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On February 6, 1978.

On February 6, 1978, “Grunt” label released “Earth”, the fourth Jefferson Starship album. It was recorded July – October 1977, at “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Larry Cox, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Pete Sears, Craig Chaquico, John Barbata and David Freiberg.


  • Grace Slick– vocals, piano, arrangements, art direction
  • Paul Kantner– vocals, rhythm guitar, arrangements, art direction
  • Marty Balin– vocals, arrangement, art direction
  • Pete Sears– bass guitar, electric piano, organ, Moog, synthesizer, piano, celeste, clavinet, arrangements, art direction
  • Craig Chaquico– vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, arrangements, art direction
  • John Barbata– vocals, electric drums, drums, congas, percussion, arrangements, art direction
  • David Freiberg– vocals, bass, organ, arrangements, art direction
  • Jesse Barish– background vocals
  • Gene Page – horn and string arrangements
  • Larry Cox – engineer
  • David Frazer – assistant engineer
  • Steve Hall – recording
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Pat Leraci (Maurice) – production coordinator, art coordination
  • Nat Quick – illustration
  • Cynthia Bowman – art coordination
  • Bill Laudner – art assistant
  • Gribbitt (Tim Bryant) – art director
  • Don Davis– Earth dust sleeve illustration, Earth label illustration
  • Roger Rossmeyer – photography
  • Paul Dowell – amp consultant

Track listing:

  1. Love Too Good – lyrics by Gabriel Robles, music by Craig Chaquico
  2. Count on Me – lyrics and music by Jesse Barish
  3. Take Your Time – lyrics by Grace Slick, music by Pete Sears
  4. Crazy Feelin’ – lyrics and music by Jesse Barish
  5. Skateboard – lyrics by Grace Slick, Craig Chaquico, music by Craig Chaquico
  6. Fire – lyrics by Mary Balin, Trish Robbins, music by David Freiberg, Pete Sears
  7. Show Yourself – lyrics and music by Grace Slick
  8. Runaway – lyrics and music by N.Q.Dewey
  9. All Night Long – lyrics by Paul Kantner, Mary Balin, Jesse Barish, Grace Slick, music by Paul Kantner, John Barbata, Pete Sears, Craig Chaquico, David Freiberg


On August 24, 2009.

On August 24, 2009, “Megaphonic” label released “Ellipse”, the third Imogen Heap studio album. It was recorded March 2007 – June 2009, in Heap’s studio in Essex, and was produced by Imogen Heap.


  • Imogen Heap– vocals, programming, engineer, design, sounds
  • Leo Abrahams– electric guitar
  • Ian Burdge – cello
  • Arve Henriksen– trumpet
  • Oliver Langford – violin
  • Richie Mills – drums
  • Nitin Sawhney– acoustic guitar
  • Ashwin Srinivasan – background vocals, bansuri
  • Zhang Jian & Christiaan Virant – Buddha Machine
  • Simon Heyworth – mastering engineer
  • Joe Gilder – mastering assistant
  • Jennie Hancock, Ewan Robertson – projection concept
  • Andy Hau – ellipse Swirl Logo
  • Richard Bull – design
  • Annelieke Bosdijk, Albert Q Bui, Jessica Butler, Alex Carmichal, Randall Dameron, J. Daniel Geddis, Vladislav Gusarov, Adriane Lake, Nick Moulakis, Nathan Nye, Michelle Thomas – projection
  • Jeremy Cowart – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Imogen Heap.

  1. First Train Home
  2. Wait it Out
  3. Earth
  4. Little Bird
  5. Swoon
  6. Tidal
  7. Between Sheets
  8. 2-1 (formerly Polyfilla)
  9. Bad Body Double
  10. Aha!
  11. The Fire

In November 1971.

In November 1971, “Warner Bros” label released “The Need of Love”, the second Earth, Wind & Fire studio album. It was recorded in 1971, at “Sunset Sound Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joe Wissert.


