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Bruce Hornby and the Range: A Night on the Town

On May 25, 1990, “RCA” label released “A Night on the Town”, the third and final studio album by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. It was recorded 1989 – 1990, at “Record One” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Don Gehman and Bruce Hornsby.  


  • Bruce Hornsby – lead vocals, grand piano, synthesizer, accordion
  • George Marinelli – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Joe Puerta – bass, backing vocals
  • John Molo – drums
  • Jerry Garcia – guitar
  • David Mansfield – guitar, violin
  • Béla Fleck – banjo 
  • Jimmie Wood – harmonica
  • Charlie Haden – upright bass
  • Wayne Shorter – saxophone
  • Laura Creamer, Fred White, Bridgette Bryant, Shaun Murphy, Shawn Colvin, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller – backing vocals
  • Ed Thacker – engineer, mixing
  • Eddie King – engineer
  • Steve “Sound” Cormier, Don Gehman – additional engineering
  • Don Bosworth, Robin Laine-Levine, Ted Pattison, John “Chamberlin” Pilatus, Neal Pogue, Chris Winter – engineer assistant
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Paul Johnson – keyboard technician
  • Norman Moore, Ria Lewerke – art direction
  • Peter Miller – photography
  • Sharona Sabbag – production coorinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Hornsby and John Hornsby, except where noted.

  1. A Night on the Town
  2. Carry the Water – Bruce Hornsby
  3. Fire on the Cross
  4. Barren Ground
  5. Across the River
  6. Stranded on Easy Street
  7. Stander on the Mountain – Bruce Hornsby
  8. Lost Soul – Bruce Hornsby
  9. Another Day – Bruce Hornsby
  10. Special Night
  11. These Arms of Mine

In August 1975.

In August 1975, “Mercury” label released “Honey”, the seventh Ohio Players studio album. It was recorded February–June, 1975, at “Paragon Recording Studios” in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by James Williams, Clarence Satchell, Leroy Bonner, Marshall Jones, Ralph Middlebrooks, Marvin Pierce, William Beck.


  • Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner – lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Billy Beck – lead and backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano, RMI electric piano, clavinet, ARP Odyssey, ARP string ensemble, percussion
  • Marshall “Rock” Jones– electric bass
  • James “Diamond” Williams – lead and backing vocals, drums, timbales, congas, percussion
  • Marvin “Merv” Pierce – trumpets, flugelhorn
  • Ralph “Pee Wee” Middlebrooks – trumpets
  • Clarence “Satch” Satchell – tenor saxes, bariton sax, flute
  • Barry Mraz, Gilbert Kong – engineer
  • Marty Linke, Steve Kusiciel, Rob Kingsland, Paul Johnson – tape operators
  • Jim Ladwig – art direction
  • Joe Kotleba – design
  • Richard Fegley– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by James Williams, Clarence Satchell, Leroy Bonner, Marshall Jones, Ralph Middlebrooks, Marvin Pierce and William Beck.

  1. Honey
  2. Fopp
  3. Let’s Love
  4. Ain’t Givin’ Up No Ground
  5. Sweet Sticky Thing
  6. Love Rollercoaster
  7. Alone