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On March 15, 1993.

On March 15, 1993, “Chrysalis” label released “Amazing Things” the eight Runrig studio album. It was recorded in 1992, at “Castlesound Studios” in Pentcaitland, Scotland, and was produced by Chris Harley.


  • Malcolm Jones – guitars, banjo, mandolin, accordion, pipes, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Donnie Munro: lead vocals
  • Peter Wishart: keyboards
  • Rory Macdonald – vocals, bass guitar, accordion
  • Iain Bayne – drums, percussion
  • Calum Macdonald – percussion, spoken vocals

Track listing:

  1. Amazing Things
  2. Wonderful
  3. The Greatest Flame
  4. Move a Mountain
  5. Pòg Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening)
  6. Dream Fields
  7. Song of the Earth
  8. Forever Eyes of Blue
  9. Sràidean na Roinn-Eòrpa (Streets of Europe)
  10. Canada
  11. Àrd (High)
  12. On the Edge

On February 25, 1993.

On February 25, 1993, “JMT” label released “Paul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band”, the debut Electric Bebop Band album. It was recorded in April 1992, at “Power Station” in New York City, and was produced by Stefan F. Winter.


  • Paul Motian – drums
  • Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone
  • Brad Schoeppach – electric guitar
  • Kurt Rosenwinkel – electric guitar
  • Stomu Takeishi – electric bass

Track listing:

  1. Shaw-Nuff – Ray Brown, Gil Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie
  2. I Waited for You – Gil Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie
  3. Dance of the Infidels – Bud Powell
  4. Darn That Dream – Jimmy Van Heusen, Eddie DeLange
  5. Hot House – Tadd Dameron
  6. Dizzy Atmosphere – Dizzy Gillespie
  7. Scrapple from the Apple – Charlie Parker
  8. Scrapple from the Apple – Charlie Parker
  9. Monk’s Dream – Thelonious Monk
  10. 52nd Street Theme – Thelonious Monk

on January 12, 1993.

On January 12, 1993, “Bagi Music” label (later Bagi Communications) released “Intro”, the debut Last Expedition album. It was recorded in December 1992, at “Mozart” studio in Kavadarci, Macedonia, and was produced by Bojan Ugrinovski.


  • Enis Hadžić Enko – vocals, bass, arrangements
  • Sead Hadžić Secko – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Ognen Mangarovski – guitar, arrangements
  • Dimitar Petrov Dime – drums, arrangements
  • Kostadin Kamcev – recording engineer

Track listing:

All music by Enis Hadžić, Sead Hadžić, Ognen Mangarovski, and Dimitar Petrov, all lyrics Džabir Derala, except where noted.

  1. Bez mene
  2. Maršira propasta
  3. Krvavi kukli
  4. Moeto ego
  5. Daleku si
  6. Kabala – Bobi Badarevski
  7. Pesna za pesot
  8. Jas ne sum tvoj – Dimitar Petrov
  9. Begstvo
  10. Zaminuvaš

On December 15, 1943.

On December 15, 1943, Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller died aged 39. He was musician (piano, organ, violin), singer, and a comedic entertainer, a pioneer in creating the sound of the modern jazz piano. As composer he copyrighted over 400 songs, some of them with his collaborator Andy Razaf. Waller’s compositions “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Ain’t Misbehavin’” were inducted into the “Grammy Hall of Fame”, In 1970 he was inducted in the “Songwriters Hall of Fame”, in 1989 into the “Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame”, in 1993 he was posthumously awarded “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award”, in 2005 he was inducted into the “Nesuhi Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame”, and in 2008 into the “Gennett Records Walk of Fame”.

On December 14, 1963.

On December 14, 1963, Ruth Lee Jones aka Dinah Washington died aged 39. She was musician (piano) and singer, known as the “the most popular black female recording artist of the ’50s”, and “Queen of the Blues”. Her music was mixture of R&B, and traditional pop, but she was primarily a Jazz singer. She performed and recorded with Fats Waller, Clifford Brown, Clark Terry, Cannonball Adderley, Ben Webster, Lionel Hampton, and Nat King Cole. In 1986, Washington was inducted in the “Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame”, and in 1993 was inducted in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. In 1959, she won “Grammy Award” for “Best Rhythm & Blues Performance”. As a leader Washington released 17 albums.

