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On October 25, 2000.

On October 25,, 2000, “EMI Music Japan” label released “Tuscany”, the twelve Renaissance album. It was recorded 1987 – 1999, at “Astra Studio” in Monks Horton, Kent, England, and was produced by Michael Dunford, Annie Haslam, Roy Wood, Hal Jay Greene and Jim Wood.


  • Annie Haslam – lead and backing vocals
  • Michael Dunford – guitars
  • Terence Sullivan – drums
  • Mickey Simmonds – keyboards, orchestral arrangements
  • John Tout – piano, harpsicord, keyboards
  • Roy Wood – bass, keyboards, percussion, orchestral arrangements, backing vocals
  • Alex Caird – bass guitar
  • Rob Williams, David Woolgar – engineer, mixing
  • David Ivory & Cheek – mastering
  • Hal Jay Greene, Jim Wood – executive producers

Track listing:

All tracks by Michael Dunford and Annie Haslam.

  1. Lady from Tuscany
  2. Pearls of Wisdom
  3. Eva’s Pond
  4. Dear Landseer
  5. In the Sunshine
  6. In My Life
  7. The Race
  8. Dolphin’s Prayer
  9. Life in Brazil
  10. One Thousand Roses

On October 18, 1988.

On October 18, 1988, “Arista” label released “Direct”, the 14th Vangelis album. It was recorded in 1987, at “Sound Studios” in Athens, Greece, and was produced by Vangelis.


  • Vangelis – multi-instrumentalist, arranger
  • Nicos Despotidis – engineer
  • Paul Wiffen – additional sound design
  • Michael Rochipp – cover image
  • Ida Paraschou, Yiannis Angelou, Stathis Zalidis – booklet photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Vangelis.

  1. The Motion of Stars
  2. The Will of the Wind
  3. Metallic Rain
  4. Elsewhere
  5. Dial Out
  6. Glorianna (Hymn a la Femme)
  7. Rotation’s Logic
  8. The Oracle of Apollo
  9. Message
  10. Ave
  11. First Approach
  12. Intergalactic Radio Station

On September 21, 1987.

On September 21, 1987, John Francis Anthony “Jaco” Pastorius III died aged 35. He was a musician (bass), a member of Weather Report (1976 – 1981). Regarded as one of the best world bass players, he worked and recorded with Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Randy Bernsen, Little Beaver, Ira Sullivan,  Albert Mangelsdorff, Ian Hunter, Airto Moreira, Tom Scott, Flora Purim,  Cockrell & Santos, Michel Colombier, Manolo Badrena, Michel Polnareff, Bob Mintzer, Brian Melvin, Jimmy Cliff, Brian Melvin Trio, and Mike Stern. In 2006 Pastorius was voted “The Greatest Bass Player Who Has Ever Lived” by readers in Bass Guitar magazine, and was inducted in the Down Beat “Hall of Fame”. During his lifetime Pastorius released four albums as a leader.

On September 2, 1988.

On September 2, 1988, “Jugodisk” label released “Partibrejkers II”, the second Partibrejkers studio album. It was recorded in June 1987, “Barbaro studio”, “Bukovac O studio” in Belgrade, Serbia, and was produced by Nebojša Antonijević and Milan Ćirić.


  • Nebojša Antonijević “Anton” — guitar,  arranger
  • Zoran Kostić “Cane”— lead vocals
  • Vlada Funtek — drums
  • Dime Todorov “Mune” — bass
  • Branislav Petrović “Banana” — harmonica
  • Milan Ćirić — arranger, recording
  • Miroslav Cvetković — recording
  • Goran Dimić — artwork

Track listing:

All lyrics by Zoran Kostić, except where noted, all music by Nebojša Antonijević, except where noted.

  1. Prsten
  2. Put
  3. Ja se ne vraćam
  4. Mesečeva kći – lyrics by Nebojša Antonijević
  5. Kako je teško bez tebe – lyrics by Nebojša Antonijević
  6. 5 ispod nule
  7. Bambusov cvet
  8. Ona kaže ljubav pokreće ovaj svet
  9. Nema cure
  10. 1000 zvezda – Ljubiša Kostadinović


On August 29, 1987.

On August 29, 1987, “Virgin” label released “Sentimental Hygiene”, the sixth Warren Zevon studio album. It was recorded in 1987, at “Record One” in Los Angeles, “A&M Studios” in Hollywood, “Cheshire Sound Studios” in Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Warren Zevon, Niko Bolas, and Andrew Slater.


  • Warren Zevon – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, emulator
  • Bob Dylan– harmonica
  • Neil Young– lead guitar
  • Mike Campbell– guitar
  • Peter Buck– guitar
  • Rick Richards– guitar
  • Waddy Wachtel– acoustic guitar
  • Brian Setzer– lead guitar
  • Jai Winding – keyboards
  • Leland Sklar– bass guitar
  • Mike Mills– bass guitar
  • Jorge Calderón– bass guitar, harmony
  • Flea– bass guitar
  • Tony Levin– bass guitar
  • Darius Degher – sitar
  • Amp Fiddler– keyboards
  • DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight– guitar
  • David Lindley– lap steel guitar, bowed saz
  • Stan Lynch– harmony
  • Don Henley– harmony
  • Michael Stipe– harmony
  • Jennifer Warnes– harmony
  • Bill Berry– drums
  • Craig Krampf– drums
  • Will Alexander, Brian Bell – computer programming
  • Niko Bolas, George Clinton, Larry Ferguson – arranger
  • Willie Alexander, Brian Bell – programming, computers
  • Duncan Aldrich, Niko Bolas, Richard Bosworth – engineer
  • Richard Cottrell, Richard Landers, Bob Levy, Mark McKenna, Dan Nash, Bob Vogt – assistant engineer
  • Niko Bolas, Larry Ferguson, Shelly Yakus – mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff, Margo Chase – art direction
  • Herb Ritts – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Warren Zevon, except where noted.

  1. Sentimental Hygiene
  2. Boom Boom Mancini
  3. The Factory
  4. Trouble Waiting to Happen – J. D. Southe, Warren Zevon
  5. Reconsider Me
  6. Detox Mansion – Jorge Calderon, Warren Zevon
  7. Bad Karma
  8. Even a Dog Can Shake Hands – Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Warren Zevon
  9. The Heartache
  10. Leave My Monkey Alone

On July 29, 1988.

On July 29, 1988, Roddis Franklin Drake aka Pete Drake, died aged 55. He was a record producer and musician (pedal steel guitar). He worked with Lynn Anderson, Charlie Rich, Bob Dylan, Tammy Wynette, Jerry Reed, Doug Kershaw, Roger Miller, Jack Greene, Joe South, Don Gibson, Marty Robbins. Bill Anderson, Joan Baez, and George Harrison. Drake founded “Stop Records” and “First Generation Records. In 1970 he was inducted into the “Country Music Hall of Fame’s Walkway of Stars”, in 1987 in the “Steel Guitar Hall of Fame”, in 1987 into the “Georgia Music Hall of Fame”.

On July 10, 1987.

On July 10, 1987, John Henry Hammond II died aged 76. He was record producer, music critics, civil rights activist, and music scout, one of the most influential figures in 20th-century modern music. As “Columbia Records” company executive and as a record producer, he supported numerous musical careers, including those of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Benny Goodman, Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Freddie Green, Leonard Cohen, Arthur Russell, Harry James, Charlie Christian, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Teddy Wilson, Big Joe Turner, Pete Seeger, Babatunde Olatunji, Jim Copp, Asha Puthli, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Mike Bloomfield. He also initiated the revival of delta blues legend Robert Johnson’s music. He is the father of blues musician John P. Hammond.

In June 1987.

In June 1987, “E.G.” label released “Desire”, the second Toyah studio album. It was recorded in 1987, at “Abbey Road Studios” in London and was produced by Mike Hedges.


  • Toyah Willcox– vocals
  • Robert Fripp- guitar
  • Ronnie Wood– guitar
  • Mike Hedges – mixing
  • Haydn Bendall- engineer, mixing
  • The Quick – mixing
  • John Porter– mixing
  • Carrie Branovan – photography

Track listing:

  1. Echo Beach – Mark Gane
  2. Moonlight Dancing – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Nick Graham
  3. Revive the World – Toyah Willcox, Tony Geballe
  4. The View – Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee
  5. Moon Migration – Toyah Willcox, Bruce Woolley
  6. Love’s Unkind – Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte
  7. Dear Diary – Toyah Willcox, Simon Darlow
  8. Deadly as a Woman – Toyah Willcox, Nick Graham
  9. Goodbye Baby – Toyah Willcox, Nick Graham, Simon Darlow
  10. When a Woman Cries – Toyah Willcox
  11. Desire – Toyah Willcox, Robert Fripp

On June 27, 1987.

On June 27, 1987, “Elektra” label released “In My Tribe”, the third 10, 000 Maniacs studio album. It was recorded March – April, at “The Complex” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Peter Asher.


  • Natalie Merchant– vocals
  • Robert Buck– guitars, mandolin, pedal steel guitar
  • Steve Gustafson– bass guitar
  • Jerome Augustyniak– drums, percussion
  • Dennis Drew– keyboards
  • Michael Stipe– vocals
  • Don Grolnick– piano
  • David Campbell– string arrangements
  • Dennis Karmazyn – cello
  • Bob Magnusson– acoustic bass guitar
  • Novi Novog– viola
  • Sharon Rice – additional engineer
  • Duane Seykora, Shep Lonsdale – assistant engineer
  • Doug Sax,Mike Reese – mastered
  • Frank Wolf, George Massenburg– mixed

Track listing:

All tracks by Natalie Merchant, except where noted.

  1. What’s the Matter Here? – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  2. Hey Jack Kerouac – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  3. Like the Weather
  4. Cherry Tree – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  5. The Painted Desert – Jerome Augustyniak, Natalie Merchant
  6. Don’t Talk – Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant
  7. Peace Train – Cat Stevens
  8. Gun Shy
  9. My Sister Rose – Jerme Augustyniak, Natalie Merchant
  10. A Campfire Song
  11. City of Angels – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  12. Verdi Cries




On April 7, 1988.

On April 7, 1988, “Brain” label released “En=Trance”, the twentieth Klaus Schulze studio album. It was recorded in 1987, and was produced by Klaus Schulze.


  • Klaus Schulze – vocals, electronics, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, engineer, mixing
  • Klaus D. Mueller – executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Klaus Schulze.

  1. En=Trance
  2. α-Numerique
  3. Fm Dekight
  4. Velvet System