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On June 5, 2007.

On June 5, 2007, “Blue Note” label released “Change”, the ninth Andrew Hill album. It was recorded in March 1976, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and was produced by Alfred Lion.


  • Andrew Hill – piano, harpsichord
  • Sam Rivers – tenor saxophone
  • Walter Booker – bass
  • J. C. Moses – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Andrew Hill

  1. Violence
  2. Pain
  3. Illusion
  4. Hope
  5. Lust
  6. Desire

On July 1, 2005.

On July 1, 2005, Luther Ronzoni Vandross Jr. died aged 54. He was a singer, songwriter, and record producer who worked as a background vocalist for different artists including Todd Rundgren, Judy Collins, Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Ben E. King, and Donna Summer. He was a member and lead singer of the band Change, and had a successful solo career, recorded sixteen albums and won four “Grammy Awards”.

On June 8, 1999.

On June 8, 1999, “Rykodisc” label released “Change”, the debut Origin studio album. It was recorded in 1999, and was produced by Chick Corea and Ron Moss.


  • Chick Corea– piano, marimba, handclapping, mixing, executive producer
  • Avishai Cohen– double bass
  • Jeff Ballard– drums, handclapping
  • Bob Sheppard– bass clarinet, flute, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Steve Wilson– clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
  • Steve Davis– trombone
  • Bernie Kirsh – engineer, mixing
  • Bob Cetti – assistant engineer
  • Eric Seijo – assistant engineer
  • Alan Yoshida – mastering
  • Darren Wong – design
  • Lourdes Delgado – photography
  • Tom Legoff – photography
  • Karen Miller – photography
  • Ron Moss – executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Chick Corea, except where noted.

  1. Wigwam
  2. Armando’s Tango
  3. Little Flamenco
  4. Early Afternoon Blues
  5. Before Your Eyes
  6. A. Scenes
  7. Home
  8. The Spinner
  9. Compassion – Jeff Ballard
  10. Night (Lyla) – Avishai Cohen
  11. Awakening

On April 4, 2011.

On April 4, 2011, “Columbia” label released “Euphoric Heartbreak”, the second Glasvegas studio album. It was recorded 2010 – 2011 in Santa Monica, California, London and Glasgow, and was produced by Flood.


  • James Allan– vocals
  • Rab Allan – guitar
  • Paul Donoghue – bass guitar
  • Jonna Löfgren – drums
  • Claudius Mittendorfer – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by James Allan.

  1. Pain, Pain, Never Again
  2. The World Is Yours
  3. You
  4. Shine Like Stars
  5. Whatever Hurts You Through the Night
  6. Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality Pt. 2)
  7. Dream Dream Dreaming
  8. I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt. 1)
  9. Euphoria, Take My Hand
  10. Lost Sometimes
  11. Change

On September 27, 1994.

On September 27, 1994, “Victory” label released “In the Hot Seat”, the ninth and final Emerson, Lake & Palmer studio album. It was recorded in 1994, at “Goodnight L.A.” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Keith Olsen.


  • Keith Emerson– keyboards
  • Greg Lake– vocals, guitar, bass
  • Carl Palmer– drums
  • Bill Wray– backing vocals
  • Paula Mattioli – backing vocals
  • Kristen Olsen – additional vocal, engineer
  • Fred White – choir
  • Ricky Nelson – choir
  • Lynn B. Davis– choir
  • Linda McCrary – choir
  • Brian Foraker – engineer
  • Joe Gastwirt– mastering
  • Hans Neleman– cover photography
  • Karl Kristkeitz – package design
  • Brian Aris– band photography

Track listing:

  1. Hand of Truth – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  2. Daddy – Greg lake
  3. One by One – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Keith Olsen
  4. Heart on Ice – Greg Lake, Keith OIsen
  5. Thin Line – Bill Wray, Keith Olsen, Keith Emerson
  6. Man in the Long Black Coat – Bob Dylan
  7. Change – Link Wray, Keith Emerson, Keith Olsen
  8. Give Me a Reason to Stay – Steve Diamond, Sam Lorber
  9. Gone Too Soon – Greg lake, Link Wray, Keith Wechsler
  10. Street War – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake

On January 31, 1994.

On January 31, 1994, “Wiiija” label released “Hold On It Hurts”, the debut Cornershop album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Suite 16” in Rochdale,
“The Green Room” in Brighton, “Stayfree” in Leicester, “West Orange” in Preston, and was produced by John Wills, John Robb and Tjinder Singh.


  • Tjinder Singh– vocals, bass
  • Avtar Singh – guitar
  • Ben Ayres – vocals, guitar
  • Wallis Healey – guitar
  • Anthony “Saffs” Saffery – sitar, keyboards
  • David Chambers – drums
  • Emma Davies – keyboards
  • Alastair Dickins – clarinet
  • Raj Patel – dholki
  • Dale Shaw – vocals
  • Richard Whelan – engineering
  • Andy Green – engineering
  • Kevin Reverb– engineering
  • Rob – engineering
  • Charlie – engineering
  • Rex – engineering
  • Mike Marsh – mastering
  • Malcolm Maybury – front cover photo
  • Lloyd Thomas – inner sleeve art

 Track listing:

All lyrics by Tjinder Singh, all music by Tjinder Singh, Avtar Singh, Ben Ayres, Wallis Healey, Anthony “Saffs” Saffery and David Chambers.

  1. Jason Donovan/Tessa Sanderson
  2. Kalluri’s Radio
  3. Readers Wives
  4. Change
  5. Inside Rani
  6. Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
  7. Counteraction
  8. Where D’U Get Your Information
  9. Tera Mera Pyar
  10. You Always Said My Language Would Get Me into Trouble




On October 6, 2017.

On October 6, 2017, “Island” label released “Raised Under Grey Skies”, the debut JP Cooper album It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Mike Spencer, Hannah Vasanth, Crispin Hunt, Adam Bartlett, Two Inch Punch, Fred Ball, Jamie Hartman, David Pramik, Jon Hume, Hank Solo, Greg Wells and Wesley Muoria-Chaves.


  • JP Cooper – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, whistle
  • Adam Rust, Hannah Vasanth, Jamie Hartman – piano
  • Hannah Vasanth, Troy Miller – Hammond organ
  • Adam Rust, Crispin Hunt, Hank Solo – keyboards
  • Jon Hume – acoustic guitar
  • Math Allen – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Jonathan Howard, Joseph Paul Murphy, Crispin Hunt – electric guitar
  • Adam Bartlett, Adam Rust, Crispin Hunt- bass
  • Andre Fisher, Fred Ball, Hank Solo – drums
  • Adam Bartlett, Crispin Hunt,Jonathan Howard – percussion
  • Anne Melita Beryl, Ben Cashell,Bryony James – cello
  • Dominic Moore, Emma Owens,Maxine Moore – viola
  • Anna Croad, Anna Phoebe,Charlotte Andrews- violin
  • Jonathan Howard, Joseph Paul Murphy – trumpet
  • Brenda Okioga, Ebony Frear,Elizabeth Komba– background vocals
  • Lasse Enersen – string arrangements
  • Darren Heelis, Jon Hume, Mike Spencer – drum programming

Track listing:

  1. We Were Raised Under Grey Skies – John Paul Cooper, Adriano Buffone
  2. September Song – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila, Benjamin McIldowie, Jon Cobbe Hume
  3. Good Friend – John Paul Cooper, David Bayley, Andrew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer Joe Seaward, Benjamin Ash, Frederik Ball
  4. All This Love – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila
  5. The Only Reason – John Paul Cooper
  6. Passport Home – John Paul Cooper, Jamie Hartman
  7. She’s on My Mind – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila, McIldowie Hume
  8. Wait – John Paul Cooper, Mark Taylor, Patrick Mascall
  9. Change – John Paul Cooper, Alex Smith
  10. Closer – John Paul Cooper, Joseph Murphy, Jonathan Howard
  11. Beneath The Streetlights And The Moon – John Paul Cooper, Greg Weels
  12. In the Silence – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila
  13. Momma’s Players – John Paul Cooper, Vasanth Michael Omari Jr.


On July 21, 2017.

On July 21, 2017, “Polydor” and “Interscope” labels released “Lust for Life”, the fifth Lana Del Rey studio album. It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid, Benny Blanco, Boi-1da, Emile Haynie, Tim Larcombe, Sean Ono Lennon, Max Martin, Metro Boomin, Mighty Mike and Jahaan Sweet.


  • Lana Del Rey– vocals
  • The Weeknd– vocals
  • ASAP Rocky– vocals
  • Playboi Carti– vocals
  • Stevie Nicks– vocals, backing vocals
  • Sean Ono Lennon– vocals, shaker, timpani, electric upright bass, acoustic and electric guitar, celesta, harpsichord, glass harmonica, Mongolian bells, Mellotron
  • Rick Nowels– bass, Mellotron, vibraphone, keyboards, synth pads, piano, strings, celesta, organ, acoustic guitar, flute, 808 bass, solina, synth bass, electric piano, choir
  • Kieron Menzies – drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer, synth pads, tape loops, bass, strings, modem, piano, engineering, mixing
  • Dean Reid – electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, drums, percussion, bass guitar, synth bass, vocoder, flute, Mellotron, brass, effects, engineering, mixing
  • Zac Rae – synthesizer, strings, harpsichord, drums, percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, Mellotron, guitar
  • Patrick Warren – harmonium, synthesizer, waterphone, tack piano, strings, piano, organ, bassoon, flute
  • Mighty Mike – bongos, drums, percussion, keyboards, percussion
  • David Levita – electric guitar
  • Trevor Yasuda – engineering, keyboards
  • Aaron Sterling– live drums, tambourine, percussion
  • Tim Larcombe – electric guitar, drums, Mellotron
  • Metro Boomin– drums, percussion, synth bass
  • Benny Blanco– drums, keyboards, mixing
  • Max Martin– Juno bass
  • Ali Payami– drum programming
  • Dan Heath– orchestra overture
  • David Palmer– synthesizer
  • Sean Hurley – bass
  • T-Minus– cello, synth
  • Boi-1da– drums, bass
  • Jahaan Sweet – piano
  • Andrew Joseph Gradwohl Jr. – synthesizer
  • Berkay Birecikli – percussion
  • Hector Delgado – engineering, effects
  • Emile Haynie– drums, synthesizer, mixing
  • Gary Ferguson – live drums
  • Chris Garcia, Jordan Stilwell, Matthew Cullen – engineering, mixing
  • Adam Ayan, Mike Bozzi – mastering
  • Chuck Grant, Neil Krug – photography
  • Mat Maitland, Markus Bagå – design

Track listing:

  1. Love – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Benjamin Levin, Emile Haynie
  2. Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Abel Tesfaye, Max Martin
  3. 13 Beaches – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  4. Cherry – Lana Del Rey, Tim Larcombe
  5. White Mustang – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  6. Summer Bumme – Lana Del Rey, Matthew Samuels, Rakim Mayers, Jordan Carter, Tyler Williams, Jahaan Sweet, Andrew Joseph Gradwohl Jr.
  7. Groupie Love – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Rakim Mayers
  8. In My Feelings – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  9. Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  10. God Bless America – and All the Beautiful Women in It – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Dean Reid
  12. Problems – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Justin Parker, Stevie Nicks
  13. Tomorrow Never Came – Lana Del Rey, Sean ono Lennon, Rick Nowels
  14. Heroin – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  15. Change – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels
  16. Get Free – Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid


On June 8, 2010.

On June 8, 2010, “One Heaven Music” label released “Take a Vacation!” the debut  Young Veins album. It was recorded June – September 2009, at “Castle Oak Studios” and “Sunset Sound Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Rob Mathes and Alex Greenwald.


  • Ryan Ross– vocals, guitars, percussion
  • Jon Walker– vocals, guitars, bass guitars, percussion
  • Alex Greenwald– backing vocals, lead guitars, bass guitars, wurlitzer, harmonium, stylophone, percussion
  • Eric Ronick – backing vocals, keyboards
  • Than Luu – backing vocals, drums, percussion
  • Jason Boesel– drums, percussion
  • Z Berg, Michael Runion, Danny Fujikawa, Michael Fujikawa – vocals
  • Kevin Harp – engineer, mixing
  • Joshua Blanchard, Morgan Stratton – assistant engineer
  • Fred Kevorkian – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Ryan Ross and Jon Walker except where noted.

  1. Change
  2. Take a Vacation
  3. Cape Town
  4. Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t
  5. Young Veins (Die Tonight) – Ryan Ross, Danny Fujikawa
  6. Everyone But You
  7. The Other Girl
  8. Dangerous Blues
  9. Defiance
  10. Lie to the Truth
  11. Heart of Mine


On February 1, 1974.


On February 1, 1974, “EMI” label released “Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow”, the ninth Marc Bolan & T. Rex studio album.  It was recorded in 1973, at the “Musicland Studios” in Munich, and was produced by Tony Visconti.


  • Marc Bolan– lead and rhythm guitar, lead vocals
  • Mickey Finn– percussion
  • Steve Currie– bass
  • Gloria Jones– keyboards, vocals
  • Dino Dines– keyboards
  • Paul Fenton- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Bolan.

  1. Venus Loon
  2. Sound Pit
  3. Explosive Mouth
  4. Galaxy
  5. Change
  6. Nameless Wildness
  7. Teenage Dream
  8. Liquid Gang
  9. Carsmile Smith & the Old One
  10. You’ve Got to Jive to Stay Alive – Spanish Midnight
  11. Interstellar Soul
  12. Painless Persuasion v. the Meathawk Immaculate
  13. The Avengers (Superbad)
  14. The Leopards Featuring Gardenia and the Mighty Slug