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On August 18, 2012.

On August 18, 2012, Philip Wallach Blondheim III aka Scott McKenzie died aged 73. He was singer, songwriter and a musician (piano, guitar), co-founder and member of the bands The Abstracts and The Journeyman, and member of the new version of The Mamas and the Papas (in 1986), but was best known for his song “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)”, that became the anthem of the whole Hippie generation.

On June 25, 1988.

On June 25, 1988, Hillel Slovak died aged 26. He was a musician (guitar) and singer, member of bands Anthem and What Is This?, best known as founding member and guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers. His guitar work primarily rooted in funk and hard rock is considered to have been a major influence on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s early sound.

On August 17, 1993.

On August 17, 1993, “Warner Bros” label released “Between the Sheets”, the second Fourplay studio album. It was recorded in 1993, and was produced by Nathan East, Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour and Bob James.


  • Bob James – piano, keyboards, arranger, executive producer
  • Lee Ritenour – guitar
  • Nathan East – bass guitar
  • Harvey Mason – drums, programming
  • Chaka Khan– vocals
  • Phillip Bailey– vocals
  • Phil Perry– vocals
  • Dee Fredrix – vocals
  • Neal Avron – engineer
  • Marcel East – engineer
  • Mike Kloster – engineer
  • Mike Piersante – engineer
  • Don Murray – engineer, mixing
  • Robert Vosgien – editing, mastering
  • Wally Traugott – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Chat – Bob James
  2. Monterey – Lee Ritenour
  3. Between the Sheets – Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, Chris Jasper
  4. Li’l Darlin – Neal Hefti
  5. Flying East – Marcel East, Nathan East
  6. Once in the A.M. – Lee Ritenour
  7. Gulliver – Bob James
  8. Amoroso – Harvey Mason
  9. A Summer Child – Harvey Mason
  10. Anthem – Harvey Mason
  11. Song for Somalia – Harvey Mason




On January 14, 1980.

On January 14, 1980, “Anthem” label released “Permanent Waves”, the seventh Rush studio album. It was recorded September – October 1979, at “Le Studio” in Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada, and was produced by Terry Brown, Gaddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.


  • Geddy Lee– lead vocals, bass guitar, Oberheim polyphonic, Minimoog, Taurus pedal synthesizer, OB-1
  • Alex Lifeson– electric and acoustic six- and twelve-string guitars, Taurus pedals
  • Neil Peart– drums, timpani, timbales, orchestra bells, tubular bells, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle, crotales, cover concept
  • Erwig Chuapchuaduah – steel drums
  • Hugh Syme– piano, art direction, design, cover concept
  • Deborah Samuel – photography
  • Fin Costello – photography
  • Flip Schulke – photography
  • Terry Brown– arranger, mixing
  • Paul Northfield– engineer
  • Robbie Whelan – assistant engineer
  • Craig Milliner – mixing assistant
  • Adam Moseley – mixing assistant
  • Ray Staff– mastering
  • Paula Turnbull – cover girl
  • Robert Gage – hairdresser to the cover girl

Track listing:

All lyrics by Neil Peart, except where noted, all music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

  1. The Spirit of Radio
  2. Freewill
  3. Jacob’s Ladder
  4. Entre Nous
  5. Different Strings – lyrics by Geddy Lee
  6. Natural Science

I: Tide Pools

II: Hyperspace

III: Permanent Waves

On November 24, 1992.

On November 24, 1992, “Columbia” label released “The Future”, the ninth Leonard Cohen studio album. It was recorded January – June 1992, and was produced by Leonard Cohen, Steve Lindsey, Bill Ginn, Leanne Ungar, Rebecca De Mornay and Yoav Goren. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”.


  • Leonard Cohen – vocals, programming, saxophone, violin
  • Bob Metzger, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks, Dennis Herring – guitar
  • Freddie Washington, Bob Glaub, Lee Sklar– bass
  • Steve Lindsey, Greg Phillinganes, Jeff Fisher, Randy Kerber, John Barnes, James Cox, Mike Finnigan, Stephen Croes – keyboards
  • Steve Meador, James Gadson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Greene– drums
  • Lenny Castro– percussion
  • Brandon Fields, Lon Price – tenor saxophone
  • Greg Smith – baritone saxophone
  • Lee Thornburg – trumpet, trombone
  • Bob Furgo – violin
  • Anjani Thomas, Jacquelyn Gouche-Farris, Tony Warren, Valerie Pinkston-Mayo, Julie Christensen, Perla Batalla, David Morgan, Jennifer Warnes, Edna Wright, Jean Johnson, Peggi Blu – backing vocals
  • The A. Mass Choir– choir; directed by Donald Taylor
  • David Campbell – orchestral and background vocal arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Leonard Cohen, except where noted.

  1. The Future
  2. Waiting for the Miracle – Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson
  3. Be for Real – Frederick Knight
  4. Closing Time
  5. Anthem
  6. Democracy
  7. Light as the Breeze
  8. Always – Irving Berlin
  9. Tacoma Trailer

On January 9, 1996.

On January 9, 1996, “Anthem” label released “Victor”, debut Alex Lifeson solo album. It was recorded October 1994 – July 1995, at “Lerxst Sound” (Alex Lifeson’s home studio), and was produced by Alex Lifeson.


  • Alex Lifeson- spoken vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, mandola, programming
  • Les Claypool, Peter Cardinali- bass
  • Bill Bell – guitar
  • Dalbello, Edwin- lead vocals
  • Blake Manning- drums
  • Colleen Allen– horn
  • Charlene Lifeson, Esther – dialogue

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Care – Alex Lifeson
  2. Promise – Alex Lifeson, Bill Bell
  3. Start Today – Alex Lifeson
  4. X – Alex Lifeson
  5. At the End – Alex Lifeson, Adrian Zivojinovich
  6. Sending Out a Warning – Alex Lifeson, Bill Bell
  7. Shut Up Shuttin’ Up – Alex Lifeson, Bill Bell, Charlene Lifeson , Esther
  8. Strip and Go Naked – Alex Lifeson, Bill Bell
  9. The Big Dance – Alex Lifeson, Adrian Zivojinovich
  10. Victor – Lifeson,  H. Auden (based on a poem by W. H. Auden)
  11. I Am the Spirit – Alex Lifeson, Bill Bell


In October 1974.

In October 1974, “Vertigo” label released “The Impossible Dream”, the third   Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It was recorded in 1974, at “Apple Studios” in London, and was produced by David Batchelor, Derek Wadsworth, Alex Harvey, Zal Cleminson, Chris Glen, Hugh McKenna and Ted McKenna.

  • Alex Harvey– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Zal Cleminson– guitar
  • Chris Glen– bass guitar
  • Hugh McKenna – keyboards, synthesizer
  • Ted McKenna– drums
  • Vicky Silva – guest vocals
  • London-Scottish TA Regiment (including John Gilligan) – drums, pipes
  • Martin Rushent, Dave “Cyrano” Langston – engineer
  • Keith Davis – cover illustration, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Alex Harvey and Hugh McKenna; except where noted.

  1. Hot City Symphony Part 1: Vambo
  2. Hot City Symphony Part 2: Man in the Jar – Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, Alistair Cleminson
  3. River of Love
  4. Long Hair Music
  5. Hey – Alex Harvey, Zal Cleminson, Hugh McKenna
  6. Sergeant Fury – Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, David Batchelor
  7. Weights Made of Lead – Alex Harvey
  8. Money Honey – Jesse Stone / The Impossible Dream – Mitch Leigh, Joe Darion
  9. Tomahawk Kid – Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, David Batchelor
  10. Anthem


On May 22, 1981.


On May 22, 1981, “Safari Records” label released “Anthem”, the third Toyah album. It was recorded at “Marquee Studios” in London, and was produced by Nick Tauber.


  • Toyah Willcox– vocals, arrangements
  • Joel Bogen- guitar
  • Nigel Glockler- drums
  • Phil Spalding- bass
  • Adrian Lee– keyboards
  • Phil Harding – engineer

Track listing:

  1. I Want to Be Free – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen
  2. Obsolete – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Nigel Glockler
  3. Pop Star – Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee, Nigel Glockler
  4. Elocution Lesson – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen
  5. Jungles of Jupiter – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Phil Spalding
  6. I Am – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen
  7. It’s a Mystery – Keith Hale
  8. Masai Boy – Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee, Toyah Willcox
  9. Marionette – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen
  10. Demolition Men – Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee
  11. We Are – Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen

On March 14, 1995.

Everything Is Wrong

On March 14, 1995, “Mute” label released “Everything Is Wrong”, the third Moby studio album. It was recorded in 1994, and was produced by Moby.


  • Moby – main performer, programming
  • Rozz Morehead – vocals
  • Nicole Zaray – vocals
  • Kochie Banton – vocals
  • Mimi Goese– lyrics, vocals
  • Saundra Williams – vocals
  • Jill Greenberg – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Moby.

  1. Hymn
  2. Feeling So Real
  3. All That I Need Is To Be Loved
  4. Let’s Go Free
  5. Everytime You Touch Me
  6. Bring Back My Happiness
  7. What Love
  8. First Cool Hive
  9. Into the Blue
  10. Anthem
  11. Everything Is Wrong
  12. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
  13. When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die

On June 1, 1969.


On June 1, 1969, in room 1742, in “Queen Elizabeth Hotel”, in Montreal, Canada,  John Lennon and Yoko Ono recorded the song “Give peace a chance”. The song was written by Lennon and recorded by André Perry, using a simple setup of four microphones and a four-track tape recorder. Lennon played acoustic guitar, accompanied by Tommy Smothers from the “Smothers Brothers”, also on acoustic guitar. The recording session was attended by number of journalists and celebrities, including Petula Clark, Timothy Leary, Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, Joseph Schwartz, Rosemary Woodruff Leary, Dick Gregory, Allen Ginsberg, Murray the K and Derek Taylor. The song was released as a single by “Plastic Ono Band” on July 4, 1969 (UK), on “Apple” label. “Give peace a chance” became an anthem of the American anti-war movement during the 70’s.