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Bruce Hornby and the Range: A Night on the Town

On May 25, 1990, “RCA” label released “A Night on the Town”, the third and final studio album by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. It was recorded 1989 – 1990, at “Record One” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Don Gehman and Bruce Hornsby.  


  • Bruce Hornsby – lead vocals, grand piano, synthesizer, accordion
  • George Marinelli – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Joe Puerta – bass, backing vocals
  • John Molo – drums
  • Jerry Garcia – guitar
  • David Mansfield – guitar, violin
  • Béla Fleck – banjo 
  • Jimmie Wood – harmonica
  • Charlie Haden – upright bass
  • Wayne Shorter – saxophone
  • Laura Creamer, Fred White, Bridgette Bryant, Shaun Murphy, Shawn Colvin, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller – backing vocals
  • Ed Thacker – engineer, mixing
  • Eddie King – engineer
  • Steve “Sound” Cormier, Don Gehman – additional engineering
  • Don Bosworth, Robin Laine-Levine, Ted Pattison, John “Chamberlin” Pilatus, Neal Pogue, Chris Winter – engineer assistant
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Paul Johnson – keyboard technician
  • Norman Moore, Ria Lewerke – art direction
  • Peter Miller – photography
  • Sharona Sabbag – production coorinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Hornsby and John Hornsby, except where noted.

  1. A Night on the Town
  2. Carry the Water – Bruce Hornsby
  3. Fire on the Cross
  4. Barren Ground
  5. Across the River
  6. Stranded on Easy Street
  7. Stander on the Mountain – Bruce Hornsby
  8. Lost Soul – Bruce Hornsby
  9. Another Day – Bruce Hornsby
  10. Special Night
  11. These Arms of Mine

10.000 Maniacs: Our Time in Eden

On September 29, 1992, “Elektra” label released “Our Time in Eden”, the fifth 10,000 Maniacs studio album. It was recorded July 1991 – May 1992, at “Bearsville Studios” in Bearsville, New York, and was produced by Paul Fox.


  • Natalie Merchant – vocals, piano
  • Dennis Drew – Hammond organ, piano, keyboards, accordion
  • Robert Buck – acoustic and electric guitars, electric sitar, banjo, pedal and lap steel guitars, mandocello
  • Steven Gustafson – bass guitar
  • Jerome Augustyniak – drums, percussion
  • Paulinho Da Costa – percussion
  • Ralph Morrison – violin
  • Bruce Dukov – violin
  • Mary Ramsey – violin, viola
  • Pamela Goldsmith – viola
  • Larry Corbett – cello
  • Charles Fleischer – harmonica
  • Kim Laskowski – bassoon
  • Atsuko Sato – bassoon
  • James Brown – horns
  • Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis – tenor saxophone
  • Maceo Parker – alto saxophone
  • Fred Wesley – trombone
  • Paul Buckmaster – string quartet arranger, conductor
  • Ed Thacker – engineer, mixing
  • Michael Reiter – second engineer
  • Scott Blockland – mixing (second engineer)
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Frank Olinsky, Miss Merchant – package design
  • Rob Marinissen – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Natalie Merchant except where noted.

  1. Noah’s Dove
  2. These Are Days – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  3. Eden – Jerome Augustyniak, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  4. Few and Far Between
  5. Stockton Gala Days – Jerome Augustyniak, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  6. Gold Rush Brides – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  7. Jezebel
  8. How You’ve Grown
  9. Candy Everybody Wants – Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant
  10. Tolerance
  11. Circle Dream – Jerome Augustyniak, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  12. If You Intend
  13. I’m Not the Man

On October 8, 1976.

On October 8, 1976, “Nemperor” label released “School Days”, the fourth Stanley Clarke studio album. It was recorded in June 1976, at “Electric Lady Studios” in New York Cty, “A&M Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Stanley Clarke and Ken Scott.


  • Stanley Clarke – vocals, electric, piccolo and acoustic bass guitar, handbells, acoustic piano, humming, gong, chimes, arranger, ctic andonductor
  • George Duke– keyboards
  • Ray Gomez – electric and, rhythm guitar
  • Icarus Johnson– acoustic and electric guitar
  • John McLaughlin– acoustic guitar
  • David Sancious– keyboards, Minimoog, organ, electric guitar
  • Gerry Brown– drums, handbells
  • Billy Cobham– drums, Moog 1500
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Milt Holland– percussion, triangls
  • Tom Malone, Dave Taylor– trombone
  • Jon Faddis, Alan Rubin,Lew Soloff – trumpet
  • Earl Chapin, John Clark, Peter Gordon, Wilmer Wise – horns
  • Al Aarons, Stewart Blumberg, George Bohanon, Buddy Childers, Robert Findley, Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Jack Nimitz, William Peterson, Dalton Smith – brass
  • Marilyn Baker, Thomas Buffum, David Campbell, Rollice Dale, Robert Dubow, Janice Gower, Karen Jones, Dennis Karmazyn, Gordon Marron, Lya Stern, Ron Strauss, Marcia Van Dyke& John Wittenberg – strings
  • Lynn Dreese Breslin, Bob Defrin – art direction
  • Ken Scott – engineer, remixing
  • Jerry Solomon, Ed Thacker, Michael Frondelli – assistant engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Stanley Clarke.

  1. School Days
  2. Quiet Afternoon
  3. The Dancer
  4. Desert Song
  5. Hot Fun
  6. Life Is Just a Game

In April 1976.

In April 1976, “A&M” label released “Young and Rich”, the second Tubes album. It was recorded in 1976 at “A&M Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Ken Scott.


  • Fee Waybill- vocals
  • Bill “Sputnik” Spooner- vocals, guitar
  • Roger Steen – vocals, guitar, harp
  • Rick “Gator” Anderson – vocals, bass
  • Vince Welnick- keyboards, synthesizer
  • Michael Cotten – synthesizer
  • “Preposterous” Prairie Prince- percussion
  • Re Styles (Shirley MacLeod) – “funky-pretty” vocals
  • Chuck Domanico– bass
  • Don Randi– piano
  • Alan Estes, Julius Wechter– percussion
  • Jay Migliori, Steve Douglas– saxophone
  • Bobby Shew– trumpet
  • George Bohanon– trombone
  • Allan Harshman, Assa Drori, Harry Bluestone, Herschel Wise, James Getzoff, Jesse Ehrlich, Leonard Malarsky, Lou Klass, Marshall Sosson, Marvin Limonick, Murray Adler, Nathan Ross, Ray Kelley, Samuel Boghossian, Virginia Majewski, William Kurasch – strings
  • Armand Kaproff, David Speltz – cello
  • Deniece Williams, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Williard Waters, The Ron Hicklin Singers – backing vocals
  • David Paich, Jack Nitzsche– arrangements
  • Ed Thacker – engineer
  • Michael Cotten, Prairie Prince – design
  • Harry Mittman, Norman Seeff– photography

Track listing:

  1. Tubes World Tour – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Fee Waybill
  2. Brighter Day – Roger Steen
  3. Pimp – Bill Spooner
  4. Stand Up and Shout – Ray Trainer, Mike Condello
  5. Don’t Touch Me There – Ron Nagle, Jane Dornacker
  6. Slipped My Disco – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen
  7. Proud to Be an American – Bill Spooner
  8. Poland Whole/Madam I’m Adam – Roger Steen, Bill Spooner
  9. Young and Rich – Bill Spooner

On September 14, 1975.


On September 14, 1975, “A&M” label released “Crisis? What Crisis?”, the fourth Supertramp album. It was recorded 1975, at “A&M Studios” in Los Angeles; “Ramport Studios” and “Scorpio Studios” in London, and was produced by Ken Scott, Rick davies, Roger Hodgson, John Anthony Helliwell, Dougie Thomson and Bob C. Benberg,.


  • Rick Davies– vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • Roger Hodgson– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • John Anthony Helliwell– vocals, wind instruments
  • Dougie Thomson– bass
  • Bob C. Benberg– drums, percussion
  • Richard Anthony Hewson – arrangements
  • Greg Calbi, Jay Messina – mastering
  • John Jansen, Ed Thacker – assistant
  • Fabio Nicoli, Paul Wakefield, Dick Ward – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson.

  1. Easy Does It
  2. Sister Moonshine
  3. Ain’t Nobody But Me
  4. A Soapbox Opera
  5. Another Man’s Woman
  6. LadyPoor Boy
  7. Just a Normal Day
  8. The Meaning
  9. Two of Us