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On May 21, 1982.

On May 21, 1982, “Arista” label released “It’s a Fact”, the debut Jeff Lorber studio album. It was recorded September 1981 – January 1982, at “Indigo Ranch Studios” in Malibu, California, and was produced by Jeff Lorber.


  • Jeff Lorber- keyboards, guitar, arranger, conductor
  • Marlon McClain – guitars
  • Nathan East- electric bass guitar
  • John Robinson- drums
  • Greg Walker – vocals
  • Arnold McCuller – vocals
  • Sylvia St. James – vocals
  • Lynne Davis – backing vocals
  • Kenny G(Kenny Gorelick) – soprano and tenor saxophone, flutes
  • Tom Browne – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Paulinho Da Costa– percussion
  • Pete Christlieb- horn contractor

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Lorber.

  1. Tierra Verde
  2. Full Moon
  3. Warm Springs
  4. It’s a Fact
  5. The Magician
  6. Your Love Has Got Me
  7. Delevans
  8. Always There
  9. Above the Clouds


On May 19, 2018.

On May 19, 2018, Reginald Grant Lucas aka Reggie Lucas died aged 65. He was songwriter, musician (guitar) and record producer. As musician he has recorded and performed with Miles Davis, Carlos Garnett, Babatunde Olatunji, Norman Connors, Flora Purim, Lonnie Liston Smith, Hubert Eaves, Roberta Flack, Urszula Dudziak, James Mtume, Gary Bartz, Zbigniew Seifert, John Lee, Gerry Brown and Masabumi Kikuchi. As producer Lucas worked with Madonna, Mtume, Models, Randy Crawford, Rebbie Jackson, Bunny DeBarge, The Four Tops, John Adams, The Weather Girls, Elisa Fiorillo and Nick Scotti. In 1981, Lucas and James Mtume won a “Grammy Award” for “Best R&B Song” for their composition “Never Knew Love Like This Before”, which was performed by Stephanie Mills. As leader, Lucas has recorded two albums.

On May 14, 1981.

On May 14, 1981, “A&M” label released “Breaking All the Rules”, the seventh Peter Frampton studio album. It was recorded 1979 – 1981, at “The Charlie Chaplin Sound Stage”, “A & M Studios”, and was produced by Peter Frampton, David Kershenbaum, Chris Kimsey and Harvey Goldberg.


  • Peter Frampton – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Steve Lukather- guitar
  • John Regan- bass guitar
  • Arthur Stead- piano, synthesizer, electric piano, organ, Fender Rhodes
  • Jeff Porcaro- drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton except where noted.

  1. Dig What I Say
  2. I Don’t Wanna Let You Go
  3. Rise Up – Alessi Brothers
  4. Wasting the Night Away
  5. Going to L.A.
  6. You Kill Me
  7. Friday on My Mind – George Young, Harry Vanda
  8. Lost a Part of You
  9. Breaking All the Rules – Peter Frampton, Keith Reid

On March 30, 2020.

On March 30, 2020, William Harrison Withers Jr. aka Bill Withers died aged 81. He was singer-songwriter and musician (guitar, keyboards), active from 1970 until 1985. He composed and recorded several major hits, including “Ain’t No Sunshine” (1971), “Grandma’s Hands” (1971), “Use Me” (1972), “Lean on Me” (1972), “Lovely Day” (1977), and “Just the Two of Us” (1980). Withers won three “Grammy Awards” (1971, 1981, 1987), “ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Heritage” award (2006), was inducted into “West Virginia Music Hall of Fame” (2007), was inducted into “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(2015), and received honorary degree from West Virginia University.

On March 29, 1982.

On March 29, 1982, “Atlantic” label released “Angst in My Pants”, the eleventh Sparks studio album. It was recorded in 1981 at “Musicland Studios” in Munich, Germany, and was produced by Mack.


  • Russell Mael- vocals
  • Ron Mael- keyboards, synthesizers, cover concept
  • Leslie Bohem- bass guitar, additional background vocals
  • Bob Haag – guitar, additional background vocals
  • David Kendrick – drums
  • James Goodwin – synthesizers
  • Mack- production, engineering, synthesizer programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Ron Mael and Russell Mael.

  1. Angst in My Pants
  2. I Predict
  3. Sextown U.S.A.
  4. Sherlock Holmes
  5. Nicotina
  6. Mickey Mouse
  7. Moustache
  8. Instant Weight Loss
  9. Tarzan and Jane
  10. The Decline and Fall of Me
  11. Eaten by the Monster of Love

On March 19, 1982.

On March 19, 1982, “CBS” label released “Batteries Not Included”, the fourth and final After the Fire album. It was recorded in 1981, at “The Record Plant” in New York City, and was produced by Mack.


  • Andy Piercy – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Peter Banks – keyboards
  • John Russell – guitar
  • Pete King – drums

All tracks by Andy Piercy and Peter Banks, except where noted.

  1. Short Change
  2. Frozen Rivers
  3. Sometimes – Andy Piercy, Peter Banks, John Russell
  4. Sailing Ship
  5. I Don’t Understand Your Love
  6. The Stranger
  7. Rich Boys
  8. Carry Me Home
  9. Dancing in the Shadows
  10. Space Walking
  11. Gina
  12. Stuck in Paris (Nowhere To Go)
  13. Bright Lights

On March 15, 1982.

On March 15, 1982, “RCA” label released “Another Grey Area”, the sixth Graham Parker album, his first solo album without his regular band, The Rumour. It was recorded in 1981, at “Record Plant” in New York City, and was produced by Jack Douglas and Graham Parker.


  • Graham Parker – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Nicky Hopkins– acoustic piano
  • George Small – keyboards, ondioline
  • Hugh McCracken– electric guitars, harmonica
  • David Brown – electric guitars
  • Doug Stegmeyer– bass
  • Michael Braun – drums
  • Kurt McGettric – flute, baritone saxophone
  • Jim Clouse – saxophones
  • Paul Prestopino – banjo
  • Jack Douglas– percussion
  • Krystal Davis, Karen Lawrence, Eric Troyer, Fred Hostetler – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. Temporary Beauty
  2. Another Grey Area
  3. No More Excuses
  4. Dark Side of the Bright Lights
  5. Can’t Waste a Minute
  6. Big Fat Zero
  7. You Hit the Spot
  8. It’s All Worth Nothing Alone
  9. Crying for Attention
  10. Thankless Task
  11. Fear Not