass guitar
  • Harry Stinson– drums
  • Ian Lloyd- backing vocals
  • Eddie Kramer- backing vocals
  • JD Dworkow – backing vocals
  • Eddie Kramer- engineer, mixing
  • Guy Charbonneau – assistant engineer
  • Alan Myerson – assistant engineer
  • Cliff Bonnell – assistant engineer
  • Phil Magnotti – assistant engineer
  • Mike Scott – assistant engineer
  • Don Wershba – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering engineer
  • Hitoshi Takiguchi – mastering engineer
  • Norman Moore – artwork direction, cover artwork, design
  • Glenn Wexler- cover artwork photography
  • Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff – artwork direction
  • Shinjiro Kawashima – artwork research
  • Chihiro Nozaki – artwork coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton and Mark Goldenberg.

  1. I Read the News
  2. Sleepwalk
  3. Save me
  4. Back to Eden
  5. An Eye for an Eye
  6. Don’t Think About Me
  7. Heart in the Fire
  8. Here Comes Caroline
  9. Barbara’s Vacation


On May 28, 1977.

On May 28, 1977, “A&M” label released “I’m in You”, the fifth Peter Frampton album. It was recorded November 197 – April 1977, at “Electric Lady Studios” in Greenwich Village, in New York, “The Record Plant” and “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by Peter Frampton, Chris Kimsey, Bob Mayo and Frankie D’Augusta. The album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Peter Frampton– acoustic, electric and slide guitar, bass guitar, piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, minimoog, ARP String Synthesizer, ARP Axxe, clavinet, harmonica, drums, percussion, vocals, talk box, engineer, mixing
  • Bob Mayo– organ, Hammond B-3, synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, ARP String Synthesizer, ARP Axxe, clavinet, melodica, electric piano, piano, Fender Rhodes, accordion, electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Stanley Sheldon– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • John Siomos– drums, percussion, tambourine
  • Richie Hayward– drums, percussion, congas
  • Stevie Wonder– harmonica
  • Mick Jagger– backing vocals
  • Mike Finnigan– backing vocals
  • Ringo Starr– drums, percussion
  • Chris Kimsey, Bob Mayo, Frankie D’Augusta – engineer, mixing
  • George Marino, Doug Sax, Arnie Acosta – mastering
  • Vartan, Roland Young, Ryan Rogers – art direction
  • Neal Preston, Irving Penn – photography
  • Beth Stempel, Bill Levenson – supervisor, coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton; except where noted:

  1. I’m in You
  2. (Putting My) Heart on the Line
  3. Thomas (Don’t You Know How I Feel)
  4. Won’t You Be My Friend
  5. You Don’t Have to Worry
  6. Tried to Love
  7. Rocky’s Hot Club
  8. (I’m a) Road Runner – Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland, Jr.
  9. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Lee Garrett, Lula Mae Hardaway, Stevie Wonder, Syreeta Wright

On February 28, 1983.

On February 28, 1983, “A&M” label released “The Key”, the eighth Joan Armatrading studio album. It was recorded in 1982, at “Townhouse Studios” in Shepherd’s Bush, London, “Polar Studios” in Stockholm and in New York City, and was produced by Steve Lillywhite and Val Garay.


  • Joan Armatrading – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
  • Adrian Belew– electric guitar
  • Daryl Stuermer– electric guitar
  • Gary Sanford – electric guitar
  • Tony Levin– bass guitar
  • Larry Fast– synthesiser
  • Jerry Marotta– drums
  • Stewart Copeland– drums
  • Julian Diggle – percussion
  • Mel Collins– saxophone
  • Annie Whitehead– trombone
  • Guy Barker– trumpet
  • Dean Klevatt – piano
  • Jeremy Meek – vocal, bass
  • Craig Hull – electric guitar
  • Tim Pierce– electric guitar
  • Bryan Garofalo – bass guitar
  • Craig Krampf– drums
  • Steve “Goldie” Goldstein – keyboards
  • L. Benoit – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Joan Armatrading.

  1. (I Love It When You) Call Me Names
  2. Foolish Pride
  3. Drop the Pilot
  4. The Key
  5. Everybody Gotta Know
  6. Tell Tale
  7. What Do Boys Dream
  8. The Game of Love
  9. The Dealer
  10. Bad Habits
  11. I Love My Baby


On November 11, 2016.

On November 11, 2016, “Cherrytree”, “Interscope” and “A&M” labels released 57th & 9th, the twelfth Sting studio album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum.


  • Sting– vocals, bass guitar, guitar, piano, percussion
  • Dominic Miller– twelve-string guitar, shaker
  • Vinnie Colaiuta, Zach Jones, Josh Freese– drums
  • Rhani Krija – percussion
  • Martin Kierszenbaum– Hammond organ, piano, mellotron, keyboards
  • Rob Mathes– piano
  • Lyle Workman, Jean-Baptiste Moussarie – guitar
  • Jerry Fuentes – backing vocals, vocals, guitar
  • Diego Navaira – backing vocals, vocals, bass guitar
  • Derek James – backing vocals
  • Razan Nassreddine – sitar, additional vocals
  • Marion Enachescu – violin
  • Salam Al Hassan, Accad Al Saed – percussion
  • Thabet Azzawi, Nadim Sarrouh – oud
  • Nabil Al Chami – clarinet

Track listing:

  1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You – Sting
  2. 50,000 – Sting, Dominic Miller, Lyle Workman, Josh Freese
  3. Down, Down, Down – Sting, Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta
  4. One Fine Day – Sting, Dominic Miller, Lyle Workman, Josh Freese
  5. Pretty Young Soldier – Sting, Dominic Miller, Lyle Workman, Josh Freese
  6. Petrol Hea – Sting, Dominic Miller, Lyle Workman, Josh Freese
  7. Heading South on the Great North Road – Sting
  8. If You Can’t Love Me – Sting, Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta
  9. Inshallah – Sting
  10. The Empty Chair – Sting, J. Ralph