  • Maurice White- drums, vocals, percussion, kalimba
  • Sherry Scott – vocals
  • Wade Flemons – vocals
  • Chet Washington – tenor saxophone
  • Alex Thomas – trombone
  • Michael Beal – guitar, harmonica
  • Don Whitehead – acousticand electric pianos, vocals
  • Doug Carn– Hammond B3 organ
  • Verdine White- bass
  • Yackov Ben Israel – percussion, congas
  • Oscar Brashear- trumpet solo
  • Roland Charles – photography

Track listing:

  1. Energy – Wade Flemons, Sherry Scott, Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  2. Beauty – Wade Flemons, Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  3. I Can Feel It In My Bones – Wade Flemons, Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  4. I Think About Lovin’ You – Sherry Scott
  5. Everything Is Everything – Richard Evans, Phil Upchurch


In May 1973.

In May 1973, “Columbia” label released “Head to the Sky”, the fourth Earth, Wind & Fire studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Clover Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joseph Wissert. The album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Verdine White– vocals, bass, percussion
  • Philip Bailey– vocals, congas, percussion
  • Maurice White– vocals, drums, kalimba, leader
  • Jessica Cleaves – vocals
  • Johnny Graham – guitar, percussion
  • Al McKay – guitar, sitar, percussion
  • Larry Dunn– clarinet, piano, organ
  • Ralph Johnson– drums, percussion
  • Andrew Woolfolk– soprano saxophone, flute
  • Oscar Braschear – trumpet
  • Arranged by Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Robert Appère – engineer, mixing
  • Lee Lawrence – cover design, photography

Track listing:

  1. Evil – Phillip Bailey, Maurice White
  2. Keep Your Head to the Sky – Maurice White
  3. Build Your Nest – Maurice White, Verdine White
  4. The World’s a Masquerade – Skip Scarborough
  5. Clover – Larry Dunn, Maurice White
  6. Zanzibar – Edu Lobo


In February 1971.


In February 1971, “Warner Bros” label released the self-titled debut Earth, Wind & Fire album. It was recorded in 1970, at “Sunset Sound Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joe Wissert. The band lineup is different from the one that became famous in the mid 1970’s, and was disbanded after the second album.


  • Leslie Drayton –trumpet
  • Wade Flemons– electric piano, vocals
  • Sherry Scott – vocals
  • Michael Beal – guitars
  • Alexander Thomas –trombone
  • Chet Washington – reeds
  • Maurice White– percussion, drums, vocals, electric kalimba
  • Verdine White– bass
  • Don Whitehead – acoustic piano, electric piano, vocals
  • Phillard Williams – percussion,conga
  • Recording engineer:Bruce Botnick
  • Horn arrangements: Leslie Drayton
  • Art direction:Ed Thrasher
  • Design: Mary Ann Dibs
  • Artwork: Russ Smith

Track listing:

  1. Help Somebody – Wade Flemons,Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  2. Moment of Truth – Wade Flemons,Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  3. Love is Life – Wade Flemons,Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  4. Fan is the Fire – Wade Flemons,Maurice White, Don Whitehead
  5. C’mon Children – Michael Beal, Wade Flemons, Maurice White,Verdine White, Don Whitehead
  6. This World Today – Wade Flemons, Maurice White,Don Whitehead
  7. Bad Tune – Michael Beal, Wade Flemons, Maurice White, Verdine White, Don Whitehead

On February 4, 2016.


On February 4, 2016, Maurice White died aged 74. He was singer-songwriter, musician, producer, arranger and bandleader, he was the founder of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. White won seven  “Grammys”, and was nominated for 21 Grammys in total. White was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and the “Vocal Group Hall of Fame” as a member of Earth, Wind & Fire, and was also individually inducted into the “Songwriters Hall of Fame”. White worked with number of famous artists including Deniece Williams, The Emotions, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.