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On May 15, 2013.

On May 15, 2013, Days Between Stations self released “In Extremis”, bands second album. It was recorded 2012 – 2013, and was produced by Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes.


  • Sepand Samzadeh– synthesizer, guitar
  • Oscar Fuentes – synthesizer, piano, acoustic guitar
  • Peter Banks – 2nd Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Matt Bradford – dobro
  • Tony Levin– bass
  • Colin Moulding- lead vocals
  • Jeffery Samzadeh – sonati vocals
  • Ali Nouri – tar solo
  • Billy Sherwood– lead vocals, drums
  • Rick Wakeman– keyboards
  • The Barbershop Quartet – Pat Claypool, Matt Gray, Eric Orr, David Rakita
  • Chris Tedesco & The Angel City Orchestra
  • Paul Whitehead – artwork, layout

Track listing:

All music by Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes, all lyrics by Sepand Samzadeh, Oscar Fuentes and Billy Sherwood.

  1. No Cause For Alarm
  2. In Utero
  3. Visionary
  4. Blackfoot
  5. The Man Who Died Two Times
  6. Waltz In E Minor
  7. Eggshell Man
  8. In Extremis
  • Part I: Mass
  • Part II: On The Ground
  • Part III: A Requiem
  • Part IV: Writing on Water
  • Part V: Overland
  • Part VI: Traveler

On January 31, 2017.


On January 31, 2017, John Kenneth Wetton died aged 67. He was singer, bassist, and songwriter, best known as founding member and bass player of King Crimson and Asia. He has recorded and performed with Mogul Thrash, Family,  Roxy Music, Uriah Heep, U.K., Jack-Knife, Wishbone Ash, Phenomena, Gordon Haskell, Renaissance, Qango, Brian Eno, Ayreon,Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, Geoff Downes, Larry Norman, Alan White, Billy Sherwood, Peter Banks, Bryan Ferry, Pete Sinfield, Roger Chapman, Duncan Mackay, Atoll, District 97, Ayreon, Eddie Jobson, David Cross and Steve Hackett. Wetton also had successful solo career and has released six solo studio albums.


On September 20, 1999.


On September 20, 1999, “Eagle Records” label released “The Ladder”, the eighteenth Yes studio album. It was recorded February – May 1999, at “Armoury Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by Bruce Fairbairn (he died during the album’s mixing stage).


  • Jon Anderson– lead vocals
  • Steve Howe– lead and acoustic guitars, steel guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Billy Sherwood– guitars, backing vocals
  • Chris Squire– bass guitars, backing vocals
  • Alan White– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Igor Khoroshev– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Randy Raine-Reusch– world instruments
  • Rhys Fulber– dance loops
  • The Marguerita Horns – horns
  • Tom Keenlyside– piccolo, tenor saxophone
  • Derry Burns – trumpet
  • Rod Murray – trombone
  • Tom Colclough– alto saxophone
  • Neil Nicholson – tuba
  • Mike Plotnikoff – engineer, mixing
  • Paul Silveira – second engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Steve Hennessy – guitars and keyboards technical support
  • Chris Crippen – drums technical support
  • Drew Arnott – keyboard technical support
  • Chin Injeti – keyboard technical support
  • Roger Dean– painting, logo and lettering
  • Martyn Dean – design

Track listing:

All music by Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire, Alan White and Igor Khoroshev. All lyrics by Jon Anderson.

  1. Homeworld (The Ladder)
  2. It Will Be a Good Day (The River)
  3. Lightning Strikes
  4. Can I?
  5. Face to Face
  6. If Only You Knew
  7. To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)
  8. Finally
  9. The Messenger
  10. New Language
  11. Nine Voices (Longwalker)



On April 30, 1991.


On April 30, 1991, “Arista” label released “Union”, the thirteenth Yes studio album. It was recorded at “Studio Miraval” in Correns, France; “Studio Guillaume Tell” in Paris; “SARM West Studios” in London; “Record Plant Studios”, “The Jacaranda Room”and “Cherokee Studios” in Los Angeles; “Vision Sound Studios” in New York City; and “Langley Studios” in  Devon, UK, and was produced by Jonathan Elias, Steve Howe, Trevor Rabin, Mark Mancina and Eddie Offord.


  • Jon Anderson– lead vocals
  • Steve Howe– guitar, backing vocals
  • Trevor Rabin– guitar, backing vocals
  • Chris Squire– bass, backing vocals
  • Tony Kaye– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Rick Wakeman– keyboards
  • Bill Bruford– drums
  • Alan White– drums, backing vocals
  • Jonathan Elias– synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
  • Tony Levin– bass guitar, Chapman Stick
  • Jimmy Haun– guitar
  • Billy Sherwood– bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
  • Allan Schwartzberg– percussion
  • Gary Barlough – synthesizer
  • Jerry Bennett – synthesizer, percussion
  • Jim Crichton – synthesizer, keyboards
  • Pauline Cheng – Cambodian poetry
  • Gary Falcone – vocals
  • Ian Lloyd– vocals
  • Tommy Funderburk– vocals
  • Sherman Foote – synthesizer
  • Brian Foraker – synthesizer
  • Chris Fosdick – synthesizer
  • Rory Kaplan – synthesizer
  • Alex Lasarenko – synthesizer, keyboards
  • Steve Porcaro– synthesizer
  • Michael Sherwood– vocals
  • Danny Vaughn– vocals
  • Deborah Anderson– vocals
  • Roger Dean– design and paintings
  • Jon Anderson – associate production

Track listing:

  1. I Would Have Waited Forever – Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Jonathan Elias
  2. Shock to the System – Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Jonathan Elias
  3. Masquerade – Steve Howe
  4. Lift me Up – Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire
  5. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day – Jon Anderson, Jonathan Elias
  6. Saving My Heart – Trevor Rabin
  7. Miracle of Life – Trevor Rabin, Mark Mancina
  8. Silent Talking – Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Bill Bruford, Jonathan Elias
  9. The More We Live- Let Go – Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood
  10. Angkor War – Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Jonathan Elias
  11. Dangerous – Jon Anderson, Jonathan Elias
  12. Holding On – Jon Anderson, Jonathan Elias, Steve Howe
  13. Evensong – Tony Levin, Bill Bruford
  14. Take the Water to the Mountain – Jon Anderson