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On February 11, 1979.

On February 11, 1979, “Harvest” label released “Sound-on-Sound”, the only Bill Nelson’s Red Noise album. It was recorded in 1978, at “Townhouse Studios” in London, and was produced by John Leckie and Bill Nelson. The music magazine “Sound on Sound” was named after the album.


  • Bill Nelson – vocals, guitar, drums, synthesizer, keyboards, bass, percussion, harmonica, vocoder
  • Rick Ford – bass
  • Andy Clark- keyboards, synthesizer
  • Dave Mattacks- drums, electronic drums
  • Ian Nelson- tenor and alto saxophone, Wurlitzer, string synthesizer
  • Haydn Bendall– engineer
  • Bishin Jumonji- front cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Nelson.

  1. Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric)
  2. For Young Moderns
  3. Stop / Go / Stop
  4. Furniture Music
  5. Radar in My Heart
  6. Stay Young
  7. Out of Touch
  8. Better Home in the Phantom Zone
  9. Substitute Flesh
  10. Atom Age
  11. Art/Empire/Industry
  12. Revolt into Style

On November 4, 1997.

On November 4, 1997, “S3” and “Rykodisc” labels released “Tracks and Traces”, the only Harmonia ’76 album. It was recorded September 1976 at “Harmonia Studio” in Forst, and was produced by Brian Eno, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius.


  • Michael Rother– e-guitar, keyboards, drum machine
  • Dieter Moebius– synthesizer, mini harp
  • Hans-Joachim Roedelius– keyboards
  • Brian Eno– synthesizer, e-bass, voice, lyrics

Track listing:

Music by Brian Eno, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius, except where noted.

  1. Vamos Companeros
  2. By the Riverside
  3. Luneburg Heath – lyrics by Brian Eno
  4. Sometimes in Autumn
  5. Weird Dream
  6. Almost
  7. Les Demoiselles
  8. When Shade Was Born
  9. Trace

In October 1975.

In October 1975, “Diskos” label released “Opus 1”, the debut and only Opus studio album. It was recorded in August 1975, at “PGP RTB Studio V” in Belgrade, Serbia, and was produced by Aleksandar Pilipenko.


  • Miodrag Okrugić – organ, piano
  • Dušan Prelević- vocals
  • Slobodan Orlić – bass guitar
  • Ljubomir Jerković – drums
  • Zlatko Manojlović- vocals
  • Dušan Vojković, Tahir Durkalić – engineer
  • Dragan S. Stefanović – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Miodrag Okrugić, except where noted.

Žena tame

  1. Magija / Zveri u nama
  2. Čudno je u magli
  3. Viđenje po Grigu
  4. Opus / Žena tame

Žena oblaka

  1. Dolina bisera
  2. Skupljač zvona
  3. Frida / Žena oblaka
  4. Memento Mori

In February 1980.

In February 1980, “Rough Trade” label released “Colossal Youth”, the only Young Marble Giants studio album. It was recorded in 1979, at Foel Studios” in North Wales, and was produced by Alison Statton, Stuart Moxham and Philip Moxham.


  • Alison Statton– vocals
  • Stuart Moxham – guitar, organ
  • Philip Moxham – bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Stuart Moxham, except where noted.

  1. Searching for Mr. Right
  2. Include Me Out
  3. The Taxi
  4. Eating Noddemix – Phillip Moxham, Alison Statton
  5. Constantly Changing
  6. I.T.A.
  7. Colossal Youth
  8. Music for Evenings
  9. The Man Amplifier
  10. Choci Loni – Stuart Moxham, Philip Moxham
  11. Wurlitzer Jukebox
  12. Salad Days – Stuart Moxham, Alison Statton
  13. Credit in the Straight World
  14. Brand – New – Life
  15. Wind in the Rigging

In January 1972.

In January 1972, “Columbia” label released “I’ve Found Someone of My Own”, the only Free Movement album. It was recorded in 1971, and was produced by Michael Omartian, Bill Straw, Joe Porter and Toxey French.


  • Adrian Jefferson, Cheryl Conley, Claude Jefferson, Godoy Colbert, Jennifer Gates, Josephine Brown – vocals
  • Ben Benay, Jerry McGhee – guitar
  • Jerry Scheff, Bobby West – bass
  • Gene Pello – drums
  • Milt Holland, Victor Feldman– percussion
  • Bobbye Hall, King Erison – congas
  • Bill Straw – executive producer
  • Michael Omartian– arranger, piano
  • Toxey French, Jimmie Haskell– arranger

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank F. Robinson except where noted.

  1. I’ve Found Someone of My Own
  2. Land Where I Live – Hilton, William Flemister
  3. Son of the Zulu King – Chick Carlton
  4. If Only You Believe – Brian Potter, Dennis Lambert
  5. Love the One You’re With – Stephen Stills
  6. The Harder I Try (The Bluer I Get)
  7. Comin’ Home
  8. I Know I Could Love You Better (The Second Time Around) – Bobby Arvon
  9. Your Love Has Grown Cold – Michael Omartian
  10. Could You Believe in a Dream – Al Jarreau
  11. Where Do We Go from Here – Mike Settle

In October 1973.

In October 1973, “RCA” label released the only Bodacious DF album. It was recorded in 1973 at “Record Plant” in Sausalito, and was produced by Billy Wolf, Doc Storch, Marty Balin, Mark Ryan, Greg Dewey, Vic Smith and Charlie Hickox.


  • Marty Balin– lead vocals
  • Mark Ryan – bass, background vocals
  • Greg Dewey – drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Vic Smith – guitars, background vocals
  • Charlie Hickox – keyboards, background vocals
  • Rhani Kugel, Anna Rizzo, Trish Robbins – background vocals
  • Boots Hughston – saxophone
  • Doc Storch – engineer, mixdown
  • Kurt Kinzel – assistant engineer
  • Stephen Stone – photograph
  • North Beach Camera, Luigi Alfano, Jack Wright – photographic assistance
  • Bob Fried – artist

Track listing:

  1. Drifting – Jesse Osborne
  2. Good Folks – Lonnie Talbot
  3. The Witcher – Marty Balin, Vic Smith
  4. Roberta – Marty Balin, Vic Smith, Trish Robbins
  5. Second Hand Information – Charlie Hickox
  6. Drivin’ Me Crazy – Vic Smith
  7. Twixt Two Worlds – Marty Balin, Vic Smith

On September 10, 2002.

On September 10, 2002, “Sanctuary” label released the only Scars album. It was recorded in 2002, and was produced by Chris Tsangarides and Gary Moore.


  • Gary Moore- guitars, vocals
  • Cass Lewis- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Darrin Mooney- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Moore, except where noted.

  1. When the Sun Goes Down – Gary Moore, Cass Lewis, Darrin Mooney
  2. Rectify – Gary Moore, Cass Lewis, Darrin Mooney
  3. Wasn’t Born In Chicago
  4. Stand Up – Gary Moore, Cass Lewis, Darrin Mooney
  5. Just Can’t Let You Go
  6. My Baby (She’s So Good to Me)
  7. World of Confusion
  8. Ball and Chain – Gary Moore, Cass Lewis, Darrin Mooney
  9. World Keep Turnin’ Round
  10. Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?