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On September 19, 2006.

On September 19, 2006, “Verve” label released “From This Moment On”, the ninth Diana Krall studio album. It was recorded in 2006, at “Capitol Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Diana Krall and Tommy LiPuma.


  • Diana Krall– vocals, piano; arrangements
  • Gil Castellanos, Terell Stafford– trumpet
  • Gerald Clayton, Tamir Hendelman– piano
  • Jeff Clayton– alto and soprano saxophone
  • Anthony Wilson – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rickey Woodard – tenor saxophone
  • John Clayton– bass, arrangements, conducting
  • Ira Nepus – trombone
  • Jeff Hamilton– drums
  • The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
  • Rick Fernandez, Dan Johnson, Joe Napolitano, Bill Smith, Paul Smith – assistant engineering
  • Steve Genewick – Pro Toolsengineering, recording
  • Al Schmitt– mixing, recording
  • Doug Sax, Sangwook Nam – mastering
  • Hollis King – art direction
  • Coco Shinomiya – design
  • Sam Taylor-Wood– back cover photography
  • Bruce Weber– photography

Track listing:

  1. It Could Happen to You – Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke
  2. Isn’t This a Lovely Day – Irving Berlin
  3. How Insensitive – Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Norman Gimbel
  4. Exactly Like You – Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
  5. From This Moment On – Cole Porter
  6. I Was Doing All Right – George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
  7. Little Blue Girl – Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
  8. Day In Day Out – Rube Bloom, Johnny Mercer
  9. Willow Weep for Me – Ann Ronell
  10. Come Dance With Me – Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn
  11. It Was a Beautiful Day in August / You Can Depend on Me – Ray Brown, Charles Carpenter, Louis Dunlap, Earl Hines



In October 1972.

In October 1972,“Dawn” label released “Made in England”, the fourth Atomic Rooster album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Vincent Crane.


  • Vincent Crane: Hammond organ, piano, ARP synthesizer, Fender piano
  • Chris Farlowe: vocals
  • Steve Bolton: guitars
  • Ric Parnell: drums, percussion, vocals
  • Bill Smith: bass
  • Doris Troy, Liza Strike: backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Time Take My Life – Vincent Crane
  2. Stand by Me – Vincent Crane
  3. Little Bit of Inner Air – Ric Parnell
  4. Don’t Know What Went Wrong – Vincent Crane
  5. Never to Lose – Steve Bolton
  6. Introduction – Vincent Crane
  7. Breathless – Vincent Crane
  8. Space Cowboy – Steve Bolton
  9. People You Can’t Trust – Vincent Crane
  10. All in Satan’s Name – Ric Parnell
  11. Close Your Eyes – Vincent Crane


On August 1, 1980.

On August 1, 1980, “Fiction” label released “The Affectionate Punch”, the debut  Associates album. It was recorded 1980 – 1982, at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Hedges and Chris Parry..


  • Billy Mackenzie– vocals
  • Alan Rankine– guitar, bass, keyboards, other instruments
  • Robert Smith– backing vocals
  • Nigel Glockler– drums
  • Mike Hedges– engineering
  • Mike Dutton – engineering assistance
  • Bill Smith – cover artwork

Track listing:

  1. The Affectionate Punch
  2. Amused as Always
  3. Logan Time
  4. Paper House
  5. Transport to Central
  6. A Matter of Gender
  7. Even Dogs in the Wild
  8. Would I… Bounce Back
  9. Deeply Concerned
  10. A

On November 28, 1980.


On November 28, 1980, “Polydor” label released “Sound Affects”, the fifth Jam studio album. It was recorded June – October 1980, and was produced by The Jam and Vic Coppersmith-Heaven. The album cover art is a pastiche of the artwork used on various Sound Effects records produced by the BBC during the 1970s. “NME” magazine ranked the album at number 487 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Paul Weller – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Bruce Foxton – bass, vocals
  • Rick Buckler – drums
  • Paul Cox – photography
  • Martyn Goddard – cover art, photography
  • Bill Smith – design
  • Pennie Smith – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Weller except where noted.

  1. Pretty Green
  2. Monday
  3. But I’m Different Now
  4. Set the House Ablaze
  5. Start!
  6. That’s Entertainment
  7. Dream Time
  8. Man in the Corner Shop
  9. Music for the Last Couple – Rick Buckler, Bruce Foxton, Paul Weller
  10. Boy About Town
  11. Scrape Away


On September 14, 1981.


On September 14, 1981, “Charisma” label released “Abacab”, the eleventh Genesis studio album. It was recorded May–June 1981, at “The Farm” in Surrey, and was produced by Genesis. The album was certified 2 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Tony Banks– keyboards
  • Phil Collins– drums, vocals, drum machine, percussion
  • Mike Rutherford– basses, guitars
  • EWF Horns– horns
  • Hugh Padgham– engineer
  • Bill Smith – album cover

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford, except where noted.

  1. Abacab
  2. No Reply at All
  3. Me and Sarah jane
  4. Keep it Dark
  5. Dodo / Lurker
  6. Who Dunnit?
  7. Man on the Corner
  8. Like it or Not
  9. Another Record

On March 28, 1980.


On March 28, 1980, “Charisma” label released “Duke”, the tenth Genesis studio album. It was recorded November–December 1979, at “Polar Studios”, in Stockholm, mixed at “Maison Rouge” in London, mastered at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by David Hentschel and Genesis. “Duke” was certified platinum in UK by “BPI” and by “RIAA” in US.


  • Tony Banks– keyboards, backing vocals, 12-string guitar, duck
  • Mike Rutherford- guitars, basses, backing vocals
  • Phil Collins– drums, vocals, drum machine, duck
  • David Hentschel- backing vocals, audio engineering
  • Dave Bascombe – assistant engineering
  • Ray Staff – mastering
  • Lionel Koechlin – cover
  • Bill Smith – art direction

Track listing:

  1. Behind the Lines – Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford
  2. Duchess – Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford
  3. Guide Vocal – Tony Banks
  4. Man of Our Times – Mike Rutherford
  5. Misunderstanding – Phil Collins
  6. Heathaze – Tony Banks
  7. Turn it On Again – Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford
  8. Alone Tonight – Mike Rutherford
  9. Cul-de-sac – Tony Banks
  10. Please Don’t Ask – Phil Collins
  11. Duke’s Travels – Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford
  12. Duke’s End – Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford

On February 27, 1984.


On February 27, 1984, “EMI” label released “The Works”, the eleventh Queen studio album. It was recorded August 1983 – January 1984, at at the “Record Plant Studios” in Los Angeles and “Musicland Studios” in Munich, and was produced by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Reinhold Mack.


  • Freddie Mercury: lead and backing vocals,  piano,  keyboards, sampler
  • Brian May: lead and acoustic guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Roger Taylor: drums, electronic drums, backing vocals, keyboards, Vocoder, sampler and programming
  • John Deacon: bass guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, keyboards and programming
  • Fred Mandel: keyboards, sampler
  • Reinhold Mack: Fairlight CMIprogramming
  • Bill Smith: sleeve design
  • George Hurrell: photography

Track listing:

  1. Radio Ga Ga – Roger Taylor
  2. Tear it Up – Brian May
  3. It’s a Hard Life – Freddie Mercury
  4. Man on the Prowl – Freddie Mercury
  5. Machines – Brian May, Roger Taylor
  6. I Want to Break Free – John Deacon
  7. Keep Passing the Open Windows – Freddie Mercury
  8. Hammer to Fall – Brian May
  9. Is This the World We Created…? – Freddie Mercury, Brian May