On December 10, 1993.

On December 10, 1993, “Metropolis” label released “Soli Deo Gloria”, the debut Apoptygma Berzerk studio album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Wintergarden Studio in Fredrikstad, Norway, “Apoptygma Sound Lab”, and was produced by Erik Wøllo, and Stephan Grotheks. 

  • Stephan Grotheks – vocals, guitar, synthesizer, samples,  programming, engineer
  • Per Aksel Lundgreen – keyboards
  • Anders Olden – guitar
  • Jimmy Bergsten – vocals
  • Erik Wøllo – arranger
  • Christian Bloom – Apoptygma logo
  • Albrecht Dürer – artwork
  • Subtopia – design, photography
  • Malin Syversen – Bellybutton photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Stephan Grotheks, except where noted.

  1. Like Blood from the Beloved, Part 1
  2. Bitch
  3. Burnin’ Heretic
  4. Stitch
  5. Walk With Me
  6. Backdraft
  7. Arp (808 Edit)
  8. Spiritual Reality
  9. Skyscraping (Schizophreniac)
  10. All Tomorrow’s Parties – Lou Reed
  11. Ashes to Ashes 93
  12. Like Blood from the Beloved, Part 2

On December 9, 1993.

On December 9, 1993, “Landspeed” label released “Pop Smear”, the debut Verve Pipe studio album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Station C Studios” in Grand Rapids, MI, and was produced by Jon Frazer, A.J. Dunning, Donny Brown, and Brian Vander Ark.


  • Brian Vander Ark – lead vocals, electric guitar, rbass, percussion, art direction, arranger
  • A.J. Dunning – vocals, lead, acoustic and slide guitar, keyboards, mandolin, arranger
  • Donny Brown – vocals, drums, arranger
  • Brad Vander Ark – acoustic guitar
  • Randy Sly- keyboards
  • Donny Brown, Doug Corella – percussion
  • Leslie E. Rose – violin
  • Albin Rose – viola
  • Kathryn Dykema – cello
  • Mark Byerly – trumpet
  • Robert Engelsman – trombone
  • Patty Brower – art direction
  • Jon Frazer – engineer, mixing, photography
  • John Bruey – engineer
  • Fred Baker – editing, sequencing

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Vander Ark, except where noted.

  1. Pretty for You
  2. Spoonful of Sugar – Brian Vander Ark, Sid Herring
  3. Victoria
  4. Honest – Brian Vander Ark, Donny Brown
  5. The River
  6. Sleepy Town
  7. Bullies on Vacation
  8. What You Wanted
  9. Wanna Be – Brian Vander Ark, Donny Brown
  10. Out Like a Lamb
  11. Senator Speak
  12. Is It Worth It? – Donny Brown

On November 29, 1993.

On November 29, 1993, “ZYX Music” label released “Bastards”, the eleventh Motörhead studio album. It was recorded in 1993, at “A&M Studios” and “Prime Time Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Howard Benson.


  • Lemmy (Ian Kilmister) – lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
  • Phil “Zööm” Campbell – rhythm and lead guitar
  • Michael “Würzel” Burston – rhythm and lead guitar
  • Mikkey Dee – drums
  • Howard Benson – keyboards, mixing
  • Ryan Dorn – engineer, mixing
  • John Aguto – assistant engineer
  • Randy Wine – assistant engineer
  • Darrin Mann – assistant engineer
  • John Gaudesi – assistant engineer
  • Gregg Barrett – assistant engineer
  • Devin Foutz – assistant engineer
  • Eddy Schreyer – mastering
  • Lisa Lake – art design, layout
  • Connie Williamson – art design, layout
  • Joe Petagno Snaggletooth – album cover
  • Henri Clausei – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Michael Burston, Mikkey Dee except where noted.

  1. On Your Feet or on Your Knees
  2. Burner
  3. Death of Glory
  4. I Am the Sword
  5. Born to raise hell – Ian Kilmister
  6. Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me – Ian Kilmister
  7. Bad Woman
  8. Liar
  9. Lost in the Ozone
  10. I’m Your Man
  11. We Bring the Shake
  12. Devils