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On September 27, 1994.

On September 27, 1994, “Victory” label released “In the Hot Seat”, the ninth and final Emerson, Lake & Palmer studio album. It was recorded in 1994, at “Goodnight L.A.” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Keith Olsen.


  • Keith Emerson– keyboards
  • Greg Lake– vocals, guitar, bass
  • Carl Palmer– drums
  • Bill Wray– backing vocals
  • Paula Mattioli – backing vocals
  • Kristen Olsen – additional vocal, engineer
  • Fred White – choir
  • Ricky Nelson – choir
  • Lynn B. Davis– choir
  • Linda McCrary – choir
  • Brian Foraker – engineer
  • Joe Gastwirt– mastering
  • Hans Neleman– cover photography
  • Karl Kristkeitz – package design
  • Brian Aris– band photography

Track listing:

  1. Hand of Truth – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  2. Daddy – Greg lake
  3. One by One – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Keith Olsen
  4. Heart on Ice – Greg Lake, Keith OIsen
  5. Thin Line – Bill Wray, Keith Olsen, Keith Emerson
  6. Man in the Long Black Coat – Bob Dylan
  7. Change – Link Wray, Keith Emerson, Keith Olsen
  8. Give Me a Reason to Stay – Steve Diamond, Sam Lorber
  9. Gone Too Soon – Greg lake, Link Wray, Keith Wechsler
  10. Street War – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake

In August 1974.

In August 1974, “Warner Bros” label released “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now”, the fourth Little Feat studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Blue Seas Recording Studio” in Hunt Valley, Maryland; “The Sound Factory” in Los Angeles”; “Warner Bros. Recording Studios” and Sunset Sound” in Hollywood, and was produced by Lowell George and Van Dyke Parks.


  • Lowell George- vocals, guitar
  • Paul Barrère- guitar, vocals
  • Sam Clayton- percussion, vocals
  • Kenny Gradney- bass
  • Richie Hayward- drums, vocals
  • Bill Payne- keyboards, vocals
  • Gordon DeWitty – clavinet
  • Fred White- drums
  • Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Fran Tate – backing vocals
  • Tower Of Power- horns

Track listing:

  1. Rock & Roll Doctor – Lowell George, Fred Martin
  2. Oh Atlanta – Bill Payne
  3. Skin it Back – Paul Barrère
  4. Down the Road – Lowell George
  5. Spanish Moon – Lowell George
  6. Feats Don’t Fail Me Now – Paul Barrère, Lowell George, Martin Kibbee
  7. The Fan – Lowell George, Bill Payne
  8. Medley: Cold Cold Cold/Tripe Face Boogie – Lowell George, Richie Hayward, Bill Payne


On November 14, 1981.


On November 14, 1981, “CBS” label released “Raise!”, the eleventh Earth, Wind & Fire album. It was recorded May 1981, at “ARC/George Massenburg Studio” in Los Angeles and “Sunset Sounds Recording Studio” in Hollywood, and was produced by Maurice White. The album art was designed by Roger Carpenter and was illustrated by Shusei Nagaoka. The album was certified Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Maurice White – drums, kalimba, lead & backing vocals
  • Billy Meyers, Jerry Hey – horns arrangements
  • David Foster, Billy Meyers – string arrangements
  • Mick Guzauski – design, art conception, engineer
  • Ken Fowler, Ron Pendragon, Tom Perry – engineers
  • Stephen McManus – assistant engineer
  • Mick Guzauski & Tom Perry – mixing
  • Verdine White – bass, production assistant
  • Frederick Seykora, Jerome Kessler, Larry Corbett, Mary Louise Zeyen, Paula Hochhalter, Selene Burford – cello
  • Phillip Bailey – co-producer, lead & backing vocals, percussion
  • Assa Drori, James Getzoff – concertmaster
  • Fred White – drums, percussion
  • Johnny Graham, Roland Bautista – guitar
  • Billy Meyers, David Foster, Wayne Vaughn – keyboards
  • Larry Dunn – piano, synthesizer, production assistant
  • Tom Saviano – saxophone
  • Don Myrick – alto & tenor saxophones
  • Andrew Woolfolk – tenor saxophone
  • Michael Boddicker – synthesizer, vocoder
  • Bill Reichenbach, Charles Loper, Dick Hyde, George Bohanon, Lew McCreary, Louis Satterfield – trombone
  • Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Larry G. Hall, Michael Harris, Oscar Brashear, Rahmlee Michael Davis – trumpet
  • Alan DeVeritch, Allan Harshman, Gareth Nuttycombe, Pamela Goldsmith, Virginia Majewski – viola
  • Anton Sen, Arkady Shindelman, Arnold Belnick, Betty LaMagna, Brian Leonard, Denyse Buffum, Endre Granat, Haim Shtrum, Henry Ferber, Irving Geller, Jerome Reisler, John Wittenbert, Mari Tsumura Botnick, Marvin Limonick, Myra Kestenbaum, Nathan Ross, Norman Leonard, Reginald Hill, Ronald Folsom, Sheldon Sanov, Thomas Buffum, William Hymanson, William Kurasch – violin
  • Pluto, Beloyd Taylor, Ralph Johnson – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Let’s Groove – Wayne Vaughn, Maurice White
  2. Lady Sun – Beloyd Taylor
  3. My Love – Wayne Vaughn, Maurice White
  4. Evolution Orange – David Foster, O’Byrne, Maurice White
  5. Kalimba Tree – Maurice White
  6. You Are a Winner – Beloyd Taylor
  7. I’ve Had Enough – Philip Bailey, Greg Phillinganes, Brenda Russell
  8. Wanna Be With You – Wayne Vaughn, Maurice White
  9. The Changing Times – Beloyd Taylor

On March 15, 1975.


On March 15, 1975, “Columbia” label released “That’s the Way of the World”, the sixth Earth, Wind & Fire studio album. It was recorded September – October 1974, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, Colorado, and was produced by Maurice White and Charles Stepney. In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 486 on its list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Verdine White – bass
  • Fred White, Maurice White, Ralph Johnson – drums
  • Andrew P. Woolfolk – flute, saxophone
  • Al McKay, Johnny Graham – guitar
  • Maurice White – kalimba
  • Al McKay, Fred White, Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Ralph Johnson, Verdine White – percussion
  • Larry Dunn – piano, organ, Moog synthesizer
  • Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Verdine White – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Shining Star – Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Maurice White
  2. That’s the Way of the World – Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Verdine White
  3. Happy Feelin’ – Verdine White, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn
  4. All About Love – Larry Dunn and Maurice White
  5. Yearnin’ learnin – Philip Bailey, Charles Stepney, Maurice White
  6. Reasons – Philip bailey, Charles Stepney, Maurice White
  7. Africano – Larry Dunn, Maurice White
  8. See the Light – Louise Anglin, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn