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In April 1980.

In April 1980, “Arista” label released “Growing Up in Public”, the tenth Lou Reed album. It was recorded in January 1980, at “Air Studios” in Montserrat, and was produced by Michael Fonfara and Lou Reed.


  • Lou Reed – guitar, vocals
  • Michael Fonfara- keyboards, guitar
  • Chuck Hammer- guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Michael Suchorsky – drums
  • Ellard “Moose” Boles – bass, background vocals
  • Stuart Heinrich – guitar, background vocals
  • Engineered by Corky Stasiak
  • Photography by Mick Rock

Track listing:

All tracks by Lou Reed and Michael Fonfara

  1. How Do You Speak to an Angel?
  2. My Old Man
  3. Keep Away
  4. Growing Up in Public
  5. Standing on Ceremony
  6. So Alone
  7. Love Is Here to Stay
  8. The Power of Positive Drinking
  9. Smiles
  10. Think It Over
  11. Teach the Gifted Children

On November 21, 1983.


On November 21, 1983, “EMI” label released “Seven and the Ragged Tiger”, the third Duran Duran studio album. It was recorded May – June 1983, at “Air Studios” in Montserrat, and was produced by Alex Sadkin, Ian Little and Duran Duran.


  • Nick Rhodes– keyboards
  • Simon Le Bon– lead vocals
  • John Taylor– bass guitar
  • Roger Taylor– drums
  • Andy Taylor– guitars
  • Andy Hamilton– soprano and tenor saxophone
  • Raphael DeJesus – percussion
  • Mark Kennedy– percussion
  • Michelle Cobbs – additional vocals
  • BJ Nelson – additional vocals
  • Malcolm Garrett- graphic design
  • Keith Breeden – illustration

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor

  1. The Reflex
  2. New Moon on Monday
  3. (I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement
  4. I Take the Dice
  5. Of Crime and Passion
  6. Union of the Snake
  7. Shadows on Your Side
  8. Tiger Tiger
  9. The Seventh Stranger

On October 2, 1981.


On October 2, 1981, “A&M” label released “Ghost in the Machine” the fourth Police studio album. It was recorded January – September 1981, at “AIR Studios” in Montserrat and “Le Studio” in Quebec, and was produced by The Police and Hugh Padgham. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Ghost in the Machine” at number 323 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The album’s cover was ranked at No. 45 in “VH1’s” list of the “50 Greatest Album Covers”. The graphic was designed by Mick Haggerty.


  • Sting– bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, double bass, keyboards, saxophone
  • Andy Summers– guitars, backing vocals, guitar synth, keyboards
  • Stewart Copeland– drums, backing vocals, percussion, keyboards
  • Jean Roussel– piano
  • Hugh Padgham– engineering
  • Ted Jensen– mastering
  • Dave Collins, Bob Ludwig– remastering
  • Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff, Mick Haggerty, Vartan – art direction
  • Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff, Mick Haggerty – design
  • Duane Michals– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Sting, except where noted

  1. Spirits in the Material World
  2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  3. Invisible Sun
  4. Hungry for You (J’aurais toujours faim de toi)
  5. Demolition Man
  6. Too Much Information
  7. Rehumanize Yourself – Sting, Stewart Copeland
  8. One World (Not Three)
  9. Ωmegaman – Andy Summers
  10. Secret Journey
  11. Darkness – Stewart Copeland



On August 29, 1989.

Steel Wheels

On August 29, 1989, “Rolling Stones” label released “Steel Wheels”, the 19th Rolling Stones studio album. It was recorded March – June 1989, at “Air Studios” in Montserrat, and was produced by Chris Kimsey and The Glimmer Twins. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and 2 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”. “Steel Wheels” was the last Bill Wyman’s full-length studio album with The Rolling Stones.


  • Mick Jagger– lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars; harmonica, percussion, keyboards
  • Keith Richards– electric, acoustic and classical guitar, backing vocals; lead vocals, bicycle spokes
  • Ronnie Wood– electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and acoustic bass, backing vocals, dobro
  • Bill Wyman– bass guitar
  • Charlie Watts– drums
  • Chuck Leavell– organ, piano, keyboards
  • Matt Clifford – electricand acoustic piano, clavinet, harmonium, percussion programming, strings
  • Sarah Dash– backing vocals
  • Lisa Fischer– backing vocals
  • Bernard Fowler– backing vocals
  • Luis Jardim– percussion
  • Phil Beer– mandolin, fiddle
  • The Kick Horns– brass
  • Roddy Lorimer– trumpet
  • The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir AttarFarafina – African-Moroccan instruments
  • Sonia Morgan – backing vocals
  • Tessa Niles– backing vocals
  • Recording engineer – Christopher Marc Potter
  • Assistant engineer – Rupert Coulson
  • Recorded at Air Studios, Montserrat
  • Mixed by Michael Brauer, Christopher Marc Potter, Chris Kimsey
  • Art direction and design – John Warwicker
  • Logo design – Mark Morton
  • Mastering – Ted Jensen

Track listing:

All tracks by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, except “Almost Hear You Sigh” co-written by Steve Jordan.

  1. Sad Sad sad
  2. Mixed Emotions
  3. Terrifying
  4. Hold On to Your Heart
  5. Hearts for Sale
  6. Blinded by Love
  7. Rock and a Hard Place
  8. Can’t Be Seen
  9. Almost Hear Your Sign
  10. Continental Drift
  11. Break the Spell
  12. Slipping Away


On May 30, 1983.

Too Low for Zero

On May 30, 1983, “Geffen” label released “Too Low for Zero” the seventeenth Elton John album. It was recorded September 1982 – January 1983 at Montserrat, and was produced by Chris Thomas. The album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Elton John– piano, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
  • Davey Johnstone– guitars, backing vocals
  • Dee Murray– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Nigel Olsson– drums, backing vocals
  • Ray Cooper– percussion
  • Skaila Kanga– harp
  • Kiki Dee– backing vocals
  • Stevie Wonder– harmonica
  • James Newton-Howard– string arrangements

Track listing:

All music by Elton John, except where noted; all lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

  1. Cold as Christmas (In the Middle of the Year)
  2. I’m Still Standing
  3. Too Low for Zero
  4. Religion
  5. I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – nusic by John, Davey Johnstone
  6. Crystal
  7. Kiss the Bride
  8. Whipping Boy
  9. Saint
  10. One More Arrow

On May 13, 1985.


On May 13, 1985, “Vertigo” label released “Brothers in Arms”, the fifth Dire Straits studio album. It was recorded November 1984 – March 1985, at “AIR Studios” in Montserrat, and was produced by Neil Dorfsman and Mark Knopfler. In 1986 “Brothers in Arms” won two “Grammy Awards”, and also won “Best British Album” at the 1987 “Brit Awards”. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Brothers in Arms” at number 351 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”. The album was ranked at number 51 on “Q” magazine list of the “100 Greatest British Albums Ever”. The album was certified 9 x Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”. It became the seventh best-selling album in UK chart history, and with total sale of more than thirty million copies worldwide, “Brothers in Arms” is one of the world’s best-selling albums ever.


  • Mark Knopfler– guitars, lead vocals
  • John Illsley– bass, vocals
  • Alan Clark– keyboards
  • Guy Fletcher– synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Omar Hakim– drums
  • Terry Williams– drums
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • Malcolm Duncan– tenor saxophone
  • Neil Jason– bass
  • Tony Levin– bass
  • Jimmy Maelen– percussion
  • Michael Mainieri– vibraphone
  • Dave Plews – trumpet
  • Jack Sonni– guitar
  • Sting– backing vocals
  • Neil Dorfsman – engineer
  • Steve Jackson – assistant engineer
  • Bruce Lampcov – assistant engineer
  • John Dent – mastering
  • Sutton Cooper – sleeve photography
  • Deborah Feingold – photography
  • Thomas Steyer – painting

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Knopfler, except where noted.

  1. So Far Away
  2. Money for Nothing – Mark Knopfler, Sting
  3. Walk of Life
  4. Your Latest Trick
  5. Why Worry
  6. Ride Across the River
  7. The Man’s Too Strong
  8. One World
  9. Brothers in Arms

On April 9, 1982.

Jump Up

On April 9, 1982, “The Rocket Record Company” released “Jump Up!”, the sixteenth Elton John album. It was recorded 1980; 1982 at “AIR Studios” in Montserrat, and “Pathe Marconi Studios” in France, and was produced by Chris Thomas.


  • Elton John– lead vocals and backing vocals, pianos, harpsichord
  • Pete Townshend– acoustic guitar on “Ball and Chain”
  • James Newton-Howard– synthesizers, electric piano
  • Dee Murray– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jeffrey Porcaro– drums, possible percussion
  • Richie Zito– guitars
  • Steven Holly –tambourine, synth drum
  • Gary Osborne– backing vocals
  • Stringsand brass arranged and conducted by James Newton-Howard
  • Brass andorchestra provided by Martin Fjord
  • Orchestra led by Gavin Wright
  • Recordedby Bill Price
  • Masteredby Greg Fulginiti
  • John Kalodner: A&R

Track listing:

All tracks by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, except where noted.

  1. Dear John – Elton John,Gary Osborne
  2. Spiteful Child
  3. Ball and Chain – Elton John, Gary Osborne
  4. Legal Boys – Elton John,Tim Rice
  5. I Am Your Robot
  6. Blue Eyes – Elton John, Gary Osborne
  7. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)
  8. Princess – Elton John, Gary Osborne
  9. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
  10. All Quiet on the Western Front