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On November 27, 1981.

On November 27, 1981, “Warner Bros” label released “Ten Out of 10”, the eighth 10cc studio album. It was recorded in 1981, and was produced by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman.


  • Eric Stewart– lead vocals, synthesiser, guitars, bass, slide guitar, pianos, percussion, synthesiser strings, rock snare
  • Graham Gouldman– lead vocals, bass, guitars, percussion, double bass, sitar
  • Rick Fenn– guitars, fretless bass, backing vocals
  • Vic Emerson– Synclavier, string synthesiser, piano, electric piano, bass
  • Paul Burgess– drums, percussion
  • Marc Jordan– organ, piano, backing vocals, electric piano
  • Lenni Crookes– sax
  • Simon Phillips– drums
  • Keith Bessey– maracas
  • Andrew Gold– vocals, bass, guitar, piano, electric piano, synthesiser,  vocoder, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Ask – Graham Gouldman
  2. Overdraft in Overdrive – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  3. Don’t Turn Me Away – Eric Stewart
  4. Memories – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  5. Notell Hotel – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  6. Les Nouveaux Riches – Eric Stewart
  7. Action Man in a Motown Suit – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  8. Listen With Your Eyes – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  9. Lying Here With You – Graham Gouldman
  10. Survivor – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart


On November 23, 1981.

On November 23, 1981, “Albert” label released “For Those About to Rock” (We Salute You), the eight Australian and the seventh international AC/DC album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Mobile One Studios” in Paris, “HIS Studios”, and was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange. The album was certified 5 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Platinum in France by “SNEP”, Platinum in Switzerland by “IFPI” and 4 Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Brian Johnson– lead vocals
  • Angus Young– lead guitar
  • Malcolm Young– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Cliff Williams– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Phil Rudd– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson.

  1. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
  2. Put the Finger on You
  3. Let’s Get Up
  4. Inject the Venom
  5. Snowballeed
  6. Evil Walks
  7. O.D,
  8. Breaking the Rules
  9. Night of the Long Knives
  10. Spellbound

On November 14, 1981.

On November 14, 1981, “CBS” label released “Prince Charming”, the third Adam and the Ants album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Hughes.


  • Adam Ant– vocals, bass, harmonica
  • Marco Pirroni– guitar
  • Merrick– drums, acoustic guitar
  • Terry Lee Miall – drums
  • Gary Tibbs– bass
  • Ross Cullum – engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni.

  1. Scorpios
  2. Picasso Visita el Planeta de los Simios
  3. Prince Charming
  4. Five Guns West
  5. That Voodoo!
  6. Stand and Deliver
  7. Mile-High Club
  8. Ant Rap
  9. Mowhok
  10. E.X.
  11. The Lost Hawaiians (unlisted track)

On November 11, 1981.

On November 11, 1981, “Carrere Records” label released “Adventures in Modern Recording”, the second Buggles studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Sarm East Studios” in London, and was produced by Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and John Sinclair.


  • Geoff Downes– keyboards, drum programming
  • Trevor Horn– vocals, bass, guitar, drum programming
  • John Sinclair – vocals, drum programming, cymbals, guitar
  • Simon Darlow – keyboards, guitar
  • Chris Squire– sound effects
  • Anne Dudley– keyboards
  • Luís Jardim– percussion
  • Bruce Woolley– vocals
  • Danny Schogger, Rod Thompson – keyboards
  • Gary Langan, Julian Mendelsohn– engineering
  • Stuart Bruce – assistant engineering
  • Rory Kee – illustrator
  • Glenn Travis Associates – design

Track listing:

  1. Adventures in Modern Recording – Simon Darlow, Trevor Horn, Bruce Woolley
  2. Beatnik – Trevor Horn
  3. Vermillion Sands – Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn
  4. I Am a Camera – Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn
  5. On TV – Trevor Horn, Bruce Wooley, Rodney Thompson
  6. Inner City – Simon Darlow, Trevor Horn
  7. Lenny – Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn
  8. Rainbow Warrior – Simon Darlow, Trevor Horn, John Sinclair
  9. Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise) – Simon Darlow, Trevor Horn, Bruce Woolley

On September 25, 1981.

On September 25, 1981, “Chrysalis” label released the self – titled, debut Greg Lake album. It was recorded in 1981, and was produced by Greg Lake and Alex Grobb.


  • Greg Lake– vocals, guitars
  • Gary Moore– guitars
  • Tommy Eyre– keyboards
  • Tristram Margetts – bass
  • Ted McKenna– drums
  • Steve Lukather– guitars
  • Dean Parks– guitars
  • Snuffy Walden– guitars
  • David Hungate– bass
  • Bill Cuomo – keyboards
  • Greg Mathieson – keyboards
  • Michael Giles– drums
  • Jode Leigh – drums
  • Jeff Porcaro– drums
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone
  • Willie Cochrane – pipe
  • David Milner – pipe
  • Haydn Bendall– engineer
  • Brian Robson – engineer
  • Steve Short – engineer
  • Paul Dobe – engineer
  • Harold Blumberg – engineer
  • John Timperley– engineer
  • Nigel Walker – engineer
  • Tony Benyon – cover concept
  • John Pasche– art direction

Track listing:

  1. Nuclear Attack – Gary Moore
  2. Love You Too Much – Bob Dylan, Helena Springs, Greg Lake
  3. It Hurts – Greg lake
  4. Black and Blue – Greg Lake
  5. Retribution Drive – Greg lake, Tony Benyon, Tommy Eyre
  6. Long Goodbye – Tommy Eyre, Greg Lake, Tony Benyon
  7. The Lie – Greg Lake, Tommy Eyre, Tony Benyon
  8. Someone – Tommy Eyre, Greg Lake, Tony Benyon
  9. Let Me Love You Once Before You Go – Steve Dorff, Molly Ann Leikin
  10. For Those Who Dare – Greg Lake, Tony Benyon


In July 1981.

In July 1981, “Jugoton” label released “Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad…” (Brighter or Dumber a Man Gets When…), the debut and the only Šarlo Akrobata album. It was recorded April – May 1981, and was produced by Akpiđoto (Akrobata,Mile “Pile” Miletić, Đorđe Petrović and Toni Jurij).


  • Milan Mladenović– vocals, guitar
  • Dušan Kojić– vocals,bass guitar
  • Ivan Vdović– vocals, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Milan Mladenović, Dušan Kojić and Ivan Vdović.

  1. Šarlo je nežan” (Charlie Is Gentle)
  2. Pazite na decu (I) (Take Care Of Children (I))
  3. Rano izjutra (Early In The Morning)
  4. Fenomen(Phenomenon)
  5. Sad se jasno vidi(Now It’s Cleary Seen)
  6. Ljubavna priča (Love Story)
  7. Samo ponekad(Just Occasionally)
  8. Čovek (Man)
  9. Bes (Rage)
  10. O, O, O…
  11. Problem
  12. Ja želim jako (I Want Strongly)
  13. Pazite na decu (II) (Take Care Of Children (II))


On May 17, 1981.

On May 17, 1981, “Park Avenue” label released “Youth of America”, the second Wipers studio album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Wave Sound Studios” in Vancouver, Washington, and was produced by Greg Sage.


  • Greg Sage– vocals, guitar, piano, production, recording
  • Brad Davidson – bass guitar, tape operation assistance
  • Dave Koupal – bass guitar
  • Brad Naish – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Greg Sage.

  1. Talking Too Long
  2. Can This Be
  3. Pushing the Extreme
  4. When It’s Over
  5. No Fair
  6. Youth